Monday, August 30, 2010


Just finished watching the 'reimagining' of Battlestar Galactica.

Better than I thought and the acting is great.

Rather than go into a review per se, I'd like to offer a thought about where the show went.

I always find scifi shows dealing with time travel/dimensions etc fun and fascinating.

What has been and what can be are constants in man's thought. Such scifi can stir thought about where we are now and where we can go.

First, as for the message given is a mixed one.

I like the idea that we are not alone in the universe. There must be others out there somewhere.

And, throw in that some are fighting for survival against inhuman (literally-or is it?) tyranny, that there is a remnant that seeks others with whom to bond ie humanity seeking humanity.

In this rendition, hard choices are made when the Colonies (12 that came from a planet called Kobol) are mostly annihilated by a race of cybernetic beings called Cylons, who btw, were originally invented by humans.

A group of survivors led by a battlestar/carrier called Galactica form a convoy insearch of a place to resettle. In particular, they seek a seemingly mythic planet, a 13th colony called 'Earth'.

Along the way they battle pursuing Cylons and each other.

Many are shown to be less than saints and quite a few are sinners. But most do their parts to find a new home.

The predominant theme is that humans have a destiny, in spite or because of Cylon infusion. No matter how many times we fall, we rise again. If I recall the latest Robin Hood has something to say about that. I'll have to check it out.

That theme is one of the reasons I like Babylon 5. Now Battlestar Galactica joins it.

And the soundtrack by Bear McCreary is as outstanding as Christopher Franke's.

Balanced action and suspense with questions about behavior and fate, it has a little bit of everything it seems.

My particular beef is the 'oh technology is evil' crappola at the end. 38,000 people all decide to ditch everything into the Sun and go back to nature. That is bs. For me, I'd have said no thnaks and used said tech teaching the kids what to do in terms of self sufficiency and republican ways.

Human nature is what gets us into trouble. Will we ever learn?

Our roles in what could be ensuing, come to mind. Saints and sinners coming together to reestablish Liberty.

That will be quite a show.

Dark Stage Memory

I stood in the dark auditorium.

For all intents and purposes, it's where my acting work began. Work without pay and long hours training.

I could feel the accumulated energy the place held, as though waiting for me to release it. It was the loud quiet save for my footsteps.

I saw a table and two chairs onstage, as though frozen in time from scenes we'd do in acting class and drama club. The stage was backlit, allowing me to just see down the aisle to the apron.

I put my arms on it and put my head down shortly, simply thinking back.

Stepping onto that stage, the class/club watching, the teacher watching critically but helpfully. Rehearsed scenes with girls I liked (should have dated), with other classmates who have mostly gone onto other things and with a couple who got into the biz. Improv and staged readings and solo scenes, one of which left the class speechless in its intensity.

Nerves turning to energy, creating thrills like no others.

Living in the moment, giving all I had. Suffering, pain, crashing. Then rising bruised and dirty to finally fly

I have done many other things. I have attempted to apply what I learned about life to all my life and have done so with varying results.

Study of self of others of peeling back the layers of experience to reveal a moment, a feeling, thought, deed.

There is nothing like it.

And the lights come on, the murmurs die down and it's showtime. I will appear onstage til my stage goes dark again.

Yet, I hope to leave a spark for others on the way.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


At the 30 year reunion for North Central, a girl, well woman was talking to me. I remembered her from a couple of classes we took together.

In the course of the conversation, she revealed that she had liked me and would have gone out with me if I had asked her.

OMG! At the time, true I was helping take care of my Dad, who was dying. He always asked me, though, if I was going out and having fun, dates friends etc.

I told him sure.

This got me to thinking about the girls I asked out and did not. And a friend's mention of not being asked to dance.

There were a couple who shall remain nameless. They were in my acting class. Sweet pretty and unassuming despite that said attractiveness.

I even worked on a scene with them at one of their houses! Yipes!

Yet I never asked them out. Dad would have only been an excuse and a rightful one maybe. Nonetheless I SHOULD have.

Instead one time I hemmed and hawed about a girl for a date who was a self centered biotch.

I paced and twitched, finally calling. She said she was busy that night.

After that I ignored her.

That was a pattern that repeated itself several times.

Regrets I have a few......

Not anymore. I will live and not ever pass up people to care about.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I like to buy clothes and shoes that last. I'm not rich, but when (!) I am, I will be as practical (a good word here a bad word for pragmatics), as I am now.

It's simple. Good things last longer than bad things or at least poor quality things.

So much has changed. So much is poorer quality now. things wear out faster and need to be replaced.

I remember the days when tvs were repaired right in the home. I got to keep the old bulbs and I'd make imaginary machines for 'laboratories'. It was the same for almost anything in a home back when. there is some home repair now, but it's just not the same.

If anything we are a throwaway society. If it goes on the frizz, toss it and get another.

I was astonished when a cassette player I had was wearing out. A clerk at the store simply said to get another.

Many are learning to salvage, even if they have the funds to replace. Self repair is becoming more popular. That is wise in light of tough economical times.

Obviously the long term ploy is to get people dependent on replacement and to make folks unskilled.

So frugal is as frugal does.

Developing a good eye as to quality is essential. As I said, good stuff lasts longer.

Common sense, though there has been an attempt to breed it out of us, is still alive and well.


Baldness is a curious thing.

I shave my head. It's my solution for a receding hairline. I like to think Bruce Willis copied me lol.

Some guys grow pony tails instead. Some leave it alone, like my Grandpa Nolan who had a 'horseshoe'. Of course there are the combovers, like our intrepid Indiana Governor who arguably has the most successful combover in politics. Interestingly, Dan Costs, neocon lackey who stole the fall Senate position from John Hostettler, got rid of his crappy combover and has gone natural. Honesty in hair does not compute into honesty in politics, or better, real life.

It's all a matter of perception. A woman I know told me this obsession about hair is greatly Hollywood selling women or men a bill of goods that having hair is more viral. Notice the lack of bald leading men, save for Willis.

John Wayne and Charlton Heston became bald but decided to wear hairpieces. Maybe there is something to the Hollywood connection. After all, they can sell a lot of crap as well as do decent work too. It's a battle of attitudes.

I of course prefer to do my own thinking. If I see something from a studio, I decide if it's worth my time.

And I could care less if some guy has hair or not.

Bald of course, also means without guile. No secrets. Plain in the face.

My suggestion is to be yourself.

Getting E Into HS

Our adventure so far getting Erica our daughter, into my alma mater, North Central in Indy.

It boils down to homeschooling her for the time being.

Not living in the district, we applied for nonresident tuition status. In spite of her 4.0, superior test scores and popularity, Erica was rejected. It was explained there were many applicants. That's to be expected. Even when I was there, quite a few wanted to attend North Central.

I resolved to move into the district. The wheels have been turning slowly on that. It's merely a matter of timing and money.

In the meantime, we will homeschool her til we move her into the district or we pay tuition.

BTW I asked our Governor if he would send a note to the principal, asking him to consider our daughter for tuition. A small favor, I think.

I did not ask him to coerce the principal. Just wanted him, a prominant alumnist to do me this courtesy. His assistant was the usual obtuse tool. Her attitude changed from cordiality to vociferousness at the suggestion the Governor dare do this. One can certainly refuse a request, but someone should teach Mitch's people manners. Then again this is the bunch that let a fiat rule be enacted for no guns in the Statehouse.

She kept reiterating that it was the principal's decision. Duh.

I told her that in my line of business, phone calls and notes are frequently sent to up the odds of having a favorable decision come one's way. This did not impress her.

Hey Mitch, old classmate, send your lackeys to charm school. Bluntness has its place, but tact might help. I have been and am again in business, albeit a very different kind from the past.

Surely he isn't remembering his youthful mistakes? Hmmm. Then, shall we say, I had the upper hand when his indiscretion was adversely affecting me. Oh well.

So, to make a short story long, we visited the principal, Mr. Quandt. Seemed nice enough. After explaining that I as an alumnist, would appreciate his attention to the matter at hand. Self promotion never hurts. He met Erica, Will and the kids' Mom. We are very convincing.

So, as a hedge against possibly not getting moved to the district soon enough, we are reapplying with the kind personal attention of the principal.

I realize there are limits. But, limits can be extended. There are rules. They can be bent. Flexibility keeps the tree from snapping in two. It indeed merely bends then snaps back.

No compromise when it comes to liberty. But we are talking school rules. Then again it is the liberal system that has replaced true education in this country. The bureaucracy is tremendous. Look at how hard they work on it.

I will get Erica into my alma mater. I've checked the school out and of course it's infected with liberalism. But, Erica has learned to be true to her principles and to see clearly how 'things' are constructed.

The fact is my ex and I are willing to home school her, at least a while again. We did so til 6th grade and Will through his freshman year.

Plus, she wants to get into show biz. I intend to see to that too. There the challenge will be living and schooling in Southern California.

I will do whatever I can that's decent and moral and of the Light for my kids. I hope that's the lesson that remains at the end of the day.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The best way out is always through.
-- Robert Frost

Frost always gave me food for thought. And the above sums up where I've been going with my life lately.

There is a lot going on, as I'm sure with most of us, let alone the country.

The direct approach is the best for me.

I remember studying and reciting Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening. I still know it. It's one of those things you recite for your kids, expecially having home schooled them for so long. It comes from the days when we actually learned things in school. We actually thought and for ourselves.

We had 'morning talks'. Each person got 3 to 5 minutes to speak about something of interest. It could be anything. I remember talking about guns more than once. Try that now. I also remember how long 3 to 5 minutes can be -s-.

I'm putting together a 'one man show' featuring poems by a variety of people. I'm calling it 'A Short Evening With Some Friends'. I'll perform it in Indianapolis and Los Angeles.

I hope to share with others some of the inspiration and comfort and strength the words have given me.

I may eventually record it. If I do, I'll get it on Youtube later on.

I'm thankful for Mr. Frost and many others. They epitomize what we are about. I am who I am in part for my fine education.

If we are to be Free, we must be literate. We must think and use words and terms and know their meanings.

Pardon the Captain Obvious statements.

It's what I'm feeling right now and it's important to say what's on my mind.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crazy Is

As crazy does. And nobody does it better than the antigunners.

Like a twisted dream from which one wakes up, head pounding, mouth dry, the antis continue their illogical march to self destruction.

For to be defenseless is self destruction.

But one cannot tell them that. It is a sign of mental illness. Let me explain.

For openers, read Sarah Thompson's treatise on the instability of antigun people, Raging Against Self Defense:
A Psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality

As you see, it's available at JPFO. If for some reason the page goes TU, just type the title into asearch engine etc.

It's as succinct an explanation as anyone could hope for. I imagine it strikes fear into those who are not nuts, but manipulate the useful idiots/true believers.

Spread it around -s-.

I honestly find it hard to add on anything to Dr. Thompson's paper.

She dissects the internal workings of these sick folks and give us insight into what is mental illness and what is not.

She talks of the defense mechanisms that are common to all of us, but become bent in certain people. She also includes denial, the refusing to accept the reality of a given situation and reaction formation, when a person's mind turns an unacceptable feeling or desire into its complete opposite.

She mentions that the defense mechanisms are not mental illnesses. Some are healthier than others. 'A safe general rule is that a defense is healthy if it helps you to function better in your personal and professional life, and unhealthy if it interferes with your life, your relationships, or the well-being of others.' Amen. They can in other words, be indicators, depending on how applied.

Please read her paper and pass it around far and wide, high and low.

It inspires me anew to go back and get my PhD in Clinical Psych. It's proof positive that not all professional mental health folks are liberals.

She also has an interesting observation and disclaimer concerning said useful idiots/true believers and those who manipulate them:
(This discussion of psychological mechanisms applies to the average person who is uninformed, or misinformed, about firearms and self-defense. It does not apply to the anti- gun ideologue. Fanatics like Charles Schumer know the facts about firearms, and advocate victim disarmament consciously and willfully in order to gain political power. This psychological analysis does not apply to them.)

And there is where I say such as the aforementioned are evil. But we can leave that to another discussion.

In a classic reversal, there have been instances where these antigun nutters claim that progun folks are the sick ones. See Dr. Thompson's article for specifics re projection etc.

Take the case in St. Paul Minn. where a student suggested after Virginia Tech that the slaughter might have been stopped if students had been armed.

Hamline University is the place. And the position of the administrators is a disgrace.

They first tried to lure him with 'dialog'. Then they suspended him and said he had to undergo a 'psychological evaluation' by a University approved source that would deem him 'fit' to be readmitted. Talk about a professional 'twist'. The antis have plenty of lib shrinks to mark a person as 'unfit'. Shades of Every Good Boy Deserves Favor (about the Soviet mental health system).

The kid has refused to have the evaluation and has gotten legal counsel. Good for him!

A more detailed account is here at WND:

It is like the case in Oregon.

The admin at Western Oregon University had Jeffrey Maxwell, former marine, arested for legally carrying on campus. Yes Oregon law says he can. The admin says he can't.

This is the summation of the puff piecers:

1) Suspension from Weestern Oregon University until the end of spring term 2009.
2) Satisfactory written evidence from a licensed mental health professional that you do not pose a threat to yourself or others
3) A minimum TEN PAGE PAPER with references, citing, but not limited to:

•the importance of following the law, even through civil disobedience
•the importance of accepting responsiblity for one's actions
•and recognizing the impact possession of weapons on college campuses has on others

1984 comes to mind and the aforementioned Every Good Boy Deserves Favor.

For ref go here:

Charges were summarily dropped.

But, the big but, is the psych eval.

From the WND article:

'Nonetheless, a Western Oregon University student disciplinary panel has determined that Maxwell may not re-enroll at the college until a mental health professional determines that he is not a threat to himself or the public. The panel consisted of four unnamed students and one university staff member. Maxwell asked for a public hearing, but his request was denied.'

"These were children on the panel who were judging him," Starrett said. "These people were in elementary school when Jeff was serving his country in the Marine Corps. I looked at these kids thinking, these kids are judging this guy?"

Kids playing dressup.

One last note re Sarah Thompson's paper.

Not only does she talk about the wrong reasons to be a victim, she suggests ways to approach these nuts.

Note them in detail.

We are the side of reason. We are the norm.

Let us not lord it over them as they would do us.


Noooooooo. I'm NOT getting married again. It's not a matter of being scared. It's practicality. There is just too much to do. I won't go into detail, but my plate is full.

Socially, I plan to date around a bit, meet some of the opposite sex and try to enjoy their company IOW make friends.

Now enough about me.

It's commitment. It's a sacred bond. It's a decision to be made by to adults.

And this isn't about gays getting married. There is the thought (joke) that if they want to be as miserable as straights, why not?

It does bring up my point however.

People are begging the state to sanction their unions.

The state has no business in such affairs.

You have to get a 'license' to marry. License is begging the state permission to do something totally lawful.

Like my lifetime permit to carry from the State of Indiana. The state says it's ok for me to carry 'for protection' a sidearm. Actually I can carry as many as I want. You should see me fully decked out.

I don't do it because the state says it's ok. I carry because it's my right.

Covering my ass legally? Yes. Sellout? No.

The time will come when the state's boat aint gonna float anymore. Then we go back to the way it was intended by the Founders.

So I'm not married to the state. We broke up long ago, when I learned to think for myself.

License to marry. License to carry. Soon, unless we stop them, we'll need a license to fart.

The Great Divorce is coming.

Be ready.

Friday, August 13, 2010


People love superstition.

It can be just a habit like knocking on wood, or before a game play or job starts people perform some ritual of dress or action that makes them feel better about what they are about to do.

Some think it tempts God. I don't. Said Creator is fully aware of our foibles and as long as such things don't supplant, then it's just like scratching an itch.

Phobias area different matter. They must be dealt with so that the fear leaves.

There are a lot of notions concerning Friday the Thirteenth.

The number 13 has a lore all its own.

It's supposed to be unlucky of course. Most of the time I notice that nothing seems to happen.

More things happen at full moon however. That can be chalked up to people overreacting or to time and tide pressure changes.

Thirteen Friday in October was the date that Jacque de Molay, head of the Knights Templar was burned at the stake in 1307. The King of France, Philip ordered a mass arrest and seizure of Templar treasure and property. It only partially worked. Many escaped and quite a few to Scotland, where they received sanctuary, though the Pope excommunicated the country.

BTW, according to legend, de Molay predicted the then current Pope and King Philip would be dead within the year. They were.

As to what became of the Knights Templar, well some things are best left in the realm of speculation.

There are other ideas about 13. If you want to study them, try Wikipedia or just type 13 superstitions into a search engine.

As with all things, if people believe something will happen, it can.

How about Freedom? If we believe it, we can make it happen again. Faith and action together, otherwise it's just wishful thinking.

Model Citizen

Olivia O'Neil is doomed for failure, according to a pagaent official with the Miss Teen Wanganui in New Zealand.

Horrors! She dyed her hair black!

Insipid slave comes to mind re the expectations of the committee.

The abusive, according to Olivia, pageant sponsors/officials that is.

The moke official said that Olivia wouldn't go far in this world with the attitude she had.

It was emphasized the crown was returned, not taken. Implied threat. Be it job security, ties or some form of 'security' people are made to comply.

So one might wonder what the pressure was. Or Olivia might have indeed turned in her crown, deciding that the bullshit wasn't worth it. But the threat was there: Give it up because you dare to defy us?


Hair color?

The apologists have weighed in saying she agreed to abide by whatever rules were extant.

She said that the officals were abusive which of course they denied. Imagine the nazis confessing they were a little excessive.

Ok, that was a bit much itself. Probably borrowed from the libs with their exagerated sense of self importance. The end justifies the means. Couldn't let this go without noting this Orwellian thing that begged for sarcasm.

Then again should she have gotten into this? Then again, was everything explained to her? Then again maybe the monster was revealed after the fact.

It seems to me that individuality would be a trait that was valued.

Oh, wait. that was long ago.

Now it's put your mind on hold and do what you're are told. Compliance. For safety. For security. For tyranny.

Orgs never like to admit fault. It conflicts with authority.

Reminds me of a t-shirt that was popular in the 80s: Question Authority. I wore one.

It should be an axiom for those of us who want Restoration. And it is actually the way it was set up. Checks and balances, n'est pas?

I've had it happen and locally in college theater.

The professor was autocratic and sadistic. I told the kids to protest. They refused I was let go after a check was held and I protested. What mokes.

Best thing that happened cuz I left for NY and LA.

But those kids were cowed, thinking they needed the grade. Maybe they did.

What worries me is that a whole nation is treated the same way.

Tell the 'twitchy autocrat' to stuff it. We are the boss.



Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels wants a truce between liberals and conservatives.

Already campaigning for the top spot, he said, "The next President would have to call a truce on the so-called social issues” so he or she could focus on the fiscal problems facing the country." Spoken like the technocrat He is. Yes, he is not all bad. But to ignore social issues for the bottom line is worse than disastrous. Wouldn't it be funny if that plunged us into another civil war?

What would that 'truce' entail? I don't mean entitlement, which would probably continue unfetered.

Leftists do NOT compromise. They make the rest do so. Then they take little by little.

The Founders would fundamentally disagree with Mr. Daniels. Never give an inch. And how can you divorce the 'social' from anything else? It's a recipe for disaster as it were.

Instead of going this semi good old boy root, Mitch should get a grip and stand up with those who want to bring back this Republic!

Guess I won't be invited to any soirees for our boy from Indiana.

I prefer the truth.

Is Mitch a liar?

He is a politician who says the right thing for the most people.

His gun rights record for the state has been good. But why does he NOT rescind the fiat rule not even voted on concerning no guns in the State House?

Who controls him?

If he can't be trusted to do such a simple thing, what will he do as President?

My guess is that if elected, he will be careful not to pass anything inflamitory. He would be Bush light.

I would give him unswerving support if he promised to take every gun law off the fed books. Then again we get into the thorny 'social issues'. What of birth control/abortion? What of indeed the economy? No answers mean more controversy equals votes for ambiguity.

Will he pressure Congress and appeal to American business to regroup here and install incentives to that end?

Will he honestly see about what life is re abortion? There is never a clear cut answer to that because there is division. How can he address that?

He is one man, yes. But if he wants to be the leader of the free world, if that even has relevance as a title now, he better pony up.

Where are the Jeffersons, and well after that guy there are debates who is good, that can take us back not into a retroactive stagnation but to a point where we are renewed?

Any wealthy 3pers available?

Money talks and .....