Thursday, December 31, 2015

Creeping Joy

Sounds like an October post or a short story by yours truly.  Well it could be.  it could be negative or positive.

Our enemies are rolling ahead, literally funded by people supposedly chosen to stop them.  They have turned out to be just as evil.

Imagine a dark evil being, standing at a tomblike castle window, arms raised, embracing the evil that spawned it.  Its ghoulish grin grows wide, venom dripping sharp teeth glistening in the greenish moonlight.  The eyes, like two bottomless pits, seem to suck in all life, all light.  Its claws extend and grasp , dreaming of triumph.

Perhaps I'm a bit overly dramatic lol.  Or not.  Evil does disguise itself as surface good, all the while rotting the very substance of being.

There is indeed an inverted joy among collectivists.  They think they're winning.  It is the ignorance of arrogance and the arrogance of ignorance born of pride.  They forget how it comes before the fall.

I'm not saying it's any easier just because we seek Liberty.  It never has been.  It is a road fraught with pain, blood, tears and death.  Yet in the midst of it all, the Light grows; a creeping dawn.  If you are Restoration, you sense it even if you don't see it.

There is still a stumbling block-The Bill of Rights and something greater.  It is the will of the People to be Free, born of the God given rights enumerated there.  When will enough be enough?

It's a question both Good and evil ask.

This coming year will be like no other.

This time next year, we will see what has crept or rolled along.

I look forward to that 48th blog entry.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I was painting a house, preparing it as a wedding/starter gift from a woman, who happened to be in real estate, to her son and daughter.  I was nearing the end of my work when the son showed up to observe the progress.  It was a sturdy fixer upper, which took a bit of time to remodel.

I recall being on a ladder near the rear, brush painting an eave.  As usual, I had a mix of music on one of my numerous cassettes, helping me pass the time.  It's a lifelong way of things for me.  Even now, I have the TV playing 'background' as I write.

He was a friendly enough kid and I paused to chitchat.  The one thing that remains about it was his surprise regarding my background.  He was actually visually startled to discover my educational background and even the fact I was pursuing work in the arts.  We didn't delve into impressions particularly, but it happened my music mix as some kind of common ground, was the ice breaker.

Our time was relatively short, but I think he understood there might be more to people than meets the eye.  My impression of him was someone who had limited contact in the world at large.  I think he worked hard at his schooling and his job.  But he just didn't have experience with actual diversity.

Instead of a divisive tool of collectivists, real diversity celebrates difference coming together to share various experiences, to team up in many ways to accomplish goals.  All you have to do is view the many jobs which make up putting out a movie, let alone anything else.  Same for construction or other such ventures.

I believe the more we learn the better.  I don't know if that's a 'jack of all trades and master of none'   or someone who is at least aware of all the elements that come together.  I sure as heck wouldn't try to do all the work on a house.  There are some who do several jobs, but most know their limitations and call in responsible craftspeople.

What I'm getting at or asking is that we are indeed aware of others.  It's easy to take things around us for granted.

Also, don't be surprised when others demonstrate knowledge beyond what you may see at a given time. 

When I was a kid we had our house repainted one summer.  Dad knew a lot of people.  The guys who did the job turned out to be teachers making extra money to supplement income.  They were excellent at their work.

These days some folks have more than one job to make ends meet.  It's harder than ever as I'm sure I don't have to remind you, at least most -s-.

Americans are not reticent to work.  Those jobs other people do are underbid, short changing us.

Roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Impressions should just be good.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Blue Eyes

Someone's come up with a supposedly 'accurate' depiction of Jesus.  There are so many.

I don't usually pay attention to such things.  I speculate about certain events, but try to accumulate facts as best I can.  Sure I collect 'conspiracy theories', but even there I check for wiggle room.  There are people, btw, who are paid to muddy the water.

I've had it explained to me that the 'earthly' portion of Jesus was Semitic.  Someone else said Syriac.  He was described as brown eyed and dark. Maybe.

Another description says he is tall with long auburn hair and beard.

Others have described Jesus with grey or pale eyes.

I've seen renditions of Jesus as Chinese, Thai, black African among others.  And lest we forget all te Medieval portraits of a pale Savior and thin to boot.  Seeing Jesus as one personally looks could help get the story across. 

I remember the Ray Bradbury story The Fire Balloons where missionaries to Mars discover Martians having shed bodies, appearing as blue flames and having that symbol on their church altar.  Ok, this last one stretches the point, but it's still valid.  People often see God as themselves.

Go investigate this stuff yourself.  There is a lot of info out there.  I don't have a lot of time for it among other pressing issues.

I'd say the Guy was built well.  Otherwise, he couldn't have trekked round on foot.  Carpentry especially then would have precluded one to be fit with cutting shaping and lifting.

Personally, I don't care if Jesus looked like Jeffrey Hunter or Anwar Sadat.

This is the ultimate content of character story ever.  Remember, I hold that content as most important and paramount.  And certainly Jesus' message was the quintessential content.

People are curious.  Sure we wonder what Jesus looked like.  It's even been posited he was quite ugly. 

In spite of looks, Jesus' message lives. 

So don't roll your eyes at the blue eyes

Monday, December 28, 2015

Opposing Opposites

I'm constantly reminded Of what David Codrea says about progressives/liberals/collectivists.  For them, every day is Opposite Day.

Sometimes it's a 'for me not for thee' mindset.  Other days it's simply being caught in the lies and half truths endemic to collectivism.  Their goal is simple.  They wish to control, using change by pc methods to intimidate us all.

The hope is to install fear.  It might be fear of expulsion, of being 'unmutual' (nod to The Prisoner).  Could be fear of punishment if hate crimes and vocabulary specific laws get on the books.  Peer pressure for being labeled something repulsive surely ties in. 

Of course, the collective mind labels, trying to turn the tables on us.

Don't buy it.  Do the opposite of opposition.  Use good sense because they won't.  Their goal is to impose, with a foothold, so that eventually they may do whatever they want.  Thus, if in power, they can easily say 'orange is green' and the people swallow it for fear of reprisals.  And if they are in control, it won't be a slap on the wrist.  It will mean at least fine, maybe imprisonment.  At most, it will result in execution.

We see, where collectivism takes hold, these very things.

We can still oppose the opposers.  If we focus and draw attention to what they do, we may yet stop them.

Otherwise, we will live in chains.  It begins with words and ends with actions.

For Freedom/Liberty lovers, every day is say and do exactly what you mean day. 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Billie Thomas

He was a child actor known to most as the character Buckwheat in the Our Gang/Little Rascals shorts from 1934 to 1944.

I was looking for something else when I stumbled upon him.  It's so common for me.  One never knows what might pop up nor why.

I used to watch those shorts.  They were funny and fun to me.  I regarded the kids as just that, kids.  All of them.  It was kid to kid, where one could get into the action and suspend disbelief before I understood that process. 

There are several places William Thomas, Jr's bio and facts can be found.  Apparently Wikipedia is reliable in this instance.

I agree with Billie's defense of his character.  The kids were indeed equals, they were all in it together.  As for the 'pickaninny' perception, it was a cultural reference to kids who came from slave backgrounds, had language and culture, but were certainly not stupid nor did they feel put down., at least among each other.  Our neoracists delight in disparaging any difference as just that, racist.  Instead of finding similarity, they prefer to exaggerate difference.  As mentioned in Rd Guard, we have neosegregationists spewing hate and attempting to undo Dr King's Dream.

You can peruse for yourself the evolution of the character.  I'm more interested in how I felt about Buckwheat and the others. I contend, though some see stereotypes, I see a portrayal of humanity and common concerns.  They were morality plays for kids and adults alike. 

The Rascals were sometime brats.  Did they learn lessons or did the audience?  That's a mixed bag.  I knew right from wrong, in what seems to be the old fashioned sense.  I knew in my childlike way, that we make mistakes and we must learn to do better.

A lot of the skits were nonsense of course, with lots of slapstick.  Still I say there was a message in the ravioli.  One sees what one wants methinks.

As for Billie, he grew up, served honorably in the Army and went on to a film lab technician career.

And the famous 'otay' was originated by Porky, Buckwheat's cohort played by Eugene Lee.

As for attitude, the kids were naïve, not stupid.  What better way to get a point across than to poke fun.

Just an example of never knowing until one digs what one might find.

Thanks Billie.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Red Guard

Ah kids.  I don't know if the old argument of nurture or nature is relevant, perhaps.  I do know some kids are raised collectivist/elitist, such as you know who (I might post about something that has been on my mind about such).  Some are raised Freedom minded/selfdetermined.  Many are raised like Topsy.  Abuse on all levels has its results.

There is a difference between being raised open minded and thinking for oneself.  The former is a danger of a vacuum being filled by whatever might fill it.  The latter gives one a foundation for not just selfexamination but the study of just about anything.  With protection and experience, anything dark can be kept at bay. 

Often the college years are the most vulnerable.  Before, there is the refuge of home, perhaps friends and mentors of like mind.  And, depending on what I mentioned above, it can lead to systematic programming/mind control.  Not at all a 'conspiracy nut' theory, it is a common collectivist tactic.  A vessel will be filled with whatever is available.

All the claptrap at UM is a supreme example of this.  The terms, “microaggression,” “trigger warning” and “safe space” are well actual 'trigger' examples.  As in hypnosis, those keywords/terms utilize a nitpicking which spills into all of life. 

I read about the pampered collectivist dweebs agitating kids and immediately thought of the Red Chinese Red Guard.  I'm not the only one.  The analogy is floating round the net etc.1

Cultural upheaval is endemic to collectivism.  Based on lies and half truths, it cannot survive the test of time without revision.  In a sense, these commies eat their own.  Noone/nothing is sacred.  History is rewritten.  Keep em moving and they mightnot notice how false the premise is. 

I recommend Snapping as one avenue of explanation.

As for rewriting history, look and see how collectivists are excising Confederate events.  See how figures of history are compromised.  Note how events and people are out right erased.

For that try The Commissar Vanishes as a jump off point.

There is always much more and in the times to come, God willing I'll talk of it.  I'll expose and shine the light.

As always repudiate this neo Red Guard silliness as a threat to our own life.  Don't under nor over estimate.

The only safe space is the truth and facing fear.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sick Dog

Carmen, my daughter's dog (actually the whole fam's), is 10 years old.  She's part Corgie and Lab.  She also seems ill.

The hips are a vulnerable place on a Corgie's body.  Her hips are becoming arthritic.  It's hard for her to climb steps now, whereas just a few months ago she was bounding around.

Growths have been removed from her eyes and ears.  There may be an infection lingering, though it has retreated.  Only so much can be done though.  It's partly money.

Some wealthy people have extensive care available for pets.  There have even been cancer treatments and surgery.  That costs mucho bucks, which are far beyond many.

Most have to eventually decide if a pet has to be put to sleep.  An interesting term, which, among others, lends itself to sweet oblivion.

Before I go on a tangent about such symbolism, I should make a point.  As illness increases, more care must be given.  It reminded me of friends and family who have suffered and died. It reminded me of the increase in stress and he rollercoaster ride of emotions and thoughts, often interrupted with an incident requiring some level of crisis care.

All I can tell you when these events appear in your lives, and they do to some degree or other, is face it with cold courage.  Do what has to be done.  Get help, however much you need.  There is no reason to be alone. 

Taking care of the ill s taxing.  Take a break.  You are not alone.  Don't be chained.  Caregiving is something that must be done.

Perhaps you need the assistance of professionals.  These days a lot of people enter some kind of facility.  Vet them all.  Don't think location and money are everything.  Test them.  You know what's right, what's Light.  Search for it.

You'll always have people who 'dump'.  Sometimes it's overwhelming and they desperately seek relief.  Others are just cold hearted, manipulative b******s.  The latter will get what's coming to them in this world and/or the next.  The former can be you or me.  Remember, you are NOT alone.

Naturally things have been made complicated by that little imp and his cohorts.  Don't let THAT stop you either.  It's the same principle.

Dogs are 'easier' to care for, in a way.  But they definitely take an emotional toll.  As well they should and must.  Caring is a total package, with all the ups and downs.  Unless you are one of the b******s,
you can't avoid it.

We do what we must.  And we learn surprising things.  Some good, some bad.  Don't be discouraged.  There is nothing left but the doing.

Oh.  Pray and meditate.  These roads of Light are powerful.  Love never dies.

Friday, November 27, 2015


Yes, this time it's the little dog.

There is a lot round about in reference to the Wizard of Oz, it's symbolism, whether it's good or evil etc.  I just want to touch on a very obvious point.

Toto exposed the wizard.

Everybody was psyched out meeting this head honcho.  They were nervous from fear of the unknown.  That fear was reinforced by the blustery presentation the wizard produced before them.  It was intended to take their minds off the proceedings.  It triggered emotional response.  Exacerbating this was the obsession each had for visiting the wizard.  They each wanted something and were too shortsighted to see that they already had the quality they sought.

First they were given a seemingly impossible task.  They had to retrieve the wicked witch's broomstick.  The only way to do so was to penetrate her defenses, get into her lair.  It was achieved, the witch was killed, people freed and the broomstick was the trophy.  Great risk was taken and their lives were imperiled.  Determination and the exercise of the qualities they sought plus, of course, some dumb luck aka the 'x' factor worked together to achieve the supposedly impossible.

Upon returning, the wizard huffed and puffed, said he wanted them to 'come back tomorrow'.

Dorothy protested and the others said the wizard already had enough time.  Plus Dorothy said if he were really great and powerful, he'd keep his promises.  She and the others put faith in a leader to solve their problems.

At that moment, Toto, Dorothy's dog, runs to a curtain and pulls it back.  An old man is fidgeting instruments and speaking in a microphone.  We hear the famous 'pay no attention to that man behind the curtain'. 

Dorothy and the others castigate him and he admits he's a humbug or not honest and true.  She further says he's a very bad man.  He disagrees and says he's a very good man just a bad wizard.

We've seen the many references to this show and that scene particularly.  Would that socalled leaders admitted they were bad.  Their warped egos won't allow that.  They actually think they know better than the people who placed them in power and trust.  In my mind they are not good.  They are evil.

Toto exposed the fakery.  It was so simple and without guile.  Candor. 

We need to remember who runs the country.  We must remember we have what it takes within ourselves and quit depending on the same liars.

I know these things have been almost beaten to death for years.  But I did my 2 cents because of the urgency of the hour.  And there are many who need to see.  Perhaps you do.

I hope enough keep waking to the fact we have treason in high places and the collectivist lies are hollow.

With human candor, pull back the curtain.

We're surrounded by humbugs and bad people.  They're not even good wizards.

Then again, we don't want them nor need them to be.  We have the power within

Just pull back the curtain.  The enemy already does the exposure for us.

Saturday, October 31, 2015


'Revenge is a dish best served cold'  So said Khan Noonian Singh, quoting the Klingon.

Oddly, I wrestled with writing this brief exposition.  Sometimes I think an idea doesn't float, then I surprise myself with its life.

I'm not gonna waste space and retell the story completely.  Go seek it out.  But, Khan was an old foe of Captain Kirk from TOS episode Space Seed.  He returns to seek vengeance on his old enemy.

His revenge is driven by an insane perception that Kirk is responsible for his wife's death and the desolation of Khan's people. 

Khan was marooned on a planet where he and the others had a fair chance to survive and eventually thrive.  A nearby planet explodes and literally devastates the new home.  Though Khan and many of his group survive, he pins his misfortune on Kirk.  When presented with an opportunity, he goes after him.

After wreaking havoc, Khan is defeated.  This is preceded by Spock's death, saving the Enterprise and crew by realigning the engine.  Sacrifice, a mainstay of Star Trek, is pivotal here.

During the course of the movie, it's noted that Khan indeed is an accelerated, genetically enhanced human.  Spock says that he's quite intelligent but his pattern indicated two dimensional thinking.

There is the crux.  In the real world, many pride themselves that they are 'better' than others.  They may even possess a certain mental acuity.  Their pride limits them.  It comes before the fall.

As in chess, they think they have many moves predicted and will eventually win.  Fabian socialism comes to mind.  'Taint so McGee.  We who appreciate/live Freedom and breathe Liberty are willing to bit by bit not just take back what's stolen, we are proactive and expose tyranny relentlessly.

Three dimensional thinking is called for (even at the expense of dangling prepositions lol).  And I tell you that arrogance trips our opponents/enemies up every time.

Don't lose heart.  Sacrifice is inevitable.  But the prize is that priceless life of self determination.

And I could do a post on comparing Star Trek ll the Wrath of Khan and Star Trek Into Darkness.  Maybe I will or should.

Leave it to say, I'm old school -s-.

Friday, October 30, 2015


Nothing's more iconic than a boy or girl with his/her dog.

It represents a bond of unconditional love and caring which is a two way street.

If you are a member of a religion which considers dogs unclean to the point of ritual cleansing if there is some kind of contact, don't get a job where you have to interact with them.

Hadith/tradition forbids contact for Islamists with dogs.  Ok.  But leave those of us with dogs alone.  Of course that is impossible with jihadists.  They insist on forcing their ways on everyone else, to the point of accepting Islam or dying.  There is the exception for unbelievers to pay 'tax' or tribute as second class citizens.

Further, photos are forbidden as are all graven images.  It's why there are such decorations as geometric patterns, calligraphy and arabesques predominate.  Ok.  Just don't force anyone else to adhere to this.  Impossible for the jihadists.

As we've seen not even images of Muhammad are allowed.  And in blood cult like behavior, all attention is upon this guy and their conception of a god.  Again, see above re focing all others to adhere.

Dogs are gifts of God for us.  Photos and drawing of dogs, family or anything else open us to the wonder of Gods works.

Having love for others and expressing that love is a lesson about how vast Creation truly is.

sure, if you prefer to exclude all else and concentrate go ahead.

But you show an evil hand even fallen when avoidance becomes an idol itself.

Nothing can destroy love.

Give me dogs and pics.

I promise not to force you to pet or look.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


It is not a combo name re Muffy and the German Mutti (mommy).

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem is the Sunni Muslim cleric in charge of Jerusalem's holy places, including the Al Aqsa mosque.  The position has since 2006 been held by Muhammad Hussein.

Benjamin Netanyahu has come under fire, as it were, for pointing out an historical truth.  During the WW2 era, that GM, Mohammad Amin al-Husayni, was allied with the Nazis.  He encouraged Hitler etal to eliminate the Jews of Europe. 

Hitler had a policy of deportation.  The Mufti said it was not enough.  When asked what they should do, Mufti said, ''Burn them''.

The presstitutes (my new fave word of derision) of course have castigated him for telling the truth.  It's all part of cultural Marxism's rewriting of history.

Now, the current insane cleric says the Temple Mount ever housed the Jewish Temple.  Again, collectivism, and that's what Islam is, steals and usurps. 

''Perhaps Islamic hatred of all other religions stems from the reality that Islam so little resembles a real religion — one that promotes life and the good. So they must falsify and extinguish all other belief systems.''  Pamela Geller

Destabilization is one of the oldest tricks these mokes, including Marxists, Nazis, Islamists, wield to force the world into one horrible tyranny.

I'm not an Islamophobe.  I'm not afraid of them.  They must be stood up to.  Those who want a one world government are using them as a battering ram and fulcrum to utilize fear, just as the Mufti's old allies, National Socialists, did to try conquering the world. for further narrative.

I challenge Muslims of good conscience to denounce and depose the insane who are leading the world into a blood bath.  Hello.............

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bon Bons And Bond

Cultural Marxism has wended its way into the world of James Bond, like the slow moldering rot it is.

Some of our 'progressives' (regressives) suggest it's time for a gay or female Bond.  They never stop trying to rewrite the cultural matrix. 

I believe and it's been postulated elsewhere too, that they can't come up with their own character of value so they want to appropriate Bond.  Typical collectivist tactic.

The results are the same as with all the rest of their drivel.  It drives people apart, polarizes them.  They are easier to control that way.

It's also been suggested Bond could be black.  Parallels are often fallaciously drawn between race, orientation and gender.  They are not the same.  They are different categories blended together to both drive people apart and to destroy the infrastructure.

People should simply be left alone.  When they are, the similarities come to the surface and that defeats collectivism.

Now there are a great many folks who are talented and if they want a gay or female or black etc hero, invent one.  Don't steal.

Bond was conceived by Ian Fleming as a white/European heterosexual male.  Even Roger Moore agrees.

He's been quoted saying just that.  He wasn't being homophobic, misogynistic or racist.  Bond is what Bond is.  Moore is a hoplophobe and dislikes guns however.

Some people are afraid of things.  I say that this particular instance is collectivist knee jerking and broad brushing.  Personally, I am not afraid of a lot of things of which libs often accuse people.  That's a whole other topic for later.

Progressives have responded that Moore is the least Fleming like Bond.  It's just plain silly.  Sure, some things have swerved, but he filled the bill well enough.  And fave Bonds etc is certainly another subject.

Interestingly, at least two efforts were made to produce a dynamic female agent as an 'offspring' from Bond films.  Wei Lin in Tomorrow Never Dies was supposed to come back in Die Another Day.  Michelle Yeoh's schedule couldn't accommodate so she was replaced with the second female agent, Jinx.

Halle Berry's character was developed into a possible spin off, but it ultimately got shelved.

Hart to Hart is coming back to television as a gay couple.  Maybe that'll placate the gay mafia.  It's certainly a different dynamic than Bond.

I might be lambasted for the title of this post.  I'm just trying to be a bit catchy -s-.

It's ok for collectivists to be cute etc.  But I'm not them.

As David Codrea says 'for progressives, every day is opposite day'.

Things are sweet enough.  Or bitter, if you will.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I've met several extras or as they prefer, background actors.  They are the people you see in certain scenes, walking past, around eating at other tables etc while the principles are engaged in action/dialog. 

Often, especially in restaurant scenes, background actors can be scene to be quite mobile.  They make gestures and talk animatedly.  A smart director narrows focus.  A smart extra keeps it toned down.

Look everywhere and so many in show biz, politics everywhere, are clamoring for attention.

Some are worth it, most are nt.  I avoid a lot of it, personally and professionally, unless I have something to say and/or I won't mention names nor circumstances, there is enough 'attention' -s-.  Decide for yourself what's is worthy of yours.

Chitchat is ok, but it should be brief and lead to other things.

Attention can be gotten without stripping or yelling. Some people have 'it' or they don't.  Some people think position is enough.  Nope.  Content of character and message count.

So be subjective and don't bust a gasket

October is rolling in.  The TROLLS are coming...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lincoln Or Churchill

There was some flap about ridding the Oval Office of a bust of Churchill and replacing it with one of Lincoln.  Don't make it more than it is.  The bust was on loan and returned.  There is a bust of Churchill in the White House.  Lincoln did take residence in the OO.

Got me to thinking of who would I rather be looking at while doing the People's work, Lincoln or Churchill?

Examine them both and you will find human beings.  Flawed people make mistakes.  I'm also cautioned to beware the cult of personality.  It's results that count.  As Scripture says, 'By their fruits ye shall know them'.

Heads of state in times of war.  Rough decisions and sacrifice.

Lincoln had a fanboy named Karl Marx.  I have theories re Marxism at the time.  I believe they backed Lincoln and the Union.  A strong state would be easier to compromise and bring to world communism.  The Confederacy in spite of the outgoing slavery angle, was the Constitutional state.  Such independence would be a tough nut for the commies to crack.

Churchill played footsie with Stalin.  FDR was of course, much worse.

However, Sir Winston played a longer game.  He was effective and decisive during the war, but he was discarded til the 50s, for his expertise were brought to bear during the Cold War.

A collectivist in the Oval Office might like to have Marx's working class hero (who instituted a state which increasingly became compromised as it absorbed more and more power) as a reminder of the Goal.  It has slid to socialism and worse in the US.

Churchill is a reminder that there is an indomitable spirit of Freedom afoot, whereas Lincoln created a nest of tyranny.  There could be arguments otherwise perhaps, but these are my analyses.

Lincoln seemed to balk his masters and banking became an issue.  Did he want to reform and btw help the South?  We will never know.  The country was fractured and his death assured division that lasts in some forms to this day.

It is easier to control people divided.

Churchill, in spite of compromise, could be a wild card.

England has sunk into abysmal socialism and worse now with jihadist incursion.

I bet a leader like Churchill would have put the kibosh on the evil threatening our whole world.

A red diaper baby in the Oval Office would not want someone even symbolically like that around.

If I were President (no aspirations lol), gazing at the bust of a wild card who warned the world of what was coming would inspire me as I went about my job serving my people.

Small gestures can have significant sublevel meaning.  But I suggest we keep our eyes on the prize, ie, Restoring the Republic.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Civilization Vs Humanity

Actually both words have been misappropriated and used to equate collectivism.  The old switcheroo that if we are civilized we don't need guns for instance.  For the sake of humanity disarm ad nauseum.  I'd like to look at these words head to head.

Responsibility, another twisted word comes to mind.  Well, anything can be turned around to fit the collectivist matrix.  Don't let that stop you from truthfully using words. 

Civilization seems to mean a structured state with people answerable to whomever is in charge.  It has gotten away from accumulated culture, law and morals in favor of whatever the state says cultural, historical or moral.

Humanity is a tearjerker bleeding heart word meant to trigger thoughtless emotion.  We are meant to have conscience.  But we must see things as they truly are.  Evil hides in good intentions. 

Real civilization balances what we've learned with what we need/want to do.  Learning from mistakes, we strive to seek Freedom and Restore the Republic.  THAT'S civilization.

Real humanity indeed is heart.  Loving , caring and a willingness to fight for what's good and decent.

Head vs heart?  Or do we balance these?   Do we turn around hijacked terms and hold (not cling) to light?

It can be cold state versus decency, tyranny opposed to Liberty.

Or they can comprise a double edged sword which cuts through the red tape, the miasma of doubt and fear.

It is an opportunity to face ourselves and others.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Psycho Rising

I'm reminded of opportunities watching The Walking Dead.  The scenario lends itself to some elemental situations where one has to **** or get off the pot.  Figure those out for yourselves -s-.

I'm particularly thinking of 'triggers' or circumstances which allow the veneer to be stripped away, presenting what lies underneath.

A lot of people plod hrough life uneventfully.  Nothing is particularly significant.  They may never reach a potential.  Until, until events align that throw them into action.

The Governor on TWD is a negative example.  He had a middling job, wife and daughter.  He complained of the college boy genius who was his superior.

Now I will say sometimes there are those 'supervisors' who do not meet expectations/potential.  Or those ho assume the reins who screw up what was established.

That aside, The Governor was prezombie holocaust a psychopath in check.  The opportunity never upped him as it were. 

Then devastation and deprivation rose.  His psychopathy rose.  So it may go in real life.

I'm not fretting about below the surface loons champing at the bit to wreak havoc.  There will always be opportunists waiting in the wings.  Need I say look at Congress, Oval Office or Chicago mayors office?

THEY need to worry.  Indeed the monsters actions to stifle Freedom speak for themselves.

The tide turns.  The opportunity presents itself.

As psychos rise ie Stalin Hitler the current occupier of the Oval Office, so too rise opposition.

Heroes, though they never declare themselves such, meet the challenge, into the fray.

It could be the most unlikely.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Let's Go

What the guys said who rushed the jihadi on the French train.  It says a lot.

It's not reckless nor is it heedless.  Quite the contrary.  There is a time to do, for if we wait or hesitate, we are dead. 

Again, go to the net and find all the variations of the story.  It amounts to the same thing in my mind; ie, some Americans save the day.

There comes a time in the affairs of men-and women, where we act or we do not.  If your life is on the line, the risk is surprisingly simple. 

There us no time to think.  Action is required. 

There is a lot of hesitation in the world.  Sometimes it's merited.  One needs to weigh the fors and agins in some cases.  But down to the wire, that is gone.

What these guys di was indeed American.  We are a country built on decisive action.  It is an attribute of /freedom.

In the larger world, it is American to act, and it is universal.

Brushfires lit, finally the whole world will be able to act. 

Freedom is not exclusive to Americans.  But we should light the way,.

Let's go.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Nope.  Not the Joss Whedon movie that was a conclusion to the short lived Firefly.

It is the name of a restaurant in Zionsville, the hometown of a major part of my family.  The major surprise is where it's at.

I was indeed surprised, even shocked to find out my GreatGrandmother's home had been converted into said restaurant. 

I spent a great deal of time with Grandma (pronounced Gramma) Hiland over my early life.  She was a great positive influence who has never flagged, even all these years later.  What she taught me has lived within me and guided me, in spite of any detour.  I have always gotten back on course.

The revelation of this development has caused me to reflect, even beyond my normal memories.  I am not living in the past, mind you.  I am remembering.  All the good and bad of those years has coalesced in warm reflections.

Grandma Hiland, Rose Belle StClair Hiland, was a moral compass for me, my Dad and so many more. 

She was a lifelong Democrat and a suffragette.  What a difference between her and the monster that has morphed into a collectivist miasma now.  Her moral compass never flagged.  She was loyal, dedicated and American. 

She treated people equally, content of character uppermost, long before MLK. 

Her love was unconditional.  She gave as well as she got and more.

Her instincts re human nature were incisive.  Yet she overlooked the flaws in her own family.  That was part of her inclusive nature.

Her door was always unlocked, well til real late at night.  People all day long would come and pay their respects.  And she always had time for all of them.

When I visited her, quite frequently, I never felt jealous of that.  She had time for all.  Old friends and new, family, folks she influenced, they all came.

When I visited, I often ran errands for her.  I'd go from the grocery store to the bank and anywhere else she bade me.  Returning, Grandma always had lunch ready, for she loved to cook.  And that included breakfast, lunch and dinner, which she called breakfast, dinner and supper.

I'll never forget she would say I could sleep as late as I wanted.

Then , invariably, at between 6-7am, she'd yell, 'Mike, Mike MIKE!'

We'd sit down to an old fashioned farm breakfast and talk.  And talk.  And learn of family, friends, clan, as well as what was important.  That was mostly to be honest and face problems with no excuses. 

She had a most incisive view, not only of individual people, but of events

I'm going to write a memoir about her, my relationship with her, and how it all plays out.

At night, in the bedroom upstairs, I would sometimes stand at the window, gazing down on Main Street.  Quiet, streetlights shining, I was able to be peaceful, to sort things out.

Grandma Hiland's place was a peaceful nest in a sea of turmoil.

There is no coincidence the place is now called Serenity.


They are resilient, beautiful and represent love.  The sturdiness has been hijacked by collectivists as a symbol of 'socialism'.  Symbols are just that for weal or woe.

In this particular instance, I'm thinking of my ex's front yard.  She is doing well, btw.  In law school, determined to help children who have been sexually abused.

There is a lot of work to be done round her place.  I have helped as best I can.  This particular work was the other day.

Sunday 8/23 was her birthday.  I decided to clear a rosebush in her front yard.

It had been there for decades, planted originally by her Mom.  It used to thrive, then fell into stagnation.

As dawn approached, I tore into the vines and reedy weeds which were threatening it.  The bush seemed overcome, barely discernable, in a mass of choking weeds.

Before I started, I noted at the top there was a tendril poking out.  It was a new branch, with fresh leaves and thorns, green and springy.

It poked out and up, seeming to seek sunlight and moisture, even when the weeds were trying to engulf it in order to take its essence.

That tendril appeared to say, 'F*** you weeds!  I'm alive!  And I'm gonna live!'.

I cleared best I could, displaying the top tendril and two lateral ones.

A neighbor, on disability yet a landscaper, finished the process, til the rosebush was left alone, pristine in its renewed life, for all the living tendrils were green and fresh.

I will nourish it with plant food.  There is hope it will grow and thrive like it had for decades previously.

Need I say anything about analogies even metaphors?

To our enemies I say, F*** you collectivist weeds!  The Republic is Alive!  And it's gonna LIVE!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

If Only.

The collectivist trolls are busier than ever.  Constant exposure has demanded constant revision.  Plus, many of them are emboldened with their dear leader and the carefully placed collectivist cabinet members, Congress members and assorted lackeys in many posts/positions within and around government.  Makes FDR's days look mild. 

I note the activity and its varying degrees of success.  Some trolls get easily rebuffed.  Others hang on and, as others respond, gain strength, thus dominating a thread.  I never participate, except to leave a cryptic message, 'don't feed the trolls'.

I remember a particular response about one of the lies/schemes of the Occupier of the Oval Office.  I said he was raised Marxist and there were many around him.  A shill, known for his sarcastic remarks, answered that, yes, there were a lot of those still around.  I rejoined with a picture of the actor Edward Van Sloan as Van Helsing from 1931's Dracula.  He says in the course of the movie that 'the strength of the vampire is that no one believes he exists', accompanied with a lol.  The shill didn't respond.  But another tag teamed me and said, 'f*** you Michael'.  How eloquent.

Often I answer, well when I do, with cryptic truthful remarks.  That got me accused of sniping and blocked from Jim Beaver's page on FB.  Actually, I was getting others to think and challenge him.  The collectivists indeed flee from truth like a vampire from sunlight, when facts are presented to countermand Alinsky trolls.  It is a matter of tactics.  Use the enemy's machinations against him/her.

I happened upon a recent discussion.  Someone declared that communism is evil.  I agree of course.  It's always dehumanizing, callous and authoritarian.  Anyway, responses varied, but I noted the trolls/apologists.  There was a claim, with much poo-pooing of the original poster, that communism was misunderstood.

They put Lenin and Stalin etc on the chopping block and said indeed, there was failure.  However, it would take worldwide communism to achieve not just control, but perfection.  I've heard that lame, dangerous excuse before.  They also claimed communism was just an alternative to what existed, as long as this universal goal was achieved.

On paper, actually abbreviated, they try to say collectivism is ideal.  Everyone shares, makes up for one another.  Government only controls so everyone benefits, etc.  It's the old tory.

The grass is always greener.  Put your mind on hold and do what you're told.  They're working out the bugs.

The opposite is true with our Constitutional Republic.  We are a work in progress.  There are problems, but they are faced, not covered up with erasure nor revision.  It's the here and now, not over the hill.

Collectivism is built on lies and half truths.  There fore this kinder gentler approach is meant to confuse and mislead, especially those not using critical thinking (a term twisted to fit the opposite..  Read Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. 

They all suffer from that 'if only' syndrome.  Let's say the nightmare happens and the world is beaten, that collectivism rules.  The purge would continue.  Perfection is elusive.  So, there would be pogroms, new initiatives like 5 year plans etc.  All this would do is feed the beast on a larger scale.

Our Republic realizes perfection is unattainable.  Yet we strive for it.  The difference is that and dealing truthfully with problems.  The main obstacles have always been collectivism interfering and subverting our Freedom.

That Liberty, that Freedom means we are free to make mistakes and learn from them, not to bludgeon scapegoats and rewrite something in a new set of lies.

If only we convince the world of that.  Then again, it must start with each of us, then the US, then the world. 

If only becomes surety.  A difference we can thrive with.  Based in truth, warts ad all.

Friday, July 31, 2015


No, not the black flecks that dance around the eyes.  I'm thinking of thoughts/memories that come floating to the top.

Occasion presented itself to recall some experiences I had while doing theater in Indianapolis.

I got a lot of 'basic training' in acting and other aspects of theater.  Many of the times there were good.  Some were not.

It stands to reason that not everything is rosy.  And I believe we learn from all things.  That includes malicious treatment which was deliberate and vengeful.

This is no 'woe is me' harangue.  I'll get to that in a minute.

I had participated in a production, having been brought in at the last minute.  It seemed ok, but underneath was different.

The director/teacher was autonomous and bullied her cast.  She expected far too much from a bunch of kids who were supposed to be learning the craft.  Instead of nurturing them and seeking each person's potential, this was the sickening course taken.

I said no one should endure that carping and nitpicking plus threat of bad grades if they didn't do what she said.  I was met with cowed silence.

One of the director's toadies ratted on me as it were.  Unbelievable.  A tattletale in a college production.  Mind you I was brought in from outside, so I wasn't affected by any of it.  Except I was indirectly.

I was being paid for my work and consultation.   This harpy tried to withhold my pay, citing a snag in funds.  I knew it wasn't so.

It got so bad, I demanded the money or I'd walk.  I was paid and let go.  Good riddance I figured.

Shortly after, I continued auditioning for local productions.  I never got another part in anything locally.  I knew better than thinking my acting was the equivalent of road kill.  I'd been successful to a degree and had a good rep.  Plus I worked with the best Indy had.

The downside had actually begun before the above incident.

As with most things, there were cliques among the theater people.  Some were very shall we say loyal to their particular favorites.  There were plenty who, as amateurs were happy to stay that way.  That's all well and good.  I wasn't

I expressed my desire to do more, learn more and travel, becoming professional.

This rankled some who liked to be big ducks in small ponds.  I thought ok whatever.  But they resented ambition.  And they joined the bandwagon when I was blacklisted as a result of the previously mentioned production/incident.

The director/teacher was influential locally.  I discovered pressure was applied and all acquiesced to bar me.

There was a particular exception.  I was hired for a show which featured several professionals.  It was an opportunity again to learn.  While I did indeed add to my artistic knowledge, I learned how petty and spiteful some can be.

I had never been more mistreated in my life.  It was deliberately malicious and actually multileveled.  The conduct was unprofessional and unbecoming for those in the craft.  I stuck it out, in spite of efforts to pressure me to quit.

My personal and professional fortitude won out.  Plus I made a positive impression on a particular cast member and that flouted the ne'er-do-wells. 

This is no boohoo fest.  Weathering the storm of petty jealous people has made me stronger and spurred me to learn more and to meet and learn from folks like Pat McGoohan and Bob Wise.

The petty, the spiteful, the misery loves company crowd have to live with themselves.  I don't.  Forgive aka let go and don't let it eat me up was the order of the day.

The parallels between ths and what is happening to our Liberty is obvious. 

Rise above those who seek to defame you simply because you literally and figuratively stick (not cling -s-) to your guns.  Shout out what's right even though to quote John Wayne's Davy Crockett, 'you might get walloped for saying it'.

Collectivists, often following Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, are past masters at derision and aspersions.  Be steadfast and counter with the truth.

Nothing says misery loves company more than these enemies of Freedom.

And btw, guess what kind of people politically/socially those negative folks were whom I encountered -s-?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Star Wars

Quite an emotional romp.  Including all 6 episodes, it is a thrillride with a message in the ravioli.

It incorporates the beginning, slow descent and acquiescence to evil with an eventual upswing, of Anakin Skywalker.  Many other substories interweave, but this is the central thread.

Good and evil wind their ways through daily lives in quiet and dynamic ways.  It is often the subtler orchestrations which build the symphonies rather than the crescendos.  Sometimes things remain hidden or obscured.  Often that is the way of evil.  Or it presents itself as something benevolent.  We can look around our current state of affairs and see this.

The whole course of Anakin's life is beset with more drama than seemingly ordinary.  The focus is portrayed by the good and evil Jedi and Sith respectively.

I'm not going to do a treatise on all this.  There is enough out there.  Just search and you will find.

I am interested in this dilemma Anakin faces increasingly.  What happens essentially is youthful ignorance is embroiled in more and more confusion til there is a tipping point.  He finally believes the lie that evil can fix what's wrong. 

Darth Sidious, the main Sith monster, lies and uses half truths to work his darkness.  Pretty familiar to what really happens n'est pas?  He wears Anakin down til the kid will swallow about anything.  Has a familiar ring too, huh?

The Jedi or good guys are at fault too.  They represent order and peace but are wrapped up in their own ideological struggles.  It blinds them to what's going on.

One of the major problems in life is to balance head and heart.  We need both to function.

Often, collectivists rely on emotion coupled with lies and half truths.

Those of us who oppose them and especially seek Restoration of the Constitutional Republic, use logic and facts to make our stand.

Without logic, emotion is eventually shown to cave from the weight of lies.  Without emotion or the brushfires in the mind, logic can dry up. 

So, emotion spurs us, using logical facts that are irrefutable.

Of course, the 'darkside' tries constantly to compromise that.  It is constant, unremitting war (if not in the stars).

Lesson?  Focus and learn, especially from those knowledgeable in balance.  Stay in the now and proceed.

Whatever else, Star Wars gives food for thought about what goes on in the real world.

Maybe we can achieve balance and victory over Darth Oblivion and his cohorts.

Evil is shortsided in spite of its Fabian patience.

Good mustn't think it's moving ahead when it actually bogs down.

Stay focused padawans apprentices -s-) and use both science and faith to achieve victory.

It won't be maybe or if we do so.  But when.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Armed Defense

Naturalized citizens will no longer be required to take up arms in defense of their new country.  It's been stricken from the oath.

An oath of allegiance is there for a purpose.  For those who come from radically different lands, it is an opportunity to declare they are now Americans.  With the rights inherent with citizenship come responsibilities. 

I smell redundancy.  As citizens, we are all required to serve.  It might be the work of our daily lives.  But in times of strife/war, it must be more. 

We already had allowance for conscientious objectors.  What the USCIS 'ruling' does is give anyone a free pass, no affiliation needed.  'Um uh I don't wanna fight'.  Um uh that's bs. 

Yes there are many ways to serve.  As in WW2, there were noncombatant jobs and a boat load of factory etc service.  We can fight in different ways.  The actual combat branch of a service is just one part of the whole.  Yet, they all are prepared to go the limit and beyond ie, pick up a gun and shoot.

How many of the gimme illegal aliens will fight?  Some, yes have actually enlisted to develop skills they will and have used against us as in gang activity.  There are always seditionists.

Of course, this is just another incremental step in literally disarming us.  It dissolve resolve and rots from within.

Speak up and out about this.

Armed defense requires the last vestige of courage and duty.

Be ready.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I remember the sonograms produced by ultrasound of the kids.  Quite impressive this technology.  It's also awe-inspiring and heartfelt.  I've got those pics of the kids inside their Mom tucked away, but look at them occasionally.

The sound of the ultrasound picks up the fetal heartbeat.  Young life, growing, developing to birth and beyond.  From that, to now, the kids grown and off on lives of their own. 

I suggest you consider heartbeats.  Without getting too outre, they are endemic and central to life.  Each beat, from before birth, to the very last, keeps time with the actions and dealing for all of us.

Of course, I don't worry about those beats.  I'm gonna live til I die.  And God willing, with care taken, for a while more -s-.

The beat goes on.  The beat of life.  It's not a doomsday clock.  It's to be lived while we may.

All lives matter.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You First

I think a trip into the fantastic is just what the mad doctor ordered.  Although, the collectivists are quite busy dancing a jig or jiggery pokery recently.  He who laughs last laughs best.

I'm reminded of a horror movie called Bless the Child.  It's about a child with special powers who is a gift of Light to the world.  Of course the darkside aka satan and its minions are jealous and search for the girl, in hopes of corrupting her and turning her to evil.

Care is taken in research and behavior re the villains, as well as the forces of good.  The main minion is a former child star who has started a cult for self enlightenment.  It is a cover for an inner core of Satanists spreading darkness and the delusional hope (and change? -s-) the devil will conquer Creation.

Stay with me here.  I think the symbolism is significant in what we call reality.

The child is raised by her aunt when the mother, a junkie, abandons her.  The kid seems autistic, but she is actually 'in another place' as it were and starts exhibiting gifts of levitation and most importantly healing.

When she turns six, the mother returns to reclaim her.  She is in the company of the cult leader.  They end up kidnapping the girl.  Desperate, the aunt turns to an FBI specialist in the occult.  He states that the leader is quite suspect but, because of money and influence, remains untouchable.  Btw, sound like anyone we know?

Along the way, the aunt tries to grab the kid back.  She ends up in a car dangling from a bridge.  A stranger appears and gets her to take his hand, rescuing her just as the car careens and bursts into flame.  This stranger disappears.

Similarly, the agent is frustrated investigating a string of child kidnappings, tortures and murders.  These are actually vain attempts by the evil ones to locate the special child.  He sits at his desk, rater dejected, when a janitor comes into the room.  As he cleans up, he reinstills hope (obviously the good kind) in the agent.  As he leaves he tells the agent that 'good people are never alone'.  On the windowsill, a bouquet of wilted lilys are amazingly fresh again.

There are various attempts to corrupt the girl while she's in the clutches of the Satanists.   She manages to always turn the tables on them. At one point, frustrated, the leader takes her to the roof of their townhouse.  He tells her the story of Jesus confronted by the leader's 'god' or master who tempts Him several times.  One is the story of telling Jesus to leap from the mountain and that angels would rescue him.  Instead of explaining further, he tells the girl to jump from the building, that surely her God would rescue her.  He brags that his god would help her if she refused.

She turns, sits on the ledge and says, 'you first'.  This enrages him and he almost flings her over, but realizes his master would be displeased.

Eventually there is a showdown between the Angels and satan.  The Angels win and the child rescued.  I recommend this flick no matter what you believe.  It illustrates quite well the nature of good and evil.

Back to the rooftop.  By saying 'you first' a six year old child outsmarts fiendish cleverness.  The pomp and pride of hell is vanquished by a child who is wise and loving.

I believe as do many who may read this, that there are levels of existence beyond what we see.  Specifically Body, our physical bodies, Mind, our thoughts, who we are, Psyche, God's imparting spiritual wisdom and of course Spirit, our immortal souls.

You don't have to agree.  But, think about what's going on.

We are in a war between good and evil.  It is evidenced by the attempted destruction of our Republic and our work to bit by bit Restore it.

We are tempted to either throw in the towel, rage on or to overcome. 

We can turn the tables on our enemies.  Their pride, so evident right now, is their downfall.

Destruction?  Yes.  Theirs 

Be calm smile and say 'you first'.

And remember, good people are never alone.

Monday, June 29, 2015


No, not the guy on cheers or Morn on Deep Space Nine.  Normality.  I will surely catch holy or unholy hell from some for this.

Norm is widespread, usual practice, way of doing things etc.  Heterosexuality is a norm for instance.  This will leave me open to scorn by many a collectivist.  So, what's new?

I'm not here to condone nor condemn 'gays'.  I am merely stating they exist, around 2%.  Always have probably always will.

I will tell you, as with any group, be it sexual, racial (they are different things in spite of attempts to equate gays with blacks) or otherwise, there are good, evil and in between.  There are homosexuals who are Freedom minded, as there are those who seek the goals of collectivism.  As for sin, we all have done. 

Homos (short for those not derisive) are exploited by collectivists, string pullers, true believers or those closer to the elite, just as are certain religions, religions, races.

The latest dust up is an example of this.  Radical gays will use any excuse to attack and destroy Christianity in particular.  There are always those who wish to lord it over others.

That is a collectivist trait, belying a supposed 'classless' society.  That 'classless' will never happen, no matter the type of society formed.  If you like, the Bertha better'n yous are endemic of fallen nature.

Content of character is one of the most important qualities for a Republic to survive or revive.  What the collectivists hope for is division, with acceptance forced on all.  Also, the chaos that's ensuing makes these mokes giddy with glee.  They hate true free will unity.  Communism etc cannot survive in a healthy, truthful society.

Back to the point.  The norm is heterosexuality.  Men and women are literally made and wired that way.  I'll be labelled a 'hater' for telling this simple truth.  Taking a stand for Liberty has already drawn attention from, shall we say, quite a motley crew.

I'm not going into nature vs nurture nor anything about condemnation.  We each must find our way.  I'll get pelted by some religious folks for this.

Look what's going on re courts making law.  THAT'S abnormal!

Fight subversion with truth, being true to the Constitutional Republic.

That's the norm.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Black Confederates

Did they exist?  Or must we swallow collectivist revision and, according to one report, there were only two documented soldiers.  Hmmm.  I've read estimates of up to 100,000.  Most say at least 65,000.

Remember, government tends to be overweaning.  Collectivists like to emphasize proslavery quotes of that time to 'prove' the 2nd War of Independence was racist.  They deemphasize Lincoln's etal racism.  Remember, the Marxists were prounion.  As stated in 'Dixie', I contend the Marxists had a better chance at subversion if the Union were more statist.  The Confederacy was a throwback to the original Constitutional intent.  Therefore, it behooved the new growing cancer to spread up North.

Mentioning ANY black participation, particularly freemen, was detrimental to the subversion sought then and now.  Blacks were useful tools to progress Marxist views.  As Lincoln was a working class hero to Marx, the oppression of slaves worked for commies.

We suffer from the mistakes of our past.  But when we view, warts and all, the intent and destiny of these united States, when we see how far we have come, E Pluribus Unum makes sense.  It is the antithesis of collectivism.  Individuals remain so, coming together for a common purpose ie to promote and live in Liberty.  Collectivists worship the state,  All is focused there.  No wonder Marx was a Lincoln fanboy.

Broad brushing history is a social crime.  It's done by many to drive home their mindset, goals, etc.  As I always caution, people are more easily controlled when fractious, in factions.  Eradicating the Confederate Battle Flag, destroying Confederate monuments and digging up, displacing Confederate heroes lead only to perpetuation of antipathy.  The collectivists love it.

You might wonder why they didn't make more of the split of the states.  Well they did.  By backing the North, they knew statism would be assured.  It is the breeding ground for collectivism, like a Petri dish of malignant oppression.

If the exploited get kicked to the curb, aka black Confederates and blacks in general, well as long as the goal of worldwide communism is achieved, sobeit.  Foster enmity amongst the winners, losers and the people caught in the middle.  And assassinate a president, all the while demonizing the other.

Am I contending Marxists might have had something to do with Lincoln's death?  Well, they certainly benefitted, along with those who wanted unlimited state power.

Think and pray for the black Confederates.  Pray and act for all of us who wish to destroy collectivism and Restore the Republic.

As for coming together 'as a new nation', we have yet to completely achieve that.

It might be the outcome our enemies will bring about, in spite of their efforts to do otherwise.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


It has many names.  The Civil War, American Civil War, War Between the States, War of Northern Aggression, The Second American Revolution, The Second War of Independence.

I like the last one myself.  A group of American states Constitutionally withdrew from a voluntary union, forming their own country.  Guess this makes me a Southern sympathizer to many.  Call me anything but late to dinner.  I'm on the side of Liberty.

As usual, I'm not going into great detail here.  Search and you will find various sources as to the causes of 1861-1865.  Books and dissertations are filled with it, even the more obscure.  Let's face it, to go for historical fact, you have to dig, because a lot is covered up or sidelined.

And everything I say can be jumped on by the collectivist swarm.  They've been quite busy Alinskyan trolling of late, even more than usual.  There is an attempt to pompously/haughtily refute anything but the prescribed demonization of the South.  Isolated facts play a big part.  These mokes minimalize if they can't sideline or eliminate.

Ragging on a flag is for the creation of hysteria.  Mob mind says it's bad, so eliminate it.  There are even brazen attempts to compare the Confederacy with Nazis.  It's all about control and not letting the right hand know what the left is doing as it were.

Look round for this.  As you know, Marx was still blighting the planet with his life at that time.  He was a fanboy of Lincoln.  Marxists backed the North.  There were Marxists in the Union government.

The commies saw the Confederacy as a threat.  My theory is that, having Constitutionally seceded, there was more danger in those who followed their consciences than the statists up north.

Instead of the split being ably exploited, the commies wanted a union which could be manipulated as a juggernaut to destroy from within.

No wonder the Marxist occupier of the Oval Office and his comrades demonize acts of Liberty.

Was Lincoln a Marxist?  I think he sympathized.

And the result of that War set us on a course for Federal supremacy.

Will history repeat itself?  Success or secession?


Sunday, May 31, 2015

Baby Boy

My former wife has a 200 year old house she is slowly renovating.  I've been helping.  It's a lot of work.  And there are always little human dramas around.

The area itself is relatively stable, except for a rental next to her house and a deserted house just south of that.

Rentals in the 'inner city' are a huge problem.  They are often owned by absentee landlords, even sometimes little corporations which shelter illegal activities.  And bet that there is enough corruption in Indianapolis to perpetuate the problem.  The problem is exacerbated by many who move into the rentals.

Oh oh.  The collectivists will writhe about claiming I'm racist or prejudiced against the poor or some other tired commie rhetoric.  Nope.  It's a fact the rentals are magnets for drug dealers and attendant criminals.  They are hotbeds for trouble.

Over the years, there has been a panoply of shady characters as 'neighbors'.  It's almost exhausting to think of the aforementioned ne'er do wells which blighted the area. 

We have disrupted drug making, dealing, fencing activities among others.  It has made us persona non grata with the criminals.  Allies, enemies and those who are not what they appear could fill a mini series.  Truth is stranger than fiction.

The subject of this post is Baby Boy.  He is a mostly black Pit Bull mix with white feet, chest and tail tip.  He is consistently abused by the 19 year old kid who is among the current inhabitants of the rental.

Baby Boy is yelled at, underfed, hit and left outside on a short chain.  We've had some bad rainstorms lately and he has endured them, curled in the back yard.  Then he barks, begging for attention, to be sheltered and fed.  It is mixed with whines of desperation.

When we first met him, he was surly and suspicious.  He barked and growled, even when I offered him some roast beef, talking to him.  He was passively aggressive and backed up as I approached.

My ex got through to him.  He liked our dog, a girl, and as my ex talked soothingly she fed him dog treats.  I joined her and he started wagging his tail.  We got him food and he ravenously consumed it.

We got to calling him Baby Boy.

The kid is a controlling street punk, or thug if you like.  We suspect drug dealing with his digging up and burying objects in their back yard.  There is no visible means of support as he comes and goes picking up and delivering packages.  An aside:  We happened back one day and a young man of Oriental extraction emerged from the rental.  Ironically, he bore a carry out container bulging with plastic bag sticking out.  When he saw us he got nervous and tucked the sack in.  Like I said, the makings of a mini series.

The kid, btw, is very careful not to do much drug activity on the pot.  However he does get high and likes to stand outside in the middle of the night and sing.  There have been cops a few times, but nothing has come of it.

So, round red robin's barn and back to Baby Boy.

My ex got into an argument with him about the dog.  He claimed to have raised 20 Pit Bulls.  When she asked if they were all mean, he answered yes.  This was in response to how he treated Baby Boy.  She offered to take him and he refused.  We believe the dog is supposed to be the literal outside guard.  He has two Pits in the house.

Oh yes, he has admitted to having a 'temper'.  Spent time in jail as a result.  Hmmm.  We wonder what else there is. 

And his name for this sad dog is 'Street N*****'  Uh-huh.

No deep psychological analysis here.  What we've witnessed is endemic of the thugs who have invaded us from within.

They live in entitled violence ruled hell.  Killing is a right of passage.  Robbing, drugs are just business as usual.  The measure of their twisted version of 'manhood' is to beat down others.

Street gangs and outlaw bikers are a whole different post.  I'm taking a while with this as it is -s-.

Why?  Why bother?  Why not sell her house?  Why endure the stupidity and actual danger?

Where are you gonna go?  Where are you gonna hide?  Reminds me of the quote at the end of Body Snatchers with Gabrielle Anwar, where one of the pod people asked the still human girl why she resists?  The question is left unanswered.

Terrible things are happening.  There is a mobile army amongst us threatening our infrastructure.  Either we expose it or knuckle under.

Strength in love or hate?  We've seen it all before over the centuries.  Might makes right has been the credo of collectivists for a long time.

Will it be love, with the resolve to defend it?  Or will it be terror, abuse and disarmed sheep at the mercy of thugs?

Baby Boy or Street N*****?  Which will it be?

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Uncle Wiggily

I was reminded of a childhood game the other day.  It was one of my favorites.  Uncle Wiggily.

It was a boardgame based on a series of children's stories written by Howard R. Garis.  He was prolific, penning 79 books and many stories over the years.  The illustrations in the books are beautiful, timeless pieces of art.  Search engine Uncle Wiggily and check it out.

Uncle Wiggily was an elderly engaging rabbit who has rheumatism.  He gets around with the help of a red, white, blue cane resembling a barber's pole. 

He takes a lot of trips, goes on many adventures and meets many others on the way.

He encounters 'bad chaps' who make life difficult for him.  They perform pranks and some want to take 'ear nibbles'.  Remember, these were written with little kids in mind, so the violence is played down. 

Uncle Wiggily also has many friends ad allies who travel with him and aid him to safety.  I find it amusing he has a niece and nephew, no kids though.  Why is it these guys/gals are almost always like that?  Donald Duck, Popeye etal have the same situation.  Puritanical overtones?  Who knows lol?

He often helps friends out of bad predicaments before the 'bad chaps' descend.  As well he is aided by them in thwarting bad machinations.  He also relies on his crutch and an occasional 'thing-a-ma-bob' brought along in a satchel against the villains. 

The games takes players from Uncle Wiggily's place to Dr Possum's house.  There are traps and obstacles along the way.

Up to four people can play, so there is a little competition, taking turns and so forth.

About those traps and obstacles, I remember the fox in particular.  Even in early childhood, I figured he'd do more than nibble an ear or prank the Uncle.

Need I point out the analogy?  Real life is more than pranks and ear nibbles.  Our bad chaps are evil, malignant, controlling.  We are in the fight of our lives.

We must be resourceful.  Devise solutions as we go along.  We can't draw another card when it's our turn.  We have to think on our feet.

Being wiggily is helpful.  Flexibility is key.

Perhaps the game was a very early indication of something more.

Unlike wiggling our way out like our slimeball enemies, we simply wade in, with agility.

We need wiggle room and an uncle able and willing to teach us -s-.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Nothing We Can Do

I remember that phrase specifically, though it's common enough with defeatists.

Years ago, I was having a discussion about Freedom with someone showbiz related.  I'd known this person for quite a while.  Most of our previous conversations were relegated to showbiz, actors, movies etc.  This was different.

I mentioned the encroaching tyranny suffered after 911.  Without reiterating all that, she cut the conversation short by saying 'there's nothing we can do' so why bother getting upset.

I had an impression she might be Freedom minded before, thus our chat.  Apparently she was as statist as Star Trek let's say.  You know, the Federation as a socialist state heading to fascist alliance.  No, I'm not going to discuss all that here.  Figure it out for yourselves -s-.  And btw, I'm a ST fan but I never hold back my critique.

That impression of the lady was naïve.  Since then, I check out people even more closely.  Paranoid, nosy?  Nah.  Just don't want to waste my time on people such as the one above who impress with 'my mind is made up so don't confuse me with the facts'.

Speaking of Trek, I'd say her attitude was pretty much 'resistance is futile' vis a vis the Borg.

Nothing we can do harks back to that German prof I've mentioned who was a translator at Nuremberg.  She talked of East and West Germany.  Some people sought Freedom and some preferred to be told what to do.  It's easier to be controlled once you give up.

So get lost in science fiction and ignore reality.  Or perhaps you might see a message in the ravioli such as Babylon 5 about fighting on all levels for Freedom.

SOMETHING we can do is resist.  Learn the enemies' ways and fight. 

As for the nothing we can do crowd, well, they reap what they sew.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blind History

'There are none so blind as those who will not see.'  Attributed to Matthew Henry, it is quoted all over and there are variations Biblically, in song and elsewhere.  It is used by many different political and social persuasions.

The quote comes to mind as a line in Everything is Beautiful by Ray Stevens.  Interesting song re tolerance, brotherhood etc.

I had two very different Grandfathers.  One, my maternal, lived with us.  He was stoic but kindly and honest.  The other, my Dad's Dad, was petty, conniving, selfish.  My Dad was raised, btw, by my GreatGrandmother and Great Aunt and Great Uncle.  They were of the same good ilk, producing loving, caring, wisdom, balance.

Frank (I never call him Grandpa) just loved that song.  He'd sit and keep time to it, nodding to the words and music.

At the same time, he was an example of what the song despised.  Among his negative qualities, racial prejudice evidenced itself.

He frequently used the 'n' word and I was flabbergasted at his stupidity.

He apparently saw no problem with his negativity and enjoying that song.  The opening line of this post went right over his head.

So it is with many.  They pick and choose what they accept, either glossing over facts or excising them re history and all the events which lead to it every day. 

My son is a history major intent on the military then teaching.  We have frequent discussions about historical events.  We exclude nothing and prefer a 'warts and all' approach, history in toto.

That can be uncomfortable and I'm reminded of why many are blind.  As well as that mentioned above, many exhibit cognitive dissonance.

My point is you can't make people see.  But you might point the way so they will think for themselves.

Beware that outcropping of blind history ie cult of personality.  It leads many a follower off a cliff.

Instead, remember we are all human and we, in spite of faults, strive to do better.  We seek to reestablish Liberty, calling on the best we can be.

Take off the blinders and see warts and all.

I'm not afraid to mention the above family skeleton.  I suggest the same for all personally, nationally and worldwide.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bit Ill

We all get that way now and then.

Allergies, bad back very unexotic, dull and common describe the situation.

The way I feel with an allergic cough and chest is exhausting.  I'm at my best right now lying down.

Luckily, my office is my bedroom -s-.  So, as always I'm typing something, reading everything, communicating everywhere.

What if I decided to take a sick day?  I could, even have.

Yet, I think of Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea.

They have taken days off. Sick days too.

But I'll tell you something.  Mike V has been much more profoundly ill.  It has not stopped him.  Slowed him down yes.  But, he presses on.

All I'm saying is don't make excuses.  Do what you can and inspire others to do so for the Restoration of this Republic.  Many hands make lighter work.

Funny.  When I get sick, I often dream of my Mom's cooking.  Earlier it was pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans.  All homemade-no mixes nor shortcuts.

Symbol?  Food, comfort, basic, self-reliant.  You eat, you live.  And love and caring sustain the spirit as well.

Ok.  So do what you can.  All of us some of the time.

My shift is over for a bit.  So who's next?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Collectivism is based on lies.  It has to be, since it will not work otherwise and certainly doesn't work when installed.  The lies  and purging just keep building.

I like the word ringer.  The Merriam-Webster definition: one that enters a competition under false representations (2) :  imposter, fake.

Ringers a bell huh?  We are rampant with ringers.

It is important to study collectivism in all aspects.  How they use situations at one end and the other to squeeze results, to agitate and factionalize.  It is easier to control people when they are divided.

Ringers.  People who are not what they seem.  Leaders who do not lead or at least lead in the wrong direction.  Playing on emotion, they hope you don't notice the fakery.

Ringers.  Organizations whose purpose is to perpetuate themselves and further collectivist mission.  Likewise, look carefully how they word their communiques.  Selective use of words to keep people from thinking and fooling them into 'thinking' they are at least doing something.

Ringers.  Sock puppets for a very exclusive club.  Oh to be one of them or at least be in their favor.  That is the groupie mindset for those who do the bidding of what is called the 'elite' or those who would possess all power, who seek to control for its own sake.  It's a heady drug, encompassing body, mind, spirit.  And it's shared with the underlings, doled out to keep the simple dangling.

Look behind the riots.  See what's revealed past the policies.  Think for yourselves. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


It's tough to select topics sometimes.  So many.  So little time.  And limiting to 4 a month so I can get other things done doesn't make it easier.  Either the topics flow or they are chipped out.

Honor could be a throwaway thread.  It's easy to say honor's waning and people, gov and elsewhere, are lacking it.  Well, they are.  And like anything, any word, it can be perverted such as 'honor killing' to justify evil.

What does honor mean to you?

Is it respect for self and others?

What's doing the right thing?  It seems confusing to a lot of people these days.  Moral relativism, like a snake by the tail, whips around and sinks its fangs in those embracing it.

It is upholding the God given Liberty that established these united States.  It is defending those principles.  It is self defense and defense of others.  It is standing up for justice, though the price is steep.  It is helping people help themselves, thus instilling said respect for self and others.

Being true to yourself, so you can be true to others.  Base life on truth and decency aka doing the right thing, not stealing, looting or murdering, robbing.

Take oaths to protect and defend the Constitution seriously.  Don't use any position to justify any kind of tyranny. 

There is no moral relativism.. That is an invention of collectivists to obscure truth with lies and half truths.

Why are some things such as honor, bravery, morality hard to write about?  It's not really that so much has already been written about them.

It is because we must back words with actions.

It is the honorable thing to do

Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy Or


Better get my speedos on and join the froggie in the pot.  Well, baggies at my age -s-.

The purge continues.  If you don't go along with homo-fascists, then you are 'homophobic'.  Phobia is a root word from Greek indicating fear.  Personally, I've never been afraid of homosexuals.  Nor am I afraid to say what I think.

Now, I'm not going on some tirade pro or anti anything.  Oh oh, guess I'll get in another pot of hot water with someone.  Well, in line with this blog and my expression of Freedom, decide for yourselves about this.

Historically, there have always been 'gay' people around.  Maybe there always will be.  God/Creator/Light can sort that out.  Do I approve or disapprove?  It has nothing to do with what's happening now.  Oh oh.  Take a look at what's going down.  Decide for yourselves about morality, lifestyle (a word hijacked by collectivists to indicate something tantamount to a sock puppet to further their goals), fors and agins.

What's going on is politicization of sexuality.  It's been going on and done before with black folks and the sexes aka male and female.  It's that sock puppet attack to further collectivist control.  They play friendly, act like they sympathize, use the subject, then either dump them or subjugate them as well as their targets.

The only kind of Christianity, if you want to call it that, which I oppose, is anyone labelling as Christian and calling for death of those the cultists (which these people are) go after.  Wow.  Sounds like what some extreme homosexuals are doing to certain Christians these days.  Burn businesses, sue for everything someone has, and of course, death threats.  It's all opportunistic, collectivist drivel meant to destroy the infrastructure.

As I've said before, there are extremists in all groups, be it racial, religious, sexual etc.  I ridicule them as 'Bertha better'n yous'.  This is the sock puppet cover for the ultimate BBTYs aka collectivists pushing control on ALL of us.

Should we oppose moral relativism?  Are their limits?  What's next?  Is it 'pedophile' (child rapist) pride/license?  It's already being developed.

We have the right to associate with whom we please.  Some of us are more inclusive than others. 

I like to see what others think.  That doesn't mean I agree nor even condone them.

Oh oh.  Does he mean gays, or polytheists or conservative or liberals or you name it?

OTOH maybe I believe in content of character.  And that is anathema to collectivists.  Lockstep or nostep is their way.

Beware btw, a new tide of 'sexism' flowing in like bilge.  We've had our fill of racism, orientationism (?).  Now the rise of 'rape culture' looms. 

Remember, we are set upon.  We are divided.  And that suits the filth that is collectivism just fine.

Does it make you happy?  Sad?  Angry?

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Force Majeure

There are several applications for the title.  Superior, irresistible force is one definition.  Akin to this, and more to the point, is an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled.  I thank my trusty friend Merriam-Webster Dictionary for this.

Current events have touched on force majeure.  Of course the ever encroaching government control of every aspect of our live is building such a force.  The definition fails though, because the 'unintended consequences' have been more than reasonably anticipated in agonizing detail.  As for control, well those of us who wish to control ourselves as opposed to gov control speak out.

I'm thinking of responsibility, self control indeed.  I've touched on it recently in The Excuse Train, Noble and Thugee. 

You cannot force someone to like you.  You might disagree with their views or the way they conduct their lives, but hey, that's a two way street. 

We already have a right to associate with whomever we please.  Check out the 1st Amendment.  Of course it's used to bully people beyond merely expressing no state religion, personal freedom of religion, assembly, speech and press.   This also extends to freedom of association.

Making someone do something against their principles, religious or social, is wrong.

However, we should be careful forming laws, lest they be misapplied.

The world is full of all kinds of people.  Good, bad and in between, we live in this world together.   Whether we get together is up to us.

What should unite us is our right to be free.  The Constitutional Republic guarantees that.  Yet, we are only as free as we allow ourselves

Force majeure will be a destructive whirlwind tearing us apart.

Or force majeure is the certainty we will be free, live in liberty.  It is a force of nature and nature's God.

Monday, March 30, 2015


Occasionally Wikipedia has it right.  At least this time there is enough data to substantiate my core post.

Quite a throng of misfits.  Or maybe they do fit a dystopian realm.

Now we come to the present.  Thug/s has a not so new meaning.  A violent criminal, associated term wise with black gangbangers.  But the meaning is universal.

Thuggery as I call it, is indeed a subculture.  It has been fomented over quite a while.  It's part of destroying the Republic from within.

It has been promulgated in the street community.  It is where it can appear and disappear.  Don't be fooled.  It is all focused on control. 

And woe to anyone who points a finger, say at blacks.  But to blame blacks is wrong.  Blame those who would divide us.  Those who set race against race, sect against sect or sex against sex. 

I made a comment on a thread in response to the murder of a woman by her husband/partner.  I simply said it was more evidence of drug/gang/thug activity.

Someone responded that it was a domestic murder.

Yes it was .  But it was evidence of thuggery.  Violent crime.

Abusive behavior is thuggery.  Beating a woman is violent crime.  Murder is murder.

There are gangs who deify such actions as long as it benefits the gang.

It's time to knock these gods off their pedestals.

Meet the monsters face to face. 

As Lt Col Vandervoort said 'you can't give the enemy a break-send em to hell'. 

They do not care about humanity.  They care only to survive at the expense of decent honest people.

As Sgt Major Plumley said, 'Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves'.

Do not be fooled.  These goblins will lie and do anything to subvert society.

We must not equivocate.

The enemy, thugs on the streets and in office, do that.

Do not let them get away with it.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


'What does it mean to be noble?'  William Wallace to Robert the Bruce in Braveheart.

A lot of what's going on seems to be tinged with nobility.  Broad brush swiping of colors, so-called lifestyles, politics, religion.  And fault is not found to a fault.

The noble red man is a myth.  Blameless blacks and no fault gays are a myth.  Here's the scoop.

We are all human, to a fault or not -s-.  This means we are imperfect, make mistakes even commit -gosh- sins. 

When criticism comes, the way of certainty in society, there is a system set up to deflect it.  There are excuses (as in the Excuse Train) to explain it away.

One set or view is bad and another good.  You'd better hang onto your socks cuz that's just BS. 

All whites are not villains.  Some are, as are some all other colors, ways of life, sexes (2?), etc.

All of these barriers are set up to divide us.  We are then more easily ruled.  This is especially true in a world subruled by emotion  There is no balance of head and heart.  If you feel you are more likely to surrender yourself to control.

Self control is the essence of this Republic.  It is a hallmark of our Republic that control is thusly put upon government.  There is nothing noble about it.  We are responsible for ourselves and government is responsible to we the people.

Nobility comes from the heart.  It is a matter of content of character.  It is NOT a matter of position, wealth, poverty, sex, color, religion.  What it means to be noble is  honesty, generosity, courage, etc.

These are qualities shared by all.

Conversely, humanity is capable of quite the opposite. 

It is only when these negative qualities exhibit themselves that excuses are given.  It is an attempt by collectivists to hijack liberty and redefine it in its hivelike matrix. 

So look to yourself then look elsewhere.  Liberty starts with one noble thought.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Excuse Train

Between flogging a dead horse and cognitive dissonance lies the excuse train.

And oh oh, the broad brush of racism rears its ugly head for the umpteenth time.  For if I discuss/expose what I'm aiming at (not a Freudian slip -s-), the spectral finger points back in denial.  Blaming others is part of the dysfunction involved.  It is also a calculated weapon to shut up the truth.

And oh oh, the broad brush of thuggery/fear threaten decency/humanity.  Stereotypes abound.  And the opposite, ie, 'all (fill in the blank) are good or noble or whatever is a sometimes fatal naivete.

After a crime is committed, when the perp/s is/are nabbed, their family members often come forward with what amounts to excuses.  The perp is a good boy or was going to go to college or wasn't really doing anything.  'He was my angel' has been heard ad nauseum.  We are being kept down or harassed.  The facts are ignored in favor of a lying matrix.

When I worked at the Juvenile Center in Indianapolis, we had all kinds of kids-and most colors-serving time.  One of the first lessons was to never turn your back on any of them.  Some appeared friendly to gain advantage.  Users start somewhere and often young.

Also, on visitor's night, I noticed how many of the parents/family regarded us.  The looks some gave were disdainful even predatory.  I learned many of the family members were also criminals, sometimes worse than the kids.  Of course, those older had had time to gain experience in crime.

Can some be rehabilitated?  Yes.  But it's a selective process.  Best results are when kids are reached before crime starts.

The excuse train is a rocky ride.  The lies are often just that and/or denial plays a part.  People have been bribed and think they deserve handouts.  Spoiled brats only get more rotten unless it stops.

The race card is both an excuse and one of the cars on the train.  It's all set to demoralize and isolate people to make them both shut up and to weaken the social infrastructure. 

Telling the truth has a price and that includes weathering the storm of collectivist abuse for doing so. 

Below is something I've circulated for a while in answer to all the hoopla.

My son went to Tech High School. It became known someone was paying black kids 20 bucks apiece to start fights with white kids. On his way home one day, a guy tried to jump him, egged on by a group of black kids. He was side swiped then turned to defend himself. The kid ran back to the crowd and they didn't try to jump him en masse. Later, the vice principal in charge of discipline who happened to be black, went after the twit who jumped my son. He was caught for dealing drugs.
In our neighborhood, there was a family of blacks whose kids started picking on our daughter. They taunted her, saying they were beautiful and black and she was ugly and white. This ended after several incidents where we called the cops for threats by the parents. We were going to resolve this in court but they failed to appear. A white liberal former neighbor said it was cultural for them to not show up. A deputy I knew said it was most likely an outstanding warrant.
BTW, the kids were raised to accept people for the content of character. They both had several black friends and mentors and still do.
We need to spotlight the obvious subversion.

Subversion is a key word.  All the violence is deliberate.  And no not all the thugs are true believers.  Many are just useful idiots.

Again, I repeat that there is a church, near where much violence has occurred.  Their aim is to teach kids to be men and women, not thugs.

For them there are no excuses.