Friday, October 30, 2015


Nothing's more iconic than a boy or girl with his/her dog.

It represents a bond of unconditional love and caring which is a two way street.

If you are a member of a religion which considers dogs unclean to the point of ritual cleansing if there is some kind of contact, don't get a job where you have to interact with them.

Hadith/tradition forbids contact for Islamists with dogs.  Ok.  But leave those of us with dogs alone.  Of course that is impossible with jihadists.  They insist on forcing their ways on everyone else, to the point of accepting Islam or dying.  There is the exception for unbelievers to pay 'tax' or tribute as second class citizens.

Further, photos are forbidden as are all graven images.  It's why there are such decorations as geometric patterns, calligraphy and arabesques predominate.  Ok.  Just don't force anyone else to adhere to this.  Impossible for the jihadists.

As we've seen not even images of Muhammad are allowed.  And in blood cult like behavior, all attention is upon this guy and their conception of a god.  Again, see above re focing all others to adhere.

Dogs are gifts of God for us.  Photos and drawing of dogs, family or anything else open us to the wonder of Gods works.

Having love for others and expressing that love is a lesson about how vast Creation truly is.

sure, if you prefer to exclude all else and concentrate go ahead.

But you show an evil hand even fallen when avoidance becomes an idol itself.

Nothing can destroy love.

Give me dogs and pics.

I promise not to force you to pet or look.


Adama said...

What about the Amish?

whom said...

They're not jihading.

Anonymous said...

Puppy mills. Just a few have them but they are overlooked by many. Money.

Corporal Rusty said...