Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3 Poisons

I've been doing research for my novels and ran across this Buddhist term.  It refers to three things which hold people back from progressing in life and according to Buddhism afterlife.  I believe they can apply to all of us.

Three poisons, ignorance, attachment, and aversion, certainly run rampant to matter what you believe. 

Ignorance ie ignor-ance, keeps people in the dark when they may know better but won't face problems, either personal or, as with our Republic, the events destroying it.  Some people are misled so they don't know differently, but so many are in denial.  They think if they ignore the wolf at the door, it will go away.  Nonsense.  It will only embolden the wolf to seek attack.

Attachment is the unhealthy application of passion, whether physical or in pursuit of say a profession or other goal.  Certainly greed is an outcropping of same.  Obsession is a good way of terming this in modern or Western terms.  Ignoring common sense of health and well being of self and others is another tendril. 

Taking out frustration in rage, whether daily stress or reaction to say child rapists or collectivists among other defilers of life on so many levels, is a good definition of the third poison, aversion.  It can mean turning away though that is considered obsolete supposedly.  But allowing rage to govern our ways will only result in feeding the beasts which destroy us.

So here we have maybe a bit of slapdash philosophy/psychology.  As always it's food for thought.

Look and see.  Don't poison yourself and others.

However with truth, we can rightly combat that which poisons us.

The antidote is indeed truth, Light, and healing. 

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