Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Following someone, ie taking an interest in their career and other doing, goes hand in hand with fandom. 

A healthy interest is normal, just fine.  I can't fathom stalking, the darkside of fandom/following.  For that matter, I don't care where people are eating, buying, working out etc.  I have my own life lol. 

I like to know what other artists are doing careerwise.  It might lead to work!  Also, communicating with folks is what it's all about for me.  I've found a lot in common with some and conversely, some opposition.

Because of the vast coverage, entertainment is a busily used political tool.  Look around at the many statements made by people of all stripes.  I've made some already.  I'm not afraid of censure, though there is a sort of reverse blacklisting.  I asked an insider once if my views would jeopardized my career,  I was told 'enhance or encumber, depends on the crowd'. 

Scrutiny is close by as we follow people and events.

Again, this coming year, we must light up the darkness.  Let us confront and expose those who are destroying our Republic.

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