Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The maroons were at it last night.  It was like a war zone.

Before you think I've flipped on the 2A, let me explain.

There was concentrated rapid fire around the very block we live on.  Of course there was the usual fireworks/occasional pops from various guns. 

But the thugs, and they are indeed thugs, were playing bang bang.  It was the most blatant display of irresponsibility witnessed in this place.  It does nothing but pi$$ on the 2A.  They don't care.  Criminals have nothing but contempt for decent honest people and their rights.

I decided to call 911.  Lotta good it did of course.  I figured it wouldn't have any effect.  It did not.  I merely wanted to go on record -s-.  And when the gal who answered asked who I was, I figured it was to pinpoint where I was, not to question me but to avoid the location.

Sure on New Year's Eve there are a lot of cop runs re shots fired.  I'd be cautious too -s-.

But I will tell you the difference between now and years ago.

Cops of yesteryear would be cautious but would actually investigate as soon as possible.  And I know if the guys who used to patrol were still around they would not hesitate to go into the situation.

I suspect part of the current 'reticence' encompasses the fact thugs are armed and organized.  This gives the antis plenty of 'ammo' (sic) to decry owning any guns.  It's all part of the plan IMHO to disarm us.

The only cop cars I saw were two crawling across the street south of us.  If they came round to the actual street or alley, I didn't see them. 

Naturally, the thugs laid low after their several shooting sprees.  They have an instinct for what they do.  They know about response times.  These scumbags have the temerity to flaunt the law and the accompanying disregard for safety.

Was it a protracted firefight?  Was it just a signaling amongst scumbags aka gang members?  It was sure as hell more than a few pops to ring in the new year.

Now there are always idiots who screw with our rights by firing into the air.  They forget that what goes up must come down.  Dummies like that forget with rights come responsibilities.  And they should be prosecuted.

After the 911 call there was a lot of silence.  Then suddenly next door, there were screams, shouts and more rapid fire.

I see two particular things happening here.

One, they might be trying to inflict fear on decent honest folks here.  They think THEY own the streets so they declare by their idiot acts.  That's BS.

It's our street scumbags.  Leave.

Two it is calculated to cause socalled 'public safety' advocates to encroach on our Freedom simply because of these goblins.  Whether they work actually together is up for grabs.  Some may or may not.  But the bottom line is to disarm us.  And the thugs would keep on shooting.

So much for my minor rant this January 1st.

Don't be scared.  Defend yourselves on all levels.

The thugs are ultimately idiots and cowards.  But they get the attention of liberal fools who think they can negotiate.  Nonsense.

Study the enemies on all levels.

This year is going to be the most serious re our Freedom. 

Speak up.  Reach out.  Be responsible.

It's a new year but the Earth keeps on turning.

There is no end and beginning.  Keep it rollin'.


lookout said...

Look out man. Long memories of drug dealers. They are trying to draw you out.

Papa Popo said...

They are all O's sons -s-.

Mike H said...

Just saw one of the morons collecting ejected shells. No comment.

teacher said...

The ambience of the inner city.

Mike H said...