Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Slavery II

There is a type of slavery which is again as old as people and as endemic as spirit. It knows no boundaries of class, race nor faith. Yet, it uses all these and more to ensnare. Call it greed, or addiction, perhaps even selfishness. (Don't btw, mistake the fact selfishness exists. It is used as a 'shame stick' to force altruism. Should we share? Yes. When there is dire need noone beats Americans in helping others. We should teach others to help themselves. THAT'S American. But some healthy self interest doesn't hurt. More on that in 'brothers and keepers' coming soon.

We are obsessed with consumerism. And most of what we consume gets used up. A lot of what we buy, once it fails, is irreparable. Gone are the days of calling the repairman. We are a throwaway people.

Many have lost control and have fallen into 'addiction'. I'd best leave that for another post simply because I believe it is NOT a disease. Ohoh. That will tick off a bunch. What happens is that we are distracted. Our baser desires overwhelm our common sense. It's an easy hole to fall into. It's a great excuse for screwing off. Also, it's part of a sick society being more easily controlled. On the other hand when we are in need, there should be response. Again, noone beats US at this.

I'm probably preaching to the choir to a degree here. I ask you then to reach out and educate those who are not as self reliant as you may be. Spread the techniques of saving resources. Teach others to buy wisely and save what will be needed soon. It's not hoarding, though I see the gov officials talking of that being on the increase. That's just anotheer demonization like calling the Iraqi insurgents 'militia'. The implication is obvious to me that the way is being paved to demonize US.

I'm simply asking those who read this to be 'abolitionists' for self determination.

For those who are freed from internal slavery, there is enough to go around.


As charged. If you are Christian, you belive that all sin and fall short. Of course this is understood by many to some degree.

We all make 'mistakes'. I've zigged when I should have zagged for sure. The degree is varied. What is important to one may not be as intense for another. I'm not actually talking of God's law as much as man's. Right and wrong take on a whole different meaning often.

So many statutes. So many interps. So little time. We are legislating ourselves out of existance. If we are all lawbreakers, we are all criminals to some degree. And if we are all criminals, we become in thrall to the state. This is NOT a Constitutional Republic. Minimal law, based on the Constitution and Bill of Rights has been lost in a maze of gobbledygook. Lawyers are overemployed.

I hope when the Constitutional Republic is reinstated, bills are left to two pages in plain English. No additions will be added. And, most importantly, there must a house cleaning and we are again left to fend for ourselves. Easy words. Not so easy to accomplish. But then, nothing worthwhile is easy, eh?


Horrible. A travesty of humanity. It's often used as some kind of 'shame stick' to beat sensibilities, to make one group or another guilty for the past. No thanks.

My eyes roll when I hear yet again how the past trumps the future. My heart also plummets. Are we the sum total of our sins? Or reaching for the pinnacle of our potential?

Problem Profiteers. That's what Booker T. Washington called those who create strife by agitating an already tragic situation. That or they outright lie to achieve their goals. They should study history. Then again the problem profiteers already know and don't want others to investigate.

Slavery is as old as mankind. All societies have had at one time or another, some form. Both enslaving and enslaved. My ancestors, American Indian and Scot are no exceptions by a longshot.

Again, as I always do, I encourage those who come upon my missives to research. How else are we to learn? I was taught from an early age to do so and had a brother with whom I could discuss, debate and dig deeper. I seek out those who do likewise. This is the only hope we have to restore the Republic (aside from realizing it has to be indeed restored).

When old sins are regurgitated, it is with the hope they cause a resurgence of hatred and shame. Remember, people are more easily controlled when they fight one another. The only hope we have is to say to ourselves that as far as slavery goes, that was then, this is now. That many differences can lead to one common goal. E Pluribus Unum. From Many One.

Study history. See it in perspective particularly in reference to what is happening now. There was slavery here once. There is still slavery today. What else would you call what unscrupulous employers do with illegal aliens? They are taken advantage of just as they take advantage of our system. Sex slavery is real. Women and children are bought and sold both domestically and to foreign buyers. And of course, there is the IRS and their robbery of hard earned income. Can you think of other examples?

Those who hate for color or any other reasons are going to be left wanting. Hard times are coming. We wil survive if we unite. We can solve probelms or continue causing them. Want to repeat history or triumph over it?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Several years ago, I was visiting the set of a movie some friends of mine were making. While meeting and greeting, one of the girls from the local high school got to talking. They had her working as an extra for a crowd scene that day. She was just thrilled to be a part of it.

She asked me questions and I gave her advice about getting in the 'biz'. Chiefly, I suggested she make the most of her time on the set. Without being intrusive and ultra polite, ask questions of people NOT at the moment busy. See who might chat at lunch. After the shoot for the day, maybe meet some of them and ask advice. The thing to remember is folks are occupied primarily with making the shoot work. Just look for a 'window' of opportunity'.

She innocently asked me if I knew anyone 'famous'. Weell... I didn't want to go into detail with a relative stranger. I have people who have given me permission to 'name drop'. That's for others in the Industry and is used for door openers. So I told her I ran into Natalie Portman at a Meijers (a super store) in Carmel, Indiana. I actually did. Didn't bother to say hi. I was occupied as I'm sure was she (aka privacy). Anyway, they called the extras and I wished her well.

Famous. Some of the cast and crew of my friends' movie were famous at least to me and quite a few in showbiz.

Fame is relative. But, there are common denominators for those who seek to do their best. Having goals and reaching objectives toward those goals is important. Working hard to be more than noticed and one day valued is fame to me. Striving to be the best at one's work, at any goal.

Fame is fleeting. Sic transit gloria mundi. What the Roman conquerors would have whispered in their ears during triumphant marches. They say a monk, upon the coronation of the Pope, burns flax and simply states it, reminding all the fact that the Pope is only a man.

Fame for fame's sake almost always ends badly. Doing a good job, doing one's duty, now that's the stuff of leaders. They must first learn to follow.

It is of course a two sided coin. Just look at Hitler, Lenin, Mao, Castro etal. Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde etc. sought fame. Infamy was the prize. Content of character counts more than anything.

Do your best. Then do more. Not just for you, but for others. Your fame may not be worldwide. You might not end up on Letterman etc. But you will have done what is important.

Doing your best means there is always more to do.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Flame of Shame

How we could even remotely think of allowing Americans to participate in the 2008 Olympics is ridiculous.

Communist China is the largest slave labor state in the world. They are becoming increasingly fascistic, not truly capitalistic. That is the result of the greedy corporations/businesspeople who said injecting the PRC with business incentives would help convince them to be freer, when they only wanted to make a profit not caring the outcome.

That traitor, among so many other things, Clinton, allowed the PRC to have secrets to boost their military. Everything is pointed toward boosting China's military. Oh, yes, they parade Shanghai and Hong Kong to show the false front of 'progress' (A term beloved by commies. It is synonymous with them). Meanwhile, around the provinces, there is increasing revolt. Most embarrassing. Losing face. There is a commensurate crackdown by the People's Liberation Army (What a typical hypocritical label commies use. Such as the 'people's republic'. Contradiction. No republic-democracy-mob rule overseen by an elite upper crust of leaders.).

Then there is Tibet. It is NOT part of China. You might check out refs including Wikipedia by simply typing in 'Tibet'. I side with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, and the Tibetan Government in Exile. Decide for yourself. A declared, independent country was invaded and brutalized by the PLA. It was subjugated, and they are attempting to breed the Tibetans out as well as murder them. Reminds me of the policy England had toward Scotland just a few hundred years ago.

The Panchen Lama, the 'second in command' as it were of Tibetan Buddhism, was imprisoned and a dupe put in his place. They will try this when His Holiness crosses over. Hijacking religious leaders, murder, enslavement, suppresion are hallmarks of the Communist Chinese Government. They also foment 'revolution' in other parts of the world.

The Sudan. It is the 'darling' cause of many liberal Hollyweirdites. Kudos to a degree to Spielberg for withdrawing from Olympic promotion. Wish he saw more of the picture. Mass murder is de rigueur. What the libs fail to tell is that the muslim gov is murdering Christians. It is condoned by the Chinese. They have an oil deal with the muslim Sudanese. At the same time the PLA persecutes and murders Islamic Chinese, they 'ally' with the muslim Sudanese gov. Antisemitic, antichristian totalitarian regimes have a lot in common with PRC, as they did with Nazi Germany. It is a 'marriage of convenience'. The enemy of my enemy etc....... All the while, the PRC plots conquest.

Conquest of the world is a longtime goal of China. It preceded communism by millenia. And the Chinese have that longterm mindset. They are patient. Now, under the aegis of communism, they are fast achieving that goal. Part of that goal is won by compromising the US.

WTF are we doing borrowing money from them to pay Social Security (another flawed socialist program)? PRC is buying up scrap metal, cornering economy, oil, technology. We are compromised.

We must reclaim these united States, tell the commies to blow and take our place as the example of Freedom we were supposed to be. We must extinguish the 'flame of shame'.

Charlton Heston

My heart has been full this week. Here, I'm adding my words to the volumes already preceded.

A man of honesty and integrity. Already said I guess. To me, he was a prime example of a man, an actor, an American. Again, search the web. This guy is everywhere!

It's said he was in favor of the GCA 68. I think the antis exaggerated. He set them straight later. He made a comment in his autibio re Indians. It was a comment how Columbus was slammed and a people who didn't have the wheel exalted. I see his point how history is bent to fit the leftist and for that matter, anyone's view. Heston had Indian blood and was an adoptec Minneconjou. He simply made the point that history has been skewed. I might mention that all peoples have had high and low points. Freedom and slavery, human nature is the same and only technology changes. What our Indian brothers and sisters accomplished is great, in spite of the great lows some of them reached. It is similar for all of us. I'll touch on that in another post.

Charlton Heston rose by talent, good fortune and honesty to be a superior example for all of us. He knew that luck is merely training, passion and opportunity meeting. He told it like it was and is.

Did he keep the compromising NRA more honest? I think so. They could bargain our rights away if we let them. Don't allow them to speak for you. Speak for yourself. Be inspired by great words and find the greatness in yourself. Then go forth. One man is dead. A great man preceded by many others. We are many more. Keep the flame of Liberty lit!

I never knew Mr. Heston personally. I do know people who knew him, including several friends of his. It's my profound regret we never met.

He was one of my favorite actors as I grew up, along with John Wayne and Steve McQueen etal. As an actor, he was one of a select few who truly inspired me. An American Shakespearean actor? You bet. There are many of us now! Love of words and deeds, history, destiny. Noone did it better than Charlton Heston.

As for being an American, he was in that close circle of actors that was and is dear to my heart. Many are gone. They live on still and we walk the same path. Yes, it is still possible to be progun and 'conservative' in Hollyweird. Mr. Heston, John Wayne, Ronald Reagan and others paved the way. We must follow and do likewise.

I ask that you all read "In The Arena". It's Charlton Heston's autobiography. I am doing so and have found it to refresh and renew both my patriotism and my commitment to be a fine artist. I am dedicating my production of Antony and Cleopatra to Mr. Heston and will invite his family if they would come, to put up with my attempt at a great play.

Don't bask in the glow of a great man. He should have been President for real, not just onscreen. The horrible pantheon of wannabes running for that office (save for Ron Paul) are left pale in comparison to a truly great man. A man of humility, yet capable of speaking not just for us, but giving us that gift to carry on. Speak up! Speak out! Do as Charlton Heston did!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Not of the hill. Not Kong. The date says it all. 4/04/68. The day Martin Luther King was murdered.

For the umpteenth time I suggest all who read this check out the plethora of info concerning Dr. King.

He has been called a saint, sinner even a commie. What I say here is my opinion. Agree or disagree.

First, he was a human being. Noone, including the Founders should be exhalted beyond a certain point. Second, in connection, we owe it to ourselves to literally think for ourselves. I believe that is what Dr. King was saying. Since his death, that has been hijacked and molded to fit the socialist mode. Race baiters have distorted 'civil rights' to mean the come uppance of one 'race' over another.

Here is what I think: Dr. King pointed out we ALL are equal in terms of race color creed (As for talents intelligence etc, well we have variance). There are terrible inconsistencies even in the 20th century concerning color of skin. Imagine. It would do well for all to remember something that Dr. King said. It is the content of character NOT the color of skin that is important. Like my Great Grandmother said, 'It is who you are not what you are'.

There are those who want us to fight one another. Be it race religion, politics etc we as a people on Earth strive to rend one another. Instead of finding our sovereign selves, we surrender to factionalism. Remember the natinal motto of these United States: E Pluribus Unum: From Many One.

To me, color, faith, heritage etc come together to form this Constitutional Republic. It is a kaleidoscope of hope. A rainbow (pardon that re J Jackson's coalition name) of variety come together to form what is American.

I am proud of my American Indian-Scot (etc) heritage. Yet I am American. So it is for all re the coming together. And coming together we are stronger. Diversity divides. America unites.

There is the crux. Dr. King was bringing people together. Therefore, he was murdered. People are more easily controlled when they are at odds.

My best friend is like a brother to me. There were times when he was a better brother than my own genetic brother (though my 'blood' brother taught me to defend myself and helped me to expand my education re literature and history. He taught me to dig and examine the past for myself). He literally taught me that it is the content of character. He happens to be Black and American Indian.

So, instead of lamenting Dr. King let us celebrate coming together. Not in communism. But with individuals uniting and seeing one another as human beings. Simple? Yes and no. It will never be easy. But it will be great.