Friday, December 27, 2013


Don't blow a gasket!  I'm not saying don't be concerned.  Hey, bills get due, kids get sick, you name it.  Not to mention or to mention -s-, what the collectivists are doing to the US.

Some people are like an old boiler.  If you don't drain the steam, you'll explode.  Ulcers, sickness will only make the situation worse. 

Likewise, if you explode you may say or do something you'll regret.  No I'm not talking about psychopaths doing their evil.  But once you do something you have to live with it.  Normal healthy people have regrets.  That said don't let that stop you   Learning from mistakes is part of growing up and going on -s-.

It is an illusion that we are alone.  Evil wants folks to think that.  Alone, worthless, powerless, the tendency to give up.  Don't fall for that. 

Reach out both as someone concerned about self and as a person who cares about someone else.  Same goes for the Republic.  Most things we do personally can translate to the bigger picture.

Person to person, one on one is the best and basic way to help.

It gathers momentum and like E Pluribus Unum, we remember to be united in Freedom.

Stewing is good sometimes.  At least when I make turkey vegetable soup after Christmas lol.

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