Thursday, February 27, 2014

Church Suppers

Many of us fondly remember those great down home church pitch-in meals.  I attended my share back in the day.  The ladies always tried to get me to eat since I was single lol.  Didn't have the heart to tell them I could cook myself -s-.  And of course that homemade pitch-in food was delicious!

The thought just occurred to me what loving care went into those meals.  Most of it was from scratch, which is dwindling as a skill.  It's how I learned to cook and because of that, it's added to the skills which come to bear so I can take care of myself.

The appreciation for the fellowship and caring I received still glow in my heart.

Another thought crossed my mind.  People of good will make great efforts but so often it is the same folks who do that work.  The same wonderful ladies man the kitchen.  The same folks clean up, fold chairs and tables and have meetings.  It's often the same people who are members of committees.  It's just too easy to let the other person do it because they have always done it.

I don't think most are bad, maybe a bit lazy and stuck in a groove.  Time to pitch in, especially in the cause of Freedom.

Don't do more than you can but do something.  Give money, time, words and any other support needed.

Sure there are some who do nothing and are even quite good at it.  Then when the dust settles they take credit where it is NOT due.

Take inventory of what you can honestly do.  Do it -s-.

It's NOT collectivism.  That notion is more akin to few doing for many and many stealing the credit.  It is many hands make light work.  It is E Pluribus Unum.

At the very least if not singing for your supper, there are always dishes to be washed.  It is work PLENTY of Americans are able and willing to do.

Thinking Or Plotting

Are these two sides of a coin?

Thinking implies inductive and deductive reasoning, processing information and piecing together facts to form an opinion.

Plotting has a commonly negative bent.  It suggests devious plans to undermine, destroy or subvert something.

Think equals reason.  Plot equals machination.

These are oversimplified for sure, but they serve a salient point.  As we think, so others plot.

Always historically it is so and certainly our Republic began being compromised before it was formed. 

Think things through.  And if you plot, remember it can be counter plotted -s-.

It can also merely mean a course of action as well as the main story (as in my books and scripts).

Think good thoughts and plot a course for Freedom/Liberty.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


So many motives, so little time.  Ok, let's take friending on Facebook.

I've commented on friendship before.  It often denotes commonality, at least in some areas.  Facebook friendships seem different.

I've been fortunate to meet some people who have become friends, even online.  Some folks I've friended are networking for showbiz.  Some just have cool things to share.

I don't get notching up numbers for ego gratification or for their own sake.  It's not a popularity contest to me.  It's a virtual hodgepodge.

I certainly don't agree with some of the people I've met.  But most I've friended give and take.  I do not pander or lie.  If you read my posts, agree, disagree, leave or stay.

I suspect a couple of lefties monitor me.  Let 'em watch.  I doubt they will reform their ways.  I expect to be watched by various people.  It certainly happens here lol.

Just to suck up and coattail is not my style.  I am a fan of the showbiz folks I like or friend.  A few come and go.  I am honest, I do not snipe.  Heat and kitchen come to mind.

So it is with the 'me me me' mindset.  The old joke comes to mind of a celebrity at a party going on and on about him/herself.  'Enough about me.  What about you?  What do you think of me.'  lol

Only you know what's going on in your own head.  The gov etc may want to find out and they surely have an inkling about where I stand.  Have fun trying to micromanage me lol.

Comes to mind one of my mottos.  I thank God for all things for it is from all things I learn.

Maybe FB friendships aren't much different after all.  We have reasons for what we do.

May we be guided by truth, sincerity and a desire to know.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3 Poisons

I've been doing research for my novels and ran across this Buddhist term.  It refers to three things which hold people back from progressing in life and according to Buddhism afterlife.  I believe they can apply to all of us.

Three poisons, ignorance, attachment, and aversion, certainly run rampant to matter what you believe. 

Ignorance ie ignor-ance, keeps people in the dark when they may know better but won't face problems, either personal or, as with our Republic, the events destroying it.  Some people are misled so they don't know differently, but so many are in denial.  They think if they ignore the wolf at the door, it will go away.  Nonsense.  It will only embolden the wolf to seek attack.

Attachment is the unhealthy application of passion, whether physical or in pursuit of say a profession or other goal.  Certainly greed is an outcropping of same.  Obsession is a good way of terming this in modern or Western terms.  Ignoring common sense of health and well being of self and others is another tendril. 

Taking out frustration in rage, whether daily stress or reaction to say child rapists or collectivists among other defilers of life on so many levels, is a good definition of the third poison, aversion.  It can mean turning away though that is considered obsolete supposedly.  But allowing rage to govern our ways will only result in feeding the beasts which destroy us.

So here we have maybe a bit of slapdash philosophy/psychology.  As always it's food for thought.

Look and see.  Don't poison yourself and others.

However with truth, we can rightly combat that which poisons us.

The antidote is indeed truth, Light, and healing.