Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Another word that can be either good or bad.

Seduction and romance can be thrilling, make life dynamic.

If it is child seduction that is evil period.

As far as romance goes, seduction is usually slow.  It's a gradual process.  Then again it usually is if people are drawn into ideological views as well.

In show biz, there are a lot of people who get convinced they are God's gift to Creation.  They are bombarded with flattery and perks.  They are followed by sychophants whose best interest is to flatter, since their bread and butter are supplied by those they inflate.

Keep perspective.  If you have good people around you, they will support you and remind you that you are only human -s-. 

Compliments are great.  But always take them with a little salt.  Remember the best work is the next job.

Content of character is the crux always, no matter if romance, work or national status.

If good things come your way, enjoy them.  If someone is just trying to shall we say, be physical, you'll catch on.  Same goes for the huckster trying to tell us they have the answer, they are the leaders.

Shake way the stardust.  A long time relationship has ups and downs -s-.

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