Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Another word that can be either good or bad.

Seduction and romance can be thrilling, make life dynamic.

If it is child seduction that is evil period.

As far as romance goes, seduction is usually slow.  It's a gradual process.  Then again it usually is if people are drawn into ideological views as well.

In show biz, there are a lot of people who get convinced they are God's gift to Creation.  They are bombarded with flattery and perks.  They are followed by sychophants whose best interest is to flatter, since their bread and butter are supplied by those they inflate.

Keep perspective.  If you have good people around you, they will support you and remind you that you are only human -s-. 

Compliments are great.  But always take them with a little salt.  Remember the best work is the next job.

Content of character is the crux always, no matter if romance, work or national status.

If good things come your way, enjoy them.  If someone is just trying to shall we say, be physical, you'll catch on.  Same goes for the huckster trying to tell us they have the answer, they are the leaders.

Shake way the stardust.  A long time relationship has ups and downs -s-.


Following someone, ie taking an interest in their career and other doing, goes hand in hand with fandom. 

A healthy interest is normal, just fine.  I can't fathom stalking, the darkside of fandom/following.  For that matter, I don't care where people are eating, buying, working out etc.  I have my own life lol. 

I like to know what other artists are doing careerwise.  It might lead to work!  Also, communicating with folks is what it's all about for me.  I've found a lot in common with some and conversely, some opposition.

Because of the vast coverage, entertainment is a busily used political tool.  Look around at the many statements made by people of all stripes.  I've made some already.  I'm not afraid of censure, though there is a sort of reverse blacklisting.  I asked an insider once if my views would jeopardized my career,  I was told 'enhance or encumber, depends on the crowd'. 

Scrutiny is close by as we follow people and events.

Again, this coming year, we must light up the darkness.  Let us confront and expose those who are destroying our Republic.


I've spoken of fans before.  Like all things, it is a term for weal or woe.

The subtle nuances of devotion, interest, even obsession hang round the word like the smell of a copper coin. 

Fans can make or break a movie, TV, individuals even movements.  Sometimes the law of averages gets bent and a show, for instance, might survive, if someone in charge wants it left on.  The same might be said for elected 'officials' -s-.

I have a few fans.  Nothing say like some of the young actor/singer types who garner worldwide fame.  Whether I get to that point is probably farfetched lol.  I'd rather tell my stories and get the word out, I hope a some profit -s-.

I appreciate fans.  I have always chatted with them at conventions.  They are entertained and appreciate the work put into something.

I was visiting some people on a movie set.  When it came time for dinner, I sat with some extras.  The actors were fine approachable folks.  I just was interested in these others who for very little, spent many hours at a place they loved.

Everybody has a story.  I like to listen.  It's a quality I encourage and for those opposed to the Republic.  Finding out what people think reveals much.

Hope the fans of Freedom gather and light up the darkness this next year -s-.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holy Innocents.

Today is the day set aside to remember the Biblical account of King Herod murdering male children in the vicinity of Bethlehem after the birth of Jesus.

According to the story, his troops slaughtered all male children age two and under.  Herod was afraid of a King usurping his throne.  How absurd on one hand and how very tragic on the other.

I'm not recounting it here.  But I will say there are those who are still jealous of power and will do anything to maintain and extend it. 

Oh oh.  Better be careful.  I'm told the current occupier of the Oval Office, among other collectivists, dislikes criticism.  I'm actually leaving that for another time.  I'm not chickening out.  The more sane exposure of the insane usurpation of power the collectivists are proudly preening and bragging about.

Once power is acquired, many measures could be employed to keep the king on the throne.  Or the dupe as the hand puppet if you like.

But if anything is more egregious than the current state of affairs, it is the thought that comes to mind about innocents who are sacrificed.

I have long fought those who exploit kids.  Once on this Day, I preached about it in my student days.  You could have heard a pin drop.

It disturbed and brought people round to thinking.  I hope still that is one step from doing something about it.

Child rape is an ongoing battle.  It is an ultimate evil.  Learn what the rapists do, though it may revolt you.  Shed light on it.  And help to get them prosecuted.

Then take care of the children.  Help them to heal.  Easy words for a seemingly insurmountable wound.

As for the rape of Freedom, well that's going to be a topic soon.

Friday, December 27, 2013


Don't blow a gasket!  I'm not saying don't be concerned.  Hey, bills get due, kids get sick, you name it.  Not to mention or to mention -s-, what the collectivists are doing to the US.

Some people are like an old boiler.  If you don't drain the steam, you'll explode.  Ulcers, sickness will only make the situation worse. 

Likewise, if you explode you may say or do something you'll regret.  No I'm not talking about psychopaths doing their evil.  But once you do something you have to live with it.  Normal healthy people have regrets.  That said don't let that stop you   Learning from mistakes is part of growing up and going on -s-.

It is an illusion that we are alone.  Evil wants folks to think that.  Alone, worthless, powerless, the tendency to give up.  Don't fall for that. 

Reach out both as someone concerned about self and as a person who cares about someone else.  Same goes for the Republic.  Most things we do personally can translate to the bigger picture.

Person to person, one on one is the best and basic way to help.

It gathers momentum and like E Pluribus Unum, we remember to be united in Freedom.

Stewing is good sometimes.  At least when I make turkey vegetable soup after Christmas lol.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Broken Screen

There has been a dearth of posts here.  I broke the screen on the laptop.  Sheesh! 

Had to trudge to the library just to keep the email down.  No way could I write.  But I had plenty to do.  Sight edited my printout copy of first novel, The Beveled Glass, note making/reading and longhand writing for script for Heart in the City.

There is no dearth of events of course.  The world keeps turning.  And those enemies of Freedom are just as real and busier than ever.  They are dedicated to running our lives.  They will fail, whether I have a laptop or not -s-.

There is no stopping.  Sometimes there is a regrouping.  At least I won't get in a rut!

So for the next few days I'll bring the number of posts to where I wanted them anyway.

I'm sticking to 4 a month simply to give my time and energy to other pursuits, some of which I hope will be profitable.

Thanks for sticking with me.  I bet you all have as much or more to do as well!

The screen is fixed and the promise of continued work looms.

Never give up!

Friday, November 1, 2013

2nd Chance

Just another spur of the moment tale -s-.

2nd Chance-

He was bone weary in the night. 'Hitchhiking just was not what it used to be', he thought as the endless ribbon of road trailed on. There had been only a couple of vehicles, a semi and an old model sedan, cutting right by him and apparent...ly not noticing him and his thumb extended in solicitation.
He shrugged and turned his collar further up, morning chill having increased.
He used to hitchhike all over. A lot of people did in pre-terror America. It was a common way of transportation, not just for hobos, but for students, soldiers on leave, hippies and others seeking to see the country. Did anyone really find themselves doing it? Probably yes and no.
He had been ill recently. Determined not to let it beat him, he came out of a deep sleep and was resolved to make one last trip, just to see, to breathe, to be.
All kinds of tunes rambled through his mind, including 'On the Road Again', his eclectic thought the sole company in a long dark late Autumn night.
He wasn't sure what this trek would prove, but it harkened back to a freer time for him. His youth was gone but his spirit was young.
Sighing , he continued, knowing it was best to keep moving, the only way to get anywhere, one step at a time.
Looking back there was the empty road, as it was in front. It was always a thoughtful palette for a portrait in the living of his life.
As if in answer, he noticed a light up ahead. As he approached, a diner, set back from the highway, was lit up, like an electronic oasis.
His weary body felt relief at the sight and he passed a handful of cars parked, mostly to the side. It was a traditional diner, set in chrome, with rectangular windows emitting golden light.
Entering, the girl behind the counter said, "Welcome to Second Chance!' She was cheerful and quite young, in spite of it being the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere.
"Thanks", he said, as he ambled to the counter.
With a sigh, he gratefully sat, his feet already relieved. He thought if they could speak they'd cheer and sing as the ache left them.
"Looks like you could use some coffee sir", she offered an old fashioned white mug.
"Please Miss" He smiled at her smile.
"Kinda quiet", he noted. being the only customer.
"Yeah. It can be. But sometimes we're almost bursting with business." She regarded him, further saying, "Come a long way Mister?"
"Yes. Don't know how much farther I'm gonna go. Just wanted to get out and walk the world again." The coffee was just right, warm and robust, seeming to make him glow inside.
"Good coffee" He smiled at the pretty girl and noticed something familiar about her, but whatever it was lay over the cusp of memory.
"We aim to please. Want a piece of pie too?" She made a proffering gesture.
"That would be good just now. Sure. Thanks. Any peach?"
She smiled and immediately handed him a plate with a large slice of peach pie, lattice topped and a brown sugar glaze.
"Wow you're quick and a mind reader", he said all at once. It was delicious, like, well Mom used to make.
'Second Chance", he remarked. "I've been to the Last Chance Saloon, but I like the name here" He chuckled a bit.
The owner likes it too", she laughed back. "He thinks everyone deserves a second chance."
Her hair was light brown, pulled back in a pony tail. Her eyes were bright, brown and snapping, her lips wide with laugh lines, rather odd in someone so young.
"You know and I don't mean to be forward but you sure do seem familiar", he remarked as his eyes narrowed. Her ID pin said 'Lyndie'.
As if in answer she smiled even more and said, "It's alright. Why don't you put your head down and rest. No one will kick you out."
He simply nodded and said, "Ok."
As he nestled, he heard the jukebox playing something about millions of miles and just being with you. Lyndie had picked up the tune as well.
As he drifted off, it gently came to him She was a girl he knew in high school, tragically killed in a car accident. There was no fear, only comfort in knowing.
Sleep took him and the last sound he heard was a baby crying.
One life gently ended and another noisily began.

Above copyright 2013 by Michael S. Hiland and BurlyRose Productions

His Last Day

Just written and spur of the moment in the spirit of the season -s-.

His Last Day-

It was a warm late August day. The sun had climbed, crested and began its descent as the heat intensified in typical midafternoon focus. A breeze thankfully started wafting round, stirring the branches in hope of relief.
Inside the house, it was dark and thick with intensity. A pressure was building, emanating from the master bedroom, where a man lay dying.
Round the house it was quiet and the cliché pin dropping could have been heard. The two dogs cowered under a table in the corner of the living room, heads buried in their paws. The two people present watched, prayed and tended the dying man.

He had slowly deteriorated for several years, his once sturdy body a frail diseased shell. The color of his skin, once robust and tanned, had given way to a mottled, papery tone. His breath had receded to a stuttering living death rasp.
The pungent smell of death was everywhere. The odor was worse where he lay, but permeated the whole house. It was repulsive and disquieting, as if a grim reaper swept through, seeking to destroy.
The night before the man began his descent. He ruptured and vomited blood, black like coffee grounds in a never ending stream, which his wife and son ceaselessly mopped away.

Liver cancer had slowly robbed him of everything, including eventually his sensibilities, like a slow steady erosion. The strong mountain of a man had become the dried wasted hillock.
In the midst of the final morbidity, the son noticed small things, unnoticed by everyone else caught up in grief and the day to day care of a dying loved one.
One of the oddest events was the bedroom window. It was wide open to let in whatever breeze might find its way in. And a breeze was kicking up, bringing relief to the midsummer heat. But not in that bedroom. No air was felt and the curtains didn't flutter. It was as though the room was sealed in a vacuum, allowing a battle to ensue.
And it looked like a battle to the son. His Dad lay there when he suddenly reared up and declared, "I'm not ready to go yet!' He desperately clung to a body which could no longer sustain life. The man then slowly sunk back down, his words having cut through the stuffiness.
The wife immediately tended his brow, a cool washcloth thin comfort.
The man was arguing with someone. And indeed there was presence in that room. It felt crowded to the son, unseen visitors perhaps vying to see the man or talk to him.
Through his dry tortured lips and mouth he uttered, "Uh-uh, Uh-uh, repeatedly. At first it was intense, then withdrew to a rasp.
As the man weakened inconceivably further, the foul odor retreated.
Then, the man's breath seemed to creak and croak, as one last breath exited his battered lungs and mouth. He lay still, the argument over.
At that moment, the death smell completely lifted, gone instantly from the whole house.
And the drapes fluttered as warm breeze finally broke through, dispelling grim atmosphere, bathing the scene with peace. All were gone. The visitors took their friend with them. No more fear.

Above copyright 2013 Michael S. Hiland and BurlyRose Productions

Thursday, October 31, 2013

That's Entertainment!

Entertain some thoughts.  Not just amusement nor diversion.  Think on things.

As with much of our culture, the words 'entertain' and 'entertainment' have been detoured.  They do mean diversion and amusement, but they signify so much more.  As long as the public is so diverted, it is hoped by collectivists that they will commensurately not think.  Yukking it up and pursuing idle interests instead of truly recreating is the goal.  Put your mind on hold and do what you're told -s-.

Receive, consider, contemplate.  Maintain thought.  You choose the topic.  I believe you will make wise choices.  When you get past the frivolous, you can focus.

Now, I'm not suggesting we all be fuddy-duddies.  To rest and recreate is necessary, what with so many assaults on Liberty coalescing.  Far as I'm concerned, I like a good movie or TV show.

And there, in my chosen area of work, I promise you I will entertain.  Instead of bludgeoning, I hope to tell stories.  I may use humor and/or fantastic elements, but I will aim to get folks to think.

I have always dug for facts.  I look behind the scenes.  I will invite and show hospitality to those who care to peruse my films/shows. 

I just watched the 3 Stooges yesterday.  The Boys never fail to get me laughing.  There are messages in the ravioli there, but for sheer well done wit and slapstick together, you can't beat (sic) them.  When I was taking care of my dying Dad, I'd slip out and catch James Bond and other films, usually John Wayne or Steve McQueen.  It was respite indeed and though later in life I have delved into meaning under the surface, I took the opportunity to relax for a couple of hours.  It gave the strength and courage to continue helping Dad and take on the challenges of school and dating etc.

So, I hope you have been mildly entertained here and continue to stop by.  If I bore you, seek entertainment elsewhere.  I guarantee I will not make you wallow like the propaganda seeping out of MSM or Hollywood.

Pick and choose.  And being the self starters and thinking for yourselves, you will discover something somewhere that delights you.  At least, when there is solemnity, you will harken back to joy as we seek solutions to remedy the grievous faults assailing the Republic.

So, it's not at odds to say have fun and think!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


There are many for many reasons.  Usually it is because of abuse at home.  The girl who survived Robert Hansen is no exception.

Portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens in The Frozen Ground, she is Cindy Paulson, a teenager turned to hooking to make a living.  Again this is all too common.

As per my usual M.O., I'll leave it to the reader to study on the movie, real circumstances and runaways in general.  There is plenty of heartfelt data and I hope you will want to help those who survive.

In brief, Cindy got away from the serial killer, who tortured, raped and then literally hunted his victims in the wilds of Alaska.  With the help of a dedicated State Trooper (Glenn Flothe in real life), she helps bring the monster down.  He is serving 461 years plus life with NO chance of parole.

It is real heroism.  That as you might know, means overcoming fear and pushing ahead.  The temptation is to run from such things.

Many don't want to deal with such evil.  Ignoring it of course will NOT make it go away.  And it may reach out and swat anyone as a result.

As shown, Cindy was a runaway because of being sexually abused.  And though she escapes from the monster, she still runs.

First, in fear of not being believed, she goes back to the streets.  Several times she does this.  It is an old pattern.  Then, with Flothe's support, she IDs the perp and follows through.  She made a decision.  No more running.

The real life Cindy is doing well, resolved and determined not to let the past trap her.

Each of us may face something from which we are tempted to run or keep running.  I hope and pray whatever it takes, that each decides NOT to be a runaway any longer.

The hows and whys etc are individual and up to each.

May we as well offer real hope and strength for others.

Just a pre-Halloween thought at the time when we should contemplate fear, face and overcome it.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

To Those Interested Parties

To those interested parties:

 I'm rewriting a script/treatment titled Heart in the City. It concerns victims and those who help them. It's a longtime labor of love.

 Ruthann Popcheff, a dear friend of mine, was Director of the Victim Assistance Program at IPD. I'm keeping a promise to make a film about it.

 It won't be a documentary (Though one may well be made among the 'making of' features for a DVD), nor will it be a biography. The film will be inspired by Ruthann and so many others who are advocates for victims of violent crimes.

 I should have done this some time ago. However, I believe it's never too late. It has afforded me an opportunity to improve what I hope is a tribute to good concerned people and to the victims. From victim, to survivor, to victor!

Monday, October 28, 2013


Someone asked if I ever taught. Kinda broad. Never subbed as did my ex for high school. We home schooled our kids for years. Aren't parents the quintessential first teachers -s-? Actually taught them as in subjects etc. I did American and World History, Russian, German, Geography. Variation was Spanish for our daughter. We collaborated on Science/Math. Most important was emphasizing that ...education isn't just a classroom thing. It's life. People, places, all experience adds to the learning curve -s-. The kids are self starters in and out of classrooms. Sometimes they are now the teachers -s-. And what they taught us when children is immeasurable.
Oh yes. I have guest lectured in business/supervision college classes and was a teaching assistant in college. Grading papers was one of the greatest responsibilities in that capacity. I also judged high school speech team members and did a bit of coaching there.

I've lectured, led seminars, retreats and even preached long ago lol.

There has been advice given re acting for not just my daughter but for a few others.
Producing experience will continue as I get Heart in the City up and running.

I look forward to directing one day after I revitalize my acting career.

And not the least, instructed the kids in outdoor activities, ie camping etc and self defense, both armed and unarmed.

So yeah, I guess I've 'taught'.

But that is in proportion to what I have learned.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Press Control

There is great hubbub about a proposed 'shield' law that would purportedly protect journalists from government incursion.  It seems people are walking on thin ice.

There is a great deal about this now on the internet.  Search and research as much as you like. 

I'm confining this mostly to comment, ie just a few cautionary thoughts.  I hope it's not sloppy journalism -s-.

I consider myself a journalist.  My major in college was Psychology, specifically Clinical.  But I have spent a great deal of time writing in school and since as a writer.  And btw, I am on the cusp of publication re my books.  I'll devote some space on a later post when it happens along with some reiteration of the 'ups and downs' involved. 

My caution rises when I see comments by the likes of Feinstein attempting to define what a journalist is.  It seems for her and for many that would be what we call Mainstream Media or MSM and especially those who support her and the others collectivist trash.  Oh-oh.  Guess she won't be in my corner lol.

It is a slippery slope arbitrating who is and is not a 'journalist'  Can it be anyone else besides those lopsided pundits and news folks who manipulate words to support corrupt government?  Again, looks like I'm biased huh?

Of course folks who invest time and money in a college career and even before with experience in school news sources should keep working.  But so should those who choose to report, opine and tell the news.

Seems gov wants to restrict us with wordy legerdemain so that the flow of opposing opinion is dried up.  Is it restricted to blogs (sic) or other places on the web such as Drudge?

I believe it is an assault on 1st Amendment rights as egregious as those upon the 2nd and the other much beleaguered articles in the BoR.

Read and research.  Don't take my word nor anyone else's without digging for truth.  don't go by what may sound right.  That's what the snow jobbers in gov want us to do.  Searchfor TRUTH.

That is what all of us should be about.  Many are not.  A throng steeped in Alinskyism etc seek to manipulate very carefully or even ham-fistedly to 'mold minds'.  Mold in the matrix of collectivism.  Or perhaps they seek to mold as in spoiled food.

My caveat in short is TRUTH.  What is it?  In re the BoR, it is the doorway of enumeration of basic rights.

If any are shining a light there and also on the darkness/lies/oppression hell bent on the Republic's destruction, that is the simple definition. 

And if so, then I don't care if it's an elder statesperson of the Fifth Estate or a 17 year old in pajamas.

Heck, I'm usually on the bed in my skivvies when I do any writing of any kind.  Don't let that vision scare you as October looms.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Who didn't have them?  Well some trust fund babies, red diaper babies, royalty and such.  Then again there are quite a few wealthy people who insist their kids get a taste of reality. 

Taking out the trash, cleaning your room and washing dishes are widespread and I did my share -s-.  Living on my own dictates I continue habits started in childhood.  I'm not much for 'let the servants do it' even if I had them.

Of course, some tasks we perform can be onerous.  They result in being labeled 'chore'.  So we dig in and get the job done.  Otherwise we end up exhausted before we finish.  Like my illustration of a drug store prescription room, we may look at all we must do, counting all the bottles etc, and want to give up.  My cure for that is to concentrate on what is in front of me, then go on. 

Whether they are routine, difficult/disagreeable or endeavors, they are all responsibility.  That is the crux.

Whatever level, from teeth brushing, preparing meals, changing diapers or restoring the Republic, we finish what we start. 

It may have a satisfaction of its own.  Clean teeth, kids, government may have their own rewards.  And every little bit helps.

Now my chore of writing a post is finished.  But I am never really done.  I rise to the task.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gethsemene Moments.

Have I written about this before?  Times of self doubt even fear which rack our psyches?  It's sort of related to the 'hour of the wolf', the time round 3-4am when such thoughts assault us.

I've had some lately and it is intense, stultifying.

What's the use?  If I give up maybe the doubts will go away.

To hell with that bs.

I endure such things.  They come to everyone, great and small as it were.

Didn't sweat blood but the anxiety was intense a little while back.

Then I remembered to practice what I preach.

I met it headon and wrestled through it.  Taking the risks with career and certainly the Republic, I would never know if I didn't do.

I will NOT fail.  By hook or by crook #2 says in the Prisoner.  Well, I'm not willing to use foul means lol.  But I am ready to do all I can to succeed.  And honesty has gotten me where I am.  It will carry me through the valleys to the peaks.

So I say DO sweat it.  Effort given pays out in solutions and results.  So what if that sounds like one of those motivational seminars?

Cliches are often true.

Weather the storm.  I makes you stronger on all levels.

Dark fear soaked nights give way to the clear dawn as it were -s-.

It helps us deal with the naysayers as we work to accomplish our goals.

So here I come!

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Exorcist

Spooky then in '73 and spooky now and I wager always.

As Halloween month approaches and the mere fact I decided to view it again, I want to chat about it.

I commented elsewhere about it already.  Spooky the film is because it deals with the invisible, the spiritual.  The Exorcist illustrates how good and evil wend their ways through our lives every day, often in quiet rather mundane ways. 

I'll leave it to you to look up plot, making of etc.  Such facts are interesting and there are odd stories abounding such as the sets becoming preternaturally cold, accidents and even a couple of deaths associated with the production.

You may choose to believe such things happen/exist or not.  I say to people about any of my positions to agree, disagree or ignore.  Some also attack -s-.

One thing about the ending of the film is cautionary.  If an exorcist dies in the commission of the rite, the assistant can take over.  Once engaged, it would be very bad giving up, to say the least.  But inviting trouble as Father Karras did is horse hockey.  Remember of course that this is a movie.  It's based on actual events.

Curiously the real case was made into a tv movie called Possessed with Timothy Dalton as the principle exorcist.  It does more truthfully recount the story but deviates at times and has some grand show biz enhancements.

People become uncomfortable discussing such things.  For many, it's implausible.  Others believe but are afraid to face spiritual themes.  Facing fear is something most all can agree exists and must be dealt with.

For instance I believe that the spiritual is real.  I also see communism/collectivism as a great evil which rots on all levels but evidences itself in day to day politics.

Being afraid of anything and hiding under the covers won't get us anywhere.  We must face reality, no matter how fantastic it appears.

So, what I'm running around robin's red barn about is simply to have faith.  God vanquished evil and in our daily battles with such help we do so too.

Whatever level comes forth, so we must advance, shedding light on that subject at hand.

One final note.  No one can be possessed unless they want to be.  How is that possible?  Aside from some who openly embrace darkness, many can be made to feel alone, isolated and helpless.  Despair is a tool used in our surface world.

Look around at the fear and hopelessness produced in the US and the world.  We are urged to give up.  We are sent emissaries of hope and change who have neither, save for a change to collectivism.  Put your mind on hold and do what you're told is hypnotic.

Realize you are NOT alone.  We are in the fight for Freedom, spiritual and material, together.  Witness our unique history and rejoice!

But at the same time, kick evil in the teeth.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


I'm delaying by force as it were posting this.  This was not reticence on my part.  My computer frizzed. 

Thursday August 29th it froze then went blank.  And insteasd of editing myfirst novel, I read, wrote longhand and reflected about where I was in many places.  I gave a great deal of thought about how I have slowed or delayed some particulars in my life.

These remain my business, some literally.  But I will tell you that everything I need to do to effect positive change in my life is moving forward.  Some move faster than others.  Rest assured I will not use that old excuse of things taking time.  Indeed some do, but I will not drag my feet.

Reticence has cost me in the past.  By not getting on with my career, I have both lost friends and associates who helped and would still be supporting my efforts, as I would be backing them.  Opportunities do not last forever.

But if you are determined, you can make new ones.  I am doing so with my writing and as for other work, I'm seeing who wants to hire me.  That's it.

Details?  Again best left with me and my associates.  Plans are essential and time spent doing so important.  Just don't overdo it.

So, I won't waste any further time pontificating about what might have been nor what will be.

I will just do.

And one last thing.  My advice is don't wait til things get better.  You can 'improve' something into the ground.  Just learn from the warts and go on.

Things get better when things are done.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hoods Hoodies Hoods

I wore hoodies long before they were gangsta chic.  Both workout duds and knockarounds, they have been in my wardrobe since I was a kid.

Like many things, hoodies have achieved infamous notoriety long before that thug in Florida made them a twisted symbol of some kind of supposed free thought.

Thugs favor them because they help conceal identity in the commission of crimes. Fashion statements from criminals include hoodies and of course the lurid droopy drawers that are associated with prison w****s ie, availability for sexual activity behind bars.

I'm sure to be labeled by some as a clothes Nazi.  But emulating thugs and actually becoming one is hardly good for kids.  And I'm equally sure my 'rant' will go unheeded by many.

Hoods will continue to wear hoodies in neighbor 'hoods'.

But if I remain silent, even about what some consider inconsequential, then I am guilty of helping wrong rather than righting it.  And I tell you it is NOT insignificant.  It is like an iceberg, whose visible topsits openly while the rest and most, is under the surface.

Collectivist cultural attack is just that on all levels.

The most egregious backlash symbol I saw since that incident in Florida was a sketch of Dr King sporting a hoodie in some kind of posthumous solidarity with thuggery.

I do not presume to speak for him, but my opinion, based on his work and words, is that MLK would object to this and admonish today's youth, black, white and every other color under the sun to emulate those who seek to do right.  That which is right includes seeking to live together according to content of character and remembering that which is best about being American.

Hoodies keep my bare noggin warm.  They look cool because they feel good.

I bet a lot of people don't even think about fashion.  They want to be hip.

I say be yourself and make your own way.  Get with others of like mind and remember E Pluribus Unum: From Many One.

The common purpose of Freedom/Liberty is not communism!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Spring Breakers

Why am I posting about a movie featuring drug dealers/gunrunners, gangbanger, wayward college girls and general debauchery during Spring break in Florida?  I promised I'd watch it.  Hmmm.

Three college girls with a chronic drug problem rob a restaurant to finance a trip to Panama City for Spring break.  Joined by a straighter laced friend they go.

Lotsa footage of the usual drinking, sex drugs, destruction that goes on.

They attend a party with lotsa coke.  Get arrested.

They are bailed by 'Alien', a local white rapper/banger/dope dealer/gun runner.

The straightest girl bails after meeting Alien's gangbanger buds.

Another girl gets winged in a driveby and books.

The other chicks stay and get it on with him in a pool etc.

Then they raid the drug kingpin's giant trap house. 

Alien gets killed and the girls off a bunch of thugs and the head honcho, taking off in his Lamborghini.

Telling their folks it was a good trip and they discovered themselves, they drive into the sunset or something.

Ok.  I did some wild stuff years ago.  I've been to some 'wild' parties and some bars/situations I was lucky to get out uninjured.

Nostalgia even for stupidity has its place.  But this was gross.

At least the druggers got offed.  Good riddance in fiction as it should be in fact.

Finding out you are psychopathic stinks.

Acting was interesting and I say that as an actor.  Some of the girls were shedding their kiddie Disney image and I understand that.

Paying dues is to be expected and I hope for better for them.

But with all the pain and evil the druggers do and bring in real life and all the evil we witnessed on the neareastside, I can do without the fiction.

Drugs money hos soundtrack sucked.

Advice to would be copycats:  Don't come into a restaurant or street rob folks.  Too many are armed and your bikini clad cute butts will get shot.

The end could lead to a sequel.  My suggestion is following the girls in their post college careers as liberal pundits/politicians lol.

OTOH a story about a guy who hitches around and meets two babes in a convertible.  Hmm.  Did it really happen?  I am a gentleman and will never tell lol.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1 Year

One year ago tonight between 10 and 11pm,  I was jumped.  I've already told the story several times before and the fun of having my stolen gun, mags and ammo almost a yea later.  I still thank Jim Gray and the other uniforms that night because within an hour, they got my gun back from Brandon Nabors.  Twas he, Shaquille Carter and Elliot Johnson who jumped me yelling racial epithets.  Yep, I was a victim of black on white crime. Three against one, just the right number for these craven cowards.

I refuse to blame all blacks.  Trash is trash no matter the color.

And I have already dealt with woulda coulda shoulda. 

I have detailed the punishment such as it was these mokes got.

I will mention again how Detective Bill Cincebox dropped the ball and as a result I was unable to offer testimony.  Hard to prove but true nonetheless.

And also egregious was no mention of black on white crime.  It is on the rise. 

I've seen groups roving looking for likely targets.  One time I witnessed two thugs bump an old man as they laughed.  They eyed my exwife and I but backed away for two good reasons I think.  It was two on two and the looks we gave them.  Little did they know what I carried.  And it would have been implemented had they assaulted us..

All over the country, systematic assault often resulting in death or grievous bodily injury have skyrocketed.  And yes here I go again because I'm not going into detail.  Well except two details.

As I said, this is all systematic.  It is progressive and has escalated since the current occupier of the Oval Office began his sissified reign.  My opinion based on personal observation and research is the basis for this and the following.

I have mentioned at least some of this before.  It is worth mentioning again.

The neareastside neighborhood where we lived was mixed.  One of the rentals was occupied by a black family. Their kids were out of control especially with no respect for private property.  We asked nicely for them to keep the kids out of the yard..  Instead the kids escalated and started verbally abusing our daughter.  They told her how ugly and white she was and how beautiful and black they were.

We protected our kids and supervised their play.  This insulting behavior continued.  threats were made to beat her up.

Our daughter, who had and has several black friends, refused to rise to the bait.  She made it clear she would defend herself and we backed her.

After confronting the parents (later proven to be drug dealers and purveyors of stolen goods), they retaliated by coming in our yard and threatening us!

We demanded they leave and said we were calling the cops.  They reluctantly moved.

As they did I said I didn't think Dr King would approve of their behavior.  The woman said 'Who'!!!
I replied in front of several neighbor Martin Luther King.  She said who again!  Was she kidding or was she ignorant of a man who along with many others worked to bring peace and understanding for race relations.  (No doubt why he was murdered to disrupt this.)

These kids participated in marching drills and chanting responses.  It was like a little army.

Indeed that army has trained and grown for years.

Look and see a loose pattern.  Groups with the same purpose may not personally know each other.  but they have been spawned to hate whites, Orientals and Hispanics.  It is more organized I suspect than it appears.

Oh yes.  These mokes moved, though they attempted harassment which failed due to our willingness to observe and letting it be known we would and did defend ourselves.  Over the years there were a lot of trash who threatened us.  They backed off because of our resolve.

Now scumbags are emboldened.  Will they back off anymore?  Or will street war escalate?

We as decent honest citizens expose this crime against humanity and peace. 

The more we are divided the easier to conquer.  Also extreme measures will increase to supposedly fight this trend.  In reality like all the post 911 laws and edicts, thy will infringe our Freedoms til we are enslaved.

Stand up to race baiters.  Tell it like it is.

There is a Missionary Baptist church near Spades Park Library which seeks to teach boys to be men, and girls to be women, not thugs.  There are blacks who care.

Thugs are spawned.  Men and women are made and raised.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eerie Ears

Yes I have a penchant for seemingly abstract titles.

But, things are eerie and we should listen.

Well well well, seven weeks after filling out (ie, name addy number and in spite of serial # etc all the gal did was put Glock .40 on the form) the required by the city, Linda called and said I can pick up my gun stolen by Brandon Nabors almost a year ago.  Yay.  Oh um what about my mags and ammo?

Kinda flustered Linda.  I'll have to ask Property Room she said.  They have a 'security' policy where you can't take such things with the gun the same day.  this was verified by Lt. Brian Moore.

He said I should contact Sheriff's Dept security office desk about taking mags and ammo too.  The Lieutenant didn't know if 'the parties to this policy' would 'allow' me to pick up the ammo same day.  Hey Lt Moore, don't forget my mags, ie, one G23, 4 G22 (surplus gov-the stuff stamped during the ban which became accessible to the public when the sunset happened) and 71 rounds of .40.

Well, I'm contacting some other cops.  Bill Cincebox got an email.  You may recall he was the detective who dropped the ball re my IDing the perps.  I'm also contacting others, just to see if I can get my property the same frigging day.

We will see and when I resolve this poopyfest, I'll stick a comment on this post.

This also leads me to what the title of this post signifies.

I've talked as have many others, about how cops have changed.  They are increasingly serving the state instead of the people.

Here is a post, just received today, regarding cops' duty to serve, titled, Nobody Is Coming To Save You-Police Motto Misleading.:

Mr Veltri points out how cops, EMTs etc can be sued and have actually stood by letting crimes happen and folks dying rather than risk suit or even injury.  Reminds me of the cowards at Columbine who waited out the carnage rather than go in and stop the killers.

He does talk of many who still help, but they are not legally bound to do so.  The uniforms and EMTs sure helped me the night I was jumped, even to the point of retrieving my gun mags and ammo within an hour of the theft.  I knew, btw, that it would be a lengthy process to get them back.  Such is the ridiculous red tape of bureaucracy.

Cops and other public servants should listen to this stuff, to the public and to themselves and come up with a solution.  Not only is public trust dwindling, there is increasing hostility toward them.  This is not from the usual criminal element, it is from the citizens they supposedly are sworn to protect.  And then there is that pesky Constitution.

The solution is simply to take that Oathseriously, and together with the public, purge the system of the stupidity that impedes justice.

I remember cops, with whom I patrolled, who would go in, without asking for a supervisor, and respond to the aid of people and their property.  I am a firsthand witness to what cops should be doing.  Those days seem to be gone.

Jesus and the Apostles said,'Listen, then if you have ears to hear'.  Good advice.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dirty Deeds.

Whether they are done dirt cheap or not remains to be seen.

Collectivists never work fair and square.  Their house is built on the sand of lies.

Here is a case in point: 

And here too:

I will let these speak for themselves as most of you know the score.

Alinsky is grinning in hell I'm sure.

Confronting these mokes with truth (and exposure) is the way to go.

Character assassination is the alternative of those who have no facts to fall back on.

I'm being attacked for telling the truth myself..

I'll have more on it soon as I will something about my gun in the IMPD Property Room.

As for the attack, I simply respond to liberal manipulation with quotes and comments such as being glad Jefferson succeeded Adams.

Again, having a knowledge of collectivist tactics is helpful.

I keep things short and sweet because I needn't over comment.  I have nothing against lengthy discussion and have engaged in such myself.

And though this may seem vague, brevity can make Alinsky frown.  -s-

Monday, July 29, 2013

Shiny Things

Our daughter, when very little, would lie on the bed and look out the window.  She was fascinated by the movement of the tree branches and the sun shining through.

One could only guess what was going on in her infant mind.  But, it was obvious the movement was new to her and a source of wonder.

Some people never outgrow an attraction to shiny objects.  It's ok to see a flash.  It's what you do then that counts. 

Easily distracted mobs don't think.  They remain transfixed on whatever is dangled before them.

Attention span is a relative thing.  What may seem a short one may just mean there is nothing of interest.  The opposite may hold true as well. 

Unfortunately too many just transfix on what shines instead of finding out what makes it shine.  It is true of literal objects, but also of events and people.

I'm particularly thinking of a wish or a hope for a 'white knight' to sweep in and sweep away whatever problem befalls us.

Knights are not really like that.  In olden times they were specialized warriors, yes.  But, they had a heck of a lot of support.  I won't go into details.  Look up the history of medieval warfare.  Dig -s-.

In modern terms, it's quite similar.  There are leaders of course, but all of us are needed in various roles to accomplish any mission.

And as far as knights go, they were and are quite human.  And when it came to combat, chivalry had little to do with it.  Combat/warfare is messy.  And again, whatever level we fight on and no matter the weapons, be they words or otherwise, we simply have to shoulder our part of the burden.

So decide where you are and what you can do to restore the Republic.  Let it be legal, let it be just and truthful.

Let yourself shine.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Well now, that could sum up a lot of things these days.  But, I'm not a fatalist in that I believe Freedom's chance is very good -s-.  I think more of the lousy things collectivists pull because they can not win fairly.  Today, lousy parenting is on my mind.

A lot's been batted around concerning self defense on trial in Florida.  Self defense won.

I'm not going to get into all the ins and outs the what ifs etc.  I just noticed someone talked about lousy parenting contributing to the thug culture.

It does and often the parents are thugs too.

It was a comment somewhere about said trial.  I recalled my time working at the Juvenile Center in Indianapolis, during my work on an undergraduate degree in Clinical Psychology.  I was no inexperienced kid.  I was in my thirties and had worked in other aspects of counseling including street ministry.

The thug who got killed was living with his uncle at the time of his demise.  He was visiting his dad's girlfriend's condo at the time of his demise.

The family was fractured, divided with a mother who had nothing more to do with him, a stepmother whose family devalued the dead kid and a philandering dad who had a reputation as a thief.

I saw this kind of situation all too often at the Center.

And if kids don't get pulled out of the cycle, their life of crime starts early.

I hate to see it.  I worked with some kids who made it and a lot who didn't.

Color had nothing to do with it, save that race is used to disenfranchise people and make them entitled.

And the more we are at each other's throats, the easier it is to control us.

Also, with all the hoo haa and vandalism, take a look behind the curtain and see what gov is doing as it hides behind such events.

Lousy indeed.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Update And IQ Shuffle

So Brandon Nabors does eight in the Westville Correctional Facility.  He can get out in three if he's a good lil perp.  He's the main thug who jumped me.  Shaquille Carter got four and Elliot Johnson seems to have skated.

The charge of carrying a handgun without a license would have been another year for Nabors but was suspended.


Now I await the pleasure of our new centurions for the return of my property.  After filling out a brief form, I was finger printed (!) and told whenever they get to it.  It's usually 2-3 weeks.  Of course this is all bs..

Monday 7/1 is 3 actual weeks.  I intend to contact the appropriate people within our intrepid department and start a 'paper' trail to ensure I actually get my gun, mags and ammo back.

And yes this is beating a dead horse: If I could go back I'd have stopped the threat.  It would have stopped these s**** from hurting others as well.  I would have had to turn the gun in for evidence but I would most probably have gotten it back sooner.

And if they drag their feet, I will have my lawyer get after them.  Details will remain a nice legal surprise.

A footnote to the Dirty Undies post of the other day:  I've mentioned several times about almost becoming a cop.  Well, it seems standards have changed along with everything else.  Or have they?  -s-


Hmm.  I can assure you all IQ was not an issue lol.  I simply didn't do it. 

There are other stories out their.  Type in police iq in a search engine and see for yourself.

Doesn't it figure that with all the dumbing down of students that this would be an obvious course of action?  Less imagination and more likely to obey.  Yeah.  Put your mind or IQ on hold and do what you're told.

Cops and military I've known and know seem pretty bright to me.  Make of the report what you will.  It's just food for thought and I found it interesting in light of my post.

To be honest I think IQ is relative, though obviously there are limits/divisions.  It's what you do with what you've got that counts.  And how one's mind is manipulated is the bottom line.

Anyway, that's all for now.  Rest assured I'll update this crappola tango.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


I have great love for science fiction, especially when it has that message in the ravioli.  I've said numerous times that points are better made with sci-fi and comedy than many serious stories.  Depends of course, but in the case of Fringe it hits the nail on the head for me.

It follows in the footsteps of Twilight Zone, X-Files etc.  What strikes me particularly is experimentation to augment humans.  This takes several turns, such as altering DNA to create super beasts, drug and IQ adaptability experiments and the Observers, who seek to purge emotion for enhanced intelligence and time/place technology development.

The Observers ruin their future world in their pursuits and invade Earth in the past, our near present in order to make it more compatible to their needs.  This includes mass purging, collectivist dominance including collaborators interestingly called 'Loyalist' and other police state methods with which we are well acquainted in the real world.

The Fringe team is similar to X-File personnel, investigating strange science as well as employing it.

They join a Resistance in the near future and reshape the world as it's supposed to be. 

The acting is top notch as are all the production values.

As for messages and emphasis, I leave it to you to discern it for yourself.

I see lessons in how to promulgate freedom and the indomitable spirit of humanity as we are sans enhancement.

Emotion and reason are shown to be both necessary and in a state of constant need of balance.

This show is textured and I recommend watching all of it in order.

Interesting how something done by purported liberals comes out with elements of value in seeking Freedom in our real world.

Of course, take it with a grain of salt and make up your own minds.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Dirty Undies

Catchier than dirty laundry, though the Don Henley song comes to mind.

I've had almost a year to think about what happened when I was mugged and perhaps more interestingly, what transpired after.  I'm not going to reiterate all of that here.  Go back and read Regards. particularly.

One thing is certain, policing has changed.

I remember when a high school era friend became a cop on Indianapolis Police Department long before it became combined with a big chunk of the county Sheriff's office to form Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.. 

That story is another tale altogether.  An attempt was made to undermine the authority of the elected Sheriff in Marion County.  It didn't work because vigilant people made sure it didn't.  Enough said for now.

I remember said 'friend', who over the years encouraged me to become a cop too.  I had the aptitude as it were.  If I had, I'd have been of the old school.  I'd take an Oath to protect and defend the Constitution and bill of Rights and would have kept it.  I would have served the people and NOT the state.  As most of us all over the Republic know, things have changed.

My old friend actually said this in a hushed tone one early morning.  I'd been trying to contact him for a while, to no avail.  I was reticent to call his home number, as I wanted to keep what I had to say official.  It was about death threats and drug activity in our neighborhood and other items which will remain quiet for now.

Among the times I tried to reach him, I called the South District, where he was stationed.  Now, over the years I called cops for a lot of reasons at different times.  Middle of the night, someone answered the District phone, giggling.  I asked if it was the Police number.  I was told they were closed!  WTF?  Later this was of course denied and never investigated.

When I finally got him, he was hesitant to talk.  This was not the friend anymore.  Things had changed was all he said.  No s*** Sherlock!

At the time there was a massive investigation of corruption at IPD.  The FBI was brought in.  I contacted someone outside even them.  It got results sort of.  Most of the clean up in our area was due to me, my ex and certain other residents working with some guys at Narcotics I still trusted oddly enough -s-.

It was at this point that nearly all my contacts had gone, forcing me to go elsewhere.  It was not actually this outside action that distanced me.  It was the increasing militarization and closed nature of IPD and policing in general.  They were now law enforcement, agents of the executive branch, the statist pose that is now the norm..

Oh yes, 911 was ineffective.  Duh.  My few trusted friends cautioned me to arm ourselves and some other things, mostly admitting cops couldn't, wouldn't help..  As far as 911, I was treated in a haughty manner more than once.  Also, cops didn't always show.  After we got a rep though ie ridding our hood of druggers etc, we actually got response.  Might have had something to do with knowing the Sheriff. 

Mind you we well knew we had to defend ourselves, which we did.  The 911 stuff was just for 'official' record.  Most of the time though, I simply called a cop I still knew or in some cases no one at all.  We weren't afraid, for we were armed and ready.  Also we had contacts in the local press and Statehouse.

My old friend eventually shut me out altogether.  Haven't spoken to him in years and don't care to do so.  He didn't have the guts then I doubt he does now. 

This may seem like a rant which it is.  And why turn over musty old diggings?  As I said, this was personal but was endemic of how cops have distanced themselves from the people.

When I first hung out with cops, I was told they could be cliqueish.  I got to know many and there was trust and so much that several spilled their guts to me.

When in college getting that Clinical Psych degree, the head of the Sociology Department suggested I might consider being a professional counselor with a department.  I also knew the head of Victim Assistance and thought about that.

If I get my doctorate someday after finishing some prelims, I think I'd prefer simply helping people help themselves.  That's another story.

To be honest, I think I knew how flawed IPD had become and that couldn't be tolerated.

As for the gut spilling, among other things confessed was disappointment because many of them really wanted to help people.  Disillusionment was rampant.  As  the gap widened, some retired early.  Others just put in their hours or adapted to not being peace officers but law enforcement.

Pardon the diatribe.  I think of Cincebox the socalled detective.  How would he have fared when I knew cops of yesteryear?  Who knows.  Cops who actually stood in harm's way for people and investigated regardless of the hood or status or who you knew.

Things have changed, except for dirty undies as it were.  Plenty of problems compounded with the elitist attitude make for some crazy mixed up coppers.

Us vs them.  Polarization.  Driving wedges.  People vs the state.  It's divide and conquer on steroids.

I hope there is a chance for those who will to come clean.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Finger Guns

In the sick dangerous world of education nowadays, among other zero tolerance affronts, a kid was kicked out for playing with a finger gun.  You might remember, though there were toy guns aplenty once, we would improvise with sticks and yes our fingers, usually extended forefinger and thumb up.  Depending on the 'design' (lol) the finer would bend or the thumb would fall along with shouts of 'bang, bang'.

Zero tolerance is lack of common sense of course.  It helps condition the masses for encroaching collectivism.

This tidbit was on my mind when someone on Facebook mentioned the 'n' word and someone sanctioned for using it.  I didn't bother to find out the details and I probably should.  But the whole point to me is simple.  A lot of people do a lot of things behind closed doors.  For weal or woe, they use a lot of words not spoken in public conversations.  They may gesticulate as well.  Where does pc policing end?

We may in the privacy of our homes say and do things we would never do or state outside.  Chalk it up to blowing off steam.

I hope in public places, such as this blog, we may all criticize those threatening our Republic.  We must be responsible and I further hope we are specific and offer solutions that are appropriate.

***** is a poopyhead just doesn't cut it.  But to call someone traitor must be backed up with facts.  I think most folks at least with whom I associate, do an excellent job in that regard.

Facts stick out like a sore thumb.  We call to the carpet those who should rightfully be brought to book.  And as the list is almost endless, I'll leave you to fill it in lol.

Lord help my GreatGrandmother if she were still here.  She used to say certain people weren't worth the powder to blow themselves up.  She'd probably get the Secret Service visiting her house on Main Street.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Round And Round

Robin's red barn we go.

I await events re my 'mugging', cops doing a great job, cops dropping the ball,  property return and other things I'm wont to comment on til the right time, which is NOT YET.

What's happening doesn't amount to a hill of beans compared to draconian gov and decent people getting the jagged end.  But it is MY hill of beans.

And I try not to haunt myself by wishing I'd stopped the threat.  It would have indeed stopped a string of events for others as well.

So hang in yet again and keep alert and aware of what's going down re the Republic.

When the time is ripe, I will have a dandy post for all.

Remember re my minor event and major ones such as gov lies re Benghazi, gun walker, IRS etc and injustice perped against folks like the Reeses, that there is a sore thumb sticking out:

There is truth and there is legal truth.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Something Rash

No, not a Fort Sumter.  I have a rash lol.

Shingles/hives etc are still unknown territory to a great extent.  Cause is still wispy.

Someone said I'm internalizing too much.  Maybe.  But, I'm pretty good at saying what I think.

There are a lot of things going on right now.  I still have some developments pending and I meet things head on.  Let them go too. 

As for others, you must find your own way.  That doesn't mean lack of support.  It means that your problems must be solved by you.

So I don't let rashes get me down.  There are far worse things.

Send some healing my way and I'll send some your way too -s-.

It is from all things we learn.

Don't be distracted.  Let the bad stuff pass through.

Let this be a tiny dose of philosophy for the time being lol.

Obstacles are opportunities. 

Enough said.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Paper And Ink.

I love books.  I love the feel and smell of paper and ink.

I'm sure our electronic lives will progress, but I hope not at the cost of paper and ink.

Probably when the time comes soon, I'll have my books available on Kindle as well as print.  All well and good.  But for me, their is something impermanent ephemeral about it.  Yes, eventually paper degrades, but their are types that are age resistant and why not reprint?.  There are plenty of trees, in spite of what green folk say.  Hey, we can even recycle.  -s-

We are so conditioned to the computer world, it's hard to imagine life without them.  Actually, though the years were early, the kids were without them.  My entire childhood never saw them.  Now they have 'baby puters' to condition little ones early.

Yes, I'm writing on one now and posting this on my blog.  It's a good thing (Miri).  What we should ask is what do we do if and when the power goes out?

One summer a while back, we experienced a storm of Biblical proportions.  Floods and power outages happened for at least a day.  Some places have had it worse with no electricity for days even weeks.

The time I recall is minor but telling.

We simply whipped out the candles and read books.  We managed to eat without a working kitchen and we listened to hand crank radio.

A relative of their, a cousin was flummoxed.  Didn't seem to know what to do except languish, seeming to mourn the loss of power.

Tech is fragile if civilization is not.  For even without power, we can make our choices, live our lives.

So treasure paper and ink.  They are a conveyance for weal or woe.  A Bible, a communist manifesto.  A Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights or Mein Kampf.    Such is choice and by which we may know many things.

Paper and ink are outward expression of what is in heart and mind.

And what is written on the heart is forever. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Own Good.

Am I repeating something here?  Probably so forgive the repetition.  When something sticks in my craw, I have to work it out.

How many times do we hear something is for 'our own good'?  It assaults us and pounds us monotonously.  All the collectivist drivel is touted to be good for us.  Obamacare, gun control, drones etc are just what Dr Marx ordered as a prescription for tyranny.

We are treated as children who cannot make up our own minds.  Then again, collectivism insults humanity's intelligence.

One of the more subtle personal moments regarding this condescending attitude came years ago when the kids' Mom and I decided to send them to school outside our homeschool.  Particularly, we applied to Park Tudor a private school on Indianapolis' Northside.

Certainly our son and daughter were academically qualified.  High IQ, achievers etc were and are common refs for them.  Moneywise, we planned the tuition.

Yet, after interviews with them and us, the school declined us.

We were specifically told in the rejection letter that it was in their best interest (sic) NOT to attend Park Tudor.  Huh?

Snobbery had reared its bloated head.  Yes it's an exclusive school, chockfull of wealthy as in prominent parents' kids attending.  What possessed us to even apply in retrospect eludes me.  I grew up on the Northside and went to North Central HS.  Never cared for the pompous attitude at Park Tudor.  It was too 'fishbowl' or 'test tube'.  Isolated upper middle class and wealthy folks' kids mixing mostly with only their own element.

We agreed it was indeed in our best interest to go elsewhere.  We decided on a charter school for our daughter and his Mom's HS Alma Mater.  This worked out well and both kids excelled as usual.  No doubt they would have at PT, but they were exposed to lower income and inner city folks.  The ivory tower of the Northside would have given them a very skewed view of the world.

My Dad was well known for communicating/relating with almost anyone from anywhere.  This was evident in our children as well.  Their experiences gave them a broader base from which to work out and determine for themselves about people from many walks of life.

Thanks Park Tudor for the ridiculous but ultimately unintended consequence of declaring our kids persona non grata.  They will take their places as leaders and achievers where no snob cared to go before.

So they also determine for themselves what is for their own good.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dear Dearth

Just a note denoting that there is no end to entries.  Just when I wonder where they come from, they pop up like perverted whack-a-moles.

I've maintained a personal perspective to my posts partly to tie into what is happening concerning our Republic and to simply give a human view of what's going on in my life.

Shortly I have the trial of one of my 'muggers' Brandon Nabors.  I do not agree with Father Flanagan that there is no such thing as a bad boy.  Brandon is a budding career criminal.  I predict sooner or later someone will stop the threat.

And the blooming soviet style methods at the East Washington Street Best Buy are a sight to behold.  They are symptoms of the disease of collectivism infecting our Republic.
As these events are unfolding, I am waiting to post specifics at a later date, hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

Til then, hold on for the bumpy ride ahead.

Monday, April 29, 2013


Well, the latest chapter in the 'I got jumped on Brookside Parkway' drama unfolds soon.  May 6 Brandon Nabors, the alledged 'leader'; of the 3 little s***s has a jury trial.

After this event, I will update.  But for now, it serves to remind me of the events of that night, August 27, 2012 and the aftermath.

The situation, up to a point, was handled well enough.  However, when the perps were nabbed with my property, it began to unravel.

The uniforms did their jobs, but it is the detective Bill Cincebox, who remains at fault.

This is opinion only of course, but I should have been taken to where they were nabbed to make an on the spot ID.  That was a major mistake when I was not.

Only the following morning did cincebox contact me.  He came to the house with printouts, slammed them on the hood, telling me to ID.  I had not slept, I was unfocused and disoriented.  I looked and couldn't actually see well.  I insisted he schedule another time later in the week.  He said no, my failure to ID was my only chance.

He questioned if the stolen gun was mine.

Bradis sent the wrong serial number and he concluded it was not my gun. 

I said I could ID it with a physical mark, a slight dent in the end of the barrel.

Cincebox was puzzled and without warning drew his weapon, jerking it out but pointing it down fortunately.  He asked me to point to the part of the gun I meant!  WTF???

I simply told this paragon of policing it was hwere the bullet came out.  Wonder how much expertise he had with guns.  I have decades, maybe longer than he has been around.  How could someone act this way?  Oh, I forgot, he is an 'only one'.

His behavior the whole time was jerky and hyper.  Was he like this or was this somehow induced?

He called later saying the gun could not have been mine as the serial number did not synch.  I subsequently discovered Bradis' mistake and they faxed the correct number to IMPD.  Oh yes, he also said there was no dent.  I knew he was BSing me and I called him on it.  All he said was he hadn't seen the serial number sent by Bradis the second time.  It was Tuesday and he said he wouldn't be back on duty til Saturday.  Wonder if he needed to sober up or what?

In calling him out, he merely said maybe they switched guns!  Ummm, thugs are not that connected and it had been a very short time.  Jim Grey, the officer who helped me had said they recovered the gun and all the mags/ammo etc.  Cincebox was unbelievable in his ridiculous badgering.  I resented his interrogation especially as it was just the following afternoon and I had finally sought rest.  Insensitive, no apology hardly covers it.

I received a call Saturday From Cincebox.. He was friendly and called me by name and said we could arrange a time at my convenience to ID the perps.  The he realized supposedly, that I was the wrong Michael.  There had been another assault after me that night near College and New York.  It's a Yuppie neighborhood with an upscale bar and a gay/leather bar.  Bet the perps thought there were easy pickings and docile victims in such a hood.  Mind you I'm not making a judgment just telling you the lay of the land and the probable perception that many gays and yuppies tend to be either passive or at least not armed.  I'll leave it to the reader to opine about the situation.

He was still talking jerkily, perhaps just a trait.  I don't know.  But he was dismissive, declaring that the gun etc were indeed mine!  Thanks for telling me what I already knew was my answer. 

That was that.  And btw, I stupidly did not recall the serial number because I had the original receipt from Bradis, by way of CDNN in the fanny pack in case I had to use the gun and it was taken for evidence.  I will not suffer that mistake again.  I know my numbers by heart and have copies.

What I wonder is his deference to the other victim.  He seemed to bend over backwards to accommodate him while I was handled dismissively.

Cops I've known who do their jobs well would have said to wait til I'd rested.  Or, the big or, they would have transported me to where the perps were apprehended for on the spot ID.  Sure the immediacy of identification was important, but then we come back to on the spot ID.

Cincebox himself (I discovered researching him) had done this with a victim on the southside previously.  Hmmmm. 

It's been suggested by my ex and others (couple of cops included) that he seemed to have little regard for me because of where I lived.  Difficult to prove but food for thought.

My belief he was inept would be fruitless to pursue.  I know the blue wall well and any accusation would be dismissed.  And it would simply be hard to pinpoint.

So I am left with the result.  I plan to be at the trial obseving and I hope arranging the return of my property.  I will not let it 'disappear' as many items have over the years from the Property Room.  That includes blood samples of a cop indicted for killing someoen while drunk driving.  He has btw been arrested for DUI just the other day again.

Lessons learned.  All i have to say is I am better prepped now than I was.  The warrior is reawakened on all levels -s-.

So regards are a two way street. 

I have contempt for cops who don't do their jobs whatever the reason.

It is up to us to regard ourselves and of course to protect ourselves.  Period.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blowin In The Wind

Here's to the whistleblowers!  A list follows:

Some are made public either on purpose or through slipups.  But I believe anonymity plays an important part in exposing tyranny.

I know there are times that specifics are important, in that hiding in plain sight will give us people with whom we can rally.  They stand up and are counted, putting everything they hold dear at risk, as did the Founders.

However, the invisible folks who do the anonymous work of intel remain unsung and slip in and out of history. 

In other words, if anyone wants to know what I know, I know nothing (all due respect to Sgt Schultz from Hogan's Heroes).

I have been scrutinized.  And though I have made it clear that I will help Restore the Republic, it's fruitless to monitor me in the hope of getting names.

So whistle past the graveyard or go blowin' in the wind.

In the soft silence there is a hum, more felt than heard. 

It's the enemies, foreign and oh those creepy domestic ones suckin' wind.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Basement Bilge

Could be commentary on what flows from government agencies and congress lol.  It's actually quite literal.  Keep in mind that 'bilge' is an old fashioned naval term for water in the bottom of a boat.  By extrapolation, it indicates waste water and/or water from seepage.

Well, the double next to my ex's house is suffering yet again.  It has a physical history of deterioration and damage that would have condemned most other houses.  In spite of that, it has remained a 'rental'.

Rentals are blights on the landscape of a city.  Instead of becoming a source of income from actual rent for the owners, they are often places where drug houses/factories take root.  The 'owner' may well be a corporation, covered in a network of limited liability companies.  Are they mob run?  Your guess is as good as mine.  The answer is probably.  But whatever the end, what happens on the street affects those who live round it, regardless of their health and well being.

We had nothing but trouble from this rental.  It has housed a panoply of drug dealers, drug labs, pimps crack whores, burglars and scum on the lam.  Frequently these charmers were gang related.  We unearthed several and garnered their displeasure.  How dare we want a clean decent neighborhood, free of crime and fear?

We worked with cops (nameless for protection) we trusted (there were such) to rid the area of this social cancer.  There were folks of good regard, also vetted, who worked on the problem as well.  Oh yes, we were armed and determined.  Still are -s-.

There is much more to it, a lot of socio-political nuances.  Corruption runs rampant in little ol' Indianapolis.  There is indeed a lot of bilge water.  But there are those who stand for Freedom, for what is right about this Republic, because this whole thing is endemic of the rot that has eaten away said Freedom.  It is our duty to fight it and rebuild.

To make a short story long, the mokes who have the house next door had been draining water from the basement.  A hose was stuck into my ex's fence.  We removed it.  It returned.  She confronted the mental midget who was seeing to the drainage, telling him to stop it on her land.

He proceeded to harangue her in shall we say, a most derogatory way.  He did the same with me.  I questioned him as to who he was , who owned the property and what his gang affiliation was.  His only reply was,'You'll find out'.


Called the cops who supervised him placing the hose in a more proper place.

Interesting side note is how he exited couple evenings ago.  He backed out and continued backing out the alley.  Doesn't want me to have his truck license, huh?

We will see what these mokes have in mind.  This war for decency never ends.

And as I said, it is endemic of what is happening all over these united States.

Be vigilant, be ready and do not let the s******s stop you.

We will drain the bilge from the Republic.  And it will drown tyranny.

Sunday, March 31, 2013


We are constantly assaulted with collectivist rhetoric.  Alinsky (admirer of Lucifer) lives on in his disciples.  The assault is multilevel and insidious.  'Give up', a whisper entrancing like sleeping in the snow, repeats to distraction.

No wonder people experience ennui.  Weariness, discontent, boredom just reach a saturation point.

WAKE UP -s-.

Take the fight to the enemy and make it too costly for them.

Don't let them isolate you and do not allow yourself to be addled by pummelling.

What matters to you?  Think hard.  And if you hate what is evil, let your love of what is right carry you through.

Closing a short but I hope sweet post, from Ben Hur:

'Balthazar is a good man.  But until all men are like him, we must keep our swords bright.'  Sheik Ilderim

'And our intentions true.'  Judah Ben Hur

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Strike up the band for Popeye the Sailor.  Cash in his hand and right off the whaler..............

I've been rewatching Popeye cartoons and am marvelling at the artistry.  Everything that goes into a cartoon takes teamwork and dedication.  And the energy in the Popeye cartoons is nonstop.

There are a lot of sources.  Just type Popeye into a search engine for more details.

The earlier ones were mini musicals and the voices were great characters. 

I used to drive Mom nuts imitating them and singing lol.  But I had no inclination to brawl as did Popeye and Bluto.  The goal was usually Olive Oyl, perennial girlfriend.

Other characters included the fat lazy moocher Wimpy, Sweetpea the baby and nephews Peepeye, Pipeye, Poopeye, Pupeye.  Who the parents are is never explained -s-.

Popeye is scrappy, hates injustice and all American.  He especially hates bullies like the usual Bluto. 

It struck a chord as a kid for me since I had to fight off my share of bullies.  And I ate more spinach as well lol.  I bet spinach sales were up for years because of Popeye's love of the leafy vegetable.  And no I knew it wouldn't make me strong alone.

It did give me courage, along with my brother among others, to face bullies.  This gave way to determination to not back down. 

Oh my garshk!  Agh guh guh guh.  Mumbling to self, I hates all palookas who aint on the ups and square.  -s-

Just a nod and thanks to the guy who 'was every inch a sailor' (Might have been double meaning and yes I've seen the naughty cartoons.  Never mind where that hidden tat was lol).

One other thing.  Popeye was good hearted, helping people in trouble.  He wasn't a psycho like Woody Woodpecker lol.  As for say, Bugs Bunny, I'll leave that for another time.  I favored those toons and Popeye over Disney.

Lastly, he was honest.

'I yam what I yam and that's all what I yam'. 

Same here -s-.


Could be ley lines and all their symbology.  Or it could be about power networks, electricity etc.  But for today, let's think figuratively.

I may be Captain Obvious again, but things are interconnected.  All the machinations of the collectivists are like a roadmap of tyranny. 

How do you fight such a monstrosity?  Many tentacles, lots of arms, but how many heads?

Think of a map for say, a city.  See all the streets, rivers, highways.  If you are travelling there, you try to find the best way to get to your destination. 

You have to decide what your destination, the end of the trip might be.  Are there side trips, do you need to be anywhere else?  Are you travelling alone or with others? 

There is a structure to these enemies of Liberty.  There are the usual useful idiots.  There are their controllers.  There are the puppet masters who run the show.

The job is simple in that we must study how they work, behave and destructure.  Take a tour of Tyranny City.  The structure is remarkably the same.  Be prepared for detours and heavy traffic.

If such a structure is built on and with lies, tell the truth.  Be ready if you fall in a ditch to have the skills to get out. 

Ok, the most difficult thing is to do nothing.  But doing and knowing go hand in hand.

A poorly built city can be rebuilt.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Labels Titles Names Being

I can imagine the almost schoolyard nyah nyah nyah as a result of this post.  How dare I criticize anything black?  Same reason I reserve the right to question anything. 

There has been a dramatic increase in the last several years in gang violence.  This includes not just organized groups such as Gangster Disciples, Crips, Bloods etc, but flash mob activities which may or may not involve these gangs.  It appears they often are made up of groups of kids who know each other through social media.  The notice goes out, they gather and commit the crime du jour, most often looting and robbing, but including assault and rape.

The overwhelming number of kids involved are black.  Ohoh, I said it.  It's the truth.  And I expect there are some who may lambast me if not here, then elsewhere.  I don't back down and I face consequences come what may.  In other words, telling the truth is worth the trouble.

There is a concerted effort to divide the races.  It's working in part but not completely.  The attempt to create suspicion seems to rotate in a poisonous orbit round some liberal circles and especially round the collectivist agenda.  It is truly a move to divide and conquer.  Diversity has reared a very ugly head.

Fuelling this is the entitlement state and the increasing lack of personal responsibility commensurate with it.  The aimless need direction.

As in the communist countries and fascist states, the rudderless are given goals.  Bully boys and girls are being recruited to wreak havoc and instill fear.

This in turn leads to a response from the state, in an effort to control, to show dominance.  It produces bullies in uniform.

A vicious circle sets up, where people no longer control themselves.  It's a strange world where we become pawns in the control game for our very lives.

Sometimes and we've noticed this personally, guys rove the streets by twos or threes.  That's what happened to me on Brookside Parkway.  The three (Nabors, Johnson, Carter) thugs who jumped me fit the bill.  And they all have growing records at round the age of 18, 19, 20.

The targets are almost invariably white, with some Oriental and Hispanic thrown in.  Usually it's a gang up, two/three on one.  And there is also the 'knockout' game.

Again, roving bands singling out usually one person and beating them to a pulp.  There have been plenty of severe injuries and deaths.  Some places cops fear to tread, especially in the flashmob instances.

People are fighting back.  Some cities have seen citizens band together in mutual self defense.  Also, self defense with firearms plays a positive role in the foggy mayhem.  Where citizens fight back the gangs shift if not back down.  It's not easy and the savagery is intense and immense.

Oath keeping cops actually work with citizens, but it's up to us to defend ourselves

One hears the term 'soulja' bandied about.  Ostensibly, this signifies someone who survives what is more commonly called the 'school of hard knocks'.  I'm a graduate of that institution -s- so I could be called a soulja.  I'm afraid I don't fit the bill because it mostly applies to thuggery.  The attempt to sugarcoat what's going on falls flat.

Jihad, which primarily applies to holy war among Moslems, could be taken to mean struggle and slathered with good will as a goal.  In fact there is a program about 'what's your jihad?  Maybe it's school or raising kids etc.  What makes it fall flat is the evil that swells and predominates in murderous rage because others 'dare' to believe and behave differently.

Make no mistake.  The way society is being engineered, we are being persecuted, censured, silenced for speaking out.  The Second Amendment is the linchpin and more than a tip of the iceberg.

And the finger pointing, ie one is prejudiced or full of hate for pointing out the truth, is strong and the intensity, the pressure is on us to give up.  Alinskyites proclaim that we are doing what they actually are doing.  We float in a sea of confusion, unless we stay the course.

Beat, pardon the reverse term -s-, them at their own game by sticking to the truth.  Don't waver. Tell the tale of how our Republic is compromised and to fix it we must go toe to toe with thugs, on the street and intellectually with their 'masters'.

Instead of labeling and using titles, name the problems and the solutions.

It's the only way we can be human beings.

For the thugs have made a choice.  The manipulators have made a choice.  They have crossed the line.

We must meet them and hold, beating them back.

All the grads of the school of hard knocks, all the decent folks who really struggle to raise kids and meet and teach responsibility still have the strength to rout the foe.

We must defend ourselves with words and deeds.

Finally, we are all in this together.  We hang together or we will hang or be beaten up or shot separately.

Our Freedom, Liberty is something which is internal.  It's not form it's substance.

Oh yes, one more thing.  Don't fall into the trap of 'some of my best friends are (fill in the blank)'  Let that be and speak for itself.

Know the difference between being defensive and spearheading the truth. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013


I was downtown.  It was cold, dark and rainy.  This added to the feeling of foreboding that is growing not just here but in cities all over the US.

The City County building, seat of city gov, seems like some statist fortress out of Heinlein or Bracken.

I urge everyone to one, not be intimidated and two, to follow up by meeting budding tyranny in the eye.

It won't change at the metal detectors.  But study them and see what tudes the 'guards' have.  The atmosphere has indeed changed over the last say 20 years.  A cop I knew warned of it when things started to gum up re comms inside the IPD.

I'm making this short, not to actually get in a quota, but to sift through data past and present which is both personal and 'governmental' shall we say.

I have always worked well under pressure.  Now are the times that are indeed trying my and our souls.

Please search yourselves and see what tudes are within you and without.

I will be back with more soon.  Stay the course. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Memory Merry Go Round

I'm not afraid to say things.  Self expression has never been a problem for me.  I just want to make sure I'm right then go ahead as Crockett would say.

I've been married twice and divorced twice.  Each was a different situation, with different players in the parts save for me.

My first exwife died last week.  Found out by way of her second ex who is a friend of my second ex's brother.  WTF lol.  Gotta laugh.

I was pretty much a kid back then.  I should have known better.  But hind sight is 20-20.

The point is the memories brought back.  Very little good except for our daughter, my current kid's half sister.

My first ex left a lot of the marriage to be done by me.  She shirked a great deal of her responsibilities.  Later, her older sister admitted my ex was a spoiled brat for whom too many things were done.  Sounds like our entitlement state huh?

The penultimate act of irresponsibility was leaving for a year, with her friend, another brat, to 'find' themselves.  They left their husbands and kids to find what?  I really have to restrain myself re comments.  How could someone do this?  Well many have and today we have so many kids products of the state's care.  It's no wonder there are street scums like the guys who jumped me.  i'll have something to say about them soon.

I raised our daughter alone for a year.  had a business travelled and managed a home .  Hmmmmm.

When she came back she demanded a divorce.  Judge gave her sole custody in the best interest of the child.  I was railroaded and was not even allowed to speak.

It tore me up. and my daughter and I have been alienated for the most part ever since.

When I married again, my wife and I opened our home to her.  She enjoyed it and even liked her kid brother, our son (future Marine pilot soon now -s-).

Then her Mom and her second hubby put the kabosh on it when she seemed to like it better than their place.  There is more to it, such as their sketchy lifestyle, frequent moves and unstable lives.  This included my daughter doing a lot of the work there, as I had done.  Good God.  She even had to care for her two little brothers in my ex's new 'home'.

I hope this is taken by any reading it well.  I'm not badmouthing, though it might be argued by some.  I am only telling the past as I experienced it.

My oldest daughter and I did well without her and would have continued to do so.  Would coulda shoulda come to mind.  Perhaps there was more I could do.  I can tell you the man I am today would NOT have let this lie.  Fortunately my now second ex and I actually had the kid's best interest at heart and we sought and received joint custody, all things uncontested.

Let's suffice it to say the fly by night lifestyle had its toll on my daughter.  Apparently it did to the second husband.  They divorced.  He was complicit in alienating my daughter, but claims no now.  Further, somewhat amusedly, my second ex told me he tried to brush off his doings to my daughter's manipulation!  It's a miasma that I am glad is not part of our lives.

Reasons for my second divorce are between my ex and me.  Our kids are fine and well motivated.

Who suffered the most from the misadventures of my oldest's mom?  My oldest of course.  It's sad we didn't have the relationship my son and daughter share with their parents.

Confused?  It could be, but I was at the eye of the storm, watching the franticness unfold.

Point is, a lot of people are on personal merry go rounds of disfunction.  Misery loves company.  i refued to play this game.

And yes with entitlement, it has damaged our Republic's infrastructure.

We must get off the merry go round, quit spinning, get our bearings and start anew.

Easy?  No.  Doable only with commitment and going in with eyes open.

As for my first ex, may she rest in peace.  I bear no ill will save to tell what had transpired.  I do so for weal or woe, with no apologies.  Personal lives go askew.  It adds up eventually to a whole country doing so.

Again, let us bit by bit get back what is lost and don't let past mistakes rule us so that we are doomed to repeat them.

Responsibility demands that we do so