Friday, November 27, 2015


Yes, this time it's the little dog.

There is a lot round about in reference to the Wizard of Oz, it's symbolism, whether it's good or evil etc.  I just want to touch on a very obvious point.

Toto exposed the wizard.

Everybody was psyched out meeting this head honcho.  They were nervous from fear of the unknown.  That fear was reinforced by the blustery presentation the wizard produced before them.  It was intended to take their minds off the proceedings.  It triggered emotional response.  Exacerbating this was the obsession each had for visiting the wizard.  They each wanted something and were too shortsighted to see that they already had the quality they sought.

First they were given a seemingly impossible task.  They had to retrieve the wicked witch's broomstick.  The only way to do so was to penetrate her defenses, get into her lair.  It was achieved, the witch was killed, people freed and the broomstick was the trophy.  Great risk was taken and their lives were imperiled.  Determination and the exercise of the qualities they sought plus, of course, some dumb luck aka the 'x' factor worked together to achieve the supposedly impossible.

Upon returning, the wizard huffed and puffed, said he wanted them to 'come back tomorrow'.

Dorothy protested and the others said the wizard already had enough time.  Plus Dorothy said if he were really great and powerful, he'd keep his promises.  She and the others put faith in a leader to solve their problems.

At that moment, Toto, Dorothy's dog, runs to a curtain and pulls it back.  An old man is fidgeting instruments and speaking in a microphone.  We hear the famous 'pay no attention to that man behind the curtain'. 

Dorothy and the others castigate him and he admits he's a humbug or not honest and true.  She further says he's a very bad man.  He disagrees and says he's a very good man just a bad wizard.

We've seen the many references to this show and that scene particularly.  Would that socalled leaders admitted they were bad.  Their warped egos won't allow that.  They actually think they know better than the people who placed them in power and trust.  In my mind they are not good.  They are evil.

Toto exposed the fakery.  It was so simple and without guile.  Candor. 

We need to remember who runs the country.  We must remember we have what it takes within ourselves and quit depending on the same liars.

I know these things have been almost beaten to death for years.  But I did my 2 cents because of the urgency of the hour.  And there are many who need to see.  Perhaps you do.

I hope enough keep waking to the fact we have treason in high places and the collectivist lies are hollow.

With human candor, pull back the curtain.

We're surrounded by humbugs and bad people.  They're not even good wizards.

Then again, we don't want them nor need them to be.  We have the power within

Just pull back the curtain.  The enemy already does the exposure for us.

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