Thursday, August 29, 2013

Spring Breakers

Why am I posting about a movie featuring drug dealers/gunrunners, gangbanger, wayward college girls and general debauchery during Spring break in Florida?  I promised I'd watch it.  Hmmm.

Three college girls with a chronic drug problem rob a restaurant to finance a trip to Panama City for Spring break.  Joined by a straighter laced friend they go.

Lotsa footage of the usual drinking, sex drugs, destruction that goes on.

They attend a party with lotsa coke.  Get arrested.

They are bailed by 'Alien', a local white rapper/banger/dope dealer/gun runner.

The straightest girl bails after meeting Alien's gangbanger buds.

Another girl gets winged in a driveby and books.

The other chicks stay and get it on with him in a pool etc.

Then they raid the drug kingpin's giant trap house. 

Alien gets killed and the girls off a bunch of thugs and the head honcho, taking off in his Lamborghini.

Telling their folks it was a good trip and they discovered themselves, they drive into the sunset or something.

Ok.  I did some wild stuff years ago.  I've been to some 'wild' parties and some bars/situations I was lucky to get out uninjured.

Nostalgia even for stupidity has its place.  But this was gross.

At least the druggers got offed.  Good riddance in fiction as it should be in fact.

Finding out you are psychopathic stinks.

Acting was interesting and I say that as an actor.  Some of the girls were shedding their kiddie Disney image and I understand that.

Paying dues is to be expected and I hope for better for them.

But with all the pain and evil the druggers do and bring in real life and all the evil we witnessed on the neareastside, I can do without the fiction.

Drugs money hos soundtrack sucked.

Advice to would be copycats:  Don't come into a restaurant or street rob folks.  Too many are armed and your bikini clad cute butts will get shot.

The end could lead to a sequel.  My suggestion is following the girls in their post college careers as liberal pundits/politicians lol.

OTOH a story about a guy who hitches around and meets two babes in a convertible.  Hmm.  Did it really happen?  I am a gentleman and will never tell lol.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1 Year

One year ago tonight between 10 and 11pm,  I was jumped.  I've already told the story several times before and the fun of having my stolen gun, mags and ammo almost a yea later.  I still thank Jim Gray and the other uniforms that night because within an hour, they got my gun back from Brandon Nabors.  Twas he, Shaquille Carter and Elliot Johnson who jumped me yelling racial epithets.  Yep, I was a victim of black on white crime. Three against one, just the right number for these craven cowards.

I refuse to blame all blacks.  Trash is trash no matter the color.

And I have already dealt with woulda coulda shoulda. 

I have detailed the punishment such as it was these mokes got.

I will mention again how Detective Bill Cincebox dropped the ball and as a result I was unable to offer testimony.  Hard to prove but true nonetheless.

And also egregious was no mention of black on white crime.  It is on the rise. 

I've seen groups roving looking for likely targets.  One time I witnessed two thugs bump an old man as they laughed.  They eyed my exwife and I but backed away for two good reasons I think.  It was two on two and the looks we gave them.  Little did they know what I carried.  And it would have been implemented had they assaulted us..

All over the country, systematic assault often resulting in death or grievous bodily injury have skyrocketed.  And yes here I go again because I'm not going into detail.  Well except two details.

As I said, this is all systematic.  It is progressive and has escalated since the current occupier of the Oval Office began his sissified reign.  My opinion based on personal observation and research is the basis for this and the following.

I have mentioned at least some of this before.  It is worth mentioning again.

The neareastside neighborhood where we lived was mixed.  One of the rentals was occupied by a black family. Their kids were out of control especially with no respect for private property.  We asked nicely for them to keep the kids out of the yard..  Instead the kids escalated and started verbally abusing our daughter.  They told her how ugly and white she was and how beautiful and black they were.

We protected our kids and supervised their play.  This insulting behavior continued.  threats were made to beat her up.

Our daughter, who had and has several black friends, refused to rise to the bait.  She made it clear she would defend herself and we backed her.

After confronting the parents (later proven to be drug dealers and purveyors of stolen goods), they retaliated by coming in our yard and threatening us!

We demanded they leave and said we were calling the cops.  They reluctantly moved.

As they did I said I didn't think Dr King would approve of their behavior.  The woman said 'Who'!!!
I replied in front of several neighbor Martin Luther King.  She said who again!  Was she kidding or was she ignorant of a man who along with many others worked to bring peace and understanding for race relations.  (No doubt why he was murdered to disrupt this.)

These kids participated in marching drills and chanting responses.  It was like a little army.

Indeed that army has trained and grown for years.

Look and see a loose pattern.  Groups with the same purpose may not personally know each other.  but they have been spawned to hate whites, Orientals and Hispanics.  It is more organized I suspect than it appears.

Oh yes.  These mokes moved, though they attempted harassment which failed due to our willingness to observe and letting it be known we would and did defend ourselves.  Over the years there were a lot of trash who threatened us.  They backed off because of our resolve.

Now scumbags are emboldened.  Will they back off anymore?  Or will street war escalate?

We as decent honest citizens expose this crime against humanity and peace. 

The more we are divided the easier to conquer.  Also extreme measures will increase to supposedly fight this trend.  In reality like all the post 911 laws and edicts, thy will infringe our Freedoms til we are enslaved.

Stand up to race baiters.  Tell it like it is.

There is a Missionary Baptist church near Spades Park Library which seeks to teach boys to be men, and girls to be women, not thugs.  There are blacks who care.

Thugs are spawned.  Men and women are made and raised.