Friday, November 30, 2007


We have a new Mayor coming this January. Indianapolis voters, by over 5000 votes, have given Bart Peterson the heave ho. Greg Ballard is taking the reins. Mind you, only about 26% of eligible voters did their duty. What does it take to get a groundswell?

We all should remember our population during the War for Independence. Approximately a third were for fightling tyranny. Another third opposed and remain loyal to the Crown. And yet another third were 'neutral', the 'reeds that bend in the wind'. Actual combatants were considerably fewer. But we are talking of election aren't we? What has this old war have to do with choosing a city leader in 2007? Everything.

Our ancestors elected to do one of three previously mentioned things. Change was effected. We have just chosen a new path for our city. Change was effected. Perhaps war was averted. Maybe not a firefight, but possibly economic and quieter social upheaval.

Now it remains to be seen how we clean up this city. Corruption will probably shift and burrow down, hopefully greatly reduced. I hope it is not a new flavor even if Ballard is going to keep his word to improve. It remains to be seen and I will watch. Too often, there are promises made and quickly dropped. The excuse is commonly that the new (fill in the blank) has to revise his/her view on closer examination. Unforseen circumstances lead to watering down a vision as it were, when actually behind the scenes compromises and deals are made.

I will be cautiously optimistic. Ballard seems to be a 'man of the people'. He is a former Marine, a Lt. Colonel retired. He has some business acumen. With whom he surrounds himself is the critical issue. And listening to the people and seeking their input. It's what got him elected. Let's hope some of the politicos he has on his transition team do not hijack the dream of more Freedom for another version of the same old same old. I trust Col. Ballard will take advice from ALL the transition team, keeping his ear to the ground for what the people say and remembering what was promised and then proceed to effect change that liberates us again. A commander must act only after weighing all factors. Sometimes fast, sometimes slowly. And yes, Ballard can apply military precision to city government, as long as he only applies, remembering this is NOT the military. And, if mistakes are made, rectification instituted.

Keep your fingers crossed as we not only hope, but as I said, watch. For if we do not watch, we will be enshrouded by neutrality. Do nothings. I'm asking all of us to do something. Watch and think. Ask and demand. If one does not participate, then one deserves what one gets.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


What is it about certain people? They can be scurrilous and skate free. Some commit treason and get a Do Not Go To Jail card. All of a sudden, if they are public figures, they receive what amounts to absolution. The ticket is illness or death.

Apparently one is not supposed to speak ill of the dead, if they are public servants. Now if a child molester dies many say good riddance. Some say all life is sacred. But it is a blessing when hardcore evil is eradicated. God can sort them out.

Julia Carson (I am nauseous mentioning the name) has terminal cancer. All of a sudden, anything negative she has done is ignored and she is treated like a saint. Many have said they certainly have opposed her. But they stress she is suffering and needs our prayers. I was rebuked and my comments expunged from another blog that has done much work to reform Indianapolis. Below is what I said.

'She is a card carrying socialist. She is antigun, antiliberty period. She is at best questionable in her 'job'. I have no doubt she stole the first election from Hofmeister and probably the rest as well.

My hope for her is that she ponders her mistakes/crimes. Bet we will never see an apology for them. God help her indeed. I'd hate to have her karma.

We have had horrible deaths in our family. Rarely are there peaceful 'go to sleep and never wake up' passings.

Disease comes to the good and the evil. It is how we deal with it that counts.

Though her means of demise is terrible, I will not miss her.'

'It's too bad she is leaving this way. I would rather see her exposed and beaten in election.

Now we will have a 'martyr'. There will be no accountability for her stint in office. Nor crimes.'

(Re Frank Anderson replacing her as Congressman from the 7th District, Indiana): 'Anderson should be investigated and indicted. Then again so should Julia etal.'

(I commented that she is not running for office again and repeated a previous statement for another list, this time not expunged):'Carson Not Running: That's the good news. The bad is her cancer will make her a martyr and she will never get the investigation and indictment she deserves.'

I stand by these statements. To me she is an enemy of the state. May God have mercy on her spirit. However, neither she nor anyone else is sacrosanct. Lionizing her only perpetuates the disease of liberalism.

So, call me a callous SOB if you like. I will not recant. When I kick, let my life be examined, if there is any interest, warts and all. There are plenty. But I will stand for reestablishing this Republic. If I am to be remembered, let that be my epitaph.

Don't expect me at Carson's candlelight vigil. I will be in the company of those who care about this Republic, not those who would whitewash tyranny.