Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Last (Hope)

There is always talk of the last line of defense.  I'm not really discussing it here.  It varies.  But it may well be each of us.

Claire Wolfe has an insightful, as usual, article titled 'The Problem With Leaders'.  As she says, we need them, sometimes.  I urge you to read the post and a couple included links by Kit Perez.

We need guidance but we need self actualization.  We must think for ourselves.

Sure, E Pluribus Unum is the key to our Republic.  Individualism in congress.  We argue even fight sometimes but come to the common cause, as did our ancestors/Founders.

Without the dialog we are rudderless.

Beware the cult of personality.  Beware on relying upon a 'leader' to set things right.  Even the occupier didn't subvert and destroy, it was a team.

Founding Fathers had assembled a REPUBLICAN form of government in which the citizen was sovereign, Lord of the Manor, and government nothing but a hired servant with no concerns other than to discharge the responsibilities assigned to him.  Dieter Dahmen

What Dieter says is true.  It's being destroyed.  We must stop it and reverse it.  It starts with one. 

Intelligence, small cells/groups are the way to go.

A grade school teacher once told us 'Big snow little snow.  Little snow, big snow'. 

Don't buy into the idea we can't start with one.  One leads to another.

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