Thursday, August 23, 2007


Below is a letter I sent in response to an effort by local media to examine solutions for 'safer streets'. There were the usual liberal/antigun ideas. Self discipline did pop up several times. A responsible armed citizenry only rose up once.

Responsibility. To ourselves, our families, our communities. Is this the simple solution to the problems we face in the socalled war (ref to our Sheriff Frank Anderson saying we were at 'war' against violence)? Yes and no.

I agree with Byron Alston and Sheriff Carter (Hamilton County). We must meet together and we must discipline children. If we do not, something will take the place of family. Gangs depend on families dissolving. Sharing our concerns and planning interaction costs nothing and is effective. There are too many 'programs' that have actually contributed to the problem rather than helped. People have been taught to depend on the state and not themselves. They must be retaught.

It is time to reclaim individual responsibility. We must teach that for every act, there is a consequence, good or bad. We must teach that life is precious and we must continue to eradicate gangs/drugs from our midst. Part of the problem is that new gangs have entered the County (Marion) and they are indeed warring with established ones. Much of this is Hispanic vs Black. Lest I seem racist, that is not so. The decent people of all races far outnumber the criminals.

Concerning responsibility, there is a topic that seems taboo unless it is dealt with negatively. That is the subject of gun ownership.

Most firearms are owned by decent honest people for a variety of uses. This includes self defense. That said, we have the responsibility with the right to keep and bear arms to know how to responsibly and effectively operate them.

We have firearms in our fanily, in our home. The children are taught how to shoot and importantly, taught firearms safety. I was taught at an early age in the same way. We have passed this on to our children. We were pleased to see that Mitch Daniels (Indiana Governor) signed into law a Lifetime permit option. It's a step to Vermont style carry.

There is nothing to fear from us as opposed to the criminals who have wantonly been murdering fellow criminals and innocent citizens. I quote Col. Jeff Cooper, one of the great firearms instructors, "Here's my credo. There are no good guns. There are no bad guns. A gun in the hands of a bad man is a bad thing. Any gun in the hands of a good man is no threat to anyone, except bad people."

I take exception to Mr. Dominguez' (news anchor at the local Hispanic station) statement re permits. Eighteen year olds are able to vote and enter the armed forces where they train to handle million dollar equipment and are given automatic weapons. They ARE responsible. Ask my kids! If they are not they should be punished.

Also metal detectors and checkpoints, not only Unconstitutional, are mostly fruitless finding perps. How frightening re checkpoints in neighborhoods. We are a Constitutional Republic. Unless someone commits crime we should not ALL be treated as criminals. Terrorists/criminals are going to win this war IF we allow this. They don't care for the law and will find a way to murder and commit other crimes regardless of laws.

Trust the people! We are indeed part of the solution as Sheriff Anderson said. We should be alert and help police/sheriffs by reporting gang/drug activity. We have in our neighborhood and have cleaned out several drug houses. I pray we will all work together to change Indianapolis and the County for the best!

Back to the present: I sent this to numerous media, members of the city/county/state government, including Mayor, Governor, Judge Cale Bradford, etal. To this date, there has been NO interest/reply. Until I started to embarrass them. I will continue to drag this into the light. As we know, politicians do not act, they react. I cannot stop.

Remember folks, it takes ALL of us to bring about change. Get busy!


zach said...

I understand that personal responsibility is crucial here, but arguing
that lax gun control laws that have enabled dealers to flood urban areas with firearms have nothing to do with rising rates of gun violence just seems silly. How can making it more difficult for, say, malicious crack kingpins to get their hands on guns be a step in the wrong direction? I argue in my op-ed on the Huffington Posttoday that while the way to get to the root of most social problems is to provide economic opportunity, it’s foolish to repeal gun control laws. Check it out hereand please share your comments.

Thirdpower said...

The laws are the same now as they were ten years ago. What's the difference? Drops in police funding, more revolving door courts, and a recession.

Most "gun control" laws do nothing to control "guns" but just the people who want to legally own them.

Oldsmoblogger said...

Well, zach, you're nothing if not consistent. Gun control laws accomplish precisely jack squat in keeping guns out of the hands of "malicious crack kingpins," and if you had a shred of cognitive ability you would know it...or if you had a shred of honesty you would admit it. Malicious crack kingpins are criminals, and criminals don't obey laws.

Jeff said...

The definiton of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting diffent results. Gun control laws don’t work. Never have, never will.

In 2004 thhe National Academy of Sciences issued a 328-page report based on 253 journal articles, 99 books, 43 government publications, a survey of 80 different gun-control laws and some of its own independent study. In short, the panel could find no link between restrictions on gun ownership and lower rates of crime, firearms violence or even accidents with guns.

The panel was established during the Clinton administration and all but one of its members were known to favor gun control.

Full report here:

The Center for Disease Control mirrored these findings with their own stuy, whose conclusin was thus:

“The Task Force found insufficient evidence to determine the effectiveness of any of the firearms laws or combinations of laws reviewed on violent outcomes.” End quote

What you have here is a faiure of doctrine….the facts don’t fit the narrative cherished by the anti-gun/gun control crowd.

Anonymous said...

Yea...but it "seems silly" to argue against him. Because he says so. Just ask him.

mike h said...

Zach: Liberalism is a disease. Check JPFO's archives for that telling tidbit. Sounds like a case of 'My mind's made up, don't confuse me with the facts'. Learn to protect yourself or perish. 2 1/2 million people a year are saved by responsible firearms use. Find the truth for yourself!