Saturday, October 29, 2016

Boss Worm

We've probably known people who are in a position of authority, bosses, who are abusive.  Or beings who think they lord it over us. 

No one should disparage a good boss, superior officer, etc.  A chain of command is necessary because we are not born knowledgeable.  We have to learn.  From parents to supervisors, we need role models who can point us in a responsible direction.

But those Bertha Better'n Yous, those who betray trust, they are the disease that needs a cure.

I've seen students brow beaten by a power hungry harridan who thought they existed to serve her and her supposed font of 'wisdom'.  When I objected she tried to hold pay I was getting as a consultant and voice actor.  I demanded or I would sue.  Got the pay and I quit. After this, I was blacklisted locally.  Couldn't get a part even in a very amateur production.  They were afraid of her and her hubby, who preyed upon students.

Sound familiar?  I call them B and H lite -s-. 

The similarities are frightening. 

Oh yes.  Her influence locally extended to knowing the director of a temp agency I worked for.  This person blamed me for serial errors at a job, whereas I was the one who corrected them.  She told me someone had to take the blame and they picked me.  Proving this in court would have been costly in more ways than one.  I spread the word of this and other perfidy word of mouth.  Grassroots.

Wanted new headshots.  Found a supposedly reliable photographer.  The pics were horrible.  Looked round at his other work and the pics were fine.  Turns out not only were they neighbors of the harridan and ne'er do well hubs, they were 'friends'.  Birds of a feather.

Managed a small job with a theater.  I never was more abused mentally than during the run.  Stayed because I was damned if I'd let them win/drive me out.  Also I networked successfully.

All this treatment made it easy to leave and seek training/work elsewhere.  I met mentor Bob Wise and friend Pat McGoohan as a result.  There were and are many more.

Thanks to them and family that cared, I'm working at what I want to do in spite of petty evil worms who feed on the flesh of decent honest people.

Funnily enough or maybe naturally, these negative people still hold sway locally.  I'm beyond that of course, but they still practice their bent idea of compliance.

Because of my success and soon to be moreso, I'm a real fly in their ointment.  And I don't seek to thwart them, except with my steady reliable work.  Success is indeed the best revenge -s-.

I loathe bullies and snobs, here there, anywhere.  My advice is stand up to them.

There is always a way round, under, over or through such muck.

Be true to yourself.  Keep your core.  Seek likeminded folks everywhere.

This is true locally, regionally, nationally even internationally and obviously in all of life.

Be the boss of YOU.


Chris said...

Boss Worm sounds like a CS Lewis character.

Mike H said...

I was thinking that too -s-.

kava said...

Enhance or encumber.....

teacher said...

Oh how they try to work their way in. Then they try to rot you.

Mike H said...

Thanks to God giving me a strong core and folks like you they failed with me teach.

antipreacher said...

Thanks be to God.