Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dirty Deeds.

Whether they are done dirt cheap or not remains to be seen.

Collectivists never work fair and square.  Their house is built on the sand of lies.

Here is a case in point: 

And here too:

I will let these speak for themselves as most of you know the score.

Alinsky is grinning in hell I'm sure.

Confronting these mokes with truth (and exposure) is the way to go.

Character assassination is the alternative of those who have no facts to fall back on.

I'm being attacked for telling the truth myself..

I'll have more on it soon as I will something about my gun in the IMPD Property Room.

As for the attack, I simply respond to liberal manipulation with quotes and comments such as being glad Jefferson succeeded Adams.

Again, having a knowledge of collectivist tactics is helpful.

I keep things short and sweet because I needn't over comment.  I have nothing against lengthy discussion and have engaged in such myself.

And though this may seem vague, brevity can make Alinsky frown.  -s-


Mike H said...

Jim Beaver wrote: "Michael Hiland: I'm wondering. Do you ever have anything thoughtful, nuanced, well-analyzed, or productive to contribute, or is sniping pretty much your limit?"

This in response to a John Adams quote. I said,'Thank God Thomas Jefferson replaced him'.

I'm not into diatribes and his Alinskyan tactic tells me my several replies to various collectivist takes on several subjects has finally touched a nerve.

I can tell you he is very much practiced and any reply could be played with as could my choice of silence.

If this was meant to provoke me, then the above is my answer.

Mike H said...

He now has blocked me from either liking or posting. Boo-hoo. Thin skinned cuz I mentioned in re his bragging about being a liberal to be careful cuz collectivists have hijacked the term.

Mike H said...

I unliked him -s- so phlbbpptt lol.

No Red No Dead said...

He's a selfabsorbed a-hole. And probably a red diaper baby who preys on sensibilities right out of Alinsky.

gray is grey said...

My guess is he was KGB trained and the mil service is a perfect supposedly Teflon cover. Quite the 'liberal' ego. Among his likers, he might be surprised who is interested.