Saturday, July 29, 2017


Despite all the criticism, they don't care.  So many of us loathe them, but we don't matter for we are just peons to them.  So they think.

Call em liberal progressive collectivist democrat neocon, the people or creatures who oppose decency, humanity, Restoring the Republic are haughty and care only what their masters think.

I call it a lowerarchy, rather like hell.

They actually think they're entitled and are better than we are.  We, the socalled masses, common people or the much overused 'great unwashed' are cattle and cannon fodder to them.

Often elected 'officials', they forgot or don't care that it is we the people who put them in office.  Of course, some get shoed in mostly by voter fraud.  You know who.  I tire of there treacherous names.

They seem to be above the law.  They get away literally with murder and so much more including child rape. 

Many are spiritually dark too.  Kind of goes hand in claw.

Well you and I know we are anything but common.  We are each sovereign beings created in the image of God. 

This neotyranny is just the same as the old.  They think old money and ancient tendrils will wrap the world in a new matrix.  It could.

But their arrogance is actually limited.  While they control many they do not control all.

They ignore us until someone becomes an annoyance.  Then that someone either gets bribed, suborned or killed.

They overlook derision unless it is directed in a concentrated form.  Psychopaths hate that kind of attention.

Now we have a chance to keep exposing them and rocking their little fiefdom.  The Great Experiment was a direct attack on them.  No wonder they tried, even before 1776, to destroy it.  They shall not.

Shine the light and sound the trumpet.  The more the merrier.

Their uncaring is their undoing.

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