Friday, August 31, 2007

High Noon

One man alone. He sought help to literally fight vengeful criminals. Noone helped. A town Marshall, he served and protected a town. Not a single townsperson raised a finger to fight. They all had guns. They all had families, businesses, each with a stake, a life. Yet they hoped Will Kane would just go away. Maybe the bad guys would leave them alone.

Will Kane fought alone. During the gunfight, his Quaker bride killed one of the scumbags in self defense. Kane got two. The remaining one, a man Kane had sent to prison to be executed (He was pardoned. Must have been the 19th century version of the 9th Circuit Court) took his wife hostage and demanded an exchange-her for Kane. Kane accepted. He walked into the street. His wife again showed her grit and scratched the face of the perp. This distracted him enough for Kane to nail him.

The last scene in the movie is the most telling. Townspeople gather as he rides out of town with his bride. Stopping, he gives them a withering look and throws his star into the dust, turns his back and rides away.

They wouldn't defend themselves. Neither would he defend them. He did what he did for his own defense and his bride. If they were not willing to defend themselves, so be it.

Nothing changes. We must see to our own defense. We must band together and fight for that common cause. Do NOT depend on me to save YOU. Yet I will stand with my allies and friends. I remember one of the Statehouse bureaucrats (A slick little toad who praised my stand for the 2nd Amendment, feigned sympathy then turned his back on me) saying how safe he felt with me being armed . Whoopie. Toadboy I'm not here to save your fat butt. Save your own or perish.

Nothing changes indeed.

Robin Hood

One of my favorite stories from chidhood. I read many a book. I watched Errol Flynn, Richard Greene etal. I played with toy swords and 'fought' the villains and rescued imaginary damsels in distress. Maybe it's one of the reasons I decided to become an actor/writer!

The leftists/one worlders have tried to hijack the story. Rob from the rich and give to the poor etc. They are dead wrong.

History becomes legend and legend becomes myth (Yes, Gandolf said that in Lord of the Rings. I'm a lit./moviephile after all). Therefore, such tales like Robin Hood are malleable to many viewpoints. Even the Founders have been manipulated to be something they were not or at least lie and truth were mixed to water down our history and thus Freedom. Here is what I think Robin Hood stands for.

Those men fought for Freedom against tyranny/oppression. The common people were put upon. Even the little they had was taken to fatten the pockets of a 'noble class'. Robin Hood became an outlaw because he opposed those fat cats. He did not redistribute the wealth. He gave back to the people what was taken from them. He showed that true nobility is of the heart no matter where and how born. Keep in mind we are talking feudal England. Keep in mind that Freedom is timeless and evolved finally to breaking from England and forming the only Constitutional Republic ever (so far).

Try to take what's mine and I'll fight. Remember the 4 boxes. There is a point where we must remember 'no compromise'. A lot has been taken. A lot must be returned. Petition the king for a while then say no more. Our country needs a great Restoration. Teach this grassroots, one at a time. Start 'brushfires' in the minds of men. Be inspired by such tales. Then make your own history!

My Dad

My Dad died 40 years ago on the 29th of August. It was the end of a long painful journey for all of us. Liver cancer ravaged him along with cirrhosis. And no, he didn't drink himself to death. But he was a workaholic. Quiet, dry sense of humor and to finish what he started sums him up.

It took him several years to die. We spent a great deal of time taking care of him. Never once did I regret it. It cut into my life. Much of my time was spent at home. Sure, I got out and ran with friends, saw movies etc. But I always came home to help take care of Dad. Never gave it a second thought. I sure as hell didn't feel sorry for myself. I grieved at his condition but we still found time to talk and smile. I believe I got to know my Dad better oddly enough because of it. Perhaps because we had little time and we tried to make the most of it.

At no time did he try to tell me what to do. He merely hoped I learned by example and would learn to be all I could be. That's pretty much what happened, and with a lot of bumps and mistakes, I'm here.

After he died, I did doubt. I asked why did he go. I even resented him for a time. I forgot about that time together. I wallowed in self pity. Through trial and error, I realized my life was up to me. I could either continue with 'woe is me' or I could make something of myself and remember our lives together and go on.

I am here Dad. I never gave up. And now I'm raising a son and daughter. I tell them about you and to never forget. To make up their own minds what they want to do. To have a purpose and to live free. No saints, but human beings. Through it all love never dies.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Below is a letter I sent in response to an effort by local media to examine solutions for 'safer streets'. There were the usual liberal/antigun ideas. Self discipline did pop up several times. A responsible armed citizenry only rose up once.

Responsibility. To ourselves, our families, our communities. Is this the simple solution to the problems we face in the socalled war (ref to our Sheriff Frank Anderson saying we were at 'war' against violence)? Yes and no.

I agree with Byron Alston and Sheriff Carter (Hamilton County). We must meet together and we must discipline children. If we do not, something will take the place of family. Gangs depend on families dissolving. Sharing our concerns and planning interaction costs nothing and is effective. There are too many 'programs' that have actually contributed to the problem rather than helped. People have been taught to depend on the state and not themselves. They must be retaught.

It is time to reclaim individual responsibility. We must teach that for every act, there is a consequence, good or bad. We must teach that life is precious and we must continue to eradicate gangs/drugs from our midst. Part of the problem is that new gangs have entered the County (Marion) and they are indeed warring with established ones. Much of this is Hispanic vs Black. Lest I seem racist, that is not so. The decent people of all races far outnumber the criminals.

Concerning responsibility, there is a topic that seems taboo unless it is dealt with negatively. That is the subject of gun ownership.

Most firearms are owned by decent honest people for a variety of uses. This includes self defense. That said, we have the responsibility with the right to keep and bear arms to know how to responsibly and effectively operate them.

We have firearms in our fanily, in our home. The children are taught how to shoot and importantly, taught firearms safety. I was taught at an early age in the same way. We have passed this on to our children. We were pleased to see that Mitch Daniels (Indiana Governor) signed into law a Lifetime permit option. It's a step to Vermont style carry.

There is nothing to fear from us as opposed to the criminals who have wantonly been murdering fellow criminals and innocent citizens. I quote Col. Jeff Cooper, one of the great firearms instructors, "Here's my credo. There are no good guns. There are no bad guns. A gun in the hands of a bad man is a bad thing. Any gun in the hands of a good man is no threat to anyone, except bad people."

I take exception to Mr. Dominguez' (news anchor at the local Hispanic station) statement re permits. Eighteen year olds are able to vote and enter the armed forces where they train to handle million dollar equipment and are given automatic weapons. They ARE responsible. Ask my kids! If they are not they should be punished.

Also metal detectors and checkpoints, not only Unconstitutional, are mostly fruitless finding perps. How frightening re checkpoints in neighborhoods. We are a Constitutional Republic. Unless someone commits crime we should not ALL be treated as criminals. Terrorists/criminals are going to win this war IF we allow this. They don't care for the law and will find a way to murder and commit other crimes regardless of laws.

Trust the people! We are indeed part of the solution as Sheriff Anderson said. We should be alert and help police/sheriffs by reporting gang/drug activity. We have in our neighborhood and have cleaned out several drug houses. I pray we will all work together to change Indianapolis and the County for the best!

Back to the present: I sent this to numerous media, members of the city/county/state government, including Mayor, Governor, Judge Cale Bradford, etal. To this date, there has been NO interest/reply. Until I started to embarrass them. I will continue to drag this into the light. As we know, politicians do not act, they react. I cannot stop.

Remember folks, it takes ALL of us to bring about change. Get busy!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Satellites and Starships

The children are growing up. Our son is 17. He intends to be a Marine pilot and has an interest in aerospace engineering. Our daughter is 12. Her interests are in the Fine Arts with an emphasis on singing. The nest will soon be empty.

That's no problem for us. I have my career to continue building. Then there is the continuing fight against the forces of darkness aka restoring the Republic. My wife has several career choices. Among them are book writing, law school, starting her own business and reviving her singing career.

Will we miss them when the time comes for them to take off? Yep! But we will wish them well and know that we did our part to prepare them to be self sufficient. Will we be glad they are gone? Absolutely! Otherwise, we might all suffer from some mutated form of 'cabin fever'!

Kids are like satellites. They spin around their homeworld learning data. They prepare for their missions. They give and take proving they are ready for something more.

Kids are like starships. They have received sufficient data. They are ready to launch into the stars to make their own homeworld.

Home can be a refuge for a season. Then Home is a springboard from which we venture into the world and claim our part. Otherwise, home becomes a trap. Walls can be built, wings clipped.

Mind you, Homeworld expects updates on how the mission of self reliance and Freedom is going. Advice is ok. But it is up to the starship commander to deterrmine his/her own path.

Yes, Science Fiction plays a big role in our family. It's often the best way to get a story across.

I'll leave that for another entry to better explain.

Til then, safe journey to all.

Monday, August 6, 2007

What's In It For Me?

Is this even a question that should cross our minds in our efforts to restore the Republic? The title question reminds me of the guy in the Patriot who signed up to fight England for whatever bounty and booty he could get. When things got too tough for him, when the profit line was cut with too much risk, he quit.

The men who signed the Declaration of Independence pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred Honor. These men had significant differences amongst themselves. Many were wealthy landowners. Some had slaves and some did not. Though Jefferson tried to include wording that condemned slavery, several Southern representatives refused to ratify unless he struck said wording. In the interest of Freedom in the long run, he did so. One thing at a time. Sad? Yes. But it was necessary to institute and legitimize our Independence. Reminds me of the fact that both sides offered Freedom to slaves who fought. As I have said before, human nature doesn't change, just technology.

And as noted before, many lost all or greatly as a result of fighting for Freedom. Lives, property, families, libraries. Yet, with the human imperfection inherent, they did not flag or falter. After much loss, a nation was born. It was a new experiment, never to actually be repeated completely again-as yet, anywhere else. A Constitutional Republic.

It's that very fact that makes the struggle worth it. Through all the faults, we have learned much and changed much. Yet, attitude remains the same for many. There is still hatred for race, creed, position etc. We cannot change much without the help of God, whether it's Great Spirit or any other moniker. We are, however, entitled to believe what we want. We can associate with whom we please. But we must NOT get in the way of anyone else. My Freedom stops at the end of another's nose!

Of course, I'm not talking of social deviancy vis a vis murder rape etc. I have actually heard pedophiles attempt to hijack our Freedom to excuse their evil.

The men who died in the Alamo were a similar bunch to the Founders. The motives were doubtless many. Yet they chose to stay and sacrifice themselves for Freedom.

So it is today. I have pledged similarly although not as spectacularly to give my all to stop the slide into democracy. I band with folks who have many views. Some of them with whom I agree. Some not.

For some it is the method they use to fight the fight that rankles me. I believe we should disseminate info, not distill it. Put it on the table for all, not just one's own group. Leaders are those sometimes at the head but always wise enough to realize we all play a part. In other words, don't let everything come through one person/source. Let it flow from many streams to form a mighty river that becomes an ocean for renewal of Freedom.

I will say that those who tend to 'hog the show' and those of us who prefer to let many hands make light work are of one resolve. We are working to restore the Republic. And in the long run, I do not know any who care to have statues made nor be mentioned in books. If there are some of that ilk, I hope they enjoy it. I just want a Republic for my kids and their kids. And for them to be aware that they must carry on the torch, that the Light of Freedom never goes out.

Crisis in Indianapolis/Marion County

We have a horrible property tax crisis in Indy. We have the most corrupt mayor , arguably, in our history. The City-County Council majority is in his pocket. Oh, our income taxes have just been pushed to all time highs. And now Mayor Peterson is blaming Governor Mitch Daniels for a 52 million dollar deficit because of Mitch's freeze and allowing taxpayers to pay property taxes at 2006 levels, while he has the situation investigated. Mind you, there are other places that have money troubles besides corruption ridden Gary. We are fast catching up though.  Joe Friday had a great blog with many refs.

Much of my time has been spent getting involved locally to fight the abusive Peterson mob and their reign of terror. My wife ran for CCC in the primary. She did not make the cut. There was a debacle at the polls. Several poll sites did not even open! We will probably never know who those folks would have voted for. There is SUPPOSED to be an investigation by the Secretary of State and Attorney General. We are following this closely.

I know there are thieves and liars at all levels of government. I believe grassroots is the 'ballot box' way to start restoring our Republic. We need a complete house cleaning here in Indy! With the caliber of reprobates involved it resembles a colon cleansing.