Friday, September 30, 2016

Families-What's Best

These days families are more, to use a commonly misused term, diverse.  I think there were socalled norms in the past, like in the 50s.  They may be more stereotypical though.

I remember watching serio-comedic 'slices of life', such as The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best.  Though I laughed and occasionally cried, I noticed these families seemed little like my own.

Now I know there have always been tragedies including various kinds of abuse and many families struggled to keep bread on the table.  But I'm thinking of something more.

I wasn't the Beaver.  My big brother wasn't Wally.  None of the moms and dads were like mine.  Again, that isn't bad.  It's Hollywood.  Projection, in the cinematic not the psychiatric/psychological, sense.  A scripted life within 30 or 60 minutes.

At best, the shows entertained and had occasional morality plays woven in the humor and drama.  At worst, it perpetuated stereotypes.

Me, it didn't bother my reality.  I never wanted my family to be like any cinematic clans.

I know entertainment is important.  James Bond, among other filmic efforts, certainly still give me some time away from real life.  As to elements that touch that real life, it's worthy of another post or a paper maybe even a book.

I know it's common to think nostalgically of the past.  Were things better?  Yes and no.  We certainly are farther away from the Republic.  But it's still in reach.

I'm reminded how powerful Hollywood productions can be in molding feelings/outcome.  Now it's done a 180degree turn from those days.  So much collectivism to either weed through or discard.

As far as families go, live it.  Oversimplified fix it or get out or enjoy it.

What's best is meeting life head on  Family is still the core of the Republic. 

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