Sunday, October 30, 2016


It's a pleasure to go out and about these days.  I've spent a lot of time cooped up writing in my 'garret', my bedroom office.  Mind you , not complete isolation, but plenty of time alone mixed with sorties to the store, library etc.  It's nice to just go out and have a drink, meet people and have something to eat.

Downtown Indianapolis has certainly changed over time.  I've found myself there several times lately and walked around.  I could see the physical changes easily.  Old buildings gone, with new replacements, only bespoke the business unfolding.  More people, the city is growing.  That includes an influx of many new dwellers downtown.  All the 'poor' housing is gone from downtown proper, replaced with rather expensive apartments and condos.  I couldn't live there for sure.

There are still some familiar places.  Certainly, the Monument is still ensconced right in the middle.  Other memorials and parks exist.  Even a few restaurants ad bars have survived.

I've eaten at many establishments over the years, locally and travelling.  From 5 star to mom and pop diners.  You'd be surprised how some rate in my book.  Like people, it depemds on content of character, how it's done.

The other evening, I happened to be at a swanky place, attending a meeting.  It was pleasant, candlelight and low toned music.  People seemed to be enjoying the food and ambience.

We all have to eat. There are all kinds of people.  If you can afford certain trimming, go for it.  Just be careful of those who disparage.

I loathe that 'champion' of the people type who poo poos fancy places and by proxy 'rich folk'.  They tend to be hypocrites like collectivists are.  They put down the exclusive yet covet it.  When they rise to power, they keep such things for themselves, while the people still suffer.

Of course there are those who give the privileged (for that is what they are) a bad name.  Either spoiled kids or arrogant puffs who think the world should bow to them, they use and abuse those around them.  Check out my previous post Boss Worm for some specifics.

If you are well off or even fantastically wealthy, you must seek to understand others.  Whether born into wealth or having earned it the hard way, remember others.  Treat them well.

Better look to one's own content of character. 

I know this will fall on deaf ears for some.  There will always be those.  To paraphrase, the arrogant will be with you always -s-.

Appreciate what others do for you.  If they make your life easier, then show gratitude.

That said, our country is supposed to be a land of opportunity.  Let's make sure it is again.

I remember a dinner where it was served by the maid and butler.  One hardly had to do anything but eat.

I recall having Pepsi and gin with a gentleman who befriended a young lady and myself when her car flooded outside his home.

Different circumstances, yet one thing remained.  Content of character.  Hosts who cared.

Worn out broken record term?  Maybe.  But every time true.

Whoever happens upon this, I wish you well in the Light.  If you care about others then you can tend to yourself.

Set your own standards.

Bon appetit.

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Good bread. Good meat. Good God,let's eat.