Friday, August 13, 2010


People love superstition.

It can be just a habit like knocking on wood, or before a game play or job starts people perform some ritual of dress or action that makes them feel better about what they are about to do.

Some think it tempts God. I don't. Said Creator is fully aware of our foibles and as long as such things don't supplant, then it's just like scratching an itch.

Phobias area different matter. They must be dealt with so that the fear leaves.

There are a lot of notions concerning Friday the Thirteenth.

The number 13 has a lore all its own.

It's supposed to be unlucky of course. Most of the time I notice that nothing seems to happen.

More things happen at full moon however. That can be chalked up to people overreacting or to time and tide pressure changes.

Thirteen Friday in October was the date that Jacque de Molay, head of the Knights Templar was burned at the stake in 1307. The King of France, Philip ordered a mass arrest and seizure of Templar treasure and property. It only partially worked. Many escaped and quite a few to Scotland, where they received sanctuary, though the Pope excommunicated the country.

BTW, according to legend, de Molay predicted the then current Pope and King Philip would be dead within the year. They were.

As to what became of the Knights Templar, well some things are best left in the realm of speculation.

There are other ideas about 13. If you want to study them, try Wikipedia or just type 13 superstitions into a search engine.

As with all things, if people believe something will happen, it can.

How about Freedom? If we believe it, we can make it happen again. Faith and action together, otherwise it's just wishful thinking.

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We make luck huh?