Sunday, November 30, 2014

Look Behind You

There is a price to pay for celebrity.  Nope I'm not gonna get into the psychology of what motivates people to want such attention.  I do know it's a game of manipulation.  You have a product that others want.  Some can use you to get their point across and reward you for services rendered.

Sounds brutal, even paranoid .  Just business?  Yes and no.

There is a business side to show business.  No business no show as a friend said. 

My background helps me with that important part of my work.  And my senses help me figure out with whom to associate.

A lot of flash goes on.  As I said before, many people are not stupid, but they are easily distracted.

I see whatever I do should be to help people think for themselves.  I offer my talent and hope they enjoy it.

The price of fame is something each person should decide for themselves.  However, with all the perks, preferential treatment (why I'm not sure), and eyes upon them, it can lead to unwanted attention.

Stalking can happen to anyone.  There are disparate souls who prey upon others.  They have no real life of their own so they attach to others.  I'm not talking about normal fandom, where folks admire talent, even are willing to follow someone.  I'm speaking of predators, selfdelusional beings who attach like barnacles and live off the efforts of others.

Recently certain celebrities have had stalkers, as have many throughout time.  It is unfortunately that downside I spoke of.  Someone say deludes he/she 'loves' another.  They use irrational methods to declare and follow that love.

Fortunate people expose it.  The normal legal recourse is to get a restraining order.  It's only good as the paper it is written on.

Many here would agree with me that no matter the wealth and influence, each person is responsible for their own security/defense.

And among some of these privileged pompous, they think it's alright to have defense/guns etc.  But we the socalled unwashed crowd, don't deserve them.  Idiocy.

As I said anyone can be stalked.  I have been myself.

It's unpleasant and creepy.  And everyone DESERVES protection.  Most can only literally protect themselves.

I've seen security for celebs that rivals heads of state. Yet, even these must learn to rely on themselves.  For if they don't they may be in the most danger.

Hopefully we have associations and networks, but they are only as good as each member, every weave in the armor.

Look behind you.  Not in fear, but in assurance you can help yourself.   

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Free Vs Freebie

Lotta stuff about immigration lately.

I'm not going to add to the voluminous tomes of opinion and facts already abundantly displayed on the net.  It's just my 2 cents.

We were not set up as a nation to become a glorified handout station.  We were established for people to be free not freeloaders. 

It is part of a slow transition to just another socialist way station.  Also, the interior security is compromised as well as demoralizing many.

In this Constitutional Republic, it is expected for people to learn to pay their way.  Now people should receive help.  They need to eat and ready themselves.  But no blanket giveaways.  It must be made clear they are to repay by becoming productive.

The longtime rot must stop.  It can be done.  There will be a lot of 'unsatisfied' folk.  They will have a choice ie, work or leave.  It's tough and will be brutal.  But there is satisfaction for those who stay the course. 

And as for that baloney that there are jobs Americans won't do,  I've cleaned toilets and made beds.  I learned to housepaint to partly work my way through college.  I had several part time jobs then.  It wasn't because I was white or part American Indian or anything except wanting to work.

Restoring, instilling a want to work and see a job well done is the key.

Many will adapt.  Some will not.  They can be shown the door.

Some will wring their hands and maybe some will snarl and ask about those who truly cannot work.  Of course we care for those who are incapacitated.  And hey, how about employing the aforementioned carpers?  They can put theirs efforts where their flapping gums were.  Sometimes it's the company we keep.  You might learn a lot from spending time with folks who need care.  The forgotten can be remembered.

True charity can be engendered outside of gov.  It enacts power where it should be with us and not US.

So dump the freebies.  We must let ourselves be free.

Friday, November 28, 2014


Borrowed from the Zola letter.  Type into a search engine if interested.

Character assassination.  That's my purpose for the term.

Two people, I hesitate to use their names, simply because, unless people are historic, I wish to keep what I'm doing focused on topic.  If I use names, it's fair use and guilt or innocence are not to be determined here.

Stephen Collins, a good actor, has been accused of child rape.  Look up the details.  If true, then he should be punished.  If not, then he should be exonerated.

I have met innocent folks who were accused of such evil.  I have encountered beings who were profoundly guilty of same.

Child rapists can indeed come in many guises.  They are usually NOT 'dirty old men' in raincoats.  They are, and we know of this, doctors and lawyers and cops.  They can be from many backgrounds and economic situations.  They can be attractive folks or the person next door.

Such people should be exposed and dealt with.  Most importantly, the kids, no matter how much later, even into adulthood, should be helped.

Now, the downside is simple.  Yes the reality is scary.  But we mustn't give way to fear nor paranoia.  Just like collectivists they are surely everywhere.  But we must be certain of the crimes.  Witch hunt no way .  There are clues.  Again, go study what the monsters do.  If I went into that here, both rapists and collectivists, I'd have either a full blown paper or a treatment for a script or manuscript.  The perps give themselves away sooner or later.

All this comes now to Bill Cosby.  He's accused of serial rape, according to several ladies and some 'fixers' who have come forward.

Yes such crimes should be punished.  Look however at the back ground.

Cosby has been very critical of black culture and how it has devolved for many.  Yet again, check it out.

He is a natural leader, influential and well educated.  He has dared to criticize the thuggish life and the racism involved with blacks in US.  It has both embarrassed certain liberals and has compromised their end goals of control.  Mr Cosby wants people to think for themselves.

What's happened is classic character assassination.  Its goals are twofold.

First, it's destroying his life, his credibility.  No matter all the good he's done, if he is a rapist, well that's it.  If he is not, the finger has been pointed.

Second, it obfuscates other heinous crimes, such as immigration EO and all the other filth spewing from the Oval Office and gov environs.  Some people, while not actually stupid, are easily led.  And a flash in the pan takes them away from what matters. 

Don't be fooled.  Of course, there is truth and legal truth.  We who are working to restore the Republic are well acquainted with both.  Yet more again, check out all that is ongoing re this subject.

Do not run off on a tangent.  Focus.  Be concerned with 'social' issues, not socialist issues.

And to the collectivist tempted to edit this post, take heed.  Every word here is copyright.  People may quote, but give me credit.  If you do quote, then do so in its entirety.  We know the Alinskyan leaving out of key words or phrases, turning something either into nothing or a polar opposite.

My main accusation (Captain Obvious rises lol) is do not buy what you see.  Caveat emptor. 

So J'accuse.  I point the finger at the finger pointers.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


It's internet parlance for thank you.

And yes, I am thankful today.

I'm thankful for two kids, now adult, with whom I don't always agree, but with whom I have spirited conversations.  They do think for themselves.  Sure, I offer advice.  But they can weigh the 'fors and agins'.  There are more of their ilk elsewhere, even round the world.  Real hope looms.

I'm thankful I think for myself.  I have studied collectivist methods for decades and see the woven web of duplicity and deceit ensnaring US.

And that's the why of it all.  All the machinations, especially pitting thugs against cops.  Militarized police are a reality.  OTOH, there is an effort to defang them by liberals.  It's just window dressing, for 'loyal' cops and soldiers are essential if we are disarmed to maintain 'order' vis a vis Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Commie China etc.

Fomenting race war is essential to weaken us from within.  I don't buy it.

We have manipulation by some to instill fear and self loathing.  It's obvious the crowds are led by subversives, some Feds, others actual commie organizers.  Control is control.

I'm thankful for Freedom minded folks, defending their property and way of life.  Also I am grateful that there are so many of us who are not stupid.  And that there are such folks who lend a hand in so many ways.

What will it take to right the wrongs?  Bit by bit, just as the enemy dissembles, we not just reassemble, we institute assurances that we forever watch ourselves.  We don't need a State to do that.  It's what Republic is all about.

As Ambassador Sinclair said in Babylon 5, ''Watch out for Shadows.  They move when you're not looking.''

So celebrate, be thankful and keep watch. If you take a nap, just be a light sleeper lol.