Sunday, November 27, 2016


Worth on all levels is the crux of capitalism.  It is the crux of all things light.  Worth varies too.  It's more than money and when fingered, can easily disappear.

Worth and merit walk hand in hand.  At least they should. 

A lot has been said about actors in particular when it comes to politics.  Some think they are know it alls, as if their work gives them special insight.  Nonsense of course.  we all, no matter our course in life, are open to the same amount of information with which to form an opinion.  It just may go by the wayside with some.

What piqued this particular post were comments about a certain young actress.  Put aside whatever her views are.  She was ridiculed for touting some kind of antibloating product.  Don't laugh too much.  People are often tapped for marketability.  I'd say it's up to each of us to either give whatever it is credence or ignore it. 

Personally, I'm quite concerned with my personal health.  If I thought this antibloating stuff was worth (sic) my time, I'd go for it.  I don't.  There are, however, a lot of good products around that address our digestive systems.  Caveat emptor.  Check it out for yourselves.

The girl was getting savaged for being a celebrity.  There were claims that she's never worked  day in her life.  Depends on your view.  And depends on the market.

I'd say she is probably a lower level millionaire, due to her worldwide work and fame, with maybe some careful investment/management.  Is this fair?  Maybe or maybe not.  Depends on the worth ascribed to her by not only her people, but by the public.

The same thing might be said of me one of these days, if my own writing etc pans out.  Reticence has been my enemy.  But determination is my ally.  What will my worth be?

I've put a lot of blood toil tears and sweat into much of my life.  It is my own personal view of my worth that counts.

Of course, I hope a lot of folks like my work.  We will see.  I want it to stand on its own.  Yet, I cannot divorce myself from my convictions regarding Freedom and Restoration of the Republic.

Some already hate me for those views.  I will not get a fair and square deal from them.  Big deal.  My SELF worth is high and actually invaluable.  Those who will like it will ;like it.  Some for my views/themes and actually some on the 'other side' because they secretly reach out to embrace humanity.  Those who attack me will continue to do so.  Let the chips fall where they may.

As for the girl, well maybe she puts a lot into her acting etc work.  Is it disproportionate?  You decide.  Maybe her parents sacrificed a lot to get her where she is.  Depends on what they felt it was worth -s-.

Now if you are a public figure, it opens you up to all kinds of criticism.  So be it.  And believe me, I loathe self aggrandizing entitlement.  Content of character is always my standard.

What's it worth to you?


teacher said...

Oh oh. Girl instead of woman. Here come the libbersexists.

Mike H said...

It's cultural teach -a-.

the thin man said...

How about antigullibility pills? There is enough bloat lol.

Mike H said...

No debate. -s-