Thursday, November 27, 2014


It's internet parlance for thank you.

And yes, I am thankful today.

I'm thankful for two kids, now adult, with whom I don't always agree, but with whom I have spirited conversations.  They do think for themselves.  Sure, I offer advice.  But they can weigh the 'fors and agins'.  There are more of their ilk elsewhere, even round the world.  Real hope looms.

I'm thankful I think for myself.  I have studied collectivist methods for decades and see the woven web of duplicity and deceit ensnaring US.

And that's the why of it all.  All the machinations, especially pitting thugs against cops.  Militarized police are a reality.  OTOH, there is an effort to defang them by liberals.  It's just window dressing, for 'loyal' cops and soldiers are essential if we are disarmed to maintain 'order' vis a vis Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Commie China etc.

Fomenting race war is essential to weaken us from within.  I don't buy it.

We have manipulation by some to instill fear and self loathing.  It's obvious the crowds are led by subversives, some Feds, others actual commie organizers.  Control is control.

I'm thankful for Freedom minded folks, defending their property and way of life.  Also I am grateful that there are so many of us who are not stupid.  And that there are such folks who lend a hand in so many ways.

What will it take to right the wrongs?  Bit by bit, just as the enemy dissembles, we not just reassemble, we institute assurances that we forever watch ourselves.  We don't need a State to do that.  It's what Republic is all about.

As Ambassador Sinclair said in Babylon 5, ''Watch out for Shadows.  They move when you're not looking.''

So celebrate, be thankful and keep watch. If you take a nap, just be a light sleeper lol.


Herb P said...

We do more than watch.

Mike H said...

Research then action.