Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I've spoken of fans before.  Like all things, it is a term for weal or woe.

The subtle nuances of devotion, interest, even obsession hang round the word like the smell of a copper coin. 

Fans can make or break a movie, TV, individuals even movements.  Sometimes the law of averages gets bent and a show, for instance, might survive, if someone in charge wants it left on.  The same might be said for elected 'officials' -s-.

I have a few fans.  Nothing say like some of the young actor/singer types who garner worldwide fame.  Whether I get to that point is probably farfetched lol.  I'd rather tell my stories and get the word out, I hope a some profit -s-.

I appreciate fans.  I have always chatted with them at conventions.  They are entertained and appreciate the work put into something.

I was visiting some people on a movie set.  When it came time for dinner, I sat with some extras.  The actors were fine approachable folks.  I just was interested in these others who for very little, spent many hours at a place they loved.

Everybody has a story.  I like to listen.  It's a quality I encourage and for those opposed to the Republic.  Finding out what people think reveals much.

Hope the fans of Freedom gather and light up the darkness this next year -s-.

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