Sunday, September 29, 2013


Who didn't have them?  Well some trust fund babies, red diaper babies, royalty and such.  Then again there are quite a few wealthy people who insist their kids get a taste of reality. 

Taking out the trash, cleaning your room and washing dishes are widespread and I did my share -s-.  Living on my own dictates I continue habits started in childhood.  I'm not much for 'let the servants do it' even if I had them.

Of course, some tasks we perform can be onerous.  They result in being labeled 'chore'.  So we dig in and get the job done.  Otherwise we end up exhausted before we finish.  Like my illustration of a drug store prescription room, we may look at all we must do, counting all the bottles etc, and want to give up.  My cure for that is to concentrate on what is in front of me, then go on. 

Whether they are routine, difficult/disagreeable or endeavors, they are all responsibility.  That is the crux.

Whatever level, from teeth brushing, preparing meals, changing diapers or restoring the Republic, we finish what we start. 

It may have a satisfaction of its own.  Clean teeth, kids, government may have their own rewards.  And every little bit helps.

Now my chore of writing a post is finished.  But I am never really done.  I rise to the task.

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