Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Satellites and Starships

The children are growing up. Our son is 17. He intends to be a Marine pilot and has an interest in aerospace engineering. Our daughter is 12. Her interests are in the Fine Arts with an emphasis on singing. The nest will soon be empty.

That's no problem for us. I have my career to continue building. Then there is the continuing fight against the forces of darkness aka restoring the Republic. My wife has several career choices. Among them are book writing, law school, starting her own business and reviving her singing career.

Will we miss them when the time comes for them to take off? Yep! But we will wish them well and know that we did our part to prepare them to be self sufficient. Will we be glad they are gone? Absolutely! Otherwise, we might all suffer from some mutated form of 'cabin fever'!

Kids are like satellites. They spin around their homeworld learning data. They prepare for their missions. They give and take proving they are ready for something more.

Kids are like starships. They have received sufficient data. They are ready to launch into the stars to make their own homeworld.

Home can be a refuge for a season. Then Home is a springboard from which we venture into the world and claim our part. Otherwise, home becomes a trap. Walls can be built, wings clipped.

Mind you, Homeworld expects updates on how the mission of self reliance and Freedom is going. Advice is ok. But it is up to the starship commander to deterrmine his/her own path.

Yes, Science Fiction plays a big role in our family. It's often the best way to get a story across.

I'll leave that for another entry to better explain.

Til then, safe journey to all.

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