Tuesday, April 28, 2015


It's tough to select topics sometimes.  So many.  So little time.  And limiting to 4 a month so I can get other things done doesn't make it easier.  Either the topics flow or they are chipped out.

Honor could be a throwaway thread.  It's easy to say honor's waning and people, gov and elsewhere, are lacking it.  Well, they are.  And like anything, any word, it can be perverted such as 'honor killing' to justify evil.

What does honor mean to you?

Is it respect for self and others?

What's doing the right thing?  It seems confusing to a lot of people these days.  Moral relativism, like a snake by the tail, whips around and sinks its fangs in those embracing it.

It is upholding the God given Liberty that established these united States.  It is defending those principles.  It is self defense and defense of others.  It is standing up for justice, though the price is steep.  It is helping people help themselves, thus instilling said respect for self and others.

Being true to yourself, so you can be true to others.  Base life on truth and decency aka doing the right thing, not stealing, looting or murdering, robbing.

Take oaths to protect and defend the Constitution seriously.  Don't use any position to justify any kind of tyranny. 

There is no moral relativism.. That is an invention of collectivists to obscure truth with lies and half truths.

Why are some things such as honor, bravery, morality hard to write about?  It's not really that so much has already been written about them.

It is because we must back words with actions.

It is the honorable thing to do

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