Saturday, October 31, 2015


'Revenge is a dish best served cold'  So said Khan Noonian Singh, quoting the Klingon.

Oddly, I wrestled with writing this brief exposition.  Sometimes I think an idea doesn't float, then I surprise myself with its life.

I'm not gonna waste space and retell the story completely.  Go seek it out.  But, Khan was an old foe of Captain Kirk from TOS episode Space Seed.  He returns to seek vengeance on his old enemy.

His revenge is driven by an insane perception that Kirk is responsible for his wife's death and the desolation of Khan's people. 

Khan was marooned on a planet where he and the others had a fair chance to survive and eventually thrive.  A nearby planet explodes and literally devastates the new home.  Though Khan and many of his group survive, he pins his misfortune on Kirk.  When presented with an opportunity, he goes after him.

After wreaking havoc, Khan is defeated.  This is preceded by Spock's death, saving the Enterprise and crew by realigning the engine.  Sacrifice, a mainstay of Star Trek, is pivotal here.

During the course of the movie, it's noted that Khan indeed is an accelerated, genetically enhanced human.  Spock says that he's quite intelligent but his pattern indicated two dimensional thinking.

There is the crux.  In the real world, many pride themselves that they are 'better' than others.  They may even possess a certain mental acuity.  Their pride limits them.  It comes before the fall.

As in chess, they think they have many moves predicted and will eventually win.  Fabian socialism comes to mind.  'Taint so McGee.  We who appreciate/live Freedom and breathe Liberty are willing to bit by bit not just take back what's stolen, we are proactive and expose tyranny relentlessly.

Three dimensional thinking is called for (even at the expense of dangling prepositions lol).  And I tell you that arrogance trips our opponents/enemies up every time.

Don't lose heart.  Sacrifice is inevitable.  But the prize is that priceless life of self determination.

And I could do a post on comparing Star Trek ll the Wrath of Khan and Star Trek Into Darkness.  Maybe I will or should.

Leave it to say, I'm old school -s-.

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