Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Language is a powerful tool. Look at the Founders' documents. There is much analysis of those. I want to digress and talk of another aspect of language ie cussing (Something the Founders could do as well.).

I took out a post because it was rather blue. I have no objection to cussing. I think it can be great stress relief. Maybe quality and quantity is what I'm driving at. Also the direction and pitch help it to be at times almost eloquent or OTOH disastrous.

I knew a guy who could 'criticize' with such skill, the object of his attention didn't realize til later, like a time bomb, what went off. IOW, f*** you, you f****** f****** is kinda lame. Unless you are roundhousing. But who wants to telegraph their blows lol?

Of course, standards like 'take a flying f*** on a rolling donut', 'I don't care if you c*** in your hat and wear it backwards', 'milk a flock of ducks' hold precious memories for me. Then there is my engraved card, which states, 'You are cordially invited to go s**** yourself' (for those formal times when you care enough etc).

Some have described cussing as a crude desperate attempt to have the last word. I don't think so especially per the aforementioned reasons. Oh, if you solely rely on it sure. And aquick jab can be concise. Timing, chingistas. So don't be schmucks (extra points for other languages).

As shown, it can reach a persuasive expressiveness, cutting to the quick. Or it can be a boorish flood. Poetry or paltry.

Here is to the poets of purple prose! May your words wither AND refresh!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Honor Apathy

It's one of the subliminal messages from 'They Live' a scifi flick from the 80's.

Go to Wikipedia for a full rundown if you are so inclined.

The plot is simple. Aliens control our world. They manipulate every aspect of our lives through illusion and altering perception. Some humans are selected to be the aliens' patsies. Thus they are bribed and suborned, the pampered inner circle of an elite that pulls the strings.

The message is obvious. And again something seemingly fantastic can get across a 'message in the ravioli'. We are being lied to and used. A few gain and many lose. No wonder so many 'elite' want a socialist world government.

As to subliminal and other malleable tools, they exist, to variable effectiveness.

There has been experimentation re visual and audial subconscious stimulation. Also, there is similar work done re the printed word. This can relate to a kind of hypnotic effect achieved when words are printed in a certain pattern. And this can be closely supplemented by speech giving and vocal cadence (Remember Hitler etal?).

Further visual effects can be achieved with light and sound on tv and in movies. Light and sound frequencies can be manipulated to 'attract (shiny baubles) and mesmerize for whatever the purpose may be.

Combined with the number done on Freedom by the media and socalled leaders, how thoughts, desires trends are manipulated, how our Freedoms such as the assault on the Bill of Rights are being p***** away.

Hearts and minds. The battle for same is what this boils down to.

You may believe what you will re the subliminal stuff. But I hope you agree that there is a battle for at least our hearts and minds if not for our souls (I believe in the latter as well.).

Those who would control us want us to work, sleep play consume-obey. Don't think though. Thats the missing link, the x factor that they fear.

All the aspects of society reminds me of the 'committee' in the Fall Out episode of The Prisoner. It seemed every facet of our lives is an object to be controlled for the good of 'masters'.

Another flash reminds me of the professor in the actual novel of Planet of the Apes. He had assimilated into the primitive tribe. He even screeched and squealed in fear when he saw Taylor.

And no, I don't believe we are being controlled by aliens from space. Maybe however, the aliens are those to whom Freedom and self determination are foreign.

My suggestion is to do what you must to counter them. Chiefly, question authority and think for yourself. Live Freedom and 'preach' it to any and all who will not assimmilate. Find others who are willing to reconstruct. For if those who say we do not need to do so and we must live with what we have and/or change within etc. hold sway, then we are lost. Might as well quit thinking and just grunt and groan.

Counter with education, understanding and exposure. Oppose with your own espousal of truth.

I think, therefore I am indeed and will do deeds of Freedom.


I watched the movie with my daughter. It's a vampire soap opera based on a book by Stephanie Meyer. I watched for two reasons. I like vampire/supernatural flicks/stories. My daughter is interested in it. I like to talk to my kids about their interests.

Maybe I'm getting old but my first reaction to this stuff was 'Oh great. Seems like a teenie bopper snare'. I was wrong. At least from my perspective.

Thankfully, I'm able to cut through the romantic sparkle of her early teens and talk to her about what I think. And she is able to reply beyond how dreamy 'Edward', the teen hunk is. We listen. We talk.

Giving this a fair viewing, I found something of value. There is a fight between an 'evil' vamp and the good guys, the Cullens. Without going into detail, they are defending the life of Bella, the girl that vampire Edward loves. Bella's wounded. Blood can send vamps into a frenzy. The Cullens decided long ago not to kill humans. Between securing Bella's safety and fighting/killing the bad vamp, Carlisle, the father of the group yells, 'Remember who you are'. This famuly has sworn to value humanity and not see it merely as food. Carlisle happens to be a doctor who heals and helps humans.

Now, I'm not going to read too much into this story. But, one can get points across more easily at times in scifi/horror than straight drama at least to the public at large. It's the 'message in the ravioli' that I value as a writer myself.

Remember who you are immediately struck a chord with me. It was something my Great Grandmother lived by. Who you are equals the principle/s by which you live, embracing faith and how one treats others and wants to be treated. What you are is simply one's position, including social status, job, what society seems to ascribe as well.

If what rules who, then we are subject to whatever way the wind blows. We have no basis and we might fear losing what we have.

Who guarantees individual liberty. We can rise above status and value our own reputation, not what someone else expects. Honor, fidelity and personal integrity are building blocks for what this Republic should be.

No matter how rough things get, nor how we are tested, we must remember who we are: Americans living in a country that deems as priceless Freedom.

We have the ability therefore to think for ourselves. And see, even in a fantastic tale, something of worth.

That will stand in the battle ahead (When we combat the REAL bloodsuckers-of Freedom), when we will risk all.

No mattter what the test nor how difficult it may seem, remember WHO you are!

Friday, March 27, 2009


No not the scifi movie about psychics. It's all about 'them' the antifreedom nogoodniks seeing how far they can go, how far they can push us.

So many offenses, and so little time. Take Holder's statement for instance.

Rightly, those who love Freedom have risen to respond to this illegal bs. Notice, though that Pelosi quickly said that is NOT on the docket-yet (Yeah right. Of course they have the 'papers' ready to pass along.). Push. Very Hegelian. Thesis, giving rise to its reaction, antithesis which contradicts or negates the thesis, and the tension between the two being resolved by means of a synthesis.

The list is long and relentless. Such as the DoD proposal to bar sales of surplus brass unless it's made unusable. Then there was the idea floated by Soetero's bunch to stop pilots from carrying firearms inflight. A district court judge has barred carry in national parks, for the time being endrunning a decision to allow this. There are calls to reinstate or worse an 'assault weapons' ban. And, of course, there is the 'alert' issued by the State of Missouri concerning 'terrorist groups/individuals'. The beat will go on.

Due to many people shedding light on these issues, (including a bunch of Demos in Congress say NO to a ban), these particular threats have at least temporarily abated or are in the process of abatement. This is good, but not enough.

Compromise is the sleazy comrade of those who push us. It is the siren song that seduces 'reasonable' people. Commies/liberals try to take a mile and settle for a whittled down inch or as much of the original usurpation they can get. Then later they try for more. They never stop. They may pause and lull many into a false security, then like a snake by the tail twist and strike. We who value Freedom forget too often to go for the head.

Remember the 'enemy that never sleeps'. What stops them is sleeping less and matching them, stopping their schemes. No compromise. Just blow for blow. Then, with the enemy on the ropes, we expose them, waking people up to the schemes and the ultimate goal of total control.

They will see how far they can push us to violence. These Freedom suckers want us to trip ourselves. Our enemies desire us to perform some egregious act that would precipitate crackdown. We must endrun THEM.

We must be defensive. Self defense is the key to Restoring the Republic. We rise to meet the problem commensurately. We overcome the challenge.

Our enemies will push us and ultimately it will be those adversaries who decide what we must do.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19

4:30am 19th of March, 1928. Pat McGoohan's birthdate and time (Bet a bunch of people have done charts.). Some of you may think I'm running this into the ground. It's simple. Pat McGoohan was inspiring to me. His friendship meant a lot. His death had a profound impact on me. It got me to recollecting so many who have crossed over. And how and why I remember them.

Some I hold in high regard, like Pat, Bob Wise, Schluep, my Dad, my Great Grandma and many others. Others I remember, but in a low way such as Julia Carson, Hitler, FDR, my paternal grandfather and several more.

We so desperately want to hold on sometimes. I remember when Bob Wise died. One of the thoughts that crossed my mind was, 'I'll never get to work with him'. Same with Pat McG and some others I've known in the biz and some I didn't. Then I'd think how that was selfish. After a while, I realized that it wasn't. I have respect for their work that I only wished to learn more. And for Pat etal, I wanted the 'party' to go on.

When my Dad crossed over, I had hoped for more time. Once in a while even now I think how fine it would be to sip a beer and smoke a cigar with him and how I regret he isn't here with his grandkids. Of I weren't human, I wouldn't feel that way. Being human includes regrets as well as acknowledging mistakes. How else would we learn?

I was quite angry with Dad for a while that he had gone. I bounced back. I realized we have to be glad for what time we had.

I still miss him and so many more. But I have my memories. And I have my own life to live. I am a parent. I will give my kids what I can while I can. I am a friend and husband etc. I will use my time and be who I am. I am the better for knowing them all. I pray they are better for knowing me.

When I have some whiskey and a cigar, I don't lose my self in drunken remorse. I celebrate. I remember Pat for instance recently and am proud to have been part of his life as he was part of mine.

When it's over for me in this temporary house of flesh, may I have done what I can. Sure, there will be some things undone. But, I hope that what I do now is worth it all. That those who go on after me will continue, will live and do whatever it takes to be free.

I will not waste time. As I have said, I will use it and pass that on.

Use time and talent. Do what you can. It may not seem like much but it will be enough. Prepare others to carry the torch. Whether you believe in afterlife, passing Light of Freedom will guarantee life after you.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's Next

Never ask, I've always said. If a string of bad things follows you, it seems to bring more negative stuff, when you in exasperation mutter, 'what's next?'. I used to caution my old friend Schluepy (Who taught me to house paint while in college.) not to ask that. Seems easy to wallow in adversity, to give up. It leads to lack of control and acceptance of whatever comes. Schluep was worth better. We all are.

As a statement, it has potency. It's active. Especially right now re the shootings just experienced, it gives us momentum to examine what happened and what might. A question posed from THAT base is what we must ask.

You could have knocked me over with a feather, if I hadn't expected it -s-. First the church shooting. Then the incident of serial shootings in Alabama. There was even a multiple school shooting in Germany (Along with a list if incidents in other European countries over a period of time.). From what happened in each case to the reporting of the mainstream 'authorized' press, it's obvious the wallowing in adversity, in this case dancing in the blood of victims, is underway.

Our buddies in the 'authorized press' have carefully worded and spread these stories all over the various media. I haven't seen anything overt such as 'ban the guns now', though the antis are ready. Maybe somewhere there is. They are a little more subtle, perhaps not by much, in how they described these incidents.

I've seen 'cache', 'arsenal', 'heavily armed', etc. Nondescript guys, troubled for various reasons. The Alabama guy had a list of people who 'did him wrong' (None of whom were shot that day.). The pastor killer was said to suffer from Lyme's Disease (Have heard pros and cons re how that can adversely affect.). The German shooter was a former student who returned and killed 15 people. There have been recaps of previous shootings in recent years. So it goes.

These events happened swiftly. The guy in Germany shot most of the vics in the head, it was said. One account said it lasted 2 minutes. The Illinois pastor shooting happened fast too. And the Alabama shootings occured quickly in succession. Fast. No slow motion.

Events such as these come upon us quickly indeed. That's why we must be ready ALWAYS to defend ourselves. Fast. No slow motion (In retro for some instances, they can SEEM slow.).

The pastor tried to run. He was shot. People in the German school were caught unawares (sic). So it was for the folks gunned down in Alabama. NONE were armed, even in Alabama.

Bad things go down in rapid order or disorder. We must be ready to respond immediately, and be ARMED.

In Illinois, you can't carry 'legally', though folks can have guns in the home with the silly FOID card. Same in Germany re carry (the kid there stole his gun from his dad's collection, supposedly locked away.). A little surprising was in rural Alabama, where there are a great many guns. It surprised Mike Vanderboegh too. However, Here is what I think.

First, not everyone is armed, even in Alabama or here in Indiana. Next, if someone had been carrying, they may or may not have been able to respond. Time and place. And if someone HAD stopped the killer, it would not have gotten the press it did. Whether at first or down the line, if a decent honest citizen had defended his/herself successfully, it would have been played down. Possibly the 'press' would talk about how bad guns are anyway. But there would be no widescale dancing in victims' blood.

What must be remembered is up to 2 1/2 million times a year people DO successfully defend themselves with firearms. Even though these examples are tragic and yes I pray for those hurt and killed, they are not common. I believe there was a response from many Freedom minded folks about the shootings.

That response has exposed and countered what the antis have in mind for us. For now. There will be more and I bet something devastating. But again, maybe not. IF we keep aware. IF we can educate too. What's next need not be fearful, unless we let it.

Awareness includes noticing the deployment of troops from Ft. Rucker, near Samson AL to supposedly backup the local cops. That's not right. It wss noticed. They did not get away with a fast one.

Of course, something could be a put up job, assured to give the Freedom sucking vampires what they want. Or, yet again maybe not.

No one can be everywhere at once. But, whereever we gunowners are, we should be ready. And if the worst happens, we must also be ready to defend our rights, no matter the cost. If we don't, the cost is our enslavement.

What's next only time will tell. Be vigilant. Both personally and for all Freedom loving Americans, be vigilant.

Watch for that gunfight around the corner, whether yours or for all of us.

Cops And Robbers

I played a lot of games as a kid. Cowboys or cavalry and Indians, Robin Hood, astronaut, soldier and a whole host of other things I'd invent alone and with others. I guess I started writing and acting early, but so do most kids. Make believe. But as we know, there is a basis in fact for a lot of this. We would imitate history and current events. This includes cops and robbers.

When I think of the truth behind the stories, I realize how we have been led down the primrose path. All the talk of 'public safety' is as old as history indeed. Long have leaders and other officials rung the alarm bell concerning dangers, short and long term of a criminal element or some enemy threatening society's well being. They say our very lives are at stake when these people ply their trades. What happens is a gradual loss of Freedom. Individual responsibility is traded for what has recently been called 'security'. Then, indeed, the claims become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Of course, veracity exists in their claims. Our own encounters with drug dealers/makers have been exceedingly hazardous at times. There have been dangers from Hitlers and Lenins and so many others. In spite of real peril, the ultimate price paid is loss of Liberty. Cops and robbers always aid and abet the police state. Both are rewarded.

Cops, serving the state, get lots of laws to regulate and enforce. Government money (our noney) to support these efforts follows. Their 'authority' and power increases. They now can legally steal. Revenue from raids etc generates more financial control.

Robbers are not burdened with obeying any laws (except their own codes). Money from their 'businesses' generates growth, along with gangland power.

Both often reward one another, playing a kind of butt tag , often colluding and using one another's orgs.

I recall the Prohibition days with Capone and Dillinger etal. Then came Eliot Ness with the Prohibition Bureau for Chicago. The Bureau of Investigation (Soon to be the FBI.) gained prominence then as well. First the attempt to legislate morality/personal behavior. Then comes the National Firearms Act, among others, in answer to the 'criminal element' posing a threat to the public as a result of outlawing booze. Hegellian Dialectic rings a bell. More of a symbiosis methinks.

Since then, bureaucracy has exploded, morphing into the gargantuan monster it is now (And yes, it existed before the Roaring Twenties, especially since Lincoln. Think federal reserve and taxing.). The ultimate price? Our rights, our enumerated Freedoms are compromised-not gone. Technically they are still there. But we know that we must undo the Gordian Knot that seeks to enslave us. We are therefore at war.

Pile on pile of efforts to rid problems actually increase them vis a vis Prohibition. Though repealed, none of the gov regs resulting from that stupid idea have gone away. Booze is regulated. Smokes are regulated. Guns are regulated. Behavior modification is continuing with legislation paving its way.

Lest you ask, Prohibition's aftermath was the foot in the door. These attacks on Freedom always start with the 'best of intentions'. Sin taxes, following sex offenders, destroying the drug trade (lol), eliminating poverty etc. All of the measures involved are easily turned on all of us. With more statute law, we can see how we are all becoming criminals ala Ayn Rand's comments.

Need I mention the Patriot Act after 911? Much of it seems ok, even innocuous, til you actually read it and compare it with previous efforts as mentioned above and continued crimes against the Republic. It and the 'laws' it is spawning stab the heart of Freedom. Quite a list of abuses and usurpations. Yes, we are at war.

To fight this war, we must continue to make plain how it was started and who started it. It is a war of self defense on all levels. Yet we let it happen. We share the blame. Without the people acquiescing, the state could have gained no ground. Study history, including current events. Sound off loud and clear. Demand our rights. As they seem to dwindle, remind yourselves and others that they cannot be taken away except on the condition that we don't defend them.

The offenses against US mount. It's 'for the children', to 'rid' us of-fill in the blank. All the time cops and robbers profit while the people lose.

We are attacked. We can and will counter.

If we know these conditions, we can eventually win.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cotton Wood

It's English for Alamo. It's that time of year when I remember the events of 173 years ago. The Texas War for Independence is one of my favorite pieces if American History.

Memory and history literally surround me. I'm sitting here, in a house that was built in 1814. I could imagine the original owners receiving word about the Alamo's fall. Were they sad? Did they care? Only they know, now gone.

Their time was no different than ours. Human nature is the same. Only technology changes. We face the same decisions they did. We have essentially the same daily cares and needs. Just now, we can go to the mall, see a movie, watch tv, take a trip far afield. We simply have more means to forget, to put our minds on hold. Plenty more junk to clog our minds. So, in spite of that, will we remember?

Our ancestors had the 'luxury' of being there, at least alive at the time of the Alamo and the other events of 1836. Yet, there was, no doubt, the gamut of reactions we experience these days. And don't forget, that during our War for Independence, our population was roughly divided into thirds.

There were those who stayed 'neutral', just let events carry them. There were the 'Tories', loyal to the Crown, quite a few actively fighting US. And the other third, those who were 'for' the Revolution. Within that third, about 20% said they supported Independence, though did little or nothing in actuality. Another 10% actively supported the Revolution. And, of course, there is the 3% who actually fought ie, shouldered arms against the English Army. I'm reminded of this fact every time I go to Mike Vanderboegh's Sipsey Street Irregulars. You will see a link to his site just to the right of this missive. Please check it out.

The Texas Revolution was no different, in that it is always a minority that fights for Freedom. I recommend timeline of the Texas Revolution: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_Texas_Revolution.
It gives you a detailed overlay of events before , during and after. Don't stop there, if you are of a mind to learn. Keep studying. History is in the details (Not just the devil -s-).

The Texas Revolution was a heck of a lot more than the Alamo. However, the Alamo remains the outstanding example of this historical chain of events.

My kids and I watch the movies, Last Command, 13 Days to Glory, John Wayne's version, the 2004 version as well as a silent film called 'Martyrs of the Alamo: The Birth of Texas'. The latter is currently on YouTube. We discuss them, and put them into historical perspective (Also recommended).

We further analyze by talking about what is now happening re our Constitutional Republic being destroyed. We agree that we face a crisis no less than those in Texas in 1836, nor in the Thirteen Colonies ca 1776.

We also agree that these flicks capture, in the midst of any Hollywoodizing, a portion of the Spirit of the times. I still say movies can be a springboard to learning about Freedom and can initially inspire us to go further.

We all know the outcome of the battle. The defenders died. They decided to stay, knowing they would (With the exception apparently of Louis Rose. Check out the details and see.). I've talked about reasons before. Check out The Alamo here at the blog: http://whatmcauliffesaid.blogspot.com/2008/03/alamo.html. There are as many reasons as there are people.What remains is what they did. And an interesting note.

Santa Anna ordered the connonade, which was fairly constant most of the siege, to cease around 10pm March 5. He hoped to lull the defenders into an exhausted, silent sleep.

When his army attacked before dawn on the 6th, any surprise they hoped would contribute to defeat was quickly dashed. The fighting was fierce and resulted in massive losses for the Mexicans. The price paid by the Alamo defenders was a price well paid. The Mexicans were soon defeated. However, the problem of tyranny remained, as it does for US.

The parallel analogy is obvious. Will we be lulled further asleep by our enemies now? When the fight comes will we give our all, in spite of the price?

I believe the price will be well paid again. We will defeat and demoralize our enemy. We can and will not just survive, but rebuild.