Thursday, December 25, 2008


It's that time of year. The Light is coming back. Originally pagan re the Winter Solstice, it has been adapted by Christianity to represent Christ's birth. This was done to accommodate pagans to give them something familiar as they converted. It by NO means diminishes Jesus' birth (probably in the Spring). It was established to give us TRUE hope.

Not the vague commie claptrap that is being foistered on US now. This is TRUE hope aka trust and expectation that is focussed. That focus is on the NOW as well as later. It is focus on assurance. The 'wrong will fail, the right prevail'. Only if we live it.

Faith must be lived to be real and effective. Of course it is open to interpretation. This is how I interpret it.

Light is Freedom. Darkness is slavery. We must primarily set our sites on the now. Because Light sheds Itself on all, we must not delay. Darkness fears the Light. I believe that the time is coming where we cannot hide. It is actually here. There will be tough choices. Honor, truth, sacrifice are on the line. Do not DWELL in hope. Hope is a crux that demands action. Make truth your objective. Plan ahead too. For the now reaches into the future as it has since the Founders.

I know you can see how our enemies make use even of such terms. They hope, have faith and trust. But it is the dark mirror of communism, of the death of individuality, of the death of our Republic. Focus is a key word.

The libs claim to 'focus on issues'. They actually obfuscate. We who will reestablish the Republic focus on truths that were established over 200 years ago and based on our God given Rights. Even those who do not believe in a god recognize our rights as a 'natural progression'. Fight or flight? Which is better?

As for this missive, you are free. You may agree with all or part. You may disagree with all or part. That is the greatest gift God has given us that is common to all beliefs ie Free Will. We only limit ourselves.

I know some will reject this. But I reach out to those Christian, Jewish, Pagan, agnostics and atheists etal who recognize what we were founded upon.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Solstice and a great end of the year to others. We share the right to believe as we will. As that can be sorted out, well Great Spirit will sort it out -s-.

We choose for weal or woe. The RKBA is another crux, inseparable. It is the basis that certifies we can believe what we will.

Below, I have a poetic note for your perusal. Use your Free Will to decide what you think of it.

Watch the stars, how they shift,
Watch the stars and know
That God's not done with us.

Watch the stars and planets shift,
We have not been cast adrift.
Watch the stars and know
That God's not done with us.

Darkness dies, Light survives,
Born anew tonight and know
That God's not done with us.

That Light gives for weal or woe,
That Light stays,
For God's not done with us.

The Light may wait,
But not for long.

If we wait,
The Light will fade,
But only from us.

Know this:

The Light will come back
And the next ones will know,
To our shame
That God is not done with us.

Friday, December 19, 2008

More Commies

Not the merrier. They are vermin on all levels that rot the very being of humanity. Am I being melodramatic? Well, check out the communist rhetoric of the 20th century particularly.

They are staggeringly the same now as then. Change. Hope. From each according to his ability to each according to his needs. Pith (and yes the double entendre is obvious), spongey material but vague social loftiness.

Tack all your 'hopes' etc onto the shooting star of 'fill in the blank' such as Lenin, Stalin, Roosevelt, Mao, Clinton, Bush, (gag me for saying its name) Obamanation). Forget about thinking for yourself. Just let go and the rush of help, relief will carry you.

This crap is cultural and generational. Whole families are raised in the commie matrix. As I mentioned in Commies the current pretender to the throne was steeped in communism. They may not sing songs to Lenin etc nor play the Internationale, but they ascribe to the 'party line'. What is interesting re these familial ties is that they are willing to sacrifice others but not themselves. Also many come from 'money, such as Ayers. And money talks like bs walks.

It is constant gradual deconstruction. Just look how far it's come. Think of Massachusetts, for instance. It's turned into a nest of vipers where once the cradle of Liberty grew. Such actions are deliberate and calculated.

The pride of these jackels is so bloated. Almost unbelievable. They of course think THEY are right. They are better (in spite of the hypocritical 'not being better than others' rhetoric). The crux of communism for the useful idiots at least is this ego trip. And the 'hope' of making the whole world one big gooey commieball. For the 'leaders' almost the same. And for those who actually profit on all levels from this sameness, it is the sameness of all EXCEPT them. Sacrifice others for 'they are the elite' thus it is their right to sacrifice the cannon fodder. The string pullers, the power and glory guys/gals know best.

What is my part in this fight? Just like yours (I hope). I am committed to reversing the disease and eventually eradicating it. I learned early what was happening. I have, since childhood, stood against communism and all its labels, plus the 'one world' march. I have fought it at different levels and have seen this slow descent. It has often been abetted by those I thought were against it as well. Bribery, fear, ego often compromise the best of intentions. Some become jaded and turn into that which they fought, whether they admit it or not.

I suppose I was raised and steeped in this Republic's beginnings and purpose. That includes my ancestors as well as many folks with whom I associated. I was taught to think for myself, plus having a damned independent streak. Some called it 'lack of humility' lol. I won't compromise. It has cost me friends and associates over the years. Certain 'work' was nullified because I was deemed too naive, too fair haired and not willing to 'play ball'. Damn right. No playing ball. No compromise. No dice.

I also learned to study the enemy as it were. Watch. Note. Just how do they 'tick'?

As our enemies work bit by bit to deconstruct, we must work bit by bit to REconstruct. Be mindful where we should be. Set goals. We fight an enemy that never sleeps. We must learn to sleep less*.

*The above last two sentences were gleaned from a Reisitance character in the short lived series Freedom which ran on UPN several years ago. I believe there are several 'like minded' folks who have come up with analogous statements. No matter who says it, it is noentheless TRUE.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Just noticed that good ole boy head of a gun rights group in Indiana is at it again. He seems to take umbrage to those of us who make it quite clear what we will do when not if we are called.

Thought he had at least learned something and that there are those who have principles. That there are those who repudiate pragmatism. That there are those who will restore this Republic.

Don't mind 'petitioning the king' as it were and attempting legislation to reclaim our rights. But when is it over? So much has been lost and so much more is going to be legislatively, that this could end up as peeing in the wind.

It is a slap in the face to say 'I think there are too many across this country who's plan of action is to boast quietly among themselves of what they'd do if anyone tries to take away their guns, but then will timidly hide in the shadows hoping they'll never have to make a stand'. WTF?

He should read Mike Vanderboegh for a start. He should watch what he says about others. Are there those guity of braggadocio? I'm sure. There are always summer soldiers and sunshine patriots. But blanket statements claiming 'they won't take my guns and I will fight' seems to say we do not have a plan. Nonsense. As to specifics, well there have to be some surprises for the tyrants.

However, I believe in self defense. If someone comes to steal my guns, I will defend my property and myself whatever the cost. To do less would be to let down not just our ancestors, not just ourselves, but our children and theirs.

I don't consider this a contest as to who will prevail. I do NOT make false or ephemeral claims.

So, buddy boy, do not presume to speak for me nor misspeak me. Don't hide behind words yourself. There will come a time when we will have to put up or shut up.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I hate em. There is nothing more anti Freedom than communism. There is nothing more unnatural than communism. Some have claimed it is the devil's invention. I'd say it certainly is from the dark side, as it were. Call me Captain Obvious regarding this post. Even call me a John Bircher. I don't mind. JBS is not a dirty term. It has been made dubious by careful manipulation from the 'mainstream' press and many a commie pundit disguised thinly as liberal or progressive. I only say JBS doesn't go far enough, but it's a good starting point for anyone wanting an education re communism. I recommend self study the most, however. As always, there is SO much info on this, my suggestion is to start by typing communism into a search engine. I suggest, unless you are writing a thesis etc to get a grasp of its history then concentrate on how it has progressed since the Russian Revolution (Knowing Russian and/or German is more than optional. I learned them because I'm a stickler for 'from the source' study. And it served me fighting it. More on that soon.). It should lead you on a bloody trail of lies, betrayal and inversion. Compare it to what the Founders put together.

Communism certainly applies to all of society. It is pervasive, insinuating itself into all levels of living. It's a total package.

Communism is based on deceptiom. Wrong is right. White is black. Orange is blue etc (That orange is blue came from a comparison between The Federalist/Antifederalist Papers and the Communist Manifesto purportedly by Marx and Engels). The end justifies the means. Before Marx etal raised their ugly heads, there were and have always been those who seek to force altruism, particulary in the interests of the state, thus enforcing control. There have always been efforts at 'one world government', making the whole world English or Chinese, Roman etal. Government of the many by the few is as old as mankind.

'The strength of the vampire is that no one believes in him.' (Van Helsing from Dracula, 1931). The same is said of satan, even of evil. That evil is a state of mind etc. Of course, similar doubts are cast on communism. That at least, it is relatively dead or isolated. As I said to my kids after the election, communism is quite alive and thriving, especially in the US. Sure it is the official government in China, Vietnam (thanks to politicians and other traitors here), Cuba, Zimbabwe Venezuela etc. It is still a reality in Russia, though they have become more fascist (as is China in terms of government). Let's say it's 'underground'. But I contend it is MOST active here, in the land where our Constitutional Republic has been its greatest stumbling block. Most active where our beloved Republic has been compromised, watered and dumbed down. Where we have increasingly become a democracy.

'What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.' Juliet to Romeo, from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. That which we call communism by any other name would smell as foul. Pardon the paraphrase. Communism has many other names. Lately it's progressive, derived from liberal. Socialism is often subbed for the small 'c'. Actually it's a means to the end of worldwide communism. Or as it's semi humorously known, a socialist as just a communist without a gun. Fabian socialism is the preferred way with which we are being destroyed here. A slow, relentless rot that is killing from within.

Nikita Khrushchev, Premier of USSR in the late 50's into the 60's predicted this interior overthrow with his famous 'we will bury you' comment. He made his meaning plain that it would come from within. It is succeeding. With the ascension of the pretender to the Presidency next January 20, it is entering a dark reality. And as I said before, it is a result of carefully planned steps, some very small, toward the end game.

Look at the slow descent over the history of the Republic, particularly the last 100 years and then even more scrutinized, the last fifty. I won't attempt to go into detail. There are many sources with which most readers are familiar. I ask you to guide some people ignorant of what's happened, to point them in the right direction. For those who come here, simply study all the government 'acts' edicts laws etc passed. From gun rights robbed (NFA '34, GCA '68 etc) to the economic, such as Federal Reserve, confiscation of gold to removal of the gold standard to installation of 'security' in the last eight years, we are finally on a faster track to tyranny.

I usually hate labels. The use of commie is an exception. True, it could backfire and label me as a paranoid 'Archie Bunker' type. But only if those who see these words don't think. Therein lies the rub.

Those who would be our masters and finally immerse us in a sea of sameness, count on nonthinking. It's what got the lightworker 'elected' (along with massive voter fraud IMHO). Who cares if B.O. was born in the US or not? Who cares about his communist upbringing? Who cares that he is arguably the most antigun head of state in our history? He brings 'change', 'hope', and lots of warm fuzzies. He is a master of saying one thing and doing another. Or if you follow his leftist way of definition, he is 'staying the course' of socialization of the country we love. He and others use our system hijaceked against us. They mock us.

This seemed pinnacle of one worldliness has been a long time coming. Cutting to the last 50 years especially, the slow gradual degrade has pointed to this. It takes years and generations.

This pretender to the Presidency comes from a family steeped in leftist crapola. His daddy was a noted commie and muslim (Contradiction? Not necessairly. Remember the grand mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler). His mommy was a leftist idealist, spawned from parents of the 'greatest generation' as they say, but from the left. He was groomed by communists as a kid and nurtured into the teen years on marxist propaganda. All dupes. Useful idiots. As is actually our coming king who, it has been quoted by Jim Lehrer and one of the lightworker's assistants, is 'ready to rule'. That says a lot, n'est pas?

I realize that this missive is long, yet short. It says some things, but not others. Judge for yourselves. Communism is real. Its insidious grasp reaches to many levels, yet is just a tool for those who would control. For with a communist aka one world system in place, those who have much would have all. These people would still have their wealth and we would be serfs. Pure communism will never happen. Too many 'rich' interests. Its simply a tool to effect a system that ensures the death of individuals, save for those who crouch and give their gifts to their masters. Bought off, they are not true individuals, merely puppets. No thanks. We can beat it, you know. This seemingly unending onslaught.

Study these creatures. Know your enemies. It's a chess game. Make your move.

More soon and re my part of the fight as it were.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Scratching The Surface

If you thought Bubba Clinton was bad, get ready for B.O. Where Dubya was seemingly bland, B.O. is much more flamboyant. Perhaps showier, yet smoother might apply. Underneath is something elusive, but I get a feeling vastly more detrimental to the Republic.

This was indeed an almost miraculous election. Never has there been so little known of a person, with much in doubt. Never has the abuse of the system and ignorance run so rampant. Mind you, never is the electorate as informed as they should be on the whole. But this time, there is almost a questionless obeisance.

All of this has been carefully crafted. It has taken much groundwork, a great deal of which took place in the last 16 years. It is multi level and counts on both ignorance and enthusiasm, not in waves this time, but a tsunami. I was going to say the communist party was dancing a jig (no racism intended). Now I read that indeed they are very pleased with the 'lightworker's' ascension. The jig is up.

During Election Day, many folks reported being somewhat queasy during the process of voting. There was a vague ill feeling concerning who was running and what would happen. I felt this misgiving myself. I knew we were entering one of the darkest periods of the Republic's history.

I believe this smells of conspiracy. Don't bestow a tin beanie on me please. As I said, this has been in the works for a long time. We have been watered down, dumbed down and drained for quite a while. In the last eight years plans to destroy personal freedom have been implemented. Again, those plans have been in the works for decades. When you examine communism particularly, you see how tyranny is built incrementally. I will take a little trip down commie lane in a new post soon. It is an insidious tool in the hands of those who would control us. Conspiracy is not a dirty word. It has merely been made to be viewed askant. That, as well, is the subject of a soon to be created post.

The person taking the Oath of Office January 20th claims to be bringing unity. He is a supposed fulfillment of American history. I don't think so. One great reason is the fact he is hazy, his speeches are full of platitudes with little substance. In tandem with this is the seemingly mindless cultlike following he has engendered. Those who live for his every word do not think for themselves. They cannot distinguish what his plans are, except to say he brings change and hope. Hitler, Stalin and Mao brought change and hope as did Fidel, to begin with. What followed rocked the world and almost plunged us all into darkness. I contend this 'lightworker' will continue bringing darkness dressed in altruism aka a runaway socialistic trainwreck. It is 'false light'. As for unity, to paraphrase Jesus, this pretender to Presidency will not bring peace, but a sword (and sure as 'hell' not for the same reason to which Jesus alluded). The dimwitted will see something that is not there. Many will perpetuate racial tension. If civil war comes, it will be tinged with a veneer of race war. This includes the infusion of illegal aliens who will further divide. 'His' unity is the forced distribution of wealth and supposed leveling of the playing field. In other words, socialism leading to communism with a mighty dash of fascism. That will be the cause of a civil war. It will be covered up with the 'race war' excuse. Already the 'press' is parading white supremacists as a substantial threat. What a laugh. Of course as with Hitler etal, the lightworker and his henchmen must have scapegoats. Look for us Constitutionalist/Restorationists to be thrown into the mix. All those 'bitter clingers'. BTW I am neither bitter nor do I cling. I shout out loud what's wrong and warn others to prepare.

It has nothing to do with being Black. As I mentioned to my 'brother' who happens to be Black descent, it is the content of one's character and not the color of one's skin that counts. We've known this for most of our lives. Our pretender will be found wanting as do all socialists/communists eventually. I wish our first Black President was a man to be admired, who would help heal and assist in bringing Restoration of our Constitutional Republic. I'd be proud and delighted to vote for a man or woman such as this. Instead, this man will further our destruction. And the usual suspects he is assembling will join with the usual race baiters to make sure we indeed stay at odds. So much easier to control. It will backfire.

I have an analogy that I will be using frequently. You can stand in a pit full of s***. You can b**** and moan about how horrible it is standing in the crappola. You can lament about getting out. OR you can do something about getting out. Call it a broken record, but this never gets old: Spread the truth. Get the message out re what's happening. Be resolute and stick to your principles. Don't equivocate. Don't compromise. Declare we are restoring our Constitutional Republic. shed light on the lightworker and his ilk. Don't let them shut you up. The proof of his perfidy is all over the web. Arm yourselves with reality. And guns. Defend your rights. Say NO to the theft of your rights. Say NO to race baiters. Fight on ALL levels. Pick your battles and their means. Don't be shaken. Don't be drawn out. Stand tall. Be firm of resolve. If we don't the night will come and darkness will encompass US and the whole world. It may be unrecoverable then.

The more Light the more our enemies cannot hide. They want to shut us up. Though things are bad and we could lose, the pretender to the Presidency and the gang of thieves and thugs KNOW we can WIN. They are afraid of that. Don't let up. there are many more of us than they know. There can be more. Set brushfires 'in the minds of men' as Sam Adams did. That Light will grow and never be quenched. The Light of Freedom.

I'm only scratching the surface here. Get busy and DIG. Person by person, bit by bit, we will Restore the Republic.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


How appropriate for the time of the season eh? Parties, trick or treat (rather true for the election), pretend occupy our time. Well, time is running out. The masks are falling.

As an actor, I've worn several masks ie characters. I have portrayed good and bad, noble, fallen and those who are confused. I hope to play many more soon. I do so because I love the art. Also, I wish to truly tell stories and make a lasting mark for light. That is to come. For now, think 'of the world'.

In Hollywood, the world of actors artists celebrities etal, is a life of facade. It is projection. Here (as it were) is oneself. There, on camera, is a character. Here, is the actor/artist/ interviewed. Seen is part of a person. The impression concerning a particular film, moment, even a world event. The true self goes home to, in my case a family that not just waits, but is busy itself. The lights are off. We are breathing, sweating, living. No more impressions. This is where (as I used to say when a preacher) the 'rubber hits the road'.

I believe that the masks are falling all over the world. There seems to be an 'honesty', a transparency forming.

No longer are we accepting face value. We are demanding more. We want to know 'what's going on'. We must look at ourselves.

Scarier that Halloween methinks. There is no place to hide. We MUST look at ourselves and one another. We must see our true selves. There is no place to run.

It seems to produce a nauseous quality. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Seeing our families, neighbors, candidates, let alone ourSELVES bereft, wanting. Pray for the masks to fall.

On the other hand...It might show us up to the task. In spite of ourselves, we may be ready, able to go forth. To do what?

You ask me.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


When I was a kid, horror films occupied a lot of my moviegoing time. I'd drag my Mom, brother or sister to take me to see the latest horror and sf flicks available. Some good, some, well just taking up space or films so horrible they weren't released, they escaped. I'd spend Friday nights watching Selwyn, the Channel 8 horror host make his corny comments and screen many of the classics of the 30's and 40's. This, after watching Twilight Zone earlier. I subscribed to Famous Monsters of Filmland and enjoyed my monthly forays with Uncle Forrie (Forrest J. Ackerman). I sharpened my wit with his pithy witticisms. BTW, most of the rest of movie time was filled with Westerns, anything with John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Steve McQueen and Errol Flynn. And, don't laugh, the occasional musical. Cultural balance?

The horror movies meant a great deal to me. Entertainment and escape of course. But more, in the form of elemental concepts of good and evil (Bible tales not withstanding). Though often simplistic, they often pointed toward a larger world.

Vampirism was often portrayed with little blood. That progressed of course, as the 60's segued into the 70's and on into the present with little left to the imagination.

What struck me as a kid was the simple portrayal of evil say, with Dracula. How he was repelled by the Cross etc. (Dualistic) Duel of power. What's stronger? It seemed to depend on innate strength and outward faith. Some were destroyed by Dracula's evil. Some resisted. Some caught in the middle. Some triumphed. Seems now like a lot of life.

Dracula often seemed tormented (in Bela Lugosi's portrayal particularly) by his rejection of good/God. Thus he was more easily repelled. Not so with Christopher Lee's Dracula. He seemed to embrace his evil and revel in it. He could be repulsed, but there was much more struggle, even combat. Choices and results.

Van Helsing, as either the old scholar portrayed by Edward Van Sloan or the younger charismatic doctor shown by Peter Cushing, was the go between representing good/God's servant. He dared to step into a larger world and combat evil in spite of derision and the dangers.

The parallels are obvious concerning what's happening to/in our country now. We have slowly been drained of the will to fight. Some have even been seduced to evil by one of its modern names, socialism, through a steady, unrelenting attack. Slowly, like Dracula's victims, the timber of the country has changed slowly to democracy. More is ahead with Count McBama. One or the other. Two flavors of socialism. When he's done, the Count will have created a new vampire. It would be a terrible parody of what it once was, just like any of the fictional vamp's recruits. This US of A would be a blood seeking socialist monster, ripe for plundering and for plunder.

Dracula seemed to fear little. But, when confronted with faith, light etc, he would literally crumble. So it is with Count McBama. He is seemingly unconcerned with the 'little' people he supposedly champions and actually drains.

Believe this: The Count is afraid. He is afraid of light/knowledge being shed on him. He is afraid of the understanding coming to more and more people about what's really 'up' or 'at stake' -s-. And he is afraid of the armed people who are determined that our Republic will prevail.

We can all be Van Helsings. That larger world beckons. Let us step into that world and combat with all means the evil facing us. There will be plenty of derision. Be prepared to be called tin foil beanie nuts, gun nuts, enemies of the state and worse. The dangers are commensurate.

Don't be afraid. Facing evil is rough sometimes. But worth the price. Plan. Research. Be a scholar and know your enemies. Confront them. Arm youselves with truth and guns. And when the time comes, whump some ass like that latest version of Van Helsing. The Count will not be stopped without a fight. Let's give it to him.

An Afternoon Dream

I had a couple of hours to kill before I took care of some errands. I wandered to a local cineplex. Looking over the selections, I decided I couldn't go wromg seeing the Patriot again. Most of the 'stuff' offered was liberal gibberish, full of leftist ideals and/or the emotional content so bereft of reason. I craved that rare jewel of substance. So the Patriot it was. A movie by now, that I have seen quite a few times. It always engenders discussion, thought. It never grows old.

I slipped in and immediately noticed that the seats were almost empty. Not too surprising, since it was the middle of the afternoon and the film had run for a while.

I leaned back and waited for the show to start. Considering the content of the Patriot, my thoughts wandered to the actual War for Independence. I ran some of the facts through my mind. I considered the cost, so dear, so great by many including some of my ancestors.

The lights dimmed, the music rose and I was transported into the magic of the movies. It's a place to escape for a couple of hours or so. To be entertained and given somewhere in the experience, perhaps that 'message in the ravioli' of which I often speak. To be given rest, renewal, a laugh, a tear. Perhaps even to disturb and hopefully inspire.

Somewhere in the middle of the action I glanced around the theater. Every seat was now filled. Mostly men and a few women. Some wore clothes of the 18th century both civilian and Continental Army. There were some wearing Blue. Some Grey. The buckskin of both frontiersmen and Indians. Rough Riders, Doughboys and GIs. Folks in the civvies of the late 20th century and the digital camo of 21st century soldiers. All were raptly watching the events onscreen. None of the clothes they wore were fresh. It was obvious these folks had fought, gotten dirty and bled.

As I observed this, I was choked with emotion and wept unashamedly.

As I did so, one of the 'audience' turned in his seat towards me. He was dressed in clothes from the period portrayed on the screen, complete with a tricornered hat. He cradled a long rifle (Every person in this throng was armed).

When he turned, he looked directly at me. Eye to eye. He spoke no words. The look on his face said everything. It seemed to be, 'What will you do? It's your turn now.'

With tears in my eyes, I answered him immediately. 'I will not let you down.' He nodded.

Then, I choked a bit and noticed the closing credits rolling. I wiped my eyes and strode from the theater.

As I left I noticed the only other people in the audience. They watched the closing credits with a look of pride. The man wore a beret with symbols of his service.

Well, what do you think of my dream?

There is much to do, to plan. It's our turn now. We must not let them down. Nor ourselves.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Round The Bend

I'm tired. I've been chasing this thing for a long while now. We've been zigzagging across half the world. I've never been very good at telling this tale. I will try again. It may be pretty spotty. May be haphazard but here goes.

The girl lay still, like a porcelain figure. She was, just two weeks ago, full of life, love, all the things that occupy a young girl's being. Now her once rosy complexion is like a paper mask. Her chest barely rises and falls. The eyes, formerly full of light and health, now empty, like a blank page.

Oddly, there were times she seemed animated. Sometimes at night, she would rouse and ask to walk. Even more oddly, at noonday, she was similarly almost 'antsy'.

Her condition was halted right now. She was not deteriorating nor was she gaining strength. I was there.

I stood in the breach, so that nothing more could invade her. Neither was anything going out. The more it tried to enter, this phantom malady, the more I resisted in her stead. The more it angered, the more I resisted. It tried lateral attacks. I countered. From underneath, it attempted entry. It was barred again. Angrier and angrier, it tried to claim what it thought was its property. I denied it ingress. No road in. Neither of us were alone.

Infernal allies spread their leathery wings, trying to bolster its efforts. Antipathic cohorts, led a powerful thrust. They almost marched over me, with strident discordant dizzying strength.

When I thought I could bear no more, help arrived. Quietly. Steadily. Wings of light, as they grew, seemed to emit a sound, yet soundless. But there was 'force' there. Quiet assurance. Then what seemed to be a 'rush' of light. Blinding but not blinding, loud but no sound.

During this battle, we seemed to be in the eye of a hurricane. Locked in a vacuum.

Now, there was a way out. Standing in the breach, I felt it give way. Not inwardly but outwardly. It had no choice but to leave. Expelled, it fled. I followed.

Though it tried to hide its tracks, I was on the trail.

I left the girl to the tender but strong care of others. She would grow to be more robust than before. She would grow into the fine woman she was meant to be.

As for me, I was compelled to pursue it. I knew I would not stop til it was vanquished. I was not alone. I was never alone. Sometimes it just felt like it. When fatigue let despair leak into my armor, I thought there was nothing I could do. Then, a rush of fresh air gave me the knowledge that, when all was against the wall, that wall would crumble. The chase continues.

Armed with a sword that I can never lay down, I know that round the bend I will face it. Instead of fear, there is assurance. When I face it, we, not just I will not only be ready, but win.

Beyond that, holding the same sword, I will always look round the next bend for anything that tries to ambush me. It is vengeful. But I am willing to fight anew.

Happy Halloween. The first of several dreams to which you can ascribe what you will.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Tis my birthday month. I suppose most people take time to reflect on the past and hope for the future. I'm no exception.

Relaxing with some Irish whiskey and a cigar, my thoughts wandered to my childhood. I recollected my family as I grew up. The good and the bad. We were not Father Knows Best nor Leave It To Beaver. Neither were we scalawags -s-. Evenings at home watching favorite tv shows. Walking to school and coming home for lunch. Playing soldier, cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians. Standing up to bullies. Learning to do so at the hand of my brother. Shooting and hunting with my brother. Fishing and ballgames with my Dad. Traveling with my Mom and sister. Movies and plays with all of them. Reading incessantly from the adult section of the library when in grade school. Learning to think for myself. Knowing manners and right from wrong. Making choices for weal or woe. I miss them and went to bed dreaming of the past and future.

Next evening, we had a nice cut of steak cooked by my son for dinner. Over a toast by my wife, my own family and myself wished each other well. Then after chocolate cake with triple fudge chocolate chip icing (baked by my daughter), complete with strawberry and chocolate chip ice cream (I'm working out a lot now), I came up with birthday wishes.

My wife is considering several options for her future. She could do so many things. My wish for her is to remain independent and pursue her dreams.

I'm happy we've raised our kids to the point they are now. They are beginning to live their own lives. More and more we watch them step into the world. Considering the state of our beloved united States, they are indeed 'stepping into it'. My wish for them is to be true to themselves and to their Republic. I hope they carry on the fight to bring us back to a true Constitutional Republic. May they be up to the task ahead. I believe the 'comeback' will start with our generation , then passed on to these 'keepers of the flame'.

I feel the time for any relaxation may soon be over. At least, get your r&r where you can. The night is coming and we must redouble our efforts.

My wish for them is to carry on. And for all of us to do our part as necessary. To be free and self determined. To make and keep the choices that will last and the groundwork of a healthy personal future and to foster not just the recovery but the survival of these united States. For that, there is no other choice.

These are my birthday wishes for my family, myself and all of you.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I could mention several regrets. I zigged when I should have zagged etc. Sometimes when thwarted, it has led to another path. Repeat and try again -s-. It has led to success and failure. This time, my regret is national, maybe even worldwide. It's not personal. Well in a way it is. It's also a regret I know shared by many. I regret Ron Paul is not running for President.

I can think of no one holding national office better qualified. He honors and still sees the Constitution and Bill of Rights as the Supreme Law of the Land, He is, therefore, one of the few Constitutionalists in the Federal government.

The man can give as well as take, both fairly and when the pundits etal try to overwhelm him (aka sticking it to him). He is eloquent, in an understated way. He doesn't 'put on airs' like McBama (my fave for both the 'mainstream' candidates). There is no seeking adulation as there is by Obamygod (my term for this mindless fawning for our marxist community organizer). There is no saying one thing and doing another vis a vis McBama.

Of course, he's treated like some figure of eccentric fun or derided, or downright ignored. The truth hurts those who do so. The 'mainstream' press (Bob Schieffer, CBS newsman, expressed wonder at what that meant after the VP debate) is in the pocket of the political economic machine so its vested interest and actual command is to be loyal to the status quo as determined by our puppetmasters.

How long, btw, are people loyal to this country going to be given an end run? I asked, at a baseball game after the Anthem, what would happen if all the people there would 'wake up' to the lies being shovelled on them. He replied that they would fight. Ron Paul wakes people up!

Let us be like Dr. Paul. Let's be like ourselves and wake up/get folks to listen to the truth of the state of our nation.

Below, some examples of Ron Paul's thoughts and how he handles pundits and politicians:

RP on CNN talking about not blaming capitalism and not bailing out.

RP teaches Bernanke (fed reserve chairman) truth about the bail out as Mr B obviously resents it.

RP discusses the previous encounter eloquently and is quite unshakable.

RP again steadfast and pointing out the truth. What a mental chessplayer and fencer!

RP questions McCain re working group financial markets. Note MCC smirking and raising eyebrows before RP's question. Then bemusement fades to puzzlement and an answer that is off topic. Starts about 1:30 to 3:30. The whole thing shows how 'fluctuating' MCC is re economy and how strong RP is.

As for Obama, his marxist rhetoric is transparent. Raising taxes then denial. Saying one thing then doing another. Wish Dr. Paul had confronted him directly.

Who do you want being CIC and 'leader of the free world' let alone just 'plain' POTUS?

I chose from a huge variety of snips. These should cut and paste ok. Also, just check out Ron Paul in general or per topic.

I hope you agree that this is a big regret for all of us. Let's turn it around and get the word out about what's happening. Ron Paul is only one man and though a great example for us, let us be our own ambassdors for Freedom!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Investments Or Bailouts

700 billion bucks. I could make a lifetime of movies with some mini series and series thrown in. It would be more than enough to fulfill my plans. I could afford to amply back those who are being screwed by the ATF, courts etc. I'm sure it's a figure meant to startle the public, the masses. If the Federal thieves get it, it will only be the beginning, or continuation of the robbery that started with the system that Andrew Jackson opposed.

There will be no history here. As always, search and you will find all you need to see how we have been manipulated for almost 200 years. I will tell you what I think is going on. It is simply another nail in the coffin of our Republic.

The plan probably appears elegant to those who would be our masters. Stealing from the people to further erode their rights. Make them think this will 'go a long way' to solve our problems. Can you say classic Hegelian Dialectic? I think it's heinous deviltry.

I can imagine how thoughts like this are laughed at. I know how these people operate. This blog is just a trifle as are many more to people who live in a very different world than most. More on that later, perhaps for Halloween lol. I guarantee they have their pitbulls and snitches watching us. There is threat assessment. Details regarding that very soon too.

We must stop these highwaymen/women from looting us. Reminds me of Prince John and his henchmen in The Adventures of Robin Hood. Self interest at the expense of the people. Let's stop them. Expose them. Talk to others about what's going on. It seems there is more self awareness and knowledge about what's going on among many. We can force our representatives to do right.

All this talk of disaster is fearmongering. How appropriate for October. We can overcome this and rescue ourselves from this credit debt monkey business. Yes, there is a threat to many who put all their faith in this credit based monetary system. There will be collateral damage. Damn my words if you want. But suffering is inevitable in any conflict. It is as real as it is in shooting wars.

It will get worse before it gets better. However, it will get better. Stop bailing out these monkeys. Let em sink or swim. The leftovers would be there for the taking by the people. Cutting taxes and easing regulations for businesses goes a long way to giving back responsibility to people owning businesses. How self regulating can we be? Let's find out, while we truly stimulate the economy with the American inventiveness and 'get things done for ourselves' way of the past. We must reign in Fed spending and make them accountable to us for what goes out. Eventually, we do away with the 'welfare' system. Folks can once again learn to take initiative for themselves. Encourage church related charities to help Americans help themselves. It's the only way to stop democracy and reinstate the Constitutional Republic. If we keep relying on this fiat economy, we will take our place in history with the Weimar Republic in a fascist state that Hitler would envy.

I encourage you to form financial groups of trusted individuals and beat the banks etal at their own game. Among us are many we know who should form 'economic circles' similar to intel groups if you will. It is being done. Look around.

Don't let these fly by nights scare you into thinking we need them. Make them aware THEY need US. NOT to finance their schemes, but to keep them employed for our best interests or else they go. I'm all for letting this current bunch go by and large. Let's be like Andy 'by God' Jackson and put the blame where it belongs. Let the bankers, legislators, investors know we are watching, we understand and that we will 'rout' them as he said.

I assure you the last laugh can and will be ours.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I remember one of my fun things as a little kid was blowing bubbles. Trailing bubbles both in and out of the house. I'd watch them as they floated. Some big, some little, drifting down, settling sometimes on objects. Some of the bubbles burst immediately, some wandered til they landed. When they did, I was fascinated and observed til they inevitably broke. Once in a while, they would make smaller bubbles that for a bit lasted til they too followed their larger precedents. Pop.

Life can be lived in bubbles. Some of them are more easily breached than others. It may take time. Blissfully unaware, one floats through life til that moment when circumstances converge and 'pop'. That which was is no more. Or that which is becomes clear.

I remember Cal Smith, who hosted an online show about the Tyranny Response Team in Colorado. He talked about what we know is happening, concerning our Republic becoming democracy. He had guests and spoke often of needing to know what was really taking place, how this degradation was slowly dissolving our Freedom and that it had been going on for quite some time. I'd say since before we were a country. There are always those who first try to squelch Freedom. When they fail, they continue to whittle it away. He spoke of 'rubbing against the bubble'. Some just keep drifting and don't give it a thought. In spite of all our history, all the events that keep happening today, some are not connecting.

I could be very blissful, even content that I still have my guns. I have every single one save for those that I have traded or sold, including several 'assault rifles', (or how about 'homeland defense' rifles to use the odious term 'homeland'). I could see the surface of events and think that things couldn't be 'too' bad, if I still have them. Sure, we had the criminal Clinton who threatened our guns. Then we got the incompetent Bush, who did little to help us keep them. But since I have my guns, how bad could it be? Very bad.

Our gun rights have always been in jeopardy. It's been part of the battle for Freedom from the beginning. From the attempt to disarm farmers, merchants etc that led to Lexington/Concord, to the War For Independence, to every statute law down the pike, we have been assaulted with attempts to make us slaves. This progressed to the National Firearms Act in 1934. It continued with the Gun Control Act of 1968. Then the erroneously named Firearm Owners Protection Act in 1986, which worsened the GCA. Of course, the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which expired. There are several other unlawful usurpations of our rights. And there are plans under way to renew the Assault Weapons Ban. We now have veterans' gun rights in danger if they feel the need for counseling. The antis are coming out of the woodwork, encouraged by vehemently antigun Obama and compromising (to be kind) McCain.

Not just fed level but state and local crimes against our Freedoms continue. Think Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City among many others. While Indianapolis is fairly well off (our leash is longer) and Indiana in general, there are plenty who wish to take our guns, let alone control our lives vis a vis 'Homeland Security' etc.

I am NOT comfortable with my 'lot'. We are in the gravest danger that has ever faced the Republic. Just in the last few days, fascism is creeping closer with the fed buyouts concerning NYSE. We are being hit where we live as it were with gas prices rising and thus all other commodities, squeezing us slowly, like a bureaucratic python of control and slavery. We must get the word out. Never shut up. Don't be comfortable.

There is enough written about all these things and more. Check out John Lott, David Codrea and now Mike Vanderboegh among others. Mike V is writing a cautionary tale called Absolved. For more info on that go to and and there find the scoop on his missives and message. Guaranteed to burst many a complacent bubble. And Matt Bracken is finishing up his third novel called Foreign Enemies. It promises to be as timely and compelling as the first two.

As usual, I am trying to point some otherwise decent people in the right direction. Don't float in a bubble. I guarantee it will burst sooner or later. The result could be violent for body mind and spirit. It could be a 'rape of sensibilities' or maybe rape for real or one of several horrible truths assured to upset and meant to stop us flat. When you experience the state in its misbegotten monstrosity, then it's up to you to get past the pain and do something about it. Go beyond 'victimhood' and fight. When you know the truth, it is a formidable weapon that those who would be our masters fear.

Consider this a warning. Once burst, life will never be the same. Whether it's for weal or woe is up to each of us. Once burst, you will find you are not alone. Take solace in that. And build your resistance on all levels. You will find that you will help others as some will help you.

Friday, September 5, 2008


In the comment section of 'Better', I mentioned talking about religion soon. Well, here goes.

I answered 'papal xian' inre Protestants and Catholics getting along. I mentioned attending Catholic sponsored retreats and other functions. I have several Catholic friends and have known quite a few ordained and lay Catholic folks. I'm not wearing these folks on my sleeve. I'll get to the point soon.

I wrote that the situation in Northern Ireland is quite political. Politics infused with religion. That makes for the excuse to hate or at least be dismissive.

I also mentioned I didn't care to be Catholic (any more than my Catholic friends wish to be Prostestant). My way is different yet similar.

Perhaps the best way to explain is to say that 'religion' is not enough for any of us. We must LIVE our faith.

The root of the word religion suggests supernatural constraint (chains), to be dependent. I contend we must be free. That doesn't mean some kind of lahdedah anything goes. I expressly state that we must live our faith, that we believe and DO all the time every day.

I have heard sincere Christian folks say that one cannot be a Patriot unless one is Christian. HUH? They should find out about Haym Salomon. He was a prime financier for the War of Independence. Or how about Judah P. Benjamin? This gentleman was in the Louisiana Legislature, then a US Senator from same and finally served in three Cabinet posts in the Confederate Goveernment. Just two particular examples of Patriots who were Jewish. There are plenty more over these 200+ years. They seem to have lived their faith and were certainly Patriots.

I might point out as well that we are guaranteed Freedom of Religion as enumerated in the First Amendment. Jefferson has numerous references that we are free to follow whatever faith we so choose. In this Constitutional Republic, we are not required to pass a faith test. We are simply to live whatever faith we have and to not force anyone to believe as we do.

Politics infused with religion is divisive. Living faith in our daily lives, INCLUDING government, creates growth. There is no separation, just that admonition not to force others. And that includes those who don't believe, though Atheism is a 'religion' in that it is a system of belief albeit not in a god (though some humanists think of man as god).

Having that faith we then go forth to make this country work. And, in the case of these times, we must bring us back from the pit of democracy to the pinnacle of Constitutional Republic.

In short, be free and live your faith. And for God's sake, be free to be American!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Portrait Of An Agent

The following is an odd entry. But, nonetheless interesting in its own way:

Her name was Anna. At least as far as I know. She had other names. She was partial to Hindi-Arab code names and refs. One would start a flurry of 'inquiries' and bring back an old air of memory.

She was an attractive young woman with medium build, ash blond hair worn often in a ponytail and mild features. She could blend in or stand out, depending on the situation. One thing that stood out always, her eyes. They were stone cold like the eyes of Lucifer. She could, of course, appear to be the cypher, but there was always the hint of predator, ready to pounce.

Her interests were, likewise, rather common yet stark. Art, especially photography occupied her off time. She was prone to angular and bleak pictures of bridges, trees, empty countrysides. Sometimes the images would soften round the edges. Was she running to something or away? Also, she enjoyed eating well, rather eclectically. At times she would prepare her own, but her travels lent her to restauranting. One of her favorites was homemade bread. She was easily conversant, in person and online. And not.

These things described her personality. Outwardly, she was open, witty, even humorous. Upon examination, trying to recall her, people have said they could only recall a nice young lady but just could not recall much else.

For those who got to know her better, as it were, she always had an 'edge'. Through the light conversation there seemed to be deeply felt urgency. It was as though she would just as soon dispense with the amenities and get to what she wanted.

For those very few who became familiar with her, again conditionally, underneath the exterior, at the core, was a hard knob of dark dense metal. Things kept in, locked tight, sealed off. Self hatred or hatred of others? Denial? Fear? Then again, the only fear exhibited was when she was directly threatened.

She did the bidding of people equally or moreso dark. Perhaps the reference to Lucifer is not too far off for those. In this, she was never alone. She was always on duty. Analyzing, decyphering life like a puzzle to be taken apart rather than to be put together. I once played a tune for her and asked her what she thought. Her answer bespoke the notion it was a code. Everything had an angle. (It was both code and tune -s-)

She had come and gone like a dream, with dark borders and a hint of dread. Smothering might describe encountering her. She did her job well. Yet not well enough.


Well, I promised this was offbeat. For those who know, she could well be real. Or this is merely a character note.

One thing. In war, there are different levels. Encountering 'Anna' or her ilk is not unusual, in a certain scenario. Fighting takes many forms. War of words, spoken, written, enhanced, deemphasized. War of wills, of worlds.

War is fought not only with guns, but with minds. Ultimately war is fought with spirit.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fact Or Fiction

I have been castigated for my love of certain movies. This would include such classics as Braveheart and The Patriot and many others. I have been accused of living in 'lala' land. That I am basing my love of country and patriotism on either works of fiction or historical films which take liberties with the facts. I have been told that is dangerous and my sense of history is skewed, compromised.

My answer is NO. If I did indeed do as they claim, then what they say would be true. My sense of reality would be itself a work of fiction. That is NOT the case.

Since I was small, I have been a student of history, both American and World, both irrevocably tied together. My older brother, similarly was a student of history, so much so one of his college majors was history. He taught me to dig. I was something of an intellectual/factual archeologist! We had many conversations, debates, even sometimes disagreeing. Me a grade school kid challenging his brother, a college student. I was a cheeky monkey (apologies to Craig Ferguson lol). He required me not to back down. Proof was required. Was it my opinion, which was ok as long as it was acknowledged as that, or was it a fact to the best of my knowledge. I hold true to this today. It's the very thing that I do. It is what I have been accused of not doing! Simply because I'm a movie lover.

I have posted several missives here about The Patriot etal. When I speak of such flicks, I always admonish the reader to research the real event/s surrounding the particular movie. Never have I claimed that these are anything but representations that capture the SPIRIT of the actual event. I could spend a great deal of time ragging about the inaccuracies, stretches of truths and yes fabrications (usually for continuity or to combine events/characters for the story to flow). My brother would be the first to admit those. He would also proudly proclaim he too was a movie fan. They entertain but can touch on important points. It is the 'message in the ravioli' of which I've spoken several times.

Some would rob us of our imaginations. That theft falls right in line with the rest of the dumbing down we experience. Not here. Not ever. Just ask my wife and the kids when we watch the above mentioned films and so many others including Rob Roy. My wife is a direct descendant. She knows the history. Yet she can enjoy and be inspired by such a fine motion picture.

Sometimes history can be dry. One of my former teachers, Mr. Meek (Yes that's his name and he used to laugh about inheriting the Earth), continued my odyssey through the ages. He realized the value of presenting in dramatic and comedic form many of the facts. He understood that history was made of living breathing people. What is left of them is passed to us for weal or woe. He taught us to decide/think for ourselves. He quenched our thirst for knowledge emphasizing, not unlike my brother, truth. We each contributed words of wisdom from our own reaearch and our own inspiration. We would each do a 'dramatic portrayal' of a person from history each semester. He is the greatest reason next to my brother why I am a storyteller now.

Know the truth. Be inspired by same and by those flicks that reflect the truth.

Below, please find a small reflection on all those who have fought for Freedom and how it inspires us to remember and to humbly try to depict them on film.

Millions of Voices

Do you hear us, nameless yet with names,
Do you see us, our blood flows in you.
What we did, we did for each other, for our families, for our country, to get home.
Some for property, money, fame,
Most for a principle, but all died the same.
Do you see us on film, soundtrack blaring.
Do you feel us, when you sleep in silence.

Hear us whisper,
In the very thoughts you bear.
Hear us shout,
In your actions and decisions.

Many died young in battle and many of old age.
Many wrote or have been written about.
Many have done both.

We all lived loved hated fought.
We all did more than try.
Most of us you'll never know,
Except in a glimpse, in dreams.
Most of us you already know,
For your time has now drawn nigh.

One day you will join us.
Most of you nameless yet each named.
You will do as we have done
And pass the torch along.

I will leave you this time with this thought. When we tell the stories of Freedom, there are those who try to make it all fiction. They attempt to sweep away what has been done for millenia. Be it a nameless tribesman, or David or Solomon. It might be Leonidas, Judah Maccabee. Jefferson, Washington and Adams are there too. Crazy Horse, Mad Bear join the bunch. All the doughboys, GIs and militia. The names change. The message must not. Freedom is now in our hands. Our blood is on the line. Our honor, fortunes future. Will we rise or fall?

Sunday, August 31, 2008


The main stream media do a really good job of bending the truth. Or obscuring it. When it comes to gun issues they are nonpareil. A certain word or words placed at a particular point can make someone innocent appear guilty. Or people can be made to appear the salt of the earth when they are the vilest. They can even make it appear a gun is responsible for a 'crime'. Emphasis, tone, timing, and exclusion round out that manipulation that feeds pablum to the nonthinking public.

Vigilante. It's Spanish origin for watcher. Vigilant means watchful. It's a tale of a noun and adjective which essentially mean the same but receive different weight. We are told it is bad to be a watcher but good to BE watchful.

Officials (love that word) generally don't like vigilantes, that is, those who 'take the law into their own hands'. Argh! The law IS in our hands. This is a Constitutional Republic. That doesn't mean we pop people who displease us or with whom we disagree. It means we have the right to pursue justice daily in our own lives. That may mean through the legal system or personally. The 'official agencies' mean for us to defer to them in all instances. It's ok, they say, to be 'vigilant'. We may be aware, but then we must come to them for help. This reaches it's greatest insanity when it comes to self defense.

Cops etal seem to prefer we don't fight back. We must give in to the scum who try to rob or rape us. They want us to be 'good witnesses'. That is irresponsible and usually deadly. I prefer to make it deadly for the criminal. The risk should be his. The bottom line here is that I will not ##@@**! die! Thst is the byword of the FR&I firearms training group (I'm not affiliated, just familiar with them). I will defend myself come hell or high water.

Why are 'officials' so adamant that we come to them? We have been turning into a democracy. We have become a bureaucratic hodgepodge of dos, and dont's, all at the will of the state. The police have become agents of that state, instead of 'public servants' as they should be. It is a direct threat to the state when we 'take the law into our own hands'.

Look at how we are micromanaged besides self defense. All the permits, all the things one can do or not on one's property only at the will or whim of 'officials'. What we 'may' do or not in public and increasingly in our own homes.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights make provision for people to resolve grievances and to have defense if charged with a 'crime'. That has been played with to the point it's unrecognizable.

Being vigilant is becoming synonymous with snitching. How far will it go? Ask the former Stasi 'official' brought here to 'improve' our Homeland Security.

Where and to what limit will all this go? How far is government willing to restrict us? How far will we let it go? To what limit are we willing to take it?

'Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.' So said Wendell Phillips. This is what I suggest. Don't just watch what's happening, speak out! Expose this abuse of power. Make the words work for US, not the pundits. Be prepared to do what our Republic demands to set it right again! Defend yourself! To whom can we turn but ourselves? Be a vigilante!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Poison Ivy

I thought it would take 'an ocean of Calamine lotion'. In Brothers and Keepers, I mention that my son and I had cut back a bunch of vines and weeds. I paid the price.

Poison Ivy is quite toxic re contact allergy. It can also make one sick. Even in the Winter, when all the leaves and berries are gone, the wood contains urushiol, the skin irritant that causes the rash that drives one crazy. And the smoke from burning can produce the same rash on the lining of the lungs -shudder-. If eaten, the internal rash spreads to other organs. Terrible. Contamination can continue if there are traces already spread of the urushiol on objects. The oil can be active for several years. Yipes! It runs its course usually within two weeks and can continue for up to four weeks in less severe areas.

The insides of my calves were hit and on my left forearm. I had a case once ALL over my legs and some on the um crotch. That was intense. I still have sensitive reddened skin with a bit of secondary non weeping rash from this current encounter. Geez.

I take antihistamines and dab witch hazel on the remaining rash. Before, I applied calamine to dry the fluid from 'weeping' (Which does not spread it interestingly. It's the slower affected areas that do that.). This just treats the rash. It doesn't cure it. It must run its course.

Clipping and cutting vines and weeds obviously has its risk. Bit by bit we pulled and cut. And as I said, so it must be with government. Thus, the risk is commensurate. The reaction can be the same.

We risk infection. We risk irritation, unrest, and a seemingly long treatment. The only 'cure' is long term, systematic extraction. Caution! That might include more risk of residual problems.

Once done, we must remain vigilant, and keep trimming when government threatens to overrun our lives (yards).

Then we must replant the tree of Liberty and nourish it.

It's worth the risk!


As a writer, I realize that typographical errors should be avoided. I usually check closely what I write for content and for technical accuracy. Sometimes spelling falls through the cracks.

Is it sloppy? Yes. However, I'd rather get the word out I'm delivering and suffer scorn for typos instead of being castigated for lies or any further divisiveness. However, if people disagree with my thoughts, so be it.

My schedule is bizarrely eclectic. Fatigue creeps in. My fingers start to disobey.

Am I making an excuse? Yes. But my thoughts are clear.

Just be glad this is typing and not my handwriting. THAT looks like a drunk chicken weaved across the paper.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Just when I was getting ready to add some posts, here comes Joe Biden. To predicate to those who come late to the dance: Biden has a terrible antigun history in the Senate. He champions blanket 'reforms' concerning abuse without analyzing them. He has damaged rather than helped relationships between husbands and wives/men and women. His shenanigans have caused the socialist agenda to advance in Congress. Like our State Senator Wyss, there isn't a bill he votes for that doesn't obstruct Americans' rights.

Last night, he gave his speech as Vice Presidential candidate for the Demos. Among other things, he reminisced about his childhood. That's fine. I like stories of people's origins. It gives insight to who they are and what they do.

He spoke of his Dad's and Mom's influence and his Grandparents. They were middle class Catholic and hard working. I have a friend of similar upbringing in Ohio. In fact, that decribes some of my own family except they were Prostestant. To me, that's just six of one, half dozen of another. Or, it isn't the faith it's what you do with it (nore on THAT later). He mentioned his Dad speaking of honor. I can go along with honor. But his record in Congress belies that. Then again, his upbringing included a big dose of FDR socialism.

He said his Mom, referring to his childhood stutter, said he just couldn't get his words out fast enough. When he wore old clothes, that he was handsome. If knocked down, to get back up. And when his nose was bloodied, to bloody the other kids nose.

So far, I don't see a lot wrong. Encouragement, though depends on viewpoint. Our daughter is mildly dyslexic. We worked and homeschooled her, read to her and worked through it. Then, she began reading to us. A great storyteller, she's a fast thinker herself, an 'A' student both in homeschool and outside academy. She and her brother are hyperactive. We worked similar positive results with them regarding this, and without drugs or therapy. He's an Honor student again both homeschooled and academy.

As I said, encouragement depends on viewpoint. We have taught them to be independent, with inductive and deductive thinking/reasoning. They can defend themselves both verbally and physically. They have learned about our Republic and that we need to reclaim it.

As much as Biden's family loved him, those things seem to be lacking in him. His education concerning the Republic indicates he believes we should give it away.

I have sympathy for his loss of wife and daughter in an auto accident years ago. His sons survived and he still commutes to DC from Delaware to be near family. He overcame severe physical problems as well. Good for him!

What is significant, even if you ignore all else was what he said referring to 'better'. His Mom taught him that 'no one is better than anyone else'.

Now, I know this phrase. I've heard it from people over the years, many who are 'conservative' btw. I understand it. It's obvious Biden does not.

Better. It is a relative word. Some people are better shots than me. I'm a better shot than some people. Depends on training and objective among other factors.

However, we are all born equal. As Jefferson said (paraphrasing), 'we all draw our first breath as Free men'. Conditional 'better' should never be confused with equality in the reference to our Constitutional Republic.

We have different ways of learning and different capscities. We have different incomes and educations. We have different tastes etc. But we are the same when it comes to Freedom. And we must perpetuate that or we are lost. THAT is the difference as it were, between those of us who wish to be independent and those who wish to be entitled. Between those who say they are not better, yet want to keep 'theirs' while we give up 'ours'. Those who confuse conditional betterment with our God given right to Freedom/Equality.

Those who want to make us devisive diversity and not E Pluribus Unum-From Many One.

Friday, August 15, 2008

No Carry In The State House Again

Or ad infinitum. Or beating a dead horse (¤t=beating-a-dead-horse.gif). Below, a copy of a letter sent to Gov. Mitch Daniels a while back. Then some comments.

Dear Governor Daniels,

Below please find a letter I sent to several sources. In light of Johnny Nugent's letter to you, it is a 'post script' Look us in the eye and explain your evasive behavior re this topic. Thanks MSH

"I don't find it a big issue one way or the other, I really don't," said Governor Mitch Daniels.

On the contrary, it is a HUGE issue.

I was saddened to see a further erosion of our rights enacted. The Statehouse has always been a place where people can enjoy their right to keep and bear arms. By implementing this 'rule', it infringes that God given Right both under the Second Amendment and the Indiana Constituion, specifically in Section 32.

At a meeting I attended with Captain Sherry Beck, ISP, Brian Renner, Dept. of Administration and Michelle Milliken, IDHS, they admitted there was no study done. There are no probabilities or 'odds' about terrorist attacks on the State Capitol. This was an arbitrary decision quietly pushed through CTASC, without adequate input from anyone else.

I pointed out that basic 'grassroots' counter terrorism is the armed citizen. To disarm us is imprudent and dangerous. As Senator Johnny Nugent points out, it makes us permit carriers 'second class citizens' compared to the legislators and judges. Disarming us makes us less safe not only at the Capitol (think Virginia Tech), but on the street til we can rearm. I'd hate for the State to be liable for any harm that could come to us.

Many of us in Government and the rest of the Citizenry are working hard to have this mistake rescinded. We must follow the example of other states that have started to revamp victim disarmament zones and are enabling all of those who choose to defend themselves if need be.

Governor Daniels is a pro gun rights man. We call upon him to further show this by reestablishing our right to carry in the Statehouse.

Me now again:

I never got an answer to this missive. Is Mitch really a pro gun rights guy? Sure, we have a lifetime permit now. Permits can be withdrawn. Let me be clear: A permit system is nothing more than begging the government's permission to practice a right. I realize I'm working in a box here. But even with this system, we are robbed further by disarming us in 'our house'. Let me be quite clear: We should not have permits. It is our RIGHT to carry. Period.

I'm working in the parameters petitioning the 'king' as it were. As the Founders did, I'm covering my a$$. Soap, ballot, jury and cartridge box. I believe in them ALL. We must try ALL if time and tide take us there.

Would Mitch agree? Would he, as head of the Indiana executive branch, understand that when all else is exhausted, we have the right to 'alter or abolish this form of government', by all means necessary? That still includes all four boxes. In a Constitutional Republic, those means are never excluded.

I think 'our man Mitch' has forgotten how government is supposed to function. Cherry picking rights does not work. In these united States, it's all or nothing. It has devolved into little by little.

Oh yes. He signed into law the 'right' (to him etal permission) to travel on DNR land armed. He signed into law a 'castle doctrine' law saying we have the right to stand our ground and use deadly force if needed to defend ourselves and our homes.

I think the Founders knew that without a governor or president etc telling them. It resulted ultimately in a War for Independence.

Will we eventually have another one? Only time and circumstance will tell.

I urge ALL to do everthing possible to reinstate Freedom in our Republic. To truly make it a Republic in function and not just name.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kinky Blogger

It started for me when I couldn't access David Codrea's War In Guns. I explored and discovered this was widespread. Many liberals' blogs are blocked as well. Some claim to be back, but IE is still aborting.

Did I jump to conclusions? Maybe as several blogs suggested the Chinese did it (There actually has been a huge incursion this last week by the Reds). J/K, I think -s-.

Hope it gets resolved soon. Shall we all migrate to Wordpress???

I'll be off til late tonight. then we'll see what new chapter in the saga is coming down.

Below, check out what Blogger said:

Spam Fridays
While we wish that every post on this blog could be about cool features or other Blogger news, sometimes we have to step in and admit a mistake.

We've noticed that a number of users have had their blogs mistakenly marked as spam, and wanted to sound off real quick to let you know that, despite it being Friday afternoon, we are working hard to sort this out. So to those folks who have received an email saying that your blog has been classified as spam and can't post right now, we offer our sincere apologies for the trouble.

We hope to have this resolved shortly, and appreciate your patience as we work through the kinks.

Me again:

I wish every blog HERE could be about cool stuff.

Then again, what's cooler than fighting for Freedom?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Brothers and Keepers

Am I my brother's keeper? It's a much stretched out quote from Cain when asked where his brother, Abel was. Of course Cain had slain Abel. What a smartass and typical of that mindset that thinks of itself first. Those who go as far as killing and then presume to lord it over others. Arrogance. Pride. Perhaps the first psychopath. Lying to God. Wow. Then again we all can lie to ourselves and others, so why not God? Before I go further, I can point at myself. I have sidestepped people and issues when I should have spoken up or otherwise helped.

That said, are we our 'brother's keeper'? Yes and no.

People must take responsibility for themselves. They must learn to think for themselves. Sounds easy to me in the sense that I was taught that. Many of us were. But so many fewer are now. Americans are being taught dependence. Taught to trust the state, not themselves. Not so at our home. The kids are taught self reliance. I hope it takes. Not that it isn't, but that we have our concerns as parents. Don't worry though. The apron strings are cut or being cut with our kids. They will take their place in life to live their own lives and not the rest of the world's.

We must cut the government's apron strings. Just last night, my son and I cut weeds and vines, clearing land. Big yard. Lot of fence and trees too. Bit by bit we pulled clipped and cut. So it must be with government.

And that said, we must help our 'brother'. Even feed him-for a while. Give him a chance to get back on his feet. Not to take him by the hand and guide his every movement. We have enough socialists doing that. Give people the opportunity to LEARN to work out their own lives. Unteach dependence. Undo the clamoring and instill self reliance/order. We owe it to ourselves and the Republic to do so.

Healthy self interest simply is not blind pride. It is the notion, yea the impetus for reestablishing the Republic. It is instilling the reasons and ways that got us started on the road to Freedom. For if we are not EACH free, then we will surely fall into servitude. Serving others is NOT minding their every step. We have had enough of this.

Give people the gift of self interest and pride, in the original sense of being sovereigns and we will be on the road to Freedom again. It can be shared. Bit by bit. Start with yourself and work outward.

I have. I will stand in the breach, whatever that means and takes to get our Constitutional Republic back. Myself then person to person. Bit by bit.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


It's the number of homicides so far in the Indianapolis metro area for 2008. There have been higher numbers and lower numbers. It's like riding ocean waves. We have to be sure we aren't rudderless, lest we set adrift in a conundrum and roll over.

There are plenty of stats for this. Go to the net and find them. I prefer to talk of reasons, of who and how. Why is easily manipulated but not impossible to tackle.

The predominant deaths are those of criminals killing criminals, that is, mostly drug related slayings. Of that, several dealers killing dealers, a few 'ripoffs' from users and revenge slayings, almost always gang related.

The gang problem is bad here. We have Black and Latino gangs vying for territory. The drug traffic and murder for hire is significant. We are not L.A., Chicago, NYC etc. We are wannabes compared to them. But it's bad enough for people to be concerned. Notice I didn't say scared. Fear doesn't solve anything and only serves the gangs and those who would take our guns. It serves these thugs well if we are afraid and cower.

Some of the deaths are murder/suicide. There was a particular case where a divorced guy kidnapped his ex and daughter, then shot the ex and then himself.

One elderly man was stabbed to death in his home as a prelude to robbery. Another elderly man was beaten to death for the same reason. A gun stolen was used to shoot a cop pursuing the perp.

There are a few who are in the wrong place at the wrong time, usually in relation to drive by shootings. One boy was shot to death and one little girl fortunately survived a stomach wound. Bangers and other bad guys don't care where the bullets go. Several home invasions have occurred by and large for robbery.

One seems unique to me. A local Reverend has been preaching against violence and frequently holds vigils for families of murder victims. For the moment, whether he is pro or antigun is put by the wayside. He has been effective in rallying people so they are not afraid of gangs vis a vis drug dealers.

Now, part of this solution is to be armed and prepared.. But any effort by citizens to stop the gangs is of course a threat to them and their grip of fear. The home invasion that precipitated the Rev's daughter's death was a put up job to look like a robbery. Any attempt to root the vermin out is met with violence. Ask my wife and me. We have rousted drug houses and stopped gang activity in our neighborhood. Why we carry is greatly due to this (There are more reasons I've discussed elsewhere namely the 2A).

You might wonder how I surmise this 'put up job'. We know the streets. Progun and antidrug cops too. We have learned what the s****** do to stop us firsthand. And the antis dance in the blood of the innocent and guilty alike.

It is a war. A war against decency. A war to stop instilling fear and thus entrench criminals. It is a war that can be won when those of us who carry enforce our own lives. Peace in the streets is possible with armed vigilant citizens. And the knowledge of how to take apart the 'machine' in the streets. We take the war to those who would enslave us, whether in the streets or more saliently in the halls of government.

I see no difference between a gangbanger seeking my life to proliferate crime than a gov 'official' who seeks to disarm me. How we respond tends to depend on what we encounter.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The Counter Terrorism and Security Council, that group of 'only ones' who inflict us with civil rights violations, has done it again. Under the continued guise of 'security', they have ruled so that metal detectors, bag scans and searches by 'security' people (who look like they got their badges from a crackerjack box) are now in place at the Indiana Government Center, adjacent to the Statehouse. Oh yes. There is also at least one State Trooper observing the shenanigans at both stations.

This is 'phase 2' of a continuing 'security upgrade' which these guardians of safety claim make us safer. There is of course no actual basis for this. As I explained in the March 28, 2008 CTASC entry (, and the June 9, 2007 entry Friday Meeting 3/30(, their reasons are obvious and they had no intention of changing their minds. No carry at the Statehouse was instituted as a fiat rule with no adequate input by the people.

They refer to this as further 'improvements'. Talk about doublespeak! Improvements for violation of civil rights and more tyranny, yes. According to Brian Renner, Deputy Commissioner for the Department of Administration (pompous ass title for something that needs to be disbanded), 'most' fed and state gov buildings have instituted similar programs. He said this is typical. Not so. Most places are actually still 'free'. It depends on the level of statism inflicting said gov. buildings.

There have been no major threats. I remember a bomb scare during the original implimentation of the no firearms rule. Not swept away by 'conspiracy theories', it is interesting that it happened and at that time. It was handled without any of the CTASC measures. Someone tried a stunt a year ago in Denver. A nutcake tried to shoot the Colorado Governor in that Statehouse. He was shot and killed by a State cop. If it were here, it could have been a Trooper, State Rep or Senator, or me or other decent honest Hoosiers (or someone from out of state since we, at least, recognize all other permits and right to carry). How often does this stuff happen? Rarely. How is it handled? Quite well.

This whole thing comes down to trust. These only ones do not trust us armed. It has nothing to do with security. It has everything to do with control.

Some have said it's not practical to pursue this. Even Governor Daniels said this no carry isn't a big deal. Like Hell it isn't. Where can this kind of fiat rule end? Where will 'reasonable' restrictions stop? It's more than an imposition, it's an insult to all of us who choose to carry.

A fascinating point. That bomb threat involving the Statehouse was used to smooth the installation of the detectors etc. It occurred when the plans were being implemented and the first installation was due the followong June. The story had been updated March 19 or 2 1/2 months before installation. "I'm not really sure we'll go to metal detectors, but there will more of a checking of individuals," said State Senator Tom Wyss (R - District 15). Thus spake Wyss, who votes for anything that obstructs individual rights. He lied. Apparently, CTASC didn't think most citizens knew what they were up to. The only alert to the public was a posting in the want ads of the local paper of a chance for people to give their input. This was months before the incident. No one responded. Gee, I wonder why? I found out because I cared to see what was going on re gun rights. Though this obscure posting is 'legal', I have been exposing it and pushing for reform aka giving true fair notice and opportunity for several hearings/meetings concerning any of our rights.

Supposedly, this was all delayed because of legislative concern. Nope. Fear of exposure and actually legislative apathy were the cause. Our Lt. Gov. said there were suspicious late night visits to the Statehouse and property thefts involved, so we need to fill in security gaps and keep the building safe. Puhleeeze! Late night visits? Hmmm. Could be kinky assignations going on. Or, I happen to know a couple of legislators who actually work at the Statehouse. And property theft? Most likely employee theft. But whatever the cause, it's for our own good. So we should shut up and take our medicine. NO, NO, NO!

"We have to realize and appreciate the fact that it is the focal point of a lot of decisions that are made here that aren't always popular with everyone," said Paul Whitesell, Indiana State Police Superintendent. So says the State bulldog. That ought to settle it huh? Like hell it will.

I intend to continue reminding these 'public servants' just who they should be serving and why. It's my and your duty to warn them. So it is in a Constitutional Republic.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dead Samaritan

A 72 year old man (Why is his age important?) was shot and killed around 11pm June 30on Indianapolis' West side. His name was Mario Gonzalez-Tello. He was trying to stop the armed robbery of a woman.

He was a regular customer at Mr. Gyros which had just closed. Apparently the woman was a waitress at the restaurant. Someone was waiting for the 'right' moment to strike.

From here, the accounts vary, though there is the 'official' story. I first heard Mr. Tello had reached for his pistol and was shot by a 16 year old (Again the age. Hmm, are we to feel sorry for him since he's so young?) who has since been apprehended and identified. The official version says Mr. Tello had his gun withdrawn. It is uncertain whether he had it pointed in the suspect's direction. The suspect apparently saw Mr. Tello out of the corner of his eye and proceeded to shoot Mr. Tello four times, killing him. He then ran away, shooting through the window of a nearby business.

I'm sorry Mr. Tello died. It's too bad he didn't nail the perp. What follows is supposition and can be a lesson for all of us.

No doubt Mr. Tello's intentions were good. He even knew the victim from the restaurant. It's not clear, but it could well be that he thought if he indicated he had a gun the perp would simply flee. It's common enough to believe that. Big mistake. One should follow through and stop the threat, whatever it takes. It could be he didn't clear in time. Perhaps he miscalculated or as suggested hoped the perp would give up. Hind sight is 20-20.

Never ever think a perp will fold. Be ready to stop the threat aka using deadly force if necessary. The kid followed through and killed Mr. Tello. The reverse of what should have happened perversely. It's not unusual for criminals to train with their guns. Be ready.

Sometimes the bad guys do run. But life is too precious to hope for that. Be prepared to fight. With the right to carry comes responsibility, to oneself and all others potentially. Be in condition 'yellow', ready to fight and aware of your surroundings. Then, follow through with condition orange and red each with increased awareness, follow through and results. I'm referring to Col. Jeff Cooper's combat mindset color code. Never be in condition white aka unaware. Follow this practice to get over that resistance or reluctance to shoot someine in self defense.

The more training the better. It should never be legislated. To me that's infringement. It should be stressed in the firesrms community that the more practice the better.

Seek out a good trainer or program. Examples: F.R.&I. has good training. Gunsite, Col. Cooper's original place is still recommended. Scott Reitz in California also has worthwhile instruction. Find someone who at least gives basic technique at first. I suggest continuing. As a friend says. "More tools for the toolbox".

The other thing re this situation. The cops of course do NOT sanction resisting robbers. They said in the original newsclip to 'give up what the perp wants and then be a good witness'. I guarantee that will most likely get you killed rather than resisting. But resist by learning how. Practice, practice, practice. (I suspect that the intention is as David Codrea at says, cops think they are the 'only ones' trained to respond etc.)

Not so. We must take care of ourselves. No one else can. As they say at F.R.&I., 'I'm NOT going to @#@#ing die!!!'

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The 'N' Word

If I say the word 'nigger', am I a racist? No. People have become so cowed that we cannot discuss even a word without being scorned. I suppose since I am opposed to Obama becoming President, I'm a racist? No. There are Blacks who could be President IMHO (Though 'black' is a color and those so labeled are short changed. More later). Yet there will be those who see this and immediately label me. I hate labels. They do not explore the depth and texture of viewpoints, of being.

Words are just words, in spite of those who manipulate them. Of course, it is the intent that gives the word meaning, as well illustrated by race baiters of many colors and persuasions. For study, again (as I usually advise), type the word into a search engine. Wikipedia has a fairly good study.

There was a time nigger was simply another noun for black or colored or negro etc. Naturally, the law of least resistance prevailed and it became a term of derision for some. Though stereotypes of southern whites contributed to the negativity (I might add that a lot of people outside of that 'cracker' stereotype have used nigger condescendingly, hypocritically so by some of those claiming to be 'helping' blacks), I suggest that it became a powerful tool in the employ of marxists who sought to manipulate language as well as all the other ways of revising history and thus our social mores. It limits rather than liberates in that cute leftist twist of behavior we have all witnessed. If language can be controlled, especially in speech, then new definitions can replace the old matrix.

I've been known to have a salty tongue, cuss like a sailor etc. at times. These days, it's hard not to do so. I have occasionally used several words to describe certain members of society who exhibit pathological, criminal behavior regardless of social standing. Presidents can be disgraceful just as well as common street thugs. I'm given to remember Dr. King's 'content of character' remark. A local school official and old friend of my wife's family once told her, 'You have your white trash, we have our niggers'. People can reach the heights or plumb the depths.

Let's not be afraid of words. Let us be open and ask questions. Don't let words keep you down. Don't let 'newspeak' silence you. Speak out. Speak up. Learn to use words well. Then words become more than words. They can lead to deeds. As always, it's our choice whether those words and deeds build or destroy.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Heller of a Note

Heller of a note. Haha. Some humor (?) after the storm.

Thought I'd wait a bit since I knew there would be a lot of opinions. Everytime I hear that word I think what my Psych prof (advisor, Head of Dept.) said. 'Opinions are like a@@holes, everybody has one.' Everyone is entitled to one. He of course referred to those who blab and have nothing to back it up. I've seen notes and dissertations ranging from 'oh boy we won' to 'man the parapets' some more well reasoned than others. Here's mine, in brief.

Nice of them to see that 2A is an individual right. I could have told em that -s-. However, it is important for the near future particularly with the flurry of lawsuits in places such as Chicago. Also, Scalia mentions '2A extends prima faciae to all instruments that constitute bearable arms'. He speaks of the prefatory clause 'A well regulated Militia,being necessary to the security of a free state' and the operative clause, namely 'the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed'. He states that the former does not limit the latter. There is even mention the Founders believed that an armed populace helps maintain and bolster security for the country.

Two things were established. One is that there is indeed an individual right to keep and bear arms. Second, the people have a right to defend themselves with guns.

With momentum on our side, we must continue to take the high ground in arguments and with the lawsuits. No more must we let the antis haul out the same lame objections. Let us be thoughtfully aggressive. Those who would disarm us and place us and the future of the Republic in grave danger are already busy trying to minimalize the Heller decision. Indeed, there are limitations but we can and will rise above them.

For one, and chiefly remember, that the decision deals specifically with Heller and the situation in DC. Thus the powers that be in the District will put up hurdles. Heller is only entitiled to register and keep a firearm in his home. He can't carry it anywhere outside. The boys in blue and the politicos are planning some kind of 'test' to establish worthiness for owning a gun, in spite of the decision being clear about individual ownership and right to defense. There is even proposed limitation on the type of handgun particulary. Apparently they think most semiauto handguns are still forbidden. Sheesh. There is wiggle room unfortunately regarding some types of guns.

As for the rest of us, we still could have our guns taken 'by edict'. That's not in the decision per se, it's my observation. I'm afraid there are some who think this is the beginning of the end of gun control. Nothing could be further from the truth. There will be continued debate and attempts to endrun the thin pro stance in the decision. That old bugaboo, 'reasonable restrictions' will ad nauseum raise its ugly, stupid pinhead.

Though there is mention of enumeration, the holes are big enough for Mack trucks to roar through. There are hints that the 2A was meant primarily to stop tyrannical government, it seems conditional and swept under the rug in reference to specifics for the decision. Indeed, that is not surprising. We could hardly have hoped for a complete return to no infringement. What we must do is as said before, take the initiative and go after our Freedom locally and statewide.

Lest you think that we should, if or when it comes to comply and surrender our guns, my answer is never. The boys and girls in black robes can minimalize the true reason for the 2A. They could even 'say' they are taking them away. So be it. We must remind them they have no business doing so. BTW, I won't say what I think of the dissenting opinion vis a vis Stevens. It is un-American, imperious and dangerous. Scalia IMHO is little better, but does nod in the right direction, barely.

We must remind them we are the bosses. We must remind them there are grave consequences for ignoring the magnificent simplicity of the BOR. Let us go forth and as said , 'take the high ground'. Do not miss an opportunity to speak out. Vote for those who will bring back the Republic.

Our Republic has not been compromised overnight. Let us take it back bit by bit. We could be 'Fabian Constitutionalists'. Tongue in cheek, but point made.

And prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Postscript: Study the decision for youself. Go to a search engine and type it in. Look for everything you can. Spare nothing to convince others we must take back the night!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Canadian Border Gun Questions

A guy on a list that I frequent mentioned a trip to Canada recently. He had business to finish, contracts to conclude. Of course, he had to pass through the checkpoint. No problem. I wish we had this along the southwestern border. It's the nature of some of the questions that has me wondering.

First, the questions were routine. He was asked if he were a citizen of the US or Canada. US. Why was he entering Canada? His unfinished business, which he explained. What kind of work? He further elucidated. After several questions re his particular work, it 'got interesting' as this guy said.

'Do you have any guns?' No. 'I mean do you own any guns?' He stated he had none with him. More insistently, 'But do you own any guns?' He was incredulous. The govdrone persisted. 'Do you have any guns at home? How many?' (????) He gave an estimate as to how many. Remember this guy was on his way back to complete work and he was tired to boot. 'How many handguns?' (WTF?) He mentioned a couple. 'What kind?' He mentioned Glock 23 and 26. 'You like the Glocks so much?' He mentioned the grip suited him. 'OK. And you have no guns in the van?' He stated he wouldn't bring them 'up here'. 'OK. Go on.'

WTF does a sovereign country's rep have asking these questions? Sure, ask what is the reason for entry. I've been asked that. Even the type of business etc. Like I said, we should have that on the southern border. But the Canadian Government has NO business asking a citizen of another sovereign country what he owns , and what kind. I'm surprised the drone didn't ask why. Then again, that wouldn't be germane to the situation.

I suspect it was a fishing expedition. The Canadian gun grabbers are very detail oriented, just like our own antis who ask similar unconstituional questions (Of course, there is no Bill of Rights in Canada). Could info be shared? I bet it will be eventually.

I would politely decline to answer. If searched, fine-not fine. If further harassed, I would further protest. If barred, I would create as much of a stink as I could.

The net is tightening, friends. This coming week, we have Marines doing 'realistic urban traing exercise' in Indianapolis. This will include 'checkpoints'.

I hope they stop my wife and/or I. They will get a lecture on Freedom they will never forget.