Monday, December 31, 2012


I hithered and thithered and dithered about what to write as a conclusion to the year's musings.

There are so many things.

Since I believe we start with ourselves, I'll leave this, but only actually as a beginning.  For life goes on.  Dick Clark has crossed over, but there will be many New Years Eves, just as there were before he came on the scene.  It's what we make of life that will determine what those future celebrations will denote.

The personal note is that IMPD, in the person of bill cincebox, the detective who had my mugging case, dropped the ball.

The night it happened, I gave the uniforms a good description of the perps.  It helped them apprehend the little bugs shortly after.  And, therefore, the fault lies also with them, though I'm sure our intrepid dick was on the scene. 

I should have been transported immediately to the place of apprehension to make an on the spot ID.  Instead, this 26 year, as he said, veteran waited till next morning, when, deprived of sleep post assault, I was made to look at digital mugshots.  It was inconclusive and he, lord of the case, pontificated I could not further ID.

My lawyer, Ron Casey, after miscommunication, was mysteriously out of touch.

The conclusion is that Brandon Nabors, Shaquille Carter and Elliott Johnson have slid away.  Nabors was nabbed for actuall possession of my Glock, charged, surprisingly only with 'carrying w/o a license'.

No black on white crime, no assault charges etc.  The scheissen were nabbed as I mentioned before, after a string of crimes following my incident.

It remains these turds have my addy and phone number.  We have taken measures to ensure my home is secure.

And just to conclude, when I expressed concern the perps could come to my place, this paragon of policing said in 26 years he had never heard of such a thing.  What bs.  it's common practice to commit burglary after muggings when the addy is known.

We will see what happens this new year as events spiral round us all.

The return of my giun will happen or there will be suits aplenty.

Til later.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


It's that time of year when my daughter and I get out the Bond movies, Danger Man and The Prisoner and for several days enjoy rewatching these faves.

Part of the fun is comparing and examining the villains involved.  You need 'good' villains to make a story move.  It's true for my novels, which are proceeding apace.  More on that later next year, unless there is a catastrophe preempting life as we know it.

Bad guys in real life are what interest me for the purpose of the post. 

All through history people have had villains.  Pharaoh, Goliath, King George III, Santa Anna, Hitler, Mao, Stalin and so the list goes on and on.  Most agree the aforementioned are bad guys.  But there are those who would disagree.  They equivocate, usually to cover their own agenda, which often is to muddy the water for current villains, such as the collectivist members of our gov and their minions.  They in turn have their chains pulled by higher ups on the food chain.  Presidents are no exceptions.  Even at their best they are tips of the iceberg committee.

Or the moral equivocators demonize Moses, Jefferson, a host of military/political leaders who have fought for Freedom simply to make recent presidents etal seem 'ok'.  And I've already elsewhere talked of aggrandizing Lincoln to bolster the current occupier of the Oval Office. 

Truly, we must study history and dig into it to find truth.  For, make no mistake, good and evil have woven their way through the threads of our lives.  And no one is perfect.  But you know people by their fruits.

Adversaries push us to fight.  Why and how we fight are the crux of existence. 

Sure, a king, dictator etc might crystalize a fight against tyranny.  They have and are now.  People have individual reasons for joining.  National pride, God, other things come to play.  Rightfully, there are good purposes for fighting ie on all levels in all ways.

It boils down to control or Liberty.  It is choice.  Maybe the prolog to John Wayne's Alamo says it best: "the decision that all men in all times must face...the eternal choice of endure oppression or to resist."

I'm not going to go into what's good and evil beyond this.  We've taught our kids right and wrong with no moral equivilancy.  Not murdering, stealing, raping destroying, these and more come to mind.  There are enough who say black is white, white is black, orange is blue.  It is coming down to a defining moment.

Perhaps the most defining moments await us in 2013.  We will see.  Things are coming to a head.  And those who embrace collectivism/evil will face those who embrace Liberty/good.

Villains will be outed.  They never hide for long  Or better, they are never able to hide and people resound with 'ENOUGH'.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Old Assumptions

"We have to examine all the facts behind this tragedy. We cannot and will not be passive in the face of such violence. We should be willing to challenge old assumptions in order to lessen the prospects of such violence in the future," the occupier of the Oval Office said. "But what we cannot do is use this tragedy as one more occasion to turn on each other. That we cannot do."

Thus spake the occupier of the Oval Office after the murder of the perp's Mom, 20 children and several teachers at a school in Connecticut.

I was sick to my stomach when I heard.  But I was not surprised.  Things are moving along seemingly smoothly for our opponents of Freedom.  Old assumptions appear to be working well.

Interesting event considering the 'reelection' of the occupier of the Oval Office.  He has collective momentum and those who would be our masters are anxious to seize the day.

Nothing happens overnight.  These people who are the enemies of the Republic (It's not a whacked nor an aggrandized moniker.  They are against our Constitutional Republic and seek its downfall.  They are enemies, foreign AND domestic.) have worked long and hard to achieve our failure.  Fabian tactics, little bits at a time, compromising the Bill of Rights and basic principles, mixed with a psychological bent which has eroded individualism are still lapping at the shores like an acid sea. 

This usual dancing in the blood is particularly timed and empowered to see how much these mokes can get away with this time.

A direct assault, such as Executive Orders have already been used to compromise much of our foundation.  Will the occupier try confiscation?  We will see.  But these enemies know we are armed and a significant number will continue to resist. 

I think they will keep pushing, more boldly, and watch what we do.

We must resist.  Sounds like a broken record, but this time they think they can shove historic abuse on us.  Let them know they cannot!  Spread the word.  Let the gov agents know they work for us.  Refuse to accommodate them, no matter what.

Old assumptions indeed don't apply.  Call these collectivist thieves out.

Come what may, bit by bit, this is where WE take back our Republic.

We are NOT letting this occupier twist words.  Turning on each other is nonnegotiable.  They have turned on us.  What this marxian mangler meant was go along to get along.  NO!

To paraphrase that gungrabbing elitist, 'Mr, Mrs and Ms gov stooge, turn in your jobs.  THAT'S nonnegotiable.

Come what may and for weal or woe, we follow in the footsteps of the Founders.  It's our turn.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mugging Update One

I've finally gotten confirmation of why the case involving my gun is pending.

I can't reveal a whole lot yet, but the mokes who jumped me continued their crime spree.  Though I was out of the mix for ID, someone on 9/3/12 got the license number of these 'angels' car.  They were nabbed quickly.

The uniforms did their jobs.   They did the night I was jumped and retrieved my Glock.  And again, I gave them a description.  Without beating a dead horse, these three nabbed were indeed the goblins who jumped me.

They post bail, get out on the street and continue their chosen way of 'life' or existence. 

Can't technically prove it, but these are the three scumbags:,0,1576261.column

My gun is evidence and will be returned after proceedings are finished.  It's plausible and in writing so I'm satisfied at this time.

Thanks to Officer Jim Gray, Commander James Waters and Lieutenant Brian Moore.

As this continues, I'll post more.

And I will write about gunfights w/o much woulda coulda shoulda.

Thanks to David Codrea for his support too!

Stay safe, be observant and ready to stop the threat.