Monday, August 6, 2007

Crisis in Indianapolis/Marion County

We have a horrible property tax crisis in Indy. We have the most corrupt mayor , arguably, in our history. The City-County Council majority is in his pocket. Oh, our income taxes have just been pushed to all time highs. And now Mayor Peterson is blaming Governor Mitch Daniels for a 52 million dollar deficit because of Mitch's freeze and allowing taxpayers to pay property taxes at 2006 levels, while he has the situation investigated. Mind you, there are other places that have money troubles besides corruption ridden Gary. We are fast catching up though.  Joe Friday had a great blog with many refs.

Much of my time has been spent getting involved locally to fight the abusive Peterson mob and their reign of terror. My wife ran for CCC in the primary. She did not make the cut. There was a debacle at the polls. Several poll sites did not even open! We will probably never know who those folks would have voted for. There is SUPPOSED to be an investigation by the Secretary of State and Attorney General. We are following this closely.

I know there are thieves and liars at all levels of government. I believe grassroots is the 'ballot box' way to start restoring our Republic. We need a complete house cleaning here in Indy! With the caliber of reprobates involved it resembles a colon cleansing.

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Mike H said...

Indyundercover was pulled a long time ago. Whatever is at that blogspot is NOT Joe Friday's.