Friday, September 30, 2016

Families-What's Best

These days families are more, to use a commonly misused term, diverse.  I think there were socalled norms in the past, like in the 50s.  They may be more stereotypical though.

I remember watching serio-comedic 'slices of life', such as The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best.  Though I laughed and occasionally cried, I noticed these families seemed little like my own.

Now I know there have always been tragedies including various kinds of abuse and many families struggled to keep bread on the table.  But I'm thinking of something more.

I wasn't the Beaver.  My big brother wasn't Wally.  None of the moms and dads were like mine.  Again, that isn't bad.  It's Hollywood.  Projection, in the cinematic not the psychiatric/psychological, sense.  A scripted life within 30 or 60 minutes.

At best, the shows entertained and had occasional morality plays woven in the humor and drama.  At worst, it perpetuated stereotypes.

Me, it didn't bother my reality.  I never wanted my family to be like any cinematic clans.

I know entertainment is important.  James Bond, among other filmic efforts, certainly still give me some time away from real life.  As to elements that touch that real life, it's worthy of another post or a paper maybe even a book.

I know it's common to think nostalgically of the past.  Were things better?  Yes and no.  We certainly are farther away from the Republic.  But it's still in reach.

I'm reminded how powerful Hollywood productions can be in molding feelings/outcome.  Now it's done a 180degree turn from those days.  So much collectivism to either weed through or discard.

As far as families go, live it.  Oversimplified fix it or get out or enjoy it.

What's best is meeting life head on  Family is still the core of the Republic. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Last (Hope)

There is always talk of the last line of defense.  I'm not really discussing it here.  It varies.  But it may well be each of us.

Claire Wolfe has an insightful, as usual, article titled 'The Problem With Leaders'.  As she says, we need them, sometimes.  I urge you to read the post and a couple included links by Kit Perez.

We need guidance but we need self actualization.  We must think for ourselves.

Sure, E Pluribus Unum is the key to our Republic.  Individualism in congress.  We argue even fight sometimes but come to the common cause, as did our ancestors/Founders.

Without the dialog we are rudderless.

Beware the cult of personality.  Beware on relying upon a 'leader' to set things right.  Even the occupier didn't subvert and destroy, it was a team.

Founding Fathers had assembled a REPUBLICAN form of government in which the citizen was sovereign, Lord of the Manor, and government nothing but a hired servant with no concerns other than to discharge the responsibilities assigned to him.  Dieter Dahmen

What Dieter says is true.  It's being destroyed.  We must stop it and reverse it.  It starts with one. 

Intelligence, small cells/groups are the way to go.

A grade school teacher once told us 'Big snow little snow.  Little snow, big snow'. 

Don't buy into the idea we can't start with one.  One leads to another.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


A characteristic of sociopaths is charm.  They instinctively find the right buttons to push and flatter, ingratiating themselves.

It's different from normal healthy folks.  We seek to encourage, to emphasize positive qualities, so we can grow and inspire to do the best.

Sociopaths stuff people full of false dreams so they can further their own agendas.

As well, we admonish people, giving them an opportunity to right wrongs.  We are supposed to learn from our mistakes.  That means we make something better.  Of course, there is a dark side reversal.

Sociopaths seek to cover up.  If they make a 'mistake', they have been caught destroying.  Then they lie and diffuse, causing more pain.

I had a close friend in Hollywood.  He was brilliant at what he did.  Besides, he was a decent human being.  But he was liberal in our modern sense.  I think it was because he wanted to actually help people.  Bur he chose the authoritarian/state led method.  They know better than we do what we need etc.

We were having lunch and it was just after the Gubernatorial election in Indiana.  I mentioned how so many loathed the Republican candidate they jumped to the Democrat.  Btw, that man had integrity and was burdened especially after 911.  I could sit in his office with my gun on.  Then he died suddenly while out of town.  It's a story unto itself.

My friend brightened up and mentioned the Clintons.  He said they were great folks and asked if I ever met them.  I smiled and said no.  I didn't go further.  It would have been fruitless.  When someone's mind is made up, the facts would have had no effect.

Another time his wife asked me to call back once when the DNC convention was about to introduce Kerry.  She asked me to call back because HE was about to speak. 

These are cases in point how people are horn swoggled.  The enemy panders to their hope that they can make it all better.

I simply refuse to buy the poopy sandwich or drink the kool aid.  That is what we must do.  Just say no as it were lol.

Charm only works as long as folks buy it.  Wear that away with truth.

Some will always buy it.  Some can be turned to the truth.

Find a way to do what you can to make the true flavors come through in all their bitterness.

Now more than ever.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sipsey Sets Sail

Mike Vanderboegh's son, Matt has decided to end Sipsey Street Irregulars.  He has his reasons, kept to himself at least for now.  Respect it please.

I know many speculate.  It's almost inevitable.  It's a normal tendency.  My advice is don't worry about it.  Deal with the aftermath or as we say in showbiz, the given circumstances.

The site remains, not shut down, just not active.  While it's there, download at least some of Mike's wisdom.  I've done so throughout the years.  If you aren't too familiar with his stuff, then get busy.  Even if you are, it's worth preserving.

Learn well what it means to be a III%er.  There are many who have appropriated aka hijacked the term.  Be careful with whom you associate.  It's ok to be picky.

Some are feeling a bit disoriented.  First Mike goes.  Now the site is not continuing with new input.  Ok.  We deal with grief and loss.  But always WE must continue.  We owe it , not just to Mike, but to ourselves and our posterity to carry on.  We owe it to Freedom and restoration of this Republic. 

Ask yourself, 'what can I do?'.  We must all do our part.  That may vary but the emphasis and goal are the same.  Freedom.  Liberty.

Meet the enemy eye to eye.  It's brutal maybe even wounding.  Wear wounds and scars like medals.

Sleep less than an enemy that never sleeps.  Bit by bit, large or small.

Goals?  (Remember it's war and we fight battles great and small on all levels.)

What do you think?