Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I'm spreading the word about this no guns in the Statehouse nonsense. I'm in the process of contacting everyone I can to protest/rally. I've got several legislators interested in putting an end to the unconstitutional violation of our civil rights. Anyone that has suggestions, now is the time. Spread the word in Indiana and nationwide for that matter. This should be a meeting place to urge the Governor, 'My Man Mitch' Daniels to rescind a 'rule' that bureaucrats foisted upon us. (Trivia: I went to high school with Mitch D. I remember him 'smile'.) Actually, there should be NO permits. That's begging the government permission to protect ourselves. One step at a time in 'petitioning the king'.

If a 1000-2000 show up at the Statehouse, that would get noticed! I have press people ready to cover it.

Again, any suggestions are welcome.

Come on 2A advocates, let's rally for our rights!


Anonymous said...

One should contact literally everyone possible. Go national as well and work your way back. BTW, where are more comments? Maybe you need to get the word out more about this blog. Same thing go national etc.

mike h said...

I am getting the word out. Comments are ok, but I rather hope people read these missives and go tell others. Sam Adams 'brushfires in the minds of men' comes to mind. I don't mind discussion of course. I prefer spreading the word!