Friday, August 27, 2010


Baldness is a curious thing.

I shave my head. It's my solution for a receding hairline. I like to think Bruce Willis copied me lol.

Some guys grow pony tails instead. Some leave it alone, like my Grandpa Nolan who had a 'horseshoe'. Of course there are the combovers, like our intrepid Indiana Governor who arguably has the most successful combover in politics. Interestingly, Dan Costs, neocon lackey who stole the fall Senate position from John Hostettler, got rid of his crappy combover and has gone natural. Honesty in hair does not compute into honesty in politics, or better, real life.

It's all a matter of perception. A woman I know told me this obsession about hair is greatly Hollywood selling women or men a bill of goods that having hair is more viral. Notice the lack of bald leading men, save for Willis.

John Wayne and Charlton Heston became bald but decided to wear hairpieces. Maybe there is something to the Hollywood connection. After all, they can sell a lot of crap as well as do decent work too. It's a battle of attitudes.

I of course prefer to do my own thinking. If I see something from a studio, I decide if it's worth my time.

And I could care less if some guy has hair or not.

Bald of course, also means without guile. No secrets. Plain in the face.

My suggestion is to be yourself.

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