Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sick Dog

Carmen, my daughter's dog (actually the whole fam's), is 10 years old.  She's part Corgie and Lab.  She also seems ill.

The hips are a vulnerable place on a Corgie's body.  Her hips are becoming arthritic.  It's hard for her to climb steps now, whereas just a few months ago she was bounding around.

Growths have been removed from her eyes and ears.  There may be an infection lingering, though it has retreated.  Only so much can be done though.  It's partly money.

Some wealthy people have extensive care available for pets.  There have even been cancer treatments and surgery.  That costs mucho bucks, which are far beyond many.

Most have to eventually decide if a pet has to be put to sleep.  An interesting term, which, among others, lends itself to sweet oblivion.

Before I go on a tangent about such symbolism, I should make a point.  As illness increases, more care must be given.  It reminded me of friends and family who have suffered and died. It reminded me of the increase in stress and he rollercoaster ride of emotions and thoughts, often interrupted with an incident requiring some level of crisis care.

All I can tell you when these events appear in your lives, and they do to some degree or other, is face it with cold courage.  Do what has to be done.  Get help, however much you need.  There is no reason to be alone. 

Taking care of the ill s taxing.  Take a break.  You are not alone.  Don't be chained.  Caregiving is something that must be done.

Perhaps you need the assistance of professionals.  These days a lot of people enter some kind of facility.  Vet them all.  Don't think location and money are everything.  Test them.  You know what's right, what's Light.  Search for it.

You'll always have people who 'dump'.  Sometimes it's overwhelming and they desperately seek relief.  Others are just cold hearted, manipulative b******s.  The latter will get what's coming to them in this world and/or the next.  The former can be you or me.  Remember, you are NOT alone.

Naturally things have been made complicated by that little imp and his cohorts.  Don't let THAT stop you either.  It's the same principle.

Dogs are 'easier' to care for, in a way.  But they definitely take an emotional toll.  As well they should and must.  Caring is a total package, with all the ups and downs.  Unless you are one of the b******s,
you can't avoid it.

We do what we must.  And we learn surprising things.  Some good, some bad.  Don't be discouraged.  There is nothing left but the doing.

Oh.  Pray and meditate.  These roads of Light are powerful.  Love never dies.

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Dr X said...

That imp could be a character out of CS Lewis.