Monday, November 28, 2016

Cuba Libre

It'll take a lot more than the old scumbag dying to free Cuba.  Incidentally, I refuse to mention his name.  You probably know who he is and I refuse to give any advertising to a serial killer.  Evil has Cuba in its grasp in the form of communism.  Power is not easily wrested away.

Was communism left there in order to destabilize the US or at least demoralize it?  It was certainly a base of operations for all the subversion politically and militarily south of our border.  And the more subversion the better to establish one world government in the collectivist matrix.

Keep in mind there are useful idiots, true believers and string pullers.  It's a bit of oversimplification but true.  Also, beyond the front men, there are those who wish to rule us/control us.  I think that psychopath was kept as a 'boogeyman' to scare us into consolidating power for security.  There is, however, a more esoteric reason.

This leader was a practitioner/follower of Palo Mayombe, a Santerialike religion which originated in Africa and imported to the /Caribbean etal.  It is said Battista also practiced a variant and the recently deceased paleros/priests won out.  I won't go into detail about this stuff and advise caution researching it.  Also, you don't have to believe this, nor buy into it.  I'm just reporting what I've found.

I'll tell you this; that there is always a spiritual aspect to life.  I think most of you have a concept which includes faith in your lives.  There are those who worship darkness as opposed to Light.  That's a given.  And this is an example.  As for certain WikiLeaks reports concerning child rape and devil worship, I encourage you to dig and research, not to just accept without thinking for yourselves.    That's my axiom for all history/research no matter what.  And I say this; there are tie-ins with such things. Attempted defilement of all that is good and innocent is obviously what evil does.

Take Saul Alinsky's dedication of Rules for Radicals to the fallen as you will.  But wouldn't it be logical for collectivism to have a dictatorial/collectivist spiritual aspect?  Decide for yourselves.

His paleros could only keep him from the inevitable for so long.  It's a bad bargain which leads to darkness.

Freedom encompasses Light as evidenced by the Founders' views.

Slavery or Freedom is the choice

I pray for the liberation of Cuba as I do all the world from the collectivist tyranny.

Shall we lead the way?  God willing.

Cuba Libre!

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