Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thinking Or Plotting

Are these two sides of a coin?

Thinking implies inductive and deductive reasoning, processing information and piecing together facts to form an opinion.

Plotting has a commonly negative bent.  It suggests devious plans to undermine, destroy or subvert something.

Think equals reason.  Plot equals machination.

These are oversimplified for sure, but they serve a salient point.  As we think, so others plot.

Always historically it is so and certainly our Republic began being compromised before it was formed. 

Think things through.  And if you plot, remember it can be counter plotted -s-.

It can also merely mean a course of action as well as the main story (as in my books and scripts).

Think good thoughts and plot a course for Freedom/Liberty.

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Citizen G'Kar said...

I'm thinking of thinking of calling her right after my afternoon nap...