Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hoods Hoodies Hoods

I wore hoodies long before they were gangsta chic.  Both workout duds and knockarounds, they have been in my wardrobe since I was a kid.

Like many things, hoodies have achieved infamous notoriety long before that thug in Florida made them a twisted symbol of some kind of supposed free thought.

Thugs favor them because they help conceal identity in the commission of crimes. Fashion statements from criminals include hoodies and of course the lurid droopy drawers that are associated with prison w****s ie, availability for sexual activity behind bars.

I'm sure to be labeled by some as a clothes Nazi.  But emulating thugs and actually becoming one is hardly good for kids.  And I'm equally sure my 'rant' will go unheeded by many.

Hoods will continue to wear hoodies in neighbor 'hoods'.

But if I remain silent, even about what some consider inconsequential, then I am guilty of helping wrong rather than righting it.  And I tell you it is NOT insignificant.  It is like an iceberg, whose visible topsits openly while the rest and most, is under the surface.

Collectivist cultural attack is just that on all levels.

The most egregious backlash symbol I saw since that incident in Florida was a sketch of Dr King sporting a hoodie in some kind of posthumous solidarity with thuggery.

I do not presume to speak for him, but my opinion, based on his work and words, is that MLK would object to this and admonish today's youth, black, white and every other color under the sun to emulate those who seek to do right.  That which is right includes seeking to live together according to content of character and remembering that which is best about being American.

Hoodies keep my bare noggin warm.  They look cool because they feel good.

I bet a lot of people don't even think about fashion.  They want to be hip.

I say be yourself and make your own way.  Get with others of like mind and remember E Pluribus Unum: From Many One.

The common purpose of Freedom/Liberty is not communism!


Mike H said...

I'm picking up where I left off at the end of August. Many of you know the computer frizzed shortly after my last entry. I'm back and at worst was simply delayed. Where there's a will, there is more than relatives lol.

Mike H said...

Far as it goes, I'll probably get some nice duds when in Hollywoody. -s-