Thursday, February 25, 2010

Natives And Newcomers

Guess I could indulge in some examination of Columbus/Pilgrims etc and Indians.

There is a lot of human nature at play in that history.

Rather, I'm thinking about how I happen to be a native of Indianapolis Indiana and how there are a lot of people who have moved here over the years.

We have become a faster moving society. Moves are often in line with job demands, though there are still some made for health and even aesthetic reasons.

Dare I suggest a darker motive?

Though we have always had our share of liberals seeking rights abatement, there is quite a steady infusion over several decades of 'new blood' enforcing these puppets' dreams of their 'new dawn'.

Some of this is quite innocent. Just young impressionable people coming into new opportunities.

But look at Southern California, the big 'for instance' that yields so much of the nation's misery (not to mention the East Coast aka Massachusetts and New York State).

There has always been quite a population of libs there. It's been augmented over the years and especially by illegal aliens who have no allegiance to the US and who drain our economy. They will, if given the chance, 'vote' for all the libs, thus enforcing an illegal hold on a Republic they seek to dissolve. The new 'enfranchised' voters btw, could care less as long as they get what they want.

That's happened to a lesser dramatic degree here.

Frankly, I remember illegals who came here for the right reasons.

The guy who started Acapulco Joe's restaurant in Indy comes to mind.

Joe Rangel tried illegally to enter the US 7 times including a prison stay on the 7th.

When he tried again he found his way to Indianapolis.

He found the funding to start a restaurant and quickly became popular.

He was intent on becoming an American citizen.

In 1971 his dream came true.

He called himself a 'proud gringo' (btw gringo for hispanics means someone who speaks 'garbled' language and the insult is worse than that).

If I recall they play the Star Spangled Banner every day. Though Joe died many years ago they still do.

Now, as for his politics as a citizen, I don't know. I figure that much effort and success speak for themselves.

At least honest libs like Pierce Brosnan who btw became a citizen, speak for themselves. What you see is what you get. And I'm not impuning character, save for the liberal streak. Brosnan is a decent guy whose politics get in the way. That's his problem.

It becomes our problem when libs implement policies.

And Hollywood is full of citizens who walk all over Freedom.

Most major cities are flooded with those of a liberal bent.

They tend to flock to urban areas. There is safety in numbers they think.

What we need to do in Indy and elsewhere is watch and counter them. I engage people in conversation. I like to know what others are thinking. Forewarned is forearmed.

Getting the word out about restoring the Republic takes up quite a bit of my time.

With all the changes that come to Indy, that remains no matter what.

Being native or newcomer is ultimately meaningless.

Where we go and what we do is eclipsed by who we are and especially what we think of this Republic and what we wat to do with it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

108 Years Apart

An American flag was raised on Iwo Jima in 1944. 108 years earlier another flag was raised over the Alamo.

Both incidents have of course been exploited by those who seek whatever aggrandizement they can muster.

But they are remembered for the sacrifices made in two stands against tyranny.

I'm not gonna get into all the fault finding. All you have to do is study history and see where failure lies.

Yet, inspite of the downs, the striving for Freedom remains and rises above all else.

What these two events indicate is simply that the fight for Freedom does not stop, warts and all.

Even with the Republic in danger of collapse now, and our efforts at Restoration, we Americans need to work on ourselves, admitting mistakes and learning from them as well as the great triumphs we have achieved.

We must learn from that past if we are to have that future we strive for.

Now, if I left my thoughts at this, they could be used by collectivists everywhere.

THEY like to learn from a revised past where all is wrong and they 'struggle' for that future, a new dawn, rewriting the matrix of Freedom into a place unrecognizable to those who are working to bring back a Constitutional Republic.

I'm not gonna over define these mokes, because there is plenty online and off that can tell you about them and what they are about.

They try to use charm to add a drop of sweetness to the poison. Charm also reminds me of the efforts by boys to get in a girl's pants. After they have their way, they drop the victim like a used tissue. So it is with those who try to take Freedom and replace it with 'security' aka tyranny.

These people are way slicker than Santa Anna and Hirohito etal.

Too many who do not think are beguiled by empty promises.

That is the key.


Critically with inductive and deductive reasoning, think.

Be inspired by the flag raisings.

But don't walk away from them.

Be ready to raise your own flag against tyranny.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Role

Actors are always looking for good roles.

Each actor might have different standards as to what they want to do, but most want something that gives them notice.

Then there are those projects that are a labor of love. They may not get a lot of attention, but they are self satisfying.

A labor of love can also bring attention, depending on the audience.

My role here is the role of a lifetime.

All my past coalesces here. Now.

As with 'luck', preparation meets opportunity.

I've been rehearsing for this role all my life.

This blog is a stage for part of it.

I am happy to share my thoguhts and views with, technically, the world, at least my corner of it -s-.

I offer thoughts that might lead to exploration of what is happening on the grander stage of the Republic.

I point the way to others, fellow performers, who might have greater resources to fortify and research for anothers own part.

I give what I have not just for my kids, but for anyone who comes here, to gain whatever they find useful perhaps even helpful.

Is this wholesome entertainment? It's for mature audiences.

NB, that would leave out a certain good percentage of liberals and their minions especially government lackies.

There might be hope for others of their ilk. Call me a cockeyed optimist -s-.

There is variety here, more than I originally intended.

Such is the evolution of thought lol.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


For want of a better word, it can cover a lot of problems.

I grew up on the North side of Indianapolis.

That's where the 'rich' people originally came from here.

I've seen a lot of shall we say, problems, covered up simply because those involved had the means to buy their way out.

They became shallow and take much for granted.

Some have lost the content of their characters.

Being rich isn't a sin. It's what you do with it.

We grew up to value money and what you can do with it.

Dad made sure we knew where it came from.

And we were far from rich.

Mind you, we were comfortable, but every cent was hard earned by my Dad.

I eventually found out how by working with him, as did my brother.

I remember him coming in my room and offering a choice to either go to school that day or to come with him and make some money. I jumped at it.

He valued education and would never have robbed me of mine.

But, what an inducement to take the day off from my studies!

And most importantly to be with my Dad.

I'll describe that event another time. I'll never forget it. I worked my butt off.

Suffice it to say that I learned something elemental about making money.

Money is energy and vice versa.

We can create circumstances that engender money. It may take the form of invention, service or anything else of quality.

Though the gov makes it harder to be enterprising, there are methods to make one's way.

I'm not suggesting anything particular. I'd rather leave that to whomever reads this.

Make an account of what you can do, what you can offer. See who you might know. Don't be shy and promote yourself. You might be able to take things out in trade, one service for another (No comment from the peanut gallery lol).

The road might be long and bumpy, but I'm a grad of the school of hard knocks. And I am sure there are several post grad degrees to come.

I bleed, sweat and my life is my own.

Oh, and learn.

There may be new things you have wanted to do but haven't for whatever reason.

The times ahead are going to be rough methinks.

The more you know, the better off etc.

'Money' is merely a tool.

Become a skilled craftsperson and wield that tool well.

Friday, February 19, 2010


It's point the finger.

It's 'No you didn't.'.

It's 'I didn't do it (whiny voice)'.

It's disfunctionality at its finest.

The antithesis of responsibility, I bet everyone knows someone who blames others. At least one. Sometimes, whole families.

I've been awash in a sea of people who play a 'ring around the rosy' of blame. And they try to control due to a lack of self.

They have lost their way.

Will they ever find it? Maybe.

My suggestion is not to play doctor to such people.

Misery loves company.

They will try to pull you down with them.

Some realize it and don't care. Some are blind and deaf to anything but their own misery. Some realize it and relish dominance. Better to rule than be ruled -s-.

And they just might make you the scapegoat.

What you can do is not buy into it in any way. Suggest they get help. Possibly assist in finding that help. Pray. But DO NOT play their game.

Someone told me he'd rather fellate a hot rail spike than keep enmeshed in such mentally ill shenanigans -s-. Graphic yes but I agree.

Love comes into this almost always.

Divorce yourself from the problem and care about the person who is afflicted.

Sometimes that means being apart.

Each person must find a way.

To truly be independent is to find one's own path and then perhaps converge when one is sure that the sick person is better.

As for those who exhibit pathology in terms of trying to 'destroy' 2A, they must be countered.

They seek to point blame on decent honest people. They are sick, so we must all be sick.


Look them in the eye and say no.

Make them take responsibility for themselves.

It's too easy to point the finger.

The worst fear is looking at ourselves.

Start the day doing so and beat the monsters.

Put blame where it should be, not where it's convenient.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Words have texture and rhythm. I've always loved em and I started using them early on -s-.

Of course, language is endemic to all of us. It finds its way even when deaf or unable to speak (Note to self: Practice ASL.).

Communication has been a specific part of my life for quite a while now. There is acting, writing, and previously preaching and even now public speaking and testimony at the Statehouse and elsewhere for the 2A and other rights.

Words flow and lilt, high and low and paint a mind picture to whatever end is envisioned.


It's one of my favorite words.

And like every other word it can be a two sided coin.

It means not to be persuaded or moved by entreaty or prayer; to be firm; determined; unyielding; unchangeable; inflexible; relentless.

So it is when it comes to our God given Rights.

I won't be Captain Obvious this time and try to mark them all.

We know them. They flow through us and with us like blood.

Share them with the rights challenged among you.

The Second Amendment does stick out like a sore thumb, at least to those who would enslave us. A thorn is permanently stuck in their collective side.

They are the ones we must oppose, never ending, one step ahead, using initiative and all the gifts we have. Especially truth. And mastery of both subject and strategy and tactic.

For the field of battle is before us and there will be bleeding if they attack us.

Inexorable. Relentless.

Let's Move

Michelle O's manipulation to end child obesity.

By any other name, it's control, SOSO.

Kids should eat healthily. Schools should offer healthy food.

But, the Federal government has no business dictating to parents, schools nor food makers what to eat, where to eat it or how to make it.

It's another socialist ploy ala Obamacare to control our every move, with a typically hypocritical label.

If such a ploy succeeds, more control leaps into the hands of federal government.

Let's move to wake others up.

Let's inspire kids to be better and take care of themselves health and otherwise.

We must instill initiative in everyone we can starting with our own families to be independent Freedom thinkers.

Be an example. Set an example.

As for health, we know sick people are easier to control, let alone legislating them into serfdom.

Captain Obvious has spoken. But Captain Obvious believes in repeating something so that it is not forgotten.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Balance And More

I was reading A Fortunate Life, Robert Vaughn's autobiography.

A Liberal Democrat (!) got me to thinking about assassinations and the several reasons for them.

According to Vaughn's sources, Aristotle Onassis financed RFKs murder.

He has some plausible evidence, but I leave it to you all to read the bio.

I agree that Sirhan was a dupe, and further that he seemed to be suffering from some kind of mind control/hypnosis. Read for yourself and decide or call me crazy -s-.

The whole investigation afterwards was sloppy and full of holes. It was worse than JFKs followup.

Ari hated RFK, btw, since Kennedy's service on McCarthy's staff and investigation into some shady deals involving Commie Chinese and Arab interests that Ari was manipulating.

Onassis appeared to insinuate himself into Jackie Ks life, even before the death of the President. He took advantage of the fact that Jack and Jackie were falling out.

Aside from all of this, it gave way to thoughts of how and why people are killed.

To my mind, JFK, King and RFK, whatever you think of them, were stirring things up. They were uniting many people and causing some schisms.

Particularly, if Jack Kennedy were alive today, he might be considered the most conservative Democrat next to my Great Grandmother -s-.

Perhaps it's all beside the point now.

I don't think so, but to chase too many conspiracies is like a pup chasing its tail.

It distracts and keeps people from focussing on the results.

Gov crackdowns economically and politically after the death of those three guys in the 60s, not to mention the 68 GCA.

The Patriot Act and all the other idiot restrictions that are clamping the fist of tyranny tighter around us as a result of 911.

There can be many initial interests in the deaths of certain people. Some are personal like Onassis and RFK. Some are political in order to advance others to the 'throne' or to plant a new ideology. Some are business to establish eco control.

As for details as well as players, they are just as variegated as they can be. And if not, it just adss tot he tail chasing.

Dr. No's comment to James Bond about East and West being points of the compass and both stupid is quite apt. Differences? Sure. But they are used as pawns so that some kind of power play is advanced.

Liberal and conservative likewise are just labels used to mask the same goals for control.

I call this outing Balance And More because Freedom is being destroyed for all.

But the approach to Freedom is not in the equation. It's equivocated by those who are 'practical', 'pragmatic'.

Most people want certain things that are the same.

They want security and care about their children and the future.

Of course, it's the approach that differs.

The only approach that works is the course that the Founders took.

It must be brought back and with more.

We must remember 'they are put to get us all', ie, the Freedoms we hold so dear are being pi$$ed away.

We have only one way to bring them back.


And the more?

That's what the Second Amendment is all about.

Winter Blues

Midwinter signals the winter blues.

Feeling down? Kind of listless?


We are in the middle of a good old fashioned midwestern midwinter.

It starts as a long cold, penetrating season.

Most days are grey, some brighter some leaden.

Snow has come and gone, but it lingers because of the lower temps.

The deep freeze of single digits and wind chills is pretty much gone.

But (that olinging short word meaning some condition, good or bad), there is that penetrating cold, wet and relentless, like a steady walk in refrigerator.

Snow probably won't amount to much now.

I could be wrong, but judging by most past winters, we are in for dreary, laid out days filled with mediocrity.

That is the worst,

No crisis, no storm, no event big enough to mark our time.

Except, day by day, dull damp, cold.

Not even the miscreants of the neighborhood have stirred.

We are socked in by boredom. And now the remote for the vcr is malfunctioning.


Luckily we can read and write.

The trick is to occupy/use your time.

There is a lot to learn about what's happening and what to do for the future.

Say a big NO to the blues and do, be.

The house we shared is almost 200 years old.

Imagine what the first residents did at this time of year.

No internet, tv, movies.

They had minds and chores and saw things through.

May we do the same.

Sociopaths Etal

I've spoken often of sociopaths.

They are everywhere.

They can be Presidents. They can be relatives, living and sucking off humanity.

They can be anybody.

That btw, is why they function.

"Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society's understanding." Ducard from The Dark Knight

It is 'polite society' that allows such to exist.

I guarantee you, sociopaths/psychopaths CANNOT be cured.

They will only learn to manipulate therapy.

This from Wikipedia:

'The prototypical psychopath has deficits or deviances in several areas: interpersonal relationships, emotion, and self-control. Psychopaths gain satisfaction through antisocial behavior, and do not experience shame, guilt, or remorse for their actions. Psychopaths lack a sense of guilt or remorse for any harm they may have caused others, instead rationalizing the behavior, blaming someone else, or denying it outright. Psychopaths also lack empathy towards others in general, resulting in tactlessness, insensitivity, and contemptuousness. All of this belies their tendency to make a good, likable first impression. Psychopaths have a superficial charm about them, enabled by a willingness to say anything without concern for accuracy or truth. Shallow affect also describes the psychopath's tendency for genuine emotion to be short lived and egocentric with an overall cold demeanor. Their behavior is impulsive and irresponsible, often failing to keep a job or defaulting on debts. Psychopaths also have a markedly distorted sense of the potential consequences of their actions, not only for others, but also for themselves. They do not, for example, deeply recognize the risk of being caught, disbelieved or injured as a result of their behaviour.'

Sometimes, the behavior can be managed. They are sought out for specific work in intelligence and as I have said, just look at the behavior of DC in the mid 90's.

Oddly there are no diagnostic criteria for sociopaths/psychopaths. It is often referred to as antisocial behavior.

What if btw, we who champion Restoration of the Republic, are categoriezed as antisocial?

That is the Soviet model of mental instability ie, thinking for oneself.

Black is white, the case with much of social science.

As Mr Meek (Yep that was his name), my World History teacher said, 'As one gets older one finds that everything gets greyer'.

It's a gut feeling and that is not very scientific.

Thus, why in my studies in psychology, I have referred to much behavior as evil.

That is considered irrelevant, but I have sometimes to my chagrin, found it to correspond.

It's chagrin because as you might surmise, evil is not a popular term in psych.

I was told it was unwise to try to combine a degree in Clinical Psych and a career in ministry. I still say they are congruous and combine the mental, physical and spiritual.

All of life combines these things IMHO.

Sociopath is what I'd call a person who has not crossed a certain line. They have only thought about certain crimes or have committed petty offenses or have not been caught in either major or minor crimes or at all. And if a minor, age wise, then it is brushed off and the records expunged AS a minor.

Psychopath is that line crossed.

They violate another and often several lives raping torturing and killing.

But only if caught.

That is the safety net for these pukes.

They come from all levels and all professions.

And many escape with a pat on the wrist. There are those in the criminal justice system who are the same. Many fall through the cracks.

Many get reelected.

So, my word to the wise is simple.

Don't let them.

At least, watch them, note them, keep a record.

Expose them.

Stop playing their game.

Time to make YOUR own rules.

Rules based on what else but our history.

Fear Of The Dark

Fear of the dark is common with kids.

It usually doesn't last long. But while it does, it can play upon fear and make someone see something that isn't there. Or augment a terror that IS there.

It touches many. And I believe, it tries to grow and encompass life.

As with all the hurdles of life, it is fear that can be the stumbling block.

Of course, there can be things in the dark and in the light.

They don't stem from the mind.

Yet they wait for us and try to catch us off guard.

They try to take our guns and sap Freedom in all other ways.

Actually, there is dark that stems from the mind and spirit.

We each must face that too.

Many of us are reticent or even in denial that we all have a dark side.

Those of us who are healthy acknowledge it. Conversely there are those who do not. Those would be liberals. I'm going to publish an article about just how twisted these schnucks are. You'l' know it when you see it -s-.

In terms of faith there is sin.

Indulge me, those of you who don't believe. Or leave -s-. NB: I never proselytize. I reserve the right we all have to express my faith whatever it may be. It is part of what Restoring the Republic is all about.

Intellectualize and say it's making mistakes or missing the mark, which btw, is a translation of the Greek in the New Testament.

In Christian services, people acknowledge they have sinned. They seek redemption.

I know firsthand, it's not lip service.

It can be and it can be just a form for appearances' sake.

There is no end to reasons for anything methinks.

I think, however, that many do not search themselves.

They are afraid of what they might find.

Don't be afraid.

Big news: None of us are perfect.

Unless you are sociopathic (like several of the 'people' in DC), you have a conscience.

Making mistakes is part of the human process.

Even the darkest can turn to the light.

It's simply that some don't want to.

Free will.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Else, how could we care about Freedom?

To examine ourselves and stand naked in the light of truth.

Don't be afraid of the dark.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Big Heart

Happy Valentine's Day.

A time for luuuuve.

Love is a many faceted jewel.

It can have the flipside of hate.

Honest emotions can lead to understanding or if not addressed, can lead to disaster.

I'm no expert. I have tried and lost and won as well.

Perhaps love is best served apart.



Love is a textured emotion.

The Greeks have several words for love. They include eros for erotic or sexual, philios for 'brotherly' love and agape for love associated with God.

And being an emotion, there are many degrees.

The love I share with many is that love of Freedom. It is irrevocable. It is not self serving. It exists to serve others, especially in regard to restoring this Republic.

Having a big heart at least used to mean being generous, having what is close to unconditional love.

It can mean being able to take a lot both good and bad.

Yet, it can mean discerning and hating what is evil.

Find your own way concerning love.

The truth will out.

Care enough to try.

Don't give up.

Like the fight for our Republic, there will be success and failure.

And be willing to keep fighting for that love.

There is love enough to cover us.


More is less?

Consume, like we were told to do after 911. And incidentally it is mentioned in They Live as part of the alien inducement to be subjugated (The message in the ravioli.).

It's economical mindlessness.

Put your mind on hold and do what you're told.

More is indeed less in that regard.

Having stuff has been a common ploy of those who would control us for I'd say eons.

I'm a firm believer that you can't have too much of a good thing.

But, as with rights come responsibilities, so it is with having more.

I wouldn't dare tell anyone what to do with what they have.

I'm not into that commie to each from each crap.

I think we can help people to help themselves.

And thus, with self sufficiency can come independence.

More is a word, as with most, that is a matter of viewpoint.

The more of the uncontrolable brat and the sociopath, is totally selfcentered. To anyone but the source, it's mindless. To the subject, it makes sense.

Like an alcoholic drinking to excess (Even that can be just one or two beers if that is the catalyst.), it more that exacerbates the problem.

Or, more guns means less crime, if applied responsibly.

In other words, learn to use them and unite in the purpose of Freedom.

Keep the state out of it and make sure, as with all other aspects of helping to help oneself, you are resolute.

More mindfulness and less mindlessness.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Public Safety

It's a convenient umbrella/dustbin term to make it look like the state's interest is in protecting us.

Of course it's just another coverup for destroying our rights.

It's the old siren song that if guns are gone we will be safe. Therefore, make them illegal or at least registered.

When will these douches learn that if you outlaw the guns only outlaws will have them???


If the official word comes down and guns are outlawed, then yep, I'll be an outlaw, in the tradition of the Founders.

It's a vendetta against Freedom.

I've mentioned Indianapolis' Mayor wanting to veto a measure that would 'allow' decent people to carry in city parks (Oops. All those walks with my kids and I was a criminal.).

They need to be reminded that both the Indiana Constitution and 2A guarantee it.

They should be further reminded that it is our RIGHT that is merely enumerated.

Public safety is not the bandaid of cops, it is the assurance that we the people can be safe because we the people protect ourselves.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard has made another blunder.

He says he will veto a measure if it comes to his desk, from the City-County Council that would allow gunowners to carry in city parks.

Considering his new Public Safety Director Straub, is from NY state and has an antigun rep, I'm not surprised.

Some time ago, he leaked a plan to establish 'New York style' gun laws in Indy. It raised a ruckus.

Apparently, the great hope of a mayor who 'got it' has been pi$$ed on.

Such is the hope one puts in politicians of any stripe.

When will they ever learn?

I said wait and see.

Well, not to be surprised, Ballard has turned out to be just another lackey in the power structure as it were.

And the reasons for not 'allowing' guns in the parks are the standard liberal drivel.

Guns cause the crime. Guns only add to the problem and increase danger.


They should use the late medieval exorcism rite on such weapons that were 'possessed'.

You would think a former Marine would know that weaponry merely responds to whom holds it.

I have called this former Marine (our Mayor) on the carpet before and will continue to do so.

There is a meeting 2/25 to determine this guns in parks issue.

I hope for a showing of Freedom minded folks to show the mayor his folly in trying to disarm decent honest citizens.

It seems to me that the deck is being slowly stacked against those of us who care about Freedom and thus self defense.

Along with a RINO Mayor, we have an influx of liberals into the Indy area who blanch at the thought that we and particulary many who have been lifelong residents, have guns.

It is a slow acting poison that I have long tried to alert others to effect.

So far, little has happened and there has been a showing in favor of our rights.

We shall see if it continues.


'Let the laws be clear, uniform and precise. To interpret laws is almost always to corrupt them.' Voltaire (Francois Marie Arouet)

Ain't that the truth Ruth.

Most of the time they are not, to say the least and I bet you all know that.

I was talking to my daughter the other day about this very thing.

We were talking of gun laws and what's going on currently in legislatures.

The Freedom stealers make things more complicated than they need to be. This accomplishes several goals.

Primarily, the more obscure, the less time to read and thus, understand.

Often the language is stilted, leaving little time to decipher.

Not only are they Freedom stealers, they are guilty of robbing time and energy.

Seemingly endless debate over that which is obvious, but must be clouded so that they wear some down, advancing in inches. They are patient.

If they can't get it one way, they try another vis a vis the health care bill.

Some things are what they are.

The Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights are such things.

They were worded in plain language.

However, they can be so obfuscated that they have been declared to be 'living' and thus malleable.

And don't forget all the socalled tax laws. Illegality spawning illegality.

The ATF makes up laws/rules as it goes along, or manipulates existing statutes often by exclusion (See how often refs to 2A etal are not allowed in court.).

My hope is when we are a Restored Republic that laws are no more than say a couple of pages and addresses precisely what it's for.

Some things need explanation or exposition. That includes scientific examination but then again mathematical theories can be precise (except for formulae). Lord knows my college papers attest to that, not to mention when I go for a PhD in Clinical Psych, I'll have reams of paper (Printouts for those of you who are pc generation) proving I know what I say.

OTOH, some of that college stuff is where these mokes in DC and elsewhere get their start in verbal diarrhea.

Dissertations are expected to be jam packed with big words and extravagant explanations. Some of my profs used to laugh at my succinct style.

Others would say that to get a point across, it is better to be to the point than to parade round Robin Hood's red barn (Thank you Dr. H).

As for gun laws, there should be none.

The Second Amendment is enough.

It's meaning is clear, uniform and precise.

Only the delaying tactics of those who steal Freedom wish to enlongate that which is obvious.


Monday, February 1, 2010

After The Music

I love a good patriotic tune, let alone music in general.

Much inspiration is born of music, an inspiration in itself (Think of a mirror that reflects an image. Then that image is reflected in the next etc.).

The soundtrack of many a movie makes the 'blood flow'. Yet, what about after the music?

There are no tunes on the battlefield. No matter how encouraging The Alamo 1960 tracks may be, there was no music that last day, save for Santa Anna's drums and bugles. There was music and singing during the siege and Crockett had his fiddle and John McGregor had his pipes Yet, Dmitri Tiomkin's score can rouse strong sentiment. It should.

Then go study history.

The Star Spangled Banner sometimes gives me goosebumps. It never fails to remind me of what happened to start this country (I know it was written during the War of 1812, btw.) and what is happening now to renew it.

Other tunes bring thoughts of what it took to continue and sustain this Great Experiment of America. Again, what about after the music?

History can be masked by music sometimes, thus for me it reminds me of real events.

I've watched war movies with combat vets.

Some I know refuse to watch them.

Many just go along and can say what looks more real and what doesn't. Or what actually happened historically.

This I do as a student of history.

Music is a part of us all with few exceptions.

But after the music, I hope we all have purpose and study then act.

What I'm trying to say is that music should not block you.

It should carry you along.