Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I'm spreading the word about this no guns in the Statehouse nonsense. I'm in the process of contacting everyone I can to protest/rally. I've got several legislators interested in putting an end to the unconstitutional violation of our civil rights. Anyone that has suggestions, now is the time. Spread the word in Indiana and nationwide for that matter. This should be a meeting place to urge the Governor, 'My Man Mitch' Daniels to rescind a 'rule' that bureaucrats foisted upon us. (Trivia: I went to high school with Mitch D. I remember him 'smile'.) Actually, there should be NO permits. That's begging the government permission to protect ourselves. One step at a time in 'petitioning the king'.

If a 1000-2000 show up at the Statehouse, that would get noticed! I have press people ready to cover it.

Again, any suggestions are welcome.

Come on 2A advocates, let's rally for our rights!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Looking Twice

'Still a man sees what he wants to see and disregards the rest.' From Simon and Garfunkel's 'The Boxer'.

It flabbergasts me how people will let things roll over them. I, for instance, sat the other morning with a pall of sadness floating over us. Nice weather, dawn soon spread light over us. There are thoughts of yard work, cleaning and, for me. writing and rehearsing. Everyday cares and joys mix with a gut level twinge because we cannot go to our Statehouse armed. This fiat, unconstitutional rule spoils the day. Oh, yes, we will all go about our lives. But, our Freedom is reduced. A little here, then a little there. Slowly, like a tiny leak, a crack in the wall of the Constitution. Death by a thousand cuts.

People will blithely come and go and many will enter the metal detector, like cattle in a chute. They will submit to their civil rights being violated. They may think it's inevitable. They may shrug and say, 'Well it must be for our own good.'

Others will opt to NOT submit. I, for one, will not go in 'our' ( We the People's) building til justice is restored. We will speak out and expose this lawlessness. We will demand our Rights.

People see what they want to see. Or, in the case of something heinous or distasteful, will avoid it. Addressing child sexual abuse frequently gets an uncomfortable reaction, for example. It is so evil that people would rather ignore it, or say that it happens to other people, or cop out and let still other people handle the fight to help the children. What's happening regarding our Freedom is just as vile. Just as lives are destroyed by abuse our lives as sovereign people and the life of these united States are being destroyed by abuse of power.

Abuse can rob a person of humanity. It can obliterate the soul. Thus it is with those who would seize power over us. They would make us sick, fearful, dependent even self destructive. They would break the Will of the Republic. We would be remade into submissive serfs, whose will is bent to serve masters. Just the Opposite of a Constitutional Republic, where The People are the masters and government is the servant.

I am asking for you reading this to look twice. See what is really going on. See that there are monsters attempting to wipe out Freedom. Just as facing the evil ones who prey upon children and bringing them to justice, I ask you to see the rape of our Republic that is happening now. I ask you to warn others and spread the word that we must fight. And just as children can be healed, so can we the children of Freedom be imbued with healing and strength to not just survive, but to bring forth a restored Republic.