Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eerie Ears

Yes I have a penchant for seemingly abstract titles.

But, things are eerie and we should listen.

Well well well, seven weeks after filling out (ie, name addy number and in spite of serial # etc all the gal did was put Glock .40 on the form) the required by the city, Linda called and said I can pick up my gun stolen by Brandon Nabors almost a year ago.  Yay.  Oh um what about my mags and ammo?

Kinda flustered Linda.  I'll have to ask Property Room she said.  They have a 'security' policy where you can't take such things with the gun the same day.  this was verified by Lt. Brian Moore.

He said I should contact Sheriff's Dept security office desk about taking mags and ammo too.  The Lieutenant didn't know if 'the parties to this policy' would 'allow' me to pick up the ammo same day.  Hey Lt Moore, don't forget my mags, ie, one G23, 4 G22 (surplus gov-the stuff stamped during the ban which became accessible to the public when the sunset happened) and 71 rounds of .40.

Well, I'm contacting some other cops.  Bill Cincebox got an email.  You may recall he was the detective who dropped the ball re my IDing the perps.  I'm also contacting others, just to see if I can get my property the same frigging day.

We will see and when I resolve this poopyfest, I'll stick a comment on this post.

This also leads me to what the title of this post signifies.

I've talked as have many others, about how cops have changed.  They are increasingly serving the state instead of the people.

Here is a post, just received today, regarding cops' duty to serve, titled, Nobody Is Coming To Save You-Police Motto Misleading.:

Mr Veltri points out how cops, EMTs etc can be sued and have actually stood by letting crimes happen and folks dying rather than risk suit or even injury.  Reminds me of the cowards at Columbine who waited out the carnage rather than go in and stop the killers.

He does talk of many who still help, but they are not legally bound to do so.  The uniforms and EMTs sure helped me the night I was jumped, even to the point of retrieving my gun mags and ammo within an hour of the theft.  I knew, btw, that it would be a lengthy process to get them back.  Such is the ridiculous red tape of bureaucracy.

Cops and other public servants should listen to this stuff, to the public and to themselves and come up with a solution.  Not only is public trust dwindling, there is increasing hostility toward them.  This is not from the usual criminal element, it is from the citizens they supposedly are sworn to protect.  And then there is that pesky Constitution.

The solution is simply to take that Oathseriously, and together with the public, purge the system of the stupidity that impedes justice.

I remember cops, with whom I patrolled, who would go in, without asking for a supervisor, and respond to the aid of people and their property.  I am a firsthand witness to what cops should be doing.  Those days seem to be gone.

Jesus and the Apostles said,'Listen, then if you have ears to hear'.  Good advice.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dirty Deeds.

Whether they are done dirt cheap or not remains to be seen.

Collectivists never work fair and square.  Their house is built on the sand of lies.

Here is a case in point:

And here too:

I will let these speak for themselves as most of you know the score.

Alinsky is grinning in hell I'm sure.

Confronting these mokes with truth (and exposure) is the way to go.

Character assassination is the alternative of those who have no facts to fall back on.

I'm being attacked for telling the truth myself..

I'll have more on it soon as I will something about my gun in the IMPD Property Room.

As for the attack, I simply respond to liberal manipulation with quotes and comments such as being glad Jefferson succeeded Adams.

Again, having a knowledge of collectivist tactics is helpful.

I keep things short and sweet because I needn't over comment.  I have nothing against lengthy discussion and have engaged in such myself.

And though this may seem vague, brevity can make Alinsky frown.  -s-

Monday, July 29, 2013

Shiny Things

Our daughter, when very little, would lie on the bed and look out the window.  She was fascinated by the movement of the tree branches and the sun shining through.

One could only guess what was going on in her infant mind.  But, it was obvious the movement was new to her and a source of wonder.

Some people never outgrow an attraction to shiny objects.  It's ok to see a flash.  It's what you do then that counts. 

Easily distracted mobs don't think.  They remain transfixed on whatever is dangled before them.

Attention span is a relative thing.  What may seem a short one may just mean there is nothing of interest.  The opposite may hold true as well. 

Unfortunately too many just transfix on what shines instead of finding out what makes it shine.  It is true of literal objects, but also of events and people.

I'm particularly thinking of a wish or a hope for a 'white knight' to sweep in and sweep away whatever problem befalls us.

Knights are not really like that.  In olden times they were specialized warriors, yes.  But, they had a heck of a lot of support.  I won't go into details.  Look up the history of medieval warfare.  Dig -s-.

In modern terms, it's quite similar.  There are leaders of course, but all of us are needed in various roles to accomplish any mission.

And as far as knights go, they were and are quite human.  And when it came to combat, chivalry had little to do with it.  Combat/warfare is messy.  And again, whatever level we fight on and no matter the weapons, be they words or otherwise, we simply have to shoulder our part of the burden.

So decide where you are and what you can do to restore the Republic.  Let it be legal, let it be just and truthful.

Let yourself shine.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Well now, that could sum up a lot of things these days.  But, I'm not a fatalist in that I believe Freedom's chance is very good -s-.  I think more of the lousy things collectivists pull because they can not win fairly.  Today, lousy parenting is on my mind.

A lot's been batted around concerning self defense on trial in Florida.  Self defense won.

I'm not going to get into all the ins and outs the what ifs etc.  I just noticed someone talked about lousy parenting contributing to the thug culture.

It does and often the parents are thugs too.

It was a comment somewhere about said trial.  I recalled my time working at the Juvenile Center in Indianapolis, during my work on an undergraduate degree in Clinical Psychology.  I was no inexperienced kid.  I was in my thirties and had worked in other aspects of counseling including street ministry.

The thug who got killed was living with his uncle at the time of his demise.  He was visiting his dad's girlfriend's condo at the time of his demise.

The family was fractured, divided with a mother who had nothing more to do with him, a stepmother whose family devalued the dead kid and a philandering dad who had a reputation as a thief.

I saw this kind of situation all too often at the Center.

And if kids don't get pulled out of the cycle, their life of crime starts early.

I hate to see it.  I worked with some kids who made it and a lot who didn't.

Color had nothing to do with it, save that race is used to disenfranchise people and make them entitled.

And the more we are at each other's throats, the easier it is to control us.

Also, with all the hoo haa and vandalism, take a look behind the curtain and see what gov is doing as it hides behind such events.

Lousy indeed.