Friday, October 28, 2016


Lotta talk about globalism.  Borderless regions, no longer countries, seem to be the rage.  And at the same time, pitting one group against another.  All part of that NWO twaddle. 

It's simple from the viewpoint of those who would be our masters.  We become nondescript cyphers, told what to do and when.  The petty squabbles resulting from diversity keep the cattle from stampeding.  That was a salient point made in the miniseries Amerika.  The KGB chief said the very same thing more or less.  The States had been divided and partitioned into little pseudo countries and the 'revolts' actually were like letting off steam.  Except, of course, for the actual resistance.

Countering this is nationalism.  Countries with borders and resultant self respect for heritage.  They reach across to cooperate in common cause.  At the crux of this is these united States.  E Pluribus Unum.  Ideally we do this very thing.

In doing so, coming together, we demonstrate the ability to be individuals and maintain individuality.  Otherwise, we are drones, nothings who receive a thrown bone or pat on the head.  It's rather like being a bobble head or a maverick.

Now, something like doctors without borders can be interpreted by Freedom minded or tyranny bent people.  I believe it exemplifies helping people so they can help themselves.  What's in common but not sacrificing what's different, freely given and received.

Do you want self control or mob (manipulated by a few) rule? 

I believe the Founders intended the Republic to be only the start.  This world should become a connected group of sovereign countries, constitutional republics made in the likeness of Freedom in which the States were born. 

It's not forcing 'our' political system on anyone.  It is simply sharing Freedom.

Will it happen?

We need to clean up our borders and within first.

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