Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bit Ill

We all get that way now and then.

Allergies, bad back very unexotic, dull and common describe the situation.

The way I feel with an allergic cough and chest is exhausting.  I'm at my best right now lying down.

Luckily, my office is my bedroom -s-.  So, as always I'm typing something, reading everything, communicating everywhere.

What if I decided to take a sick day?  I could, even have.

Yet, I think of Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea.

They have taken days off. Sick days too.

But I'll tell you something.  Mike V has been much more profoundly ill.  It has not stopped him.  Slowed him down yes.  But, he presses on.

All I'm saying is don't make excuses.  Do what you can and inspire others to do so for the Restoration of this Republic.  Many hands make lighter work.

Funny.  When I get sick, I often dream of my Mom's cooking.  Earlier it was pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans.  All homemade-no mixes nor shortcuts.

Symbol?  Food, comfort, basic, self-reliant.  You eat, you live.  And love and caring sustain the spirit as well.

Ok.  So do what you can.  All of us some of the time.

My shift is over for a bit.  So who's next?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Collectivism is based on lies.  It has to be, since it will not work otherwise and certainly doesn't work when installed.  The lies  and purging just keep building.

I like the word ringer.  The Merriam-Webster definition: one that enters a competition under false representations (2) :  imposter, fake.

Ringers a bell huh?  We are rampant with ringers.

It is important to study collectivism in all aspects.  How they use situations at one end and the other to squeeze results, to agitate and factionalize.  It is easier to control people when they are divided.

Ringers.  People who are not what they seem.  Leaders who do not lead or at least lead in the wrong direction.  Playing on emotion, they hope you don't notice the fakery.

Ringers.  Organizations whose purpose is to perpetuate themselves and further collectivist mission.  Likewise, look carefully how they word their communiques.  Selective use of words to keep people from thinking and fooling them into 'thinking' they are at least doing something.

Ringers.  Sock puppets for a very exclusive club.  Oh to be one of them or at least be in their favor.  That is the groupie mindset for those who do the bidding of what is called the 'elite' or those who would possess all power, who seek to control for its own sake.  It's a heady drug, encompassing body, mind, spirit.  And it's shared with the underlings, doled out to keep the simple dangling.

Look behind the riots.  See what's revealed past the policies.  Think for yourselves. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


It's tough to select topics sometimes.  So many.  So little time.  And limiting to 4 a month so I can get other things done doesn't make it easier.  Either the topics flow or they are chipped out.

Honor could be a throwaway thread.  It's easy to say honor's waning and people, gov and elsewhere, are lacking it.  Well, they are.  And like anything, any word, it can be perverted such as 'honor killing' to justify evil.

What does honor mean to you?

Is it respect for self and others?

What's doing the right thing?  It seems confusing to a lot of people these days.  Moral relativism, like a snake by the tail, whips around and sinks its fangs in those embracing it.

It is upholding the God given Liberty that established these united States.  It is defending those principles.  It is self defense and defense of others.  It is standing up for justice, though the price is steep.  It is helping people help themselves, thus instilling said respect for self and others.

Being true to yourself, so you can be true to others.  Base life on truth and decency aka doing the right thing, not stealing, looting or murdering, robbing.

Take oaths to protect and defend the Constitution seriously.  Don't use any position to justify any kind of tyranny. 

There is no moral relativism.. That is an invention of collectivists to obscure truth with lies and half truths.

Why are some things such as honor, bravery, morality hard to write about?  It's not really that so much has already been written about them.

It is because we must back words with actions.

It is the honorable thing to do

Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy Or


Better get my speedos on and join the froggie in the pot.  Well, baggies at my age -s-.

The purge continues.  If you don't go along with homo-fascists, then you are 'homophobic'.  Phobia is a root word from Greek indicating fear.  Personally, I've never been afraid of homosexuals.  Nor am I afraid to say what I think.

Now, I'm not going on some tirade pro or anti anything.  Oh oh, guess I'll get in another pot of hot water with someone.  Well, in line with this blog and my expression of Freedom, decide for yourselves about this.

Historically, there have always been 'gay' people around.  Maybe there always will be.  God/Creator/Light can sort that out.  Do I approve or disapprove?  It has nothing to do with what's happening now.  Oh oh.  Take a look at what's going down.  Decide for yourselves about morality, lifestyle (a word hijacked by collectivists to indicate something tantamount to a sock puppet to further their goals), fors and agins.

What's going on is politicization of sexuality.  It's been going on and done before with black folks and the sexes aka male and female.  It's that sock puppet attack to further collectivist control.  They play friendly, act like they sympathize, use the subject, then either dump them or subjugate them as well as their targets.

The only kind of Christianity, if you want to call it that, which I oppose, is anyone labelling as Christian and calling for death of those the cultists (which these people are) go after.  Wow.  Sounds like what some extreme homosexuals are doing to certain Christians these days.  Burn businesses, sue for everything someone has, and of course, death threats.  It's all opportunistic, collectivist drivel meant to destroy the infrastructure.

As I've said before, there are extremists in all groups, be it racial, religious, sexual etc.  I ridicule them as 'Bertha better'n yous'.  This is the sock puppet cover for the ultimate BBTYs aka collectivists pushing control on ALL of us.

Should we oppose moral relativism?  Are their limits?  What's next?  Is it 'pedophile' (child rapist) pride/license?  It's already being developed.

We have the right to associate with whom we please.  Some of us are more inclusive than others. 

I like to see what others think.  That doesn't mean I agree nor even condone them.

Oh oh.  Does he mean gays, or polytheists or conservative or liberals or you name it?

OTOH maybe I believe in content of character.  And that is anathema to collectivists.  Lockstep or nostep is their way.

Beware btw, a new tide of 'sexism' flowing in like bilge.  We've had our fill of racism, orientationism (?).  Now the rise of 'rape culture' looms. 

Remember, we are set upon.  We are divided.  And that suits the filth that is collectivism just fine.

Does it make you happy?  Sad?  Angry?