Monday, October 31, 2016


Tis the day!   Halloween 2016.  Time for costumes, makeup and masks.  Love it.

Personally, the Halloween thrill is gone simply because I'm not a kid anymore and my kids are grown.  I've yet to feel the proxy fun that grandkids supply,  I think it's one of the reasons I like acting though.

I usually had a hand if not concept for my costumes as a kid.  One was a cowboy character all in black.  I had a real gun rig but used a six shooter bb gun.  Imagine that now lol!e

Always loved movies/tv.  And more, in that I was interested at an early age in many of the factors which contribute to the whole.  True of most things I have studied.

Of course, besides westerns, war movies etc, I love monster/sci-fi flicks.  I even gave a morning talk about makeup such as Frankenstein and Wolfman.  Btw, morning talks were something we did every day in grade school.  3-5 minutes each rotating round the class, one a day.  We each spoke several times a year.  Try finding that in public school now lol.

It's the fun of being someone else for a while.  It's pretend, though acting is believing and listening.  That merely means suspending disbelief and getting into the given circumstances.  Mind you, as an actor, one might indeed play a monster, even based on real life.  Play the play then let it go.  Noone should let the character take them over as it were.

For most productions, the costume is the icing on the cake.  All else is ready, then the clothes etc create the external illusion.

I remember the fist play I did in grade school.  I was cast a the Indian leader in a Thanksgiving play.  I even had my own fringed buckskin jacket lol.  My first line was 'Yes.  We will come to your feast'.  Let's don't get too picky re historical accuracy lol.

When the show's over, the costumes and makeup come off and we go home.  Well maybe to a bar to unwind first (not in grade school lol). 

Hope the kids had fun and were careful last night.

Soon, at this crucial time, we must see past the performance.  The rubber hits the road and the truth will rise.

Then the serious 'fun' begins.

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