Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gethsemene Moments.

Have I written about this before?  Times of self doubt even fear which rack our psyches?  It's sort of related to the 'hour of the wolf', the time round 3-4am when such thoughts assault us.

I've had some lately and it is intense, stultifying.

What's the use?  If I give up maybe the doubts will go away.

To hell with that bs.

I endure such things.  They come to everyone, great and small as it were.

Didn't sweat blood but the anxiety was intense a little while back.

Then I remembered to practice what I preach.

I met it headon and wrestled through it.  Taking the risks with career and certainly the Republic, I would never know if I didn't do.

I will NOT fail.  By hook or by crook #2 says in the Prisoner.  Well, I'm not willing to use foul means lol.  But I am ready to do all I can to succeed.  And honesty has gotten me where I am.  It will carry me through the valleys to the peaks.

So I say DO sweat it.  Effort given pays out in solutions and results.  So what if that sounds like one of those motivational seminars?

Cliches are often true.

Weather the storm.  I makes you stronger on all levels.

Dark fear soaked nights give way to the clear dawn as it were -s-.

It helps us deal with the naysayers as we work to accomplish our goals.

So here I come!

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Maleeva said...

It's a quarter to3. There's no one in the place except Lon and me. So set em up Joe. I've got a little wolfsbane that you ought to grow.