Friday, January 31, 2014

Sun Tzu Was Right

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War    

I've said you have to get right with yourself or you can't be right for others.  I never said it was a slam dunk.  Nor is it something you do and go on.  It is a continuing self quest.  Enough said.  For each, it is a matter of doing.

At the same time, studying the enemy is essential.  Who, some may ask, is the enemy?

I can say evil but that's too broad.  Examples include child rapists and collectivists.  Those socalled 'liberals' are more than pesky.  They intentionally or not sew the seeds of dissention and rot the Republic. 

Learning how the enemy operates can be sobering, even depressing if you let it.  The practices of child rapists alone are so heinous, they repulse decent folks.  But, nonetheless, we must know what they do in order to protect our kids and punish the monsters.

Don't think for a moment that studying them nor collectivists nor anything against the Light is wrong.  Nor does it make us like them. 

For some there is guilt by association.  They think birds of a feather flock together.  They do indeed.  However, learning about enemies does not make us them.

Sun Tzu also said, 'To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy'.  What he is saying is simply to put yourself in the enemy's position.  I means getting in their heads.

Mind you that is daunting as said above and we can be withered by such actions.  don't let yourself be fooled by that.

My son and I have both read Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto, among other collectivist tomes.  It certainly does NOT make us Nazis or Commies.  It does give us insight dealing with such foes. 

I have also studied Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals (Dedicate he says to the first 'radical', Lucifer.  I say L was the first psychopath.).  I sure as hell am not a commie like Alinsky.  but I know how he and his minions and current followers, including the current occupier of the Oval Office and a recent Secretary of State, operate.

Use the enemy's tactics against them.  It really ticks them off -s-.

As for child rapists, I know it's hard to see what they do.  Don't let that stop you.  It's not a liberal attempt to 'understand' them.. It's a forewarned is forearmed tactic.

In their case, uncover them, expose their filth to the world.

Facing evil is not easy.  But we will win against the darkness.

Make up your minds to that.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blood Amd Choice

Family.  What a complete word.  What a divisive word. 

It has been said family of choice outweighs family of blood.  Perhaps.  The opposite could be true as well. It depends on the people involved.

At its best, a family gives and takes.  Children learn from parents.  They are supposed to learn independence, self reliance, the ability to think for oneself, yet be interconnected.  And as a teacher of our own kids, I can tell you we learned from them too -s-.

There is a spirit of paranoia in the land and the world.  It is bred by great evil.  Many as a result eschew family, seeking other associations.  Those may turn into family of choice.  There is reason for such fear.

As the family is revered and considered good, there are those who betray it.  Nightmare stories of incest, rape and exploitation float to the surface here and there.  We can see why many would leave such evil behind, seeking something healthy.

Such betrayal reminds me of all our rights.  Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness are endemic.  And as you know the right to keep and bear arms is one of our most, if not the linchpin, of all our Freedoms.

Some misuse guns, making it fodder for those who would destroy our rights.  Criminal use is punishable.  Robbery, rape and wanton killing paint the same air of paranoia that are perpetrated by child rapists (who are greatly in a family or at least are know to some degree by the victims) and others who abuse their blood kin.

And that term criminal use is abused by those who seek either as useful idiots or calculating collectivists to disarm us.  It is the same fear which can disarm a family.

Go and research family yourself.  Look at your own situations.  Use some common sense, again a term abused by liberals and rarely exercised by them in truth.

We have a God given right to defend ourselves.  That includes against the evil done by child rapists and anyone seeking to harm us.

As for family, I feel it is more blended these days.  It's not by divorce and remarriage alone, though that is relevant.  I can tell you of my brother.

Perry Carter is as much my brother as my own big brother.  We are close and have shared much joy and pain together.  And it is that socalled outside association which often gives good perspective.  Blood family can be too close.  Looking on the outside in, we offer fresh attitude.

I'm not seeking to give definitive answers here.  Just a smattering, a palette for a portrait of what makes us all great.

Family of blood can be a choice, at least at a certain point.

If betrayed we should leave the dysfunction behind.  It can be curved and jagged, the only hope for well being escape from an evil nest.  Some situations are way beyond fixing and rapists as well as all abusers must be dealt with.

On the other hand, we should cleave to those who are healthy, giving, perhaps stern but loving (Yep we spanked our kids sometimes) care.

If you are a survivor of abuse, seek help and health.  Don't keep the secret.  Tell.  In or out of the family.  Often it is outside.  So be it.  Go where Light health life live and breathe.

Don't let the monsters win.  They want to destroy you, body and soul.

That is true whether for a family or a Republic.

Are not these united States a family?  Is it not a blend of blood AND choice?

In the Republic's case, it is very wise to seek help not from gov (Big Daddy) but from our brothers and sisters. 

E Pluribus Unum is the greatest family of all -s-.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sticky Stuck

I always advocate digging, researching, finding all the facts possible no matter where it takes one.  It's true in historical perspective and anything related to our Constitutional Republic.  In declaring that we must bit by bit take it back, it may take us on perilous roads, places of utter desolation and disgust.

Mike Vanderboegh had a post the other day about a child rapist who was a gay rights activist.  I won't go into detail here.  I will supply a couple of places you can go to see details.  It's lurid to be mild but the guy is getting the slap on the wrist which is all too common for such crimes against humanity.

As for gays and child rapist, I think the rapists hide behind and amongst gays.  Now think what you will of that and the whole orientation thing.  Fixation on kids and rape of ANY kind are not 'orientations'.  They are specific evils, yes evils, perpetrated against others.

It's a tangled web indeed concerning such 'behavior'.  Don't be fooled.  There is no excuse for sex with kids.  But there is an aspect which needs attention.

There are orgs aka organizations which stress they are attempting to make kids safe.  Maybe.  Big maybe.  Could some at least of this work hide a tyrannical agenda?  Is the evil against kids used to further the Republic's demise?

One can see how it could be.  Registration and observance could be remodeled to 'take care' of those pesky folks who wish to see Restoration of the Republic.

What better way to test drive it than with society's worst?  Who would object to hunting down and at least incarcerating monsters who rape kids?

I certainly don't.  But at the same time let's be mindful of how intricately the collectivists have worked for so long (since before the Republic I believe) to undermine us into a matrix of fear, depression, finger pointing which leads to oppression of collectivism.  Get with it or be labeled 'reactionary' (subbing for child rapist) and sent away or at least marked.

Most liberals, even outright collectivists are not child rapists.  Most would agree to stop them, though I hear bleatings sometimes for 'understanding' (who is doing that bleating?).   However, a nearly perfect screen is set in place to rape Freedom just as kids are raped.

All of this revolts decent folks.  But remember, we must face evil, be it the collectivist actions to enslave us or child rapists.  Both are evils.  And remember too that those perpetrating think they are just fines doing what they do.

Don't be dispirited.  Don't give up.  Because the Alinsky tactics are at work here.  Finger pointing is primary, casting aspersions and downgrading or degrading families is all setup to institute that collectivism mentioned above. 

The family is endemic to the Republic.  Most families consist of folks trying to live and work.  There are always those who abuse responsibilities and of course rights.  Families, guns religion you name it it gets skewed.

Who doesn't have flaws?  I do.  I'm human.  So are my kids.  But they were raised to think for themselves and to not tolerate abuse of any kind.  I pray we stick to that.

As for child rapists, sometimes they stick together.  They form associations to further their goals of raping kids.  It is NOT love.  I rarely use the word pedophile.  It means child lover.  The Greek word for love used indicates brotherly or human love.  Child rapists are inhuman.

I left a comment at Mike's post.  I include it here for reference.  It was just a quick jumble of thoughts.

'I watch with interest how orgs work to make kids safe.  Is the evil against kids being used to further the Republic's demise?  Little of both methinks.  Had occasion to comment about a judge who let a child rapist go with the all too usual slap on the wrist.  I commented wondering if the judge was just a liberal idiot or a fellow rapist.  They come in all colors positions etc.  Andrew Vachss personally answered stating it was useless to speculate about the guy and my other comment that they 'stick together' was facetious.  Again that's yes and no.  The rapists form sociopathic associations of mutual 'benefit' to their evil.  I was a little surprised by Vachss' answer, since pedo orgs have targeted him sometimes literally.  Then I remembered he studied with Saul Alinsky.  Sewing seeds of fear?  Maybe.  What better weapon for tyranny than to ask for 'reforms' in the name of the kids while Freedom is sacrificed.  Talk about a dicey issue.  I should blog this as I don't want to monopolize your thread Mike.  But evil does have cabals.  It isn't just lone guys in dark basements.'

Also, a guy called 'Paul X' commented on my comment.  He made mention of how orgs make things safe for orgs.  Also, the court system working for the benefit of those who work there, not for the people.

I agree there is truth and then there is legal truth.  Never quit shining the light on this.

He also mentioned a village in Nicaragua during the Contra times.  The kids there met him with friendliness and curiosity.  There was no fear.  Whereas, here and in a lot of developed countries there is the fear of kidnap and rape.  As I said, collectivists prey on our fears.  They wish to isolate us and degrade humanity.

Collectivists and child rapists don't degrade us.  They degrade themselves and steal Freedom.

Dare I lump them together?  They both destroy souls and hope to control through confusion and pain.

Make up your own minds on this.

And do NOT let them make you think they don't stick together.  Evil forms its own groups for mutual benefits.  Would they sell each other out?  Look at history.  All the time.

Below are references to these horrific events which prompted this post.  I have Mike's post with the places to go to find out more.  Also, I urge you to go to the references for more details re the prolonged rape perpetrated by Newton and Truong (viralread).  Be strong facing the evil.

Be repulsed but take heart.  We will not give up restoring the Republic.  And we will never stop going after child rapists.

PS:  I will in the next two days blog about family and knowing/studying your enemy.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The maroons were at it last night.  It was like a war zone.

Before you think I've flipped on the 2A, let me explain.

There was concentrated rapid fire around the very block we live on.  Of course there was the usual fireworks/occasional pops from various guns. 

But the thugs, and they are indeed thugs, were playing bang bang.  It was the most blatant display of irresponsibility witnessed in this place.  It does nothing but pi$$ on the 2A.  They don't care.  Criminals have nothing but contempt for decent honest people and their rights.

I decided to call 911.  Lotta good it did of course.  I figured it wouldn't have any effect.  It did not.  I merely wanted to go on record -s-.  And when the gal who answered asked who I was, I figured it was to pinpoint where I was, not to question me but to avoid the location.

Sure on New Year's Eve there are a lot of cop runs re shots fired.  I'd be cautious too -s-.

But I will tell you the difference between now and years ago.

Cops of yesteryear would be cautious but would actually investigate as soon as possible.  And I know if the guys who used to patrol were still around they would not hesitate to go into the situation.

I suspect part of the current 'reticence' encompasses the fact thugs are armed and organized.  This gives the antis plenty of 'ammo' (sic) to decry owning any guns.  It's all part of the plan IMHO to disarm us.

The only cop cars I saw were two crawling across the street south of us.  If they came round to the actual street or alley, I didn't see them. 

Naturally, the thugs laid low after their several shooting sprees.  They have an instinct for what they do.  They know about response times.  These scumbags have the temerity to flaunt the law and the accompanying disregard for safety.

Was it a protracted firefight?  Was it just a signaling amongst scumbags aka gang members?  It was sure as hell more than a few pops to ring in the new year.

Now there are always idiots who screw with our rights by firing into the air.  They forget that what goes up must come down.  Dummies like that forget with rights come responsibilities.  And they should be prosecuted.

After the 911 call there was a lot of silence.  Then suddenly next door, there were screams, shouts and more rapid fire.

I see two particular things happening here.

One, they might be trying to inflict fear on decent honest folks here.  They think THEY own the streets so they declare by their idiot acts.  That's BS.

It's our street scumbags.  Leave.

Two it is calculated to cause socalled 'public safety' advocates to encroach on our Freedom simply because of these goblins.  Whether they work actually together is up for grabs.  Some may or may not.  But the bottom line is to disarm us.  And the thugs would keep on shooting.

So much for my minor rant this January 1st.

Don't be scared.  Defend yourselves on all levels.

The thugs are ultimately idiots and cowards.  But they get the attention of liberal fools who think they can negotiate.  Nonsense.

Study the enemies on all levels.

This year is going to be the most serious re our Freedom. 

Speak up.  Reach out.  Be responsible.

It's a new year but the Earth keeps on turning.

There is no end and beginning.  Keep it rollin'.